2008 Shows

Episode 76


Another all live affair this week, with music coming firstly from the Quireboys recorded at the Forum, Kentish Town on the 14th December then Angel Witch from their Orange Goblin support slot at the Camden Underworld on the 20th December.

Episode 75


On this weeks show it’s an all live affair, now I’ve got a new, well new to me, Digital Voice Recorder. All the bands I recorded at the Warrior Soul gig at the LA2 on the 12th December. First up was Sacred Mother Tongue, next was an acoustic set from The Almighty’s frontman Ricky Warwick followed by headlining act Warrior Soul. A great evening which hopefully my podcast captures. I was going to play some live Quireboys from the Forum on the 14th but as this show already was clocking the hour mark I thought I’d leave it until next week. Another great gig where I met up with K.T. Glitz who I haven’t seen since 1987, but you’ll hear all about that on next weeks show.

Episode 74


On this weeks episode I play a track by After The Ice who supported Brijitte West a couple of weeks ago. Man Raze (Phil Collen, Paul Cook, Simon Laffy) who have just finished a short club tour have a couple of tracks played from their debut album ‘Surreal’. I also play a couple Wildhearts’ tracks from their debut 12″ ‘Mondo Akimbo A-Go-Go’ who have also just wound up a short UK tour. I Walk The Line from Finland make their debut on the Squirrel Rock Show as do Mob Research, who’s debut CD is out in March. I also moan throughout the whole show about my Digital Voice Recorder going to the great gig in the sky.

Episode 73


Another week, another show. This week I play, quite literally, a world exclusive. A new Nick Royale track called ‘I Still Want The Best’ taken from the Jim Heneghan Kiss Documentary ‘Kiss Loves You’. The track was originally recorded in 2004 and so far hasn’t had an official release. On the live front I recorded the UK Subs on the 30th November and play the best bits for your enjoyment. Studio wise I hit you with Danko Jones and the Backyard Babies at the start of the show. Three Glorious Bankrobbers’ tracks from their ‘Dynamite, Sex, Doze’ CD along with a new, well I’m told it’s new, Rock City Angels track from their ‘Use Once And Destroy’ CD also get an airing. (note:- actually it isn’t)

Episode 72


On this week’s show I catch up with Alex from The Bathroom Wall and we chat about a whole range of subjects that may or may not include, Airbourne, the death of Michael Lee, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Hanoi Rocks, Motley Crue, the Quireboys, the Marquee. Basically we relive the last twenty years and find out how much we’ve in common.

Episode 71


On this week’s show I play a new track from the new Warrior Soul album which strangely enough isn’t going to be called ‘Chinese Democracy’ anymore. A couple of the Warrior Soul guys have another band called Hate Gallery, so I play a track from them. Strings formally from The Hellacopters has turned Thunder Express into Dundertaget for an album so I play a song from it. I dig up a Peepshows track from their ‘Refuge For Degenerates’ album and play a Germs track as I’ve just watched the ‘What We Do Is Secret’ DVD. I went up to the Islington Academy on the 19th for The Damned’s ‘So, Who’s Paranoid’ album launch gig. Naturally I recorded it and play the “best” bits from it.

Episode 70


On this week’s show I travelled down to Brighton to see Motörhead supported by Saxon and Danko Jones. Obviously I play some live tracks by all three artists taken from said gig. I confess to nodding off during one of the bands and get over excited watching Motörhead performing ‘Bomber’ on Top Of The Pops as Fast Eddie is using Captain Sensible’s non reversible Firebird, which I used to own for a few years, whilst Captain is down the front ‘dancing’ away.

Episode 69


On this week’s show I play some Hanoi Rocks and talk about their imminent split. Then play a track from Robban Erikson’s new outfit called Tramp. Live music comes from Bleech, The Berettas, Brijitte West from NY Loose, Shush and The Brothers Of Brasil. Gluecifer get a couple of tracks played from their 1999 Sub Pop split single as their ‘Farewell To The Kings Of Rock’ DVD has just been released. I also play a couple of tracks from the “Demons” as their latest CD ‘Ace In The Hole’ has also just come out. I wind the whole show up with Crucified Barbara’s latest single which has been taken off their next album, ‘Til Death Do Us Party’ which is due to be released next year.

