2009 Shows

Episode 129


Hope you all had a great Christmas without any trouble and strife. The last show of the year features one Christmas song done by The Kinks. I wanted it to be by The Loyalties but you'll have to listen to find out why that didn't happen. The Loyalties do crop up along with AntiProduct who were both recorded at the Islington Academy on the 22nd December. This was The Wildhearts final date of their Christmas 2009 tour so obviously you also get to hear some live Wildhearts as well.

Episode 128


A late show this week, but you were warned, that features Michael Butler who has played bass with Stevie Stiletto, Exodus, The Flexapleasers, American Heartbreak, Jetboy and when Ginger from the Wildhearts is playing on the West Coast he plays bass for him as well. He also, most importantly, played at Ginger's Birthday Bash on the 17th December which this show will tell you all about how that happened.

Episode 127


As promised, to some of you, the extra show. Which features; The Backyard Babies (live and unreleased), Sin City Sinners, The After Taste (ex Crystal Pistol), The Royal Highness (ex Chelsea Smiles), Transystem V (ex Lords Of The New Church), Day 21 (ex Sham 69 & Towers Of London), Joystix, The Cowboy Prostitutes, The Methadones and finally The Wildhearts with something off the 'Chutzpah Jnr' mini album.

Episode 126


A live show this week featuring the Quireboys celebrating the 20th Anniversary of their debut album 'A Bit Of What You Fancy' recorded at the Kentish Town Forum on the 11th December 2009. Special guests include former Quireboys members Guy Bailey, Nigel Mogg and Chris Johnstone.

Episode 125


This week's show picks up where last week's left off. To begin with we have some Girlschool that features Lemmy on Bass. Then Girlschool again but with Pinch on drums and Captain Sensible on guitar. Then The Damned with Lemmy on Bass. Awright!

After all that I play a new track by a new band. The band in question being Imperial State Electric. Which is Nicke Andersson's new band. Hanoi Rocks have a live song played that was taken from their last gig that features Nasty Suicide and Lacu. The Naughty Boys, from Sweden, have a song from their new CD played. Hate Gallery, who are sort of Swedish, have a tune off their new ep aired. As Anihilated have reformed I play a track from back in the day. Finishing the show off is a new track, only recorded last week, by Cavilry.

Episode 124


This week I travelled down to Southend to see Girlschool, The Damned and Motörhead. Obviously I took my digital recorder and consigned the three sets to Arm's Archives. But just for you I play some from each.

Episode 123


As the Backyard Babies are calling it a day I start this week's show off with a song that they covered back in the day. Then I dedicate the next song, which is by The Ramones, to Nicke Borg. Gluecifer have a track played because…well listen to find out. The Real McCoy band featuring Chris Shiflett on guitar and vocals play a live Hanoi classic. As the Scorpions, as well as Hanoi Rocks, have a new live DVD out I play a track that's not off it. As a couple of Zeros have teamed up with a Jetboy I play a couple of Zeros songs. As the Hellacopters are not reforming next year I play the Wayne Kramer Hellacopters joint song from Wayne's 'Adult World' album. A band who have reformed are Rachel Stamp so I play one of their songs to celebrate that their London date has been moved to the 12th December and now does not clash with The Quireboys London date. I also play a track by them of their new album. The show finishes off with a track by Daisy's Dead off their self-titled debut.

Episode 122


"You're Fired" This week's show is dedicated to the delicate art of sacking band members. The focus is on Faith No More, The Quireboys, The Wildhearts, The Sex Pistols, The Beatles, The Lords Of The New Church and Guns 'n' Roses. You'll hear how the professionals do it and how I did it.

