2017 Shows

Episode 552


On this week’s show which originally aired at 11pm (BST) on Friday 12th May on Rock Radio UK I spun tracks by these artists;

Die Toten Hosen (twice, with one featuring Johnny Moped),
Tiger Army,
Professor and the Madman (In a World exclusive I play a brand new track featuring Rat Scabies and Paul Gray),
The Bitten,
The Suicide Commandos,
Toads of the short Forest,
The Ramones,
Pink Floyd,
Bob Wayne,
and Snakecharmer.

Episode 551


Artistes that are play on this week's show are:

Johnny Thunders,
Last Great Dreamers,
The Quireboys,
Rich Rags (Role Models),
The Phobics,
The Anita Chellemah Band,
The Dahmers,
Fierce Ideas,
The Damned

Episode 550


Time…..I haven't got any, well not enough for comprehensive show notes this week. Instead here is a list of great bands/artists you will find on this week's Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show that aired at 11pm (BST) on Rock Radio UK last night.

Playboy Manbaby,
The Damned,
The Candy Snatchers,
The Lords of the New Church,
Black Bombers,
Roger Waters,
St. Phillip's Escalator, (sic)
Ruben Vine,
The Bitch Queens,
The Travoltas,
The King Blues
and Iron Maiden.

Episode 549

This show originally aired on Rock Radio UK on the 21st April 2017 at 11pm


A new band to The Paranoid Squirrel are The Black Angels who are first up this week with a track from their "Death Song" LP. The Chuck Norris Experiment have covered an Adam West track on their up and coming "Chück Me!" album that has also just been released as a 7" which of course I play. Swiftly following on are Jake Starr and the Delicious Fullness as Jake used to be the throatalist with Adam West. Peter Perrett, singer with The Only Ones, is just about to release his first solo album "How the West was Won", the title track of which I play. TV Eye, a band that Duran Duran owes a couple of their hits to, have just released an album of studio and rehearsal material recorded between 1977-78, amongst their ranks are Dave Kusworth (The Jacobite's), Dave Twist (The Black Bombers) and Andrew Wickett (Duran Duran). Of course, I play something from it. Over Easter Flash House, Scumbag Millionaire, Bitch Queens and The Hip Priests set off for a four date Tourette dubbed "The Furious, faultless, four headed sexed up, revved up Rock 'n' Roll revue that's guaranteed to lose money" because you could see all four bands, two which had been flown in from foreign climes, for a fiver. And to lose them even more money; the first ten people through the door, at each gig, got a 12-track tour ep for free. Naturally a track form each band is played. Straight after The Hip Priests I play some Body Count. I've never really been into them. I think naively I shied away because of Ice-T's Rap connection. It's not a bad album to be honest, the Slayer medley sounded like Slayer with Ice-T on vocals, it all right but I was expecting something else/more. In a great piece of linkage, I managed to play the new Black Bullets single whilst talking about early curfews. South African based band Four King Ace, think about it, have a track played from their debut album "Never Aim to Please" but it's Crazy Lixx and a track from their 5th and new album "Rough Justice" that ends this week's show.

Episode 548


Originally aired on Rock Radio UK on 14-04-17 at 11pm.


I was royally irked and perturbed this week, so The Damned with their Stooges cover gets me back on an even keel. The source of my irkdom was The Beatles and the re-release of "Sgt Pepper" as an anniversary 6-disc affair. To illustrate my point, I play a track by the fab-four that I'm sure you are all familiar with but it's the version that you are meant to hear. For the third week in a row I play some Michael Monroe because I can. Die Toten Hosen come crashing in next with their brand-new single. Dirtbag Republic's second album was released last Friday and even though I've already played a couple of tracks from it, I air a third. One the live front; just before last week's show was Broadcast I popped up to the Borderline just off Charing Cross Road to see one of the UK residences most under-rated guitarist in the shape and form of Bernie Tormé. I had such a good time that I went and saw him the next day down in Brighton. I play a track from his "Punk or What?" CD that was unexpectedly played down in Brighton. Staying with my live sorties Tuesday saw me up at the Blackheart in Camden to see former Boys bassist Duncan Reid and the Big Heads play with support from SpizzEnergi and the Role Models. A track from Duncan's new album "Bombs Away" along with the new SpizzEnergi single and a song from the Role Models "Forest Lawn" album are therefore played. For no other reason than its Motörhead I play a track from their "1916" album. I got a Facebook message last Saturday recommending that I check out Stacy Crowne from Cologne, so I did and was mightily impressed so much so I play you a high-energy rock track for your consideration. Up next, it's Bloodlights with their new single taken from the forthcoming "Pulling No Punches" CD with Sator winding up this week's show with a track from their 1998 "Musical Differences" album.