Episode 68


Last weekend I flew over to Stockholm for the final four Hellacopters gigs and the “Thank You For The Music” shows. Listen to my account on the “No Sleep Before The Fall” Podcast featuring The Hellacopters, Dregen, The Turpintines, The “Demons”, The Robots, Royal Cream, The Peepshows, The Nomads, Pernilla Andersson and yours truly.

Episode 67


On this weeks show I went up Town to the Paradise City Rock Night at Madam Jo Jo’s just round the corner from the old Wardour Street Marquee to see Zen Motel, who are now a five piece, Disarm, who still are a full on four piece, Dear Superstar, who I wish were a no piece and headlining the whole shebang Adam Bomb. I actually recorded this show the day before the gig, just dropping in the live tracks in the correct places the day after! (Well I was in Stockholm when this show aired)

Episode 66


On this week’s show I play a couple of tracks from the new Damned album ‘So, Who’s Paranoid?’ and one from their 1977 Nick Mason produced album ‘Music For Pleasure’. Vains Of Jenna, who annoyingly are playing the same day as Warrior Soul and Apocalyptica, get one of their songs played. Talking of Warrior Soul; I play a track off their forthcoming album ‘Chinese Democracy’. I play “Compare & Contrast” with two versions of ‘Criminal’ by Smack. The first is the original; the second is a live version from the new line-up. I play out the show with ‘Shine’ by Motörhead because the Genius program on my iTunes said so.

Episode 65


I got sent snippets of some new Pretty Boy Floyd recordings. All covers, one ill advised. So I play the ill advised track just for the heck of it. A couple of 7”’s fell into the Squirrel dray this week. The first was Duff McKagan’s Loaded, Loyalties split single and the second was the Backyard Babies ‘F.O.A.D.’. The b-side was the piano version of ‘Saved By The Bell’ which Dizzy Reed of Guns ‘n’ Roses plays on. I also got given the latest Volbeat album, a Danish band I knew nothing about up until that point. So I play a couple of songs from it along with some tracks off the new Girlschool album ‘Legacy’ one of which features Lemmy on lead vocals. I finish up the show with some Status Quo live at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon.

Episode 64


On this weeks show I play some live Hellacopters from their one and only UK date at the LA 2 on the 29th September. Support came from Bloodlights who feature ex Gluecifer guitarist Captain Poon, so I play some live tracks from them as well. The only studio track I play is right at the top of the show and is The Pirates Of The Baltic Sea single. The band consists of Michael Monroe, Dregen, Adam Bomb, Kory Clarke and Jussi 69.

Episode 63


On this weeks show I play four live tracks by the Wildhearts from their ‘Earth Vs’ London Show, a new AC/DC track from their forthcoming album ‘Black Ice’. Even more live material from New Generation Superstars, Love/Hate and the Phil Lewis fronted L.A. Guns taken from their Islington Academy gig on the 25th September.

Episode 62


I finally play ‘Baby, Come’ by the Hellacopters and some live Skintight Jaguars and live Trouble featuring Warrior Soul vocalist Kory Clarke. You also get to hear some brand new AntiProduct which I’ve been dieing to hear for ages. Other live music this week comes from The Loyalties and Duff McKagan’s Loaded. Duff brought out Brain James founding member of the Damned for a couple of songs which I play. I also had a chat with ex Sham 69 and Lords Of The New Church bassist Dave Tregunna.

Episode 61


Nearly an all live show with live cuts from Tokyo Dragons last gig, Girlschool album launch party ending up with Swedish girl rockers Crucified Barbara and Swedish boy (me sexist never) Rawkers The Backyard Babies. The Tokyo Dragons and Girlschool were recorded live at the 100 Club, London on the 4th September and The Backyard Babies, Crucified Barbara sets were from their Concorde 2 show in Brighton on the 9th. The only non live track is by The Hellacopters as their final dates have been announced and I’m going!!