Episode 121


Michael Butler starts this week show off in more ways than one. i) He's playing with Ginger at Ginger's Birthday Bash, ii) He got fired live on air from Jetboy, iii) The first American Heartbreak song I ever heard gets played. Click here to hear the on air firing. Conny Bloom has a track from his 'Psychonaut' album played that features Dregen. The Backstreet Girls have a brand new album so I play a track from it and then cry into the night when I realise that I won't be able to go to their London gig in January. Three Bernie Tormé tracks are played, a live Ozzy Osbourne track featuring Bernie, an Electric Gypsies song and tune off the latest G.M.T. album. Two Damned tracks are played because last week was their third album's Thirtieth Anniversary. Flash Bastard have a song play only because Rich Jones plays on it and it is actually good. Rounding this week's show off is a Hellacopters live track recorded in 1999.     


Episode 120


A couple of live L.A. Guns tracks from their recent London gig start this week's show followed by "What's In Arm's Attic?" In my Attic this week is Issue No 25 of Metal Forces from 1987. Music and bands in this section are Aftermath, Chemical Waste & Jett Blakk from the Demolition Section. Meanstreak, Exodus, M.O.D. Smack, Gang Green, London, The Goo Goo Dolls and Nuclear Assault are interview and/or reviewed. Mustasch, Babylon Bombs and Waltari have all just released new albums so I play a track off each.

Episode 119


First up to bat this week is The Plastic Tears with a track off their new album 'Nine Lives Never Dies'. The Methadones with guest vocalist Annie Soviette play us their version of a track original done in 1982 by Scandal. Sator, for no other reason that I missed hearing them on Swedish Breakfast Radio, have a 'HeadQuake' song aired. Sticking with Sweden I play some Shakedown Suzies swiftly followed by fellow Swedes Innocent Rosie. Felony and Strike Twice, both from the US and both on Eonian Records have tracks from their "debut" albums played. All because of a 1979 BBC TV series I play some Heavy Metal Kids along with some Hanoi Rocks and as promised on last week's show I play a track from The Adjusters ep 'Can't See'. Ginger has a solo track played as I talk about trying to raise enough funds to fly Ginger's US bassist, Michael Butler, over for his Birthday Bash. I then play a track from a bunch of demos that I sent to Ginger that put me in his good books for a looooong time. Finishing off this week's show is Mister Ozzy Osbourne.

Episode 118


Once again Psychopunch grace The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show but this time it's with one of their own compositions. Australian Rockers Electric Mary have a track from their 'Down To The Bone' LP played. Moving Continents to North America, well the Pacific North West to be exact, Underride from Seattle have a track from their 'One Of Us' album aired. Continuing across the States to Chicago via England (!?) I play a track off the new Bulletboys album '10c Billionaire'. This week sees the start of a new feature called "What's In Arms Attic?" where I delve into my pile of 20 year old Rock Magazines that have been sitting in my loft and talk you through what was happening back then. This week sees me go through Raw No.3. Music in this section comes from Andy McCoy, Terraplane and Slodgenessabounds. On the live front I play some Big Elf from their Dream Theater support slot, Wembley and The Loyalties and Sorry & The Sinatras from their London Underworld gig.

Episode 117


I kick this week's show off with Psychopunch covering ABBA. I kid you not! As The Vains Of Jenna have a new CD out I play a track from it. Kitty Hudson have recorded a Rolling Stones track for charity which I play and you should download. For no good reason apart from it's a 'king great track I play some Motörhead. The Pink Fairies get a track played as I link them together with Rat Scabies and Brian James. Rat 'n' Brain have recently been recording together so I play one of the fruits from the session. In honour of The Sleazy Rock 'n' Roll Show I play 'Sleazy Rock 'n' Roll' by Bone Circus and to round things off; this week's live segment comes from The Masters Of Reality recorded from their London Garage gig.

Episode 116


A mammoth two hour and ten minute show that features The Wildhearts Shepherds Bush Empire Sound Check and full gig, that'll be the whole of the 'Chutzpah!' album and then the 'best of' set. Alex from the Sleazy Rock 'n' Roll Show pulls the winners of the Ginger signed Super$hit666 10" competition out of the hat and we all lived happily ever after.