Episode 547

1st Broadcast on Rock Radio UK at 11pm 07-04-17 

A track from one of the great lost NYC albums of the mid to late 1970's starts this week's show off. I'm talking The Victims and "Real Wild Child" here. Then two, that's right TWO tracks from The Chuck Norris Experiment come hurtling in. One taken from the "Ghost Highways" 8" ep and t'other from their "Chück Me!" album which is due out on the 5th May. The Connection released a covers album late last year a track from which I air which is swiftly followed by The Methadones and a song from their covers LP. Up next are three songs from three bands that now feature ex Sick Livers members; Deathtraps, TenPlusOne and The Broken Bones Gentlemen's Club. Piggyback Riders are are new band to me but three if their members aren't; Sulo from The Crunch and Diamond Dogs, Idde Schultz also from The Crunch and Chris Spedding, from Chris Spedding. The band released yesterday an album of Americana called "Midnight at the Tenth of Always". Of course, I play a track from it. Sharing Management with Piggyback Riders are Billy Momo, whose last album "Seven Rivers Wild" came out last year, are according to their bio "a Swedish 7-piece band whose musical roots run deep in the soil of the rural American South as well as cruising the big city streets, combining bluesy feel with gritty sounds and greasy grooves." It's a great album, so much so that I'll be seeking out their other releases. Grande Royale's have released a new track from their soon to be out album which of course gets an airing. Michael Monroe released yesterday a brand new song called "One Foot Outta The Grave" and it is seriously good and thanks to its writer, Rich Jones, who sent it to me earlier this week I most definitely play it. Now go buy it! I saw Royal Republic up at the Electric Ballroom last Saturday. They are a great live band, always have been, but now mainstream Rock fans are cottoning on. Just great all round entertainers who unexpectedly covered Iron Maiden's "Fear of the Dark", which I, being the audio historian that I am, recorded and share with you. White Reaper have just released an album called "The World's Best American Band". Are they right or telling porkies....? Finishing things off this week are The Clamps with another tune from their "Bend, Shake, Swallow" LP.

Episode 546

First broadcast on Rock Radio UK at 11pm 31-03-17


My favourite Discharge track will kick this week's show off, which will be swiftly be followed by a track from The Clamps new album "Blend, Shake, Swallow". On the single front, I'll be playing new ones from Tommy and the Rockets, The Dahlmanns and Blasting Fondas. If you sign up to Michael Monroe's mailing list, you'll be able to download an exclusive live track as a reward/incentive. Obviously, I did, with the fruits being played just before I air the Remu and the Hurriganes track that featuresMichael from the "Electric Play" album. Los Pepes have a third track from their up and coming "Let's Go" CD aired with the debut single from Nicotine Pretty getting, the world's second radio play. Nicotine Pretty, for those of you who are unaware feature one Ginge Knievel formerly of the Sick Livers. Up next it's The Telephone Lovers before I regale my trip up the Underworld on Wednesday to see Enuff Z'Nuff with support from Venrez, who I play. That's Venrez not Enuff Z'Nuff. Then I'm going to play another new track from the Biters new album "The Future Ain't What It Used to Be" which hints of the Rubinoos and to underline this I'm going to play the song in question but a live cover from the Hellacopters, who have just parted company with bassist Kenny. An acoustic song performed by Gary Lammin from the Bermondsey Joyriders recorded last Saturday at Raven Retail in Beckenham is the song that will take us up to the hour mark and the end of this week's show.