Episode 60


I couldn't get it together this week as I was still jet lagged. So instead of giving this week a miss I decided to play the whole of Robin Black's gig at the Brief in Croydon.

Episode 59


The last of the pre-recorded Paranoid Squirrel Rockshows. First up we have Julian Cope and Captain Sensible. Then I talk about how they nearly formed a band. I get a bit heavy and play some Discharge and Slayer. After reading a review in Classic Rock I play a Stone Gods track, then The Wild Hearts (yes spelt like that because that’s how it was when this demo was recorded) finishing off with a couple of Suicidal Tendencies songs and tell how I got thrown out of their UK debut gig.

Episode 58


A Live show this week which come courtesy of Wildhearts guitarist C.J. This gig was recorded in July 2007 at the Water Rats in London. C.J. did have some technical problems towards the end of his and the Satellites set but it didn’t detract too much from what was a really enjoyable gig. I interviewed C.J. after the gig which you can hear in full on Episode 3 of The Paranoid Squirrel Rockshow.

Episode 57


I kick this week’s show of with The Hydromatics, whose album ‘Parts Unknown’ is probably my all time favourite album. Then a couple of tracks from Sorry and The Sinatras, the Yo-Yo’s and the Eureka Machines. I then throw the show over to the mercy of my iTunes Party Shuffle to see what it picks. Let’s face it it’s my iTunes I’m highly unlikely to have anything on there that I’ll find offensive.
It chooses Faith No More, The Punkles, Status Quo, Jetboy, Alvin Youngblood Hart and Ginger.

Episode 56


On this hastily put together show, as you’re listening to this I’ve just started a three week holiday in the States, I play a couple of tracks from the shelved Duff McKagan solo CD, the other two Midlife Crisis tracks, two new Backyard Babies tracks, two StoneWall Noise Orchestra tunes and a few Robin Black tracks recorded live at the Croydon Brief.

Episode 55


This week I talk about how the Common Cold prevented me from seeing Muscle Car and how the Royal Mail finally delivered the new Motörhead CD to me. So I play a couple of tracks by them both. (New) iconic T-shirts part 2 gets a mention. Two new Negative songs from their ‘Killer Karma’ CD and two new Midlife Crisis’ tracks off their new 7” are aired. Midlife Crisis are Urrke T (ex MarySlim), Dregen (Backyard Babies), Måns Maggot (The Maggots) and Robert Eriksson (soon to be ex Hellacopters). Icelandic rockers Sign have done a cover of Maidens ‘Run To The Hills’ which I also play. As I started the show with an Australian band I decide to end this weeks proceedings with another Australian band; Radio Birdman.

Episode 54


I play a new Enuff Z’Nuff tune and a Beatle cover they did at Rocklohoma with Steven Adler on drums. New(ish) Croydon band Inner Eden get two of their demos played. As the Damned are recording their first new studio album since the beginning of the Century I play a Radio 1 session track along with a song from ‘Grave Disorder’. Motörhead have a new studio album out late Summer and to celebrate I play a couple of live tracks by them. Last but by no means least The Ramones finish of this weeks show with two songs that’ll have your feet tapping.

Episode 53


On this weeks show I play a couple of tracks from punk veterans GBH, a Jason Heath and The Greedy Souls song that features Wayne Kramer (MC5). New Canadian band The Yams, that might have connections with Crystal Pistol, get two of their songs aired as do France’s Undercover Slut. The Backyard Babies have a new, self titled, album out in August and the 1st track off it is ‘Fuck Of And Die’ which gets played. I also unleash a couple of Crash Diet tracks from mk i and ii line ups and end up playing a couple of Hawkwind live songs.

Episode 52


A busy week for me gig wise. Live recordings from GMT, that feature Bernie Tormé (ex Ozzy and Gillan) John McCoy (ex Gillan) and Robin Guy (Bruce Dickinson, Faith No More etc.) Day 21 a band that consists of Jimmy Pursey and Matt Sargent (ex Sham 69) and The Rev and Snell (ex Towers Of London) and the final live band is No Direction. Interspersed are studio tracks from The Scaramanga Six and The Imperial Vipers.

