2007 Shows

Episode 24


Not a year round up but what's coming up next year, so far. I play the two new Ginger tracks from his 'Holiday' CD, say "Sorry." for thinking 'Unbroken' came from 'Endless, Nameless'. I talk about the upcoming Hardcore Super$tar tour along with the Hanoi Rocks tour and Turbonegro tour. Plus I play three tracks from Danish band Boat Man Love and as it's my show I throw in a Yes-Men track at the end. I think there’s some Hellacopters in there as well.

Episode 23


On this the Squirrel Christmas show I play a couple of live tracks from Kitty Hudson when they supported Adam Bomb on the 19th, three Demolition 23 tracks live in Japan 1994 and four Wildhearts tracks from their Christmas show at the Astoria on the 21st December.

Episode 22


On this episode I talk about seeing Lacrimas Profundere and Apoclyptica at the Astoria last Tuesday. Not seeing Led Zeppelin or Bernie Tormé but getting thrown out of the Tormé gig anyway (True!!) and the state of my mental health which you lot seem to be talking about!

Episode 21


The music featured in this week’s show all have one thing in common, apart from being good. They all have something to do with the weekend apart from the Damned which is about trainspotting! Music from the State Of Emergency, Bernie Tormé, Retardos, Sulo and The Damned.

Episode 20


I play three tracks from the self titled debut CD Bloodlights. Bloodlights is Captain Poon's post Gluecifer band. The new Hydromatics CD also gets a spin and a track from the 'Powerglide' and 'Parts Unknown' albums also get an airing. Finishing up with a couple of Waltari tracks from the 'So Fine' CD.

 Episode 19


A bit of a cop out show this week as I've been away for a few days (Birthday and all that). This show features Helsinki Vampires The 69 Eyes on their support slot with Within Temptation at the Brixton Academy.

Episode 18


On this episode I review the Alice Cooper, Motörhead, Joan Jett concert from Brighton on the 13th. I play a couple of Joan Jett songs from the gig along with a couple of Motörhead. One of which is a Thin Lizzy cover of sorts! I play a studio Alice track and I review Quo in Croydon on the 15th.

Episode 17


Back a regular show this week. I play a couple of Sator tracks from their new(ish) CD 'Basement Noise', a classic Nomads track, I compare Union Carbine with Sonic Rendezvous via The Hellacopters. Then do the same with American Heart Break and The Wildhearts. Finishing off the whole show with a live Radio 1 session track by the Datsuns.

Episode 16


I went to the 100 Club on 31st October to see an evening of Lords Of The New Church music by Brian James, Dave Tregunna, Mark Taylor with vocals from Lustkillers vocalist/guitarist Adam Becvare, who also sang on the 'Hang On' CD. I took my digital recorder and taped the show. A good night was had by all! Enjoy.

Episode 15


On this episode I talk about Radio Birdman's non gig. I play a couple of tracks from the new Hardcore Super$tar CD, a new Kill Cartel track, an old Warrior Soul song and burble on in my usually manor with additional music from Revolution Riot, New Christs and On Parole.

Episode 14


A live in Concert show from Warrior Soul. Sorry about my bad audio comments as my microphone has gone to the great mic stand in the sky. Note:- An official release of this gig is now available through Cargo Records. Obviously the official version has a much better sound!

Episode 13


Thirteens all round this week. Episode 13 on the 13th October and after 13 years the Hellacopters are calling it a day. I also had seat 13 at the Rush gig last Wednesday. I play 3 tracks from the new CrashDiet CD and one from their debut. I play a Brides Of Destruction track that was co-written by Ginger and a live version of 'Love Song' by the Damned performed by Demolition 23.

Episode 12


There is no rhyme or reason to this episode. Just a bunch of good songs you may or may not have heard before. I talk about the lack of internet and iTunes and ramble on about the songs/artists I play. Music comes from:- The Wildhearts, The Hellacopters, The Sewergrooves, Robert Pehrsson, Titanic Truth, Slade and The MC5/DTK.

Episode 11


On this show I talk about Man Raze, The Sex Pistols, Adam Bomb's mega tour. Juilette Lewis at the Indigo 2 and play some live Smack just for the hell of it.

Episode 10


This week’s show starts off with the sad news of Tigertailz bassist Pepsi Tate death, I complain about TV, play some Hellacopters Radio 1 session tracks, MarySlims new CD and a Kitty Hudson song.

Episode 09


This week I talk about UFO, the non Hanoi Rocks Tour, the Led Zeppelin reunion (who isn't!), Frithjof Jacobsen's book '101', Bloodlights, my guitar skills (or lack of). The Radio Birdman Flattery Volume 3 CD and the new Hardcore Superstar CD. Music comes from UFO, Hanoi Rocks, Bloodlights, The Damned, "Demons", Flaming Sideburns and Hardcore Superstar.

Episode 08


The first part of the show features gigs that I can't go to but you can. In part two I play three tracks off the new Hanoi Rocks CD 'Street Poetry'. Other music comes from Crystal Pistol, The Misfits, The Briefs, Jason & The Scorchers, CJ Wildheart and Robin Black.

Episode 07


Again a short show. This week featured artists are:- The Backyard Babies, Adam West, Bloodpit and Hanoi Rocks.

Episode 06


A short show this week as I mentioned on the show I'm knackered, still in Holiday mode. Also the 1st band I play is United Enemies not Artist as say. Told you I was tired. Music comes from United Enemies, Scott Morgan, Hoodoo Gurus and The Hellacopters.

Episode 05


This week we see the second of our 'In Concert' shows. This week’s gig comes from AntiProduct.

Episode 04


This is the first of two 'In Concert' Shows. The first features G.M.T. That’s Robin Guy, John McCoy and Bernie Tormé.

Episode 03


In this weeks show we have music from Izzy Stradlin, Kill Cartel, CJ & The Satellites and AntiProduct and interviews with Jim from Kill Cartel, CJ from the Satellites and Wildhearts and Alex Kane from AntiProduct.

Episode 02


Music this week comes from Ginger, The Stunts, Bernie Tormé, live G.M.T. from Southend , Radio Birdman and Flight.

Episode 01


The Hydromatics, Gluecifer, The Damned and Panzer Princess plus an interview with the guys from Panzer Princess are all on this the first ever Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show.