Episode 545

First Broadcast on Rock Radio UK at 11pm 24-03-17


Back in the comfort of the studio for this week's show with Gluecifer the first band out of the blocks as a tribute to those of us who travel to foreign climes to see bands play live. Then once again it's the Backyard Babies because…..well, just because. Hey! Hello! are up next which leads nicely into Lupus Dei who feature The Rev and Toshi from the aforementioned Hey! Hello! A band that I meant to play last week if the traffic was bad was Junkyard and a track from the band's first new album in something like 25 years. That track of course gets played this week. Thanks to Rock Radio UK's DJ Dropbox folder I have discovered Freedom Fuel from Helsinki. To me their album "Happy People" remains me of The Soundtrack of our Lives playing Ghost, or vice versa. Hard Action have a new single out for us to enjoy, either in ones and zeros or as a limited 7". I playthe digital version. Having already played the new A side from The Fiascos latest offering I opt to play the double A side. No exclusivity at all. I'm missing the Hip Priest playing live up at the Nambucca tonight, I know, sad times, so I play two tracks from them. Both the same, one featuring Gary X-Ray from the lost version of "Full Tilt Bullshit" and the other that we all know and love with Nathan Von Cruz. The Bitch Queens will be one of the bands supporting the Hip Priests during their Easter weekend campaign which I'll be at London and Brighton dates. The band at the beginning of May will be releasing their third LP "L.O.V.E.". Which I have……..A single from the album is due to be released in April which I air. Ryan Hamilton & the Traitors are just about to launch a "Fan Club" site not to dissimilar to Ginger's GASS project, which sounds great. To underline it I play another track from their/his soon to be released "Capital Spirits - an acoustic evening - Live in London" album. A new band to find their way to The Paranoid Squirrel Drey are The Clamps and I think over the coming weeks/months tracks from their new album "Blend, Shake, Swallow" are going to be played on a regular basis. Starting this evening. Rounding off this week's show are Bullet Proof Lovers with a tune from "Shot Through The Heart" which had me falling over myself to get once I'd read Dom Daley's Uber Rock review.

Episode 544


First Broadcast on 17-03-17 at 11pm on Rock Radio UK
Repeated on 19-03-17 at 2am.

Uploaded to Podbean and theparanoidsquirrel.com on 18-03-17

Stupidly I decided to Live Stream this week's show from my car, on my way back from seeing the Backyard Babies, Black Star Riders at the Forum in Kentish Town. Thanks to Skype, a set of Maplins Gaming headphones and a Dropbox folder with all the songs I intended to play,I managed to get away with it. Just. First up is the Backyard Babies as I'd just seen them and it would be rude not to, who are followed by The Vibrators and a track from their just released pledge album "Past, Present and Into the Future". As the Damned's debut album gets 10/10 in the latest Classic Rock, 40 years too late but who is counting, I play a track from them that isn't from DDD but from one of the BBC Radio in Session CDs. There is also a feature with Walter Lure, one time guitarist in The Heartbreakers, so I play a Waldos track. Honest John Plain, guitarist with The Boys, is back with a new solo album, sadly not the much mooted one that features "Never Listen to Rumours" but an acoustic affair in the shape and form of "Acoustic Menopause". It's not a straight unplugged version of "Punk Rock Menopause" although some tracks from the session are reworked acoustically along with a Stones and Joey Ramone cover. Obviously, I air a track from it. The Hybrid Children who I thought had vanished as I'd not heard anything from them in nearly eight years are back with a new album called "Where the Pub Roses Grow". A track has already been lifted from said album which I play. The Cyanide Pills have just released their new album "Sliced and Diced" on Damaged Goods Records and mighty fine it is to as you hear. Getting the rerelease treatment after 39 years is Slimey Toad's, from Johnny Moped in his Slime guise, one and only 7" "Controversial" that also came out on Damaged Goods. Even without his leader, who probably wasn't allowed out, Toad strikes Gold with The Damned borrowing the b-side "Loony" a year later and turning it into "Suicide" for their b-side to "Love Song". Swiftly following on is a new band to me Happily Ever Blind, totally bonkers; Waltari + The Dead Kennedys? Los Pepes are up next with another new track from their soon to be released third album "Let's Go". Los Pepes will be supporting Cheetah Chrome at the Underworld in August, which gives me a good excuse to play some Dead Boys.Friend of the show and Squirrel Associate Arkwright's band Flame Pilots let us have a sneaking peak at the track "All She Wants" from their up and coming debut album, for International Women's Day. If you missed it, I solve that problem by playing ait for you and if you did hear it; this version is an alternative mix. See how I spoil you. As I near my home and the lure of my local Chinese, The Moonbeats propel me along with a track from their debut self-title album, but it's the Claytown Troupe with a track from the infamous 'Dungeon Demos' that got the quintet signed to Island Records back in 1988 that ends this week's show.