Episode 115


As it seems The Backyard Babies are playing the UK in February I play a 'Total 13' demo. I got the new KISS album and found a track on it that I think sounds like The Hellacopters. I play it to see what you think. Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley also has a new album out so to redress the balance I play a track off it. The two bands that are supporting The Wildhearts on their current tour, No Americana and The Black Spiders have a track each played. Vietcong Pornsurfers are up next with a track off their current ep. As requested by Alex Kane I play a track off the new AntiProduct CD 'Please Take Your Cash'. Rounding off this week's show is a classic Megadeth track then finally an Alice Cooper tune.

The Wildhearts Midweek Special


So as I don't have three in a row Paranoid Squirrel Rock Shows entirely dedicated to The Wildhearts I've slipped in this mid week special which is the whole of The Wildhearts Portsmouth gig recorded on the 21-09-09 from start to finish. 'Nuff said.

Episode 114


On this week's show I interview Ginger and Scott Sorry from The Wildhearts whilst having a quick catch up with CJ just before the start of their current UK jaunt in Brighton. Three Ginger signed Super$hit666 10"'s are up for grabs. All you've got to do is answer a question posed by Ginger. The rest of the show is The Wildhearts performing the whole of their brand new album 'Chutzpah!' live then returning to play a best of set which pretty much slayed those of us who were left standing.

Episode 113


For reasons that become clear during this week's show a large portion seems to be covers. Starting with American Dog, then we have The Hellacopters, The Wildhearts, The Vibrators and The Children Of Bodom. As The Loyalties played last Sunday I play a track by them, which is a cover. The New York Dolls have an early demo played, which isn't a cover, but The Manic Street Preachers get us back on course with one. I stumbled across an American Sleaze/Glam/80's Hair Metal label called Eonian and play two of their signings in the form of UZI and Shake City. I got a request to play some Skynyrd and as they've a new album out which I comply with. I round up this week's show by talking about that the words "Rock" and "The Beatles" should never be used in the same sentence. I play out with a Mono 'Sgt Pepper' track.

Episode 112


Starting this week's show off is Angel Witch. Only because I bumped into an Angel Witch Father who had some interesting stories to tell which I regale involving Iron Maiden. Iron Maiden crop up in the next song but it's a cover done by Dream Theater. Black Robot, a band that features ex members of Buckcherry, start off my "I got loads of free albums throughout August" section. All the rest of the bands in this section seem to be Swedish starting with, Gasoline Queen then swiftly followed by Leaded Fuel, who have now split up, then Sister and finally Panzer Princess who I interviewed waaay back on the first Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show. The Wildhearts have a brand new album out called 'Chutzpah!' So I play a track recorded for the album but didn't make it, not even on the Japanese version. The Point, a band that features ex Hellacopters main man Nicke Andersson and Neil Leyton, have a track played from their debut 7". On the live front I play some Ricky Warwick and Love/Hate recorded at the Underworld in Camden and finish the show with a Steve Conte and The Ugly Truth song.

Episode 111


A "Live In Concert" show this week which comes from Pearl Jam's Shepherds Bush Empire gig on the 11th August.

Episode 110


The Eureka Machines start this week off then we move onto an unreleased George Tutuska penned Goo Goo Dolls track. I have some, almost, exciting news regarding The Hybrid Children which gives me the excuse to play The Professionals track they covered. As I, like you are still missing The Hellacopters I play one of my favourite 'copter tunes. During much loft clearance I found my old Suicidal Tendencies demo tape from 1982. Obviously a track from it gets and airing. Next up I play, to me, the best version of 'Kick Out The Jams' by the MC5. I unearth a fab and groovy Captain Sensible b-side which has lots of guitars just the way I like it. As The Masters Of Reality have a new album out and a tour lined up I play a classic Masters track along with one off the new album. The show is wound up by a Foo Fighters track which reminds me of friends back in 1986/87.

Episode 109


This week sees the first of a series of pre-recorded shows. As you are listening to this I'm lying on a beach on a Sun drenched Greek Island with no computer access and nothing to do but drink beer eat food and lie in the aforementioned sun. This first show features one band only that you might be surprised that I would play. I know I was but it just seemed so right. I am not even going to tell you who it is. You'll just have to listen.