Episode 51


On this weeks show I play a couple of tracks from Dear Superstar who are out on tour this month, a couple of songs from the Diamond Dog’s new album ‘Most Likely’, two cover versions by Stockholm based band the “Demons”, some unreleased and rarely heard demos by The Damned and rounding things off, a live ‘Born Broke’ by The Hellacopters featuring Dr3g3n as special guest guitarist.

Episode 50


On this weeks show I travel up to the indigO2 to see Queensryche perform ‘Operation Mindcrime I & II’, I cut along to the Royal Festival Hall for the last night of The Meltdown Festival that features the MC5 and Primal Scream. Then finally I head up to Wembley Arena to see Whitesnake and Def Leppard. Obviously I play a selection of live cuts from all of the above.

Episode 49


A whole show dedicated to the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards 2008 Ceremony which we went to at the indigO2 on the 16th June. Live music comes from Testament, Apocalyptica, The Children Of Bodom, In Flames and Disturbed. Hosted by Oderus Urungus from GWAR.

Episode 48


Now I’ve all my software reinstalled I am able to bring you live gigs again. On this episode you get to hear the Foo Fighters encore from Wembley featuring Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones and a couple of songs by The Kits and The Night Marchers recorded at The 100 Club. To kick things off I play two studio tracks by The SurfaholicS from Austria and two tracks from Swedish Glam/Sleaze merchants The Cowboy Prostitutes.

Episode 47


Against the run of play I manage to get a show out this week. No live recordings even though I wanted them. I start the show off by telling of my Adam Bomb jape. Then rapidly move onto the Sound City Swedish Show Case night from the Borderline. Featuring Crumbland, I know they’re Finnish, Hell ‘n’ Diesel, Babylon Bombs and Mustasch and I generally moan about my Computer crash and burning throughout the whole show.

Episode 46


Back from my week break, not that you noticed, as against all odds I managed to get this show out on time. On this weeks show I get around to playing ‘Pissed’ written by Adam Bomb covered by Zen Motel. Then as we’re seeing the aforementioned Adam Bomb on the 2nd I play one of his tracks. Icelandic band Sign, who finish up their UK gigs before Download at the Bar Monsta on June 1st also have two tracks from their current album played. We have a World exclusive from another Adam, this time Adam West in the form of the title track from their up and coming swansong album ‘Extra Sexual Perception’ along with ‘You’re My Solar Flare’ which if you’ve visited their myspace page you will have already heard. I then move on to Enuff Z’Nuff who have parted company with Johnny Monaco but have reacquainted themselves with Donnie Vie. I play ‘I Used To Be In Enuff Z’nuff’ by Mr. Monaco and then an LA Smogg track, a band who feature Donnie Vie and Enuff Z’Nuff’s new guitarist CJ Szuter. The whole show is wound up by a Wildhearts track from their new covers CD.

Episode 45


I ventured up town twice this week for gigs. The first was for the Loyalties ‘So Much For Soho’ launch party at the Intrepid Fox. Opening band was The Dead City Stereo followed obviously by The Loyalties. Then Monday I went to the Bar Monsta for the last date of The Dirty Weekend Tour featuring Zen Motel and Dead IDentities with Vamps ‘n’ Gypsies and Disarm as tonight’s opening acts. I also talk about The Wildhearts’ Shepherds Bush Empire gig and Hanoi Rocks supporting Wednesday 13 on Halloween.

Episode 44


To being with I talk about the Adam West shock split and Hellacopters European tour taking in London. The reformation of Finnish Glam Rockers Smack with Stereo Junks vocalist Anzi Destruction taking the place of Claude. So I play a Smack song and an Anzi Detruction tune. I also talk about the re-emergence of fellow Fins No Direction who now have ex Wildhearts drummer Stidi in their ranks. So I play two new tracks by them. Back on the scene are Shrewsbury indie Rockers They Went To Portugal or just plain The Portuguals who feature ex Roolettes and current Kill Cartel drummer Simon Edwards. New blood this week comes from a Bristol based five piece called Riot:Noise and I finish of the show with a live Camp Freddy track recorded at the Roxy on May 8th featuring guest musicians Paul Cook, Steve Jones and Duff McKagan.