Episode 543

First Broadcast on 10-03-17 at 11pm on
Rock Radio UK
Repeated on 12-03-17 at 2am.

Uploaded to Podbean and theparanoidsquirrel.com on 11-03-17

Welcome to the first Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show on Rock Radio UK. Getting the hour underway are Zombie Motors Wrecking Crew from Australia and a track from their"Supersonic Rock 'n' Roll" album. The Arrows are up next with 'that' song who are swiftly followed by Ryan Hamilton and the Traitors and an acoustic track that was recorded at the Old Church St Pancras on the 3rd March. A new band, although the members might be familiar, are Neon Animal, whose game plan is to bring Rock 'n' Roll back from the dead, which coincidently is the title of their debut single which of course I play. Tom Baker and the Snakes, who don't feature the forth Doctor or any snakes, have just released a new album called "Lookout Tower" and very good it is to, a track from which you will hear. The Fiascos are all set to release their second single "Kill the Radio" and have already let us see the video to it. Being as this is Radio the mp3 gets an airing. In a case of "Clashing Gigs" The Fiascos along with Nicotine Pretty, Los Pepes, The Sly Persuaders, Ming City Rockers and a host of others are playing the Summer Weird Sin Festival in Brixton the same day as Johnny Moped hits The Lexington. That'll be 19th August. To embellish the situation, I play some Sick Livers as I haven't any Nicotine Pretty and some "Cycledelic" era Johnny Moped. Straight after the Moped's Stiff Little Fingers come crashing in and then it's a new track from Dirtbag Republic's forthcoming album "Downtown Eastside". Into the home straight and in light that the Telephone Lovers have been booked to play this year's SXSW Festival and it seems have a new album already recorded following up on their self-titled debut which is now available on Liquorice Red and White vinyl, I play a track from said album by them. On the recommendation of Head Glunk Dom Daley I checked out the new album by Jeff Dahl "Made in Hawaii". To date Mister Daley has not let me down and with Jeff's new release that trend seems set to continue as hopefully you will agree. The Ramones, with the last song on their last studio album, which was the last song written for them by their former bassist Dee Dee is the penultimate track but it is The Hydromatics and the Tony Slug, Nicke Andersson, Thumping Theo, Scott Morgan line-up that have the dubious honour of closing this week's show.

Episode 542


The Sonics are the first band up this week as it's been announced that they are once again hitting the road. For the second week in a row I air some Acoustic Bernie Tormé, as a way of an apology as last week I got song titles mixed up. CJ Ramone has another new track played from his up and coming album "American Beauty". The track in question also just so happens to be the title of Los Pepes' forthcoming coming album, a track from which I obviously play. I've given up hope on The Hellacopters being added to this year's Stone Free Festival which is probably a good thing as the only tickets left are right up in the Gods, right at the back. However, this doesn't stop me from playing some Hellacopters featuring Scott Morgan, with Pelle Almgren's first new track in about 10 years swiftly following in its wake. Not only do The Admiral Sir Cloudsley Shovell have a new drummer in the shape and form of Serra Petale but also have a brand stonking new single for me to impart and for you to enjoy. The track in question is called "Nightmare". Moving over from Hastings to France it's the debut appearance of Born Again and a track from their first LP "Strike With Power". The Routes are an Anglo-Nipponese trio that are just about to released their fifth album "In This Perfect Hell" on Dirty Water Records. Like the Shovell and Born Again, The Routes, roots aren't from this century. Theirs is buried deep in the Garageland of the 1960's as you will hear. I was embarrassed to learn that former Soundtrack of Our Lives guitarist Ian Person has had a Pledge campaign running for nearly two years and I knew nothing about it until last week. Of course, I try and make up for my oversight by Pledging and then in turn playing something from it for you to enjoy. The King of PledgeMusic must be Ginger Wildheart who last Wednesday launched his latest offering "Ghost in The Tanglewood", a Country album which was ready to be downloaded as soon as you and your money were parted. On the 24th I popped along to the 100 Club for the last date of sometime Wildhearts Bassist Scott Sorry's UK tour. Opening proceedings were The WitchDoktors, who truth be told could quite easily have been the headline act, that also goes for main support the Role Models. Even with the early start time of 7:45 and only half an hour set, the WitchDoktors, certainly played like their lives depended on it, with the Role Models playing at a frantic pace like it was already too late for them, but at least they'd got to go out in style. Scott Sorry was welcomed back like a conquering hero, if not King, that it had been thought to have been killed in Battle. From the reaction the crowd gave Scott, I hope it's not too long before he returns.
In other news it looks like The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show will become part of
http://rock-radio.co.uk/ More news as I get it.