Episode 108


It's all live on this week's show. First up are Squirrel favourites Shush recorded at The Ship in sunny Croydon. Then I ventured up to The Gaff in North London trying my best to avoid the rain to see Drugdealer Cheerleader, The Teenage Casket Company, Zen Motel and The Jukebox Junkies. Choice cuts are played from all of the above.

Episode 107


For the second week in a row I play some Cheap Trick but this time all the members are present and correct and produced by Steve Albini. Next up, Megadeth have a track from their new album 'Endgame' played. I then bang on about bands that procrastinate with regards to former members and their last album. On the live front The 69 Eyes from their Kerrang Awards London support slot are played along with headliners that night Buckcherry.


Episode 106


I open this week's show with a little bit of Ginger in his Silver Ginger 5 guise. Then I point out that death can actually save a band or musicians career. A C.J. Ramone Ramones track gets played along with a John Lennon tune that features Rick Nielsen and Bun E. Carlos from Cheap Trick and bassist Tony Levin. King, that's the Henry Badowski & Captain Sensible lead band and The White Cats (Rat Scabies) have a track each played from their 1978 John Peel Sessions. On the live front Bubblegum Screw have a couple of songs played. As The 69 Eyes have a new album, 'Back In Blood' and single coming out, not to mention a UK date with Buckcherry, I thought it fit to play something off it. The show is wound up by me talking about how I spotted Jimmy Page on a 1972 episode of The Two Ronnies and then play the song he was "guesting" on not by him but by The Hellacopters.

Episode 105


"Evening All." If you like the Hellacopters then today's opening band Los Fuocos should be right up your street. The second band on this week's show I stumbled upon thanks to The Rock And Roll Geek Forum. I'd never heard of The Last Vegas but thanks to a thread I have now and hope you will enjoy them as much as I am. A band I know we all love are AntiProduct who are all set to release their new album anytime soon. A track from the said album gets an airing. The live part of this week's show comes from a fully intact Warrior Soul recorded from the penultimate date of their UK tour.

Episode 104


It's a tired Arm who put this week's show together. The candle was burnt not only at both ends but in the middle as well. The first of the three live bands that dominate this episode are The Bones from Karlskrona, Sweden who supported Social Distortion, who are obviously the second live band on the show, at the Shepherds Bush Empire. The third, but by no means least live band, are The Electric Boys who feature the very talented Conny Bloom and Andy Christell who were last seen plying their trade in Hanoi Rocks.

Episode 103


This week's show has a bit of a Punk theme to it. Well I say a bit; but it's all Punk starting off with two tracks from The Buzzcocks and then an unreleased version of 'White Rabbit' by The Damned and a live Dead Boys track featuring Cheetah Chrome with The Blackhearts comes blasting in. On the live front I play The UK Subs from their recent UK jaunt. The whole show finishes up with the Anti-Nowhere League doing their….well you'll just have to listen to find out.

Episode 102


I start this week's show off with a live Hellacopters track swiftly followed by Finish rockers Waltari. A track off the new Hardcore Superstar album 'Beg For It' is played along with a new Crash Diet track featuring vocalist number 3. After the interest generated from last week's show Steel Panther have two studio tracks played from their 'Feel The Steel' album. I finish off this weeks show with two tracks from The Seeds as Sky Saxon passed away on Thursday. The last song actually played on this weeks show is a tribute to that other icon that passed away this week; Farrah Fawcett. Do you get the feeling that Sky Saxon is going to be the new Darby Crash!

Episode 101


I wasn't originally going to have this weeks show as 'Live In Concert' affair but I just couldn't decide which bits to leave out of Steel Panthers' London gig. Justin Hawkins even joined them on stage, with a foot in plaster, for two songs. So prepare yourself for 90 minutes of Glam done Tap style.

Episode 100


A couple of The Methadones tunes start this week's show off and indeed one ends it. German Krautrockers Neu! Have the track that inspired the freak out part to The Damned's 'Dark Asteroid' played. On the live front we have three Downloaded bands playing warm up shows. Firstly it's Skin from their 2nd 100 Club gig. Finally, but by know means least, I finish up with Anvil at the Camden Underworld but before them support came from Lauren Harris.