Episode 43


This week I was lucky enough to get out and see two really good gigs. The first was at the 100 Club where the Cute Lepers were headlining. The Nipple Erectors were the opening act with Croydon’s legendary Johnny Moped as second on the bill. Obviously I taped the gig and play four Nipple Erectors songs along with five “classic’ Johnny Moped tunes but I opt play a studio track by the Cute Lepers. A couple of days later I strolled into Croydon and went to the Brief to see The Blow Ups, Shush, and Patchwork Grace. Again I taped the gig an play a couple of songs from The Blow Ups set along with three from Shush and round the whole show off with Patchwork Grace’s single ‘The Love Cats’ which you don’t need me to tell you is a Cure cover.

Episode 42


On this show I finally get around to playing a couple of studio Day 21 tracks. Day 21 are 50% Sham 69 and 50% The Towers Of London. Next up are new London based band Kismetik with a couple of their demos. Influences; Damned, Motörhead, Ramones. Sounds good to me. A band I’d never heard of were Soggy, from France, until a chance newsgroup message pointed me in their direction. I play a couple of tracks by them recorded in 1981 which have just been re-released on vinyl. We now move swiftly along to South African band The Mochines who’s 2nd CD ‘The Eagle Has Landed’ has just come out. If you like Radio Birdman, The Hellacopters and Social Distortion you should enjoy The Mochines. Time to Glam it up firstly with Peep Show with two tracks from their debut CD ‘Out For Blood’. Secondly we cross the pond to Canada for two Robin Black songs as they’re coming over to The UK in August. Finally but by no means least I play a live Hanoi Rocks track from the Marquee at the end of 1984 featuring guest vocals from Stiv Bators.

Episode 41


On this episode I play ‘Psycho Girl’ and ‘Motivation’ by Brighton based band The Hotlines, ‘Five Aces’ from the debut Loyalties CD ‘So Much For Soho’, ‘Scream 4 Me’ from Gemini Five’s forthcoming CD ‘Sex, Drugs, Anarchy’, ‘I Can Feel The Fire’ by Thunder Express from their 4 way split 10” with The Sewergrooves, Sexty Sexers and Sarris Rock & Roll Trio. I also, thanks to the shuffle mode on my iPod, play ‘Red Wine Smile’ by The Eureka Machines, The Wildhearts cover of the Icicle Works song ‘Understanding Jane’ and I find out that I’m extremely loosely, only by marriage and by the grace of God, related to Adam Ant.

Episode 40


I finally got the new Hellacopters CD ‘Head Off’ earlier in the week so I play two new tracks off it, namely ‘Electrocute’ originally recorded by the “Demons” and ‘Darling, Darling’ from the Royal Cream. I went to the Underworld in Camden to see Warrior Soul play the whole of their ‘Last Decade Dead Century’ LP live, plus some choice crowd pleasers on Monday. I recorded the gig and play four songs from it. Followed swiftly by two songs from Warrior Soul guitarist’s Rille Lundell’s other band Supragod. I didn’t manage to get to see Day 21 as planned but still play a track from their debut gig at the Shepherds Bush Empire 25th January. I round the show up with a Backyard Babies tune as it looks like they will be touring the UK at the beginning of September.

Episode 39


A short, but very sweet, show this week. I’m saving myself until next week, you’ve been warned! The first song I play is ‘Destroy’ by Mary’s Kids from their, so far, only release on Bootleg Booze. Next up is a live track by Washington DC’s finest Adam West. Recorded Debaser, Stockholm in the Autumn of 2005. Look out for a new Adam West album and European Tour this year. I then play three songs that can be found on those marvellous ‘Top Of The Pops’ ‘70’s “not original artist” compilation LPs. I then talk about the internet rumour that Hellacopters drummer Robban could be joining Hanoi Rocks. Remember; RUMOUR. So I play The Wild Kings track ‘Down At The Wild Kingdom’ from their one and only 7” on Wild Kingdom Records (Natch). I finish of the show with The Briefs track ‘She’s Just A Girl On The Block’.