Episode 541


Welcome to Episode 541 of The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show where a familiar song by The Sweet, albeit the not often heard original album version, gets this week's show off to a flying start. I then question the date surrounding the 40th Anniversary of the Damned's debut album by playing Captain's outvoted choice of debut single. The Plastic Tears are part of 'Alive and Kicking's' album "Smacked! - A Tribute to Ilari "Claude" Peltola. Their offering I of course aired. Others contributing are: Eduardo J. Martinez, The Flaming Sideburns, The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, Squirrel faves The Dead Furies, Danny Fury and The Anita Chellamah Band. Dirtbag Republic release their new album "Downtown Eastside" towards at end of March, so to get you in the mood I play a track from it. I know I played The Scaramanga Six last week but as I've been getting down and up to "Owned pt. 1-4", which along with "As We Take the Stage Pts 1-2" is available to download for free from their BandCamp, I decided to air that as well. Just before Christmas former Lord of Altamont Spencer Robinson released a 5-track cassette, yes cassette, of new music. Fear ye not as for the princely sum of $2 you can download all five from his Bandcamp site. The tracks are, as stated, a little darker than his previous collaborations; music for drinking, crying, driving and dying. One of which you will hear. Unless this is the first Paranoid Squirrel Podcast that you've listened to, you are all aware that Bernie Tormé is one of my two all-time favourite guitarists. On Monday I received my e-mail notification telling me that "Dublin Cowboy" Bernie's latest Pledge album was ready for me to download. It's a triple affair; Electric, Acoustic and Live. The live album was available to download as soon as you pledged andwithout blowing smoke up anyone's behind; "Dublin Cowboy" is arguable Bernie's best work to date. If you don't believe me I play two tracks. One Electric and one Acoustic. If you want to hear him live, you can during April. Straight after Mr Tormé are New York's hardest working Rock Band Dirty Fences and track from their just re-issued first ep, with the obligatory extra tracks. The Darts (US) those Garage-psych-rock grrls that make your head slam and your feet shake released in January"The Darts EP2" via Dirty Water Records. Of course, I play something from it, for your delectation. More new music and Stockholm four piece The Blasting Fondas have just released the "There Ain't No Other Way" 7" on Beluga Records which gets an airing. Moving into the home straight and I play a track from Gary Lammin, from the Bermondsey Joyriders, debut solo album that was recorded back in 2003 with Dave Goodman Producing. It's not what you might expect but nevertheless it is really good in a 60's psychedelic slant with hints of the Stones "Their Satanic Majesties Request" couple with the Velvet Underground. Last but no means least its renowned Bad Religion frontman and acclaimed author Greg Graffin and the third track from his much-anticipated forthcoming album"Millport"which ends this week's show. The song is called "Backroads of My Mind" and offers some energised and uplifting country rock with exquisite vocal choruses and some crisp guitar from Social Distortion guitarist Jonny "Two Bags" Wickersham.

Bands taking part in this week's show are:
The Sweet,
The Damned,
Plastic Tears,
Dirtbag Republic,
The Scaramanga Six,
Spencer Robinson,
Bernie Tormé,
Dirty Fences,
The Darts (US),
Blasting Fondas,
Gary Lammin,
Greg Graffin,