Episode 99


Once again this week's show features live bands. This time recorded at the Dublin Castle on the 30th May. The Scaramanga Six start the proceedings with Shush next. Headlining are Chris Catalyst's (currently touring with The Sisters Of Mercy) other band the very excellent Eureka Machines.

Episode 98


All the bands on this weeks show were recorded live at the Gaff in London on the 21st May. The first band to kick things off are The Jukebox Junkies followed by Shush (Milena Yum - AntiProduct) then Brijitte West (NY Loose) and The Desperate Hopefuls (Kitty Hudson & Dead Identities) and finishing the whole shebang off were The Black Mollys (Enuff Z'Nuff). 

Episode 97


Old age kicks this weeks show off and I use tracks by Steadlür and The Parlour Mob to illustrate my rational. Finland's Hybrid Children 'Fight As One' album has two tracks played for your enjoyment. The Riverboat Gamblers have a new album out called 'Underneath The Owl'. Strange title, I'm sure there's a good story behind it, but it is really good album. Obviously you get to hear a couple of tunes from it. On the live front I play a couple of tracks from The Doits and finishing up this week's show are Laika Dog recorded when they supported Ginger at the O² Islington.

Episode 96


Another live recording this week. Thanks to Andy from the Fear And Loathing fanzine for telling me when the tickets were going on sale. Without that knowledge I wouldn't have seen and you won't be about to hear The New York Dolls live at the 100 Club.

Episode 95


This week's show is a live recording of Ginger performing his non-Wildhearts material at the O² Academy Islington. 'Nuff said!

Episode 94


I start this week's show with the armtastic news that The Damned will be joining Motörhead and Girlschool on their November U.K. tour. So I play some Damned and Motörhead to celebrate. I have finally, I think, discovered my new favourite band; The Chelsea Smiles. I play a small selection from their new CD for your pleasure. On the live front I took Mrs A. up to see Asia. So I play some of what we heard.  

Episode 93


Oslo rockers Senit open this week's show. Two brand new studio tracks are played next. First is the title track from the New York Dolls new album swiftly followed by a track from the New Christs new album 'Gloria'. On the live front The Answer from their supporting AC/DC role at the O² get an airing. Obviously the headliners, AC/DC, close this week's show. Also find out which NWOBHM frontman was sitting in front of us and which ex-Darkness member was on our left.

Episode 92


In a packed programme tonight we have live Rasmus and Backyard Babies taken from their recent UK joint headling tour. A reunited Rachel Stamp were also recorded live for your delectation along with a solo gig from Warrior Soul's frontman Kory Clarke. Rounding things off is a live Hanoi Rocks track featuring ex member Nasty Suicide from one of their farewell shows at Tavastia. And it's Goodnight from him.

Episode 91


Kicking off this weeks show we have a live Marc Bolan track that features The Damned. Still on the Punk front I play a Clash song from their 'Super Black Market' LP. A new favourite in the Armitage household are Vincent & The Onepotts so I air a couple of tracks by them. On the Scandinavian front a couple of demos by Gin 'n' Juice, the first new material from Hardcore Superstar that feature new guitarist Vic Zeno and a track by 1st Liberation are all played. I finish off the show with Simon Le Bon singing a Damned song with The Neurotic Outsiders.

Episode 90


The first couple of tracks on this week's show come from the original all black American Punk Band Death. Sticking with Punk I play some live Discharge from their recent Camden Underworld gig. Then we move onto my account of Metallica's concert at the O² Arena the day after. Lastly I end the show with the classic Sonic's Rendezvous Band track performed by The Hydromatics at Debaser in 2007.

Episode 89


Another all live show this week from the first of the "Bad, Bad, Boys Tour 2009 [Dead By Grimsby]" gigs. The first band on were Scottish Glam Rockers Peep Show. Followed swiftly by South Yorkshire's finest Disarm and then headliners Drugdealer Cheerleader.