Episode 38


In this weeks show I play ‘My Time’ by MarySlim from their ‘Split Vision’ CD as Urrke T has jumped ship after playing bass with them for nine years. I then play ‘Sick Of You’ By The Midlife Crisis which was a project that Urrke put together in 2004 featuring himself, Dregen, Robban Eriksson and Måns Maggot. Next up is ‘It’s All Moving Faster’ by the Hellacopters which is only available on the b-side of ‘The Same Lame Story’ 7” on Bootleg Booze Records. It was originally recorded by Electric Frankenstein. Still on vinyl I play The Flaming Sideburns ‘Bam-a-Lama Lu’ which is the b-side of ‘Blow The Roof’ and features Michael Monroe on squeals and harmonica. I also talk about my trip to see Richard Bacchus and the Luckiest Girls at the Bar Monsta. All the bands that night suffered from the most appalling PA I’ve ever heard, or not heard as the case was. I play Richard’s opening song from the gig to highlight the point. I got an advance copy of the new Whitesnake CD ‘Good To Be Bad’ and it rocks, I love it so I play two tracks from it. Namely ‘Best Years’ and ‘Good To Be Bad’. Whitesnake have lined up a UK tour with Def Leppard. I wind the whole show up with an Adam Ant live song from the Marquee from waaaay back in 1978.

Episode 37


All the music from this weeks show comes from that warm sounding medium; vinyl. The Hellacopters with 'I'm Eighteen' from their split single with fellow Swedes The Doits, a Kill City Dragon Demo, 'Devil Callin'', that came free with Kerrang, 'Love Song' and 'Plan 9 Channel 7' alternative live mixes by the Damned from the 'Black Album White Label Test Pressing Sampler, Tomahawk with 'Rotten Roll' from their Nomad single 7" and County singer Marty Robbins with 'Five Brothers'. Which is the b-side to 'The Ballad Of The Alamo'.

Episode 36


On this episode I play the brand new Hellacopters single 'In The Sign Of The Octopus' and track two 'Acid Reign'. As Turbonegro have cancelled their upcoming tour I play some of their music anyway. So I will be going to see Richard Bacchus and The Loyalties on Easter Monday after all so I play an acoustic Richard Bacchus track. I play three live Ramones tracks when Glem Burke/Elvis Ramone drummed for them for all of two gigs. I finish the whole show off with three live Hellacopters tracks, which are all covers.

Episode 35


On this weeks show I sulk over what some Hanoi Rocks Messageboarders think of me for all of 2 nano seconds, I play a couple of acoustic Loyalties tracks from the Water Rats along with three Eureka Machines songs, one of which was also recorded at the Water Rats. An interview with Chris Catalyst that I did nearly a year ago, I was waiting for him to get a bit more famous, but I couldn't wait any longer.

Episode 34


Another 'Live' in concert show and this week Hanoi Rocks take centre stage. Most of this episode is taken from their Brighton gig at the Concorde 2 on the 6th March with the encore taken from the Astoria 2 gig a day later (not a Dollar Shorter) which was drummer Lacu's last gig with Hanoi. Hanoi are really a band on fire as these recordings show and having no monitors for Michael at the Brighton gig only added fuel to that fire.

Episode 33


This week's episode is a 'Live' in concert affair featuring Ginger from the Wildhearts, who is aided and abetted by Chris Catalyst and Scott Metzger, recorded at the Water Rats.

Episode 32


On today’s show I play music from Deptford’s finest The Phobics. I play some new Sleeze/Glam from Sweden in the form of Damaged Dolls and play some ‘old’ Sleeze/Glam courtesy of Adam Bomb. The Divine Rights Of Kings get an airing as they’ve re-formed for a one off gig and this weeks band “That I thought would be MEGA, but weren’t” is China Drum.