Episode 540


I start this week's episode with the brand new single from the Biters' new album "The Future Ain't What It Used To Be" played at the right speed. Vinyl is the order of the day next with offerings from The Nomads and Sator split single which arrived on my doorstep courtesy of Ghost Highway Records and then a NY Loose 7" thanks to Andy from the Fear & Loathing Fanzine. I then get into releases and or projects that went live on the 14th making me worry whilst I was wining and dining Mrs A. I'd miss out. I didn't. First I ordered TV Eyes "1977-1978" vinyl LP from Easy Action Records, but as I haven't any TV Eye to play, yet, I air Radio Birdman covering the Stooges. Can you guess which song....? Then the Role Models third album in as many years was Pledged for on...erm.. Pledge Music with an early version of "Cherry Dear" played to accompany "Dance Moves" appearance. Finally I was able to mop my fevered brow as I managed to blag the Spasm Gang Member re-issue of The Hip Priests "Full Tilt Bullshit" LP and the original unreleased Gary X-Ray version. Up next is Hanoi Rocks and some Johnny Thunders, just because, well just because. More new music comes from The Scaramanga Six, The Yorkshire Rats, Cyanide Pills, "DEMONS" (Yes, get in), Circus of Power ft. Jyrki69 and the fantastically titled King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard.

Bands on this week's show:
The Nomads,
NY Loose,
Radio Birdman,
The Role Models,
The Hip Priests,
Hanoi Rocks,
Johnny Thunders,
The Scaramanga Six,
Yorkshire Rats,
Cyanide Pills,
Circus of Power,
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Episode 539


On this week's show, for your listening pleasure I have for you new tunes from; The Dahlmanns and The Reverberations whose singles both come out on the 14th. The Ruts DC have lifted a track from last years very excellent Pledge album "Music Must Destroy". Adam Bomb has just set up a GoFundMe page where you can pre-order his up and coming autobiography "911 Is Disconnected …So This Is Rock And Roll". Obviously as a soundtrack to this, I play something by him. The Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell are up next with a track off their last album "Keep It Greasy" for no other reason than its great. Poison Heart and Bomb The World released a split LP late last year with both bands picking a song to cover. Those songs I play. One by The Ramones and one by Motörhead. I then talk about clashing gigs and even worse bands you really like added to either a sold out show or the headlining band you weren't going to go to in the first place. To illustrate this I play a track from Biters who will be supporting Blackberry Smoke next month. Julian Cope has just released a new album called "Drunken Songs", which is forty minutes of Gnostic Drunkenness contained in six tales of belligerent alcohol related drunkenness. I think, like me, you've probably detected a theme. The track I air it seems to have been written to be played at the Archdruid's funeral. Swiftly following on from Mr Cope are the Watts. Classic Rock Magazine is back so I talk about what's in it (The Damned get a 4 page live feature. Future know how to keep me on board). I realise I only played The Godfathers last week but as I'm mightily impressed with their new album "A Big, Bad, Beautiful Noise" I play them again. Black Heart Breakers make a welcome return to the show before I finish things off with The Phobics but not before I plant the seed of thought that Tom would make an excellent 13th Doctor…….

A quick guide to whose on this week's show bypassing my waffle.

The Dahlmanns,
The Reverberations,
The Ruts DC,
Adam Bomb,
The Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell,
Poison Heart,
Bomb the World,
Julian Cope,
The Godfathers,
Black Heart Breakers,
The Phobics.

Episode 538


Sadly The Hellacopters start this week's show off as Robert "Strings" Dahlqvist passed away yesterday at the age of 40. The Damned, who I very rarely play on the show, are up next as I apologise for making a mistake on last week's episode with regards to The Ruts. Last Saturday I popped up to The Dev to see Flash House and finally catch Asomvel live, two great bands in a great venue = a great night!  Obviously I play a track from both. CJ Ramone, as well as playing with Richie Ramone in be Buenos Aires this evening, will be releasing a brand new album called "American Beauty" on the 17th March, a track from which I play. Steve Jones' Fantasy 7 gets a look in as I've just purchased his autobiography. I also shelled out for the Hanoi Rocks "All Those Wasted Years" coffee table book as Amazon are currently knocking twenty quid off it. It comes with a 7" single with two unreleased tracks. One of which I air. Straight afterwards I play another track from Wyldlife's stonkingly good new album "Out On Your Block". Deniz Tek (Radio Birdman) and James Williamson (The Stooges) have teamed up for a 4 track "Acoustic K.O." ep. Of course I play a sneaky song from it. Danko Jones are heading to Europe to promote their brand new album "Wild Cat" and proceeding both is a single. Grande Royale have just signed to erm.... Sign Records who will release their album "Breaking News" in August. A track has just been unleashed so we know what to expect. Following on from said Danko Jones single are Horisont and a track from their new album "About Time". A band who I shamefully had never heard of until the middle of last week was Psychotic Youth. After getting hold of their 30 track compilation album "Power Pop to Die For" CD I was compelled to buy their brand new album "The Voice of Summer" and play you lot a track from it. Closing this week's show are The Godfathers and a track from their new album "A Big Bad Beautiful Noise" which comes out next Friday.  