Episode 88


A Scandinavian sandwich of a show this week. The first piece of bread comes from The Babysitters from their, I think, one and only LP. Then it's onto the "Fillings". First up are The Screaming Dizbusters with two tracks. One from each of their 7"'s. Then The Carburetors make a welcome return with a track off their 'Loud Enough To Raise The Dead' CD. The next few bands all seem to have just released new albums or singles; The Backstreet Girls, Hybrid Children, Dee Rangers, and Dollhouse. So I play a track from each. Unfortunately we're still waiting for the third Chronics album so you'll have to make do with an oldie but goldie. The final "Filling" comes from The Flaming Sideburns with a couple of live MC5 covers and the last piece of bread comes from Oregon stoners Red Fang.

Episode 87


We are all live this week as I went up to ULU to see Hardcore Superstar play their one off UK date. Support came from firstly Heaven's Basement who could have the makings of a "Classic" British Rock Band. Second on the bill were Welsh Glamsters TigerTailz who I've not seen live for over twenty years! This was the first time Hardcore Superstar have played the UK with new guitarist Vic Zino who seems to have filled Thomas Silver's shoes quite comfortably. Three new tracks from their up and coming new album 'Beg For it' were played, one of which you get to hear on the show.

Episode 86


I start this week's show off with, in my opinion, the greatest intro to a song ever. I then play a   Hellacopters tune covered by The Hives. As Bloodlights have a new album out early Autumn I thought I'd play a song from it. I also play, as reported on the Rock and Roll Geek Show Forum, a track of one of the strangest supergroups to emerge for a long while. They are called Tinted Windows and feature members of Cheap Trick, The Fountains Of Wayne, The Smashing Pumpkins and *ahem* Hanson. One of my favourite, but short lived, bands of the early Eighties was Scarlet Party. I dug out their debut 7" and thought I'd give it a play. I missed, again, seeing The Divine Rights Of Kings farewell gig in Clapham at the end of last month. So I play a song by them that you or I won't be hearing live anytime soon! Word has reached us that the Wildhearts are going to be releasing a new album this year and to celebrate I play a track by Wildhearts bassist Scott Sorry's other band Sorry And The Sinatras. The next two bands I play, John Ford [Rich Jones played in them for a while], and Electric Shadows, don't seem to have any websites but I'm sure if you google hard enough you'll find something! The Thunder Boys, who are up next certainly do even though I think they might be no more. I also manage to slot in a live Nomads track taken from their live 1984 split 7" with The Fixed Up. Sticking with Stockholm; The Spitts have a new album out, but I play a track off their last CD. Last but no means least is Larry Wallis [who doesn't have a website either, not even a myspace] with the addition of Paul Gray (Damned, Eddie & The Hotrods, UFO) and Steve Nichols (Eddie & The Hotrods) on bass and drums.

Episode 85


A two part show this week. The first part features the whole of the Warrior Soul set from their Hellfire Festival slot that actually doesn't feature Kory Clarke. In the second part I review The Story Of Anvil film which strangely enough is about the Canadian rock band Anvil. It ranks right up there with 'This Is Spinal Tap'. You get to listen to some of the great lines from the film. A must see.

Episode 84


This week's show features the three bands that played at The Dirty Water Club on the 13th February. The first band on were The Lysergics who play classic Sixties psychedelic garage. Second are Gorilla who totally blew me away with their Motörhead, Thunders, Pink Fairies style of rock. Headliners are OJM who have Michael Davis bassist of the MC 5 as special guest vocalist for their encore. 'Nuff said.

Episode 83


"Bam!" Three songs back to back to back (copyright H.Rollins). First up you get to hear 'Smash It Up Pts 1, 2, 3 AND 4' performed by The Damned then a brand new Rogue Male track featuring the guitar skills of Bernie Tormé then finally a new track from the new Chelsea Smiles album which is due for release on the 16th March, which also happens to be my daughter's eighth birthday. Guess what she's getting?! Then as the Backyard Babies have just announced an April UK tour, I play a 'Total 13' track. An Anthrax demo from the summer of 1985 finds its way onto the show as does a track from the latest Vaginal Chicken CD 'Hangover Chicken'. That mystery band, Enuff Z'Nuff, from a few shows ago get the title track off their latest CD played and I round the whole show off with a track by Norwegian Garage Rockers The Cosmic Dropouts from their 'Sonic Circus' CD.