Episode 31


Live music this week comes from The Nomads, The Loyalties, The Fugitives and The Sweet Zeros. The Sweet Zeros track recorded at the Dirty Water Club is the Amy Winehouse song 'Rehab' given a Ramones feel and yes it really works. I only managed to record one Fugitives song as I stupidly forgot to charge up the battery before I went out. So you get a cover of the John Lennon classic 'Cold Turkey'. Down in Brighton, with charged recorder, I taped The Loyalties set and air, 'Sofa Surfing UK', 'Thirteenage' and 'Stockholm Sick Blues'. I play 5 Nomads songs. Opening with 'Primordial Ooze'  from London with 'Don't Pull My Stings' and 'Crystal Ball' with false feedback start from Brighton then back to London for the encore of '16 Forever' and 'Call Off Your Dogs'.

Episode 30


In this episode I talk about seeing Kill Cartel at the Dublin Castle a couple of weeks ago, play a Roolettes tune. I also talk about seeing Disarm, Kitty Hudson and Drugdealer Cheerleeder in Croydon and play three live songs from Disarm from the said gig. I give a very quick review of Gingers new solo CD 'Market Harbour' and play two songs from it and this week’s bands that I thought were going to be mega but weren't are The Claytown Troupe.

Episode 29


In this week’s show I play four of the bands that played live at the Ruts Film Première at the Shepherds Bush Empire on the 25th January. First up are six songs by Jimmy Pursey’s new band Day 21, followed by two tracks from ViceSchool, obviously a collaboration between Vice Squad and Girlschool. Next I play the two songs TV Smith gave us. Lastly three songs performed by Captain Sensible, Stu West and Dave Berk with the third song featuring vocals from Henry Rollins.

Episode 28


I went down to Brighton on Tuesday to see Hardcore Superstar at the Barfly. Support came from local band Trashtown Thrillers who were giving away free their 'My Ship Is Sinking (So I'll Have Yours)' CDep. Next up were Swedish band Crazy Lixx promoting their new/debut CD 'Loud Minority'. Crazy Lixx guitarist Vic Zino is going to be filling in as temporary guitarist for HCSS as Thomas Silver quit the band after the London show!! So onto headliners Hardcore Superstar, who are over here to promote their new CD 'Dreaming In A Casket'. I had no idea that this was going to be the penultimate gig for Silver. He looked like he was into it. Good job I recorded the set. Wish I'd gone to the London date now!!!

Episode 27


The first two tracks I play on this week’s episode are by bands that I thought would go onto great things but didn't. The first track is 'Hang Straight Up' by I Love You from their debut self title album which came out on Geffen. The band did release a follow up album called 'All Of Us' and there was a live CDep which came out before their first album. The next track is by Masters of Reality who you really should know. If it wasn't for them and mainman Chris Goss there wouldn't be any Queens Of The Stoneage. 'Domino' is taken from their debut self title Def Jam album. The album is also known as 'The Blue Garden'. The next track is 'Magnetic Baby' by Semi Precious Weapons. Very Toilet Boys, very fun and very much over here next week for a handful of London dates. Next up is Wildhearts bassist Scott Sorry's other band Sorry And The Sinatras with the demo 'Riverside'. They've got a couple of gigs lined up supporting the New York Dolls. I'm not catching Henry Rollins spoken word show at the Hammersmith Apollo on the 26th but as he's at the Ruts film premiere I play 'One Shot' from the Rollins Band CD 'Nice'.

Episode 26


On this episode I get excited about the Nomads playing England, I interview Kill Cartel's drummer Simon Edwards, I tell how I spent New Year’s Eve in the same pub as Angel Witch's guitarist/singer Kevin Heybourne but didn't talk to him, play some Endeverafter after reading about them in Classic Rock and get excited about seeing the Nomads live!!!

Episode 25


No explanation really but The Wildhearts Live at the Astoria, London. 21-12-2007