Episode 82


I start this week's show off with a Beautiful Creatures track. Then we go into ex-Hardcore Superstar guitarist Thomas Silver's first foray into the solo world. Warfare then Deathwish are linked via my Deathwish versus Onslaught story. One song each from the former two, two from the latter are played. I play one of the live Cold Ethyl covers from their debut Debaser gig and I've found out that there's a German rock band called Railway which as a Trainspotter made me smile. No they don't wear anoraks as stage gear, but you can hear what they sound like as I finish off the show with two of their *ahem* tracks.

Episode 81


The first band on this week's episode are The Carburetors from Norway. I talk about missing Virus and Inner Eden due to lack of money but play some Inner Eden anyway. An Audiophile track from the latest G.M.T. album makes it's debut and talking of debuts I play the opening song from the very first Motörhead gig which was waaaay back in 1975. Four live tracks by Shush from their headlining gig at the Water Rats are aired and I finish up the show by talking about Nicke Andersson's new band, Cold Ethyl and play out with a couple of Steve Jones and The Fantasy 7 gems.

Episode 80


"Live, Live, Live and indeed Live". All the music this week's show is live. First off we have a   Gluecifer track taken from their 'Farewell To The Kings Of Rock' DVD which was recorded at the Sentrum Scene in Oslo, Norway on the 14th October 2005. Then we move on to Beautiful Creatures who cover an AC/DC song, Bang Tango who cover a T-Rex track and headlining the whole shebang Faster Pussycat who cover their back catalogue, recorded on their UK tour at the Camden Underworld on the 19th January. I also talk about the Norwegian gangster film "Izzat" which is one of my all time favourite films and I find my old chrome bullet belt and have to add back in some clips so I can get it around my waist.

Episode 79


I plough straight into this week's show with a Stevie Klasson song taken from his 'Don't Shoot The Messenger' album. Then sticking with Stockholm I play the Diamond Dogs covering Sam Cook featuring Nicke Andersson. I have a bit of a moan about the closure of the London Astoria and dig out some of my old Marquee gig guides letting you know who was playing back in the days of yore. As a tribute to all my old, now closed, haunts I play a live Demolition 23 track. My first live gig of 2009 was on the 10th at the Brief in Croydon. The bands were Ten Foot Nun supported by The Eureka Machines. Obviously I recorded them for your delectation. I end this episode with a Sonic's Rendezvous track because Rat Scabies and Henry Rollins reminded me about it.

Episode 78


The first two tracks I play come from the Live Powertrane CD that feature the late, but will always be great, Ron Asheton. I reveal who last weeks mystery band was, but not before I play another song that they've covered. Next are two tracks by the Norwegian band Molotow. Who remind me of Gluecifer/Hybrid Children. We stay in Scandinavia with two tracks from The Sonic Negroes and those Super Hero musicians, Marvel. Leaving Sweden for Brazil I play two tracks by Glam Rockers Bastardz. I then finish off the show with two versions of the Dee Dee Ramone penned 'Poison Heart'. The first recorded by Stiv Bator, the second by The Ramones

Episode 77


I continue where I left off on last weeks show; after seeing Angel Witch at the Underworld I strolled over the road to see No Direction at the Bar Monsta. Naturally you get to hear choice cuts from their set. Next I play the Wildhearts Christmas give away song 'Borderline' followed by a track from the forthcoming Star Star CD 'The Rock Trash Au Go Go Show'. As The Chelsea Smiles are going to be gracing our shores in March and April I play a song from their last CD 'Thirty Six Hours Later'. Rounding up the whole show with a cover song by a band I'm not going to tell who they are until next weeks show.