A quick guide to the bands on this week's show so you don't have to read the boring parts:

The Hellacopters,
The Damned,
Flash House,
CJ Ramone,
Steve Jones' Fantasy 7,
Hanoi Rocks,
Deniz Tek & James Williamson,
Danko Jones,
Grande Royale,
Psychotic Youth,
The Godfathers.


Episode 537


Cor blimey Guv'nor, have I a packed show for you this week or what? The MC5 and The Damned kick things off with former Damned members Rat Scabies and Paul Gray re-uniting on the new Professor and the Madman single, then as I'm on the cusp of finishing Roland Link's "Love in Vain - The Story of The Ruts and Ruts DC" book I naturally play some of the subject matter which is swiftly followed with some Gary Moore that was earmarked for The Ruts. Back to new music in the shape and form of QSP, the Q stand for Quatro, as in Suzi, S as in Andy Scott from the Sweet and P as in Don Powell from Slade. A quick trip to Pledge Music has me informing you that Ryan Hamilton and the Traitors album "The Devil's In The Detail" seems to have fallen foul of the man. However Ryan has a cunning plan. TSOL, Tattooed Millionaires, Fuckdust4 and The Ringo Jets all have new products for us to enjoy in the form of an album, a single, 3 track single and an album before I go retrospective thanks to Exeter Ray and some Guy Davis. Getting back on track with new music and it's The Royal Cream and something from their new album "Big Words, Small Talk", then Heavy Tiger with their Nicke Andersson produced single before I head over to Seattle for some Piston Ready before setting sail to Tallin for a track from the new Dead Furies album "No Talkin' All Action". I go all previous with a Watts track that makes me want to pretend to be Joe Strummer (early Clash) playing at being David Bowie. This week's final song comes from quite possibly the greatest album that's going to be released this year. A bold statement I know. However, once you listen to a track from Wyldlife's "Out on your Block" LP, I think you'll willingly agree.

Episode 536



As I've just 'finished' Mick Wall's Lemmy biography I kick things off with a Motörhead track. As it seems the right and fitting thing to do. New music comes courtesy firstly from Toulouse based Punkers Les Affektés with a track off their new album "Mode Critique" and then Daggerplay, from Helsinki with the first single from their as yet un-named album which is due for release later this year. Up next it's the Urban Dogs featuring Charlie Harper, Alvin Gibbs, Knox and Matthew Best, with a track from the "Attack" album that had me snapping to attention. The Mattless Boys who are/were basically The Boys but without Matt Dangerfield have a track aired from their one and only 2010 album which is swiftly followed by an Honest John Plain solo track. Pledge time and it's the Damned who court us with a pre-order re-issue of their debut which has been this, that and the othered to make us part with our cash, again. Instead of playing something from it I choose a live Damned track featuring King Crimson's Robert Fripp. Back to new music and Damage Limit, who like Daggerplay are based in Helsinki, have just released their debut, seven track, album "Crank" which was recorded at the end of 2015. I think the band put off releasing it until their line-up had been fine-tuned. Thanks to the Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Record Label and its wealth of free to download taster albums I got to hear some great bands, one of which, The Mayflowers, I play for your enjoyment. The Mayflowers are swiftly followed by Japandroids whose new album "Near To The Wild Heart Of Life" is out next Friday. New York's Resistors, to coincide with the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States of America the 3 track single "This Can't End Well", a track from which I play. However it's The Curse that end this week's show.  

Episode 535


Right, let's get straight into the first Fan Funded segmentation of 2017. I have three artists for you to choose from; Up first is The Sly Persuaders, a London based 4 piece, gnarly, garage, surf, Rockabilly band that on the track I play from their self-titled debut has the most direst bass sound since Lemmy discovered distortion. If we're talking distortion then Ginger Wildheart and Exit International's Scott Lee Andrews in their Mutation guise take things to a different level with "Mutation III". The final piece of the pledge jigsaw this week is Chris Catalyst and a track from his just launched "Life is Often Brilliant" campaign. If truth be told I actually sneak in a track from Hellbound Hearts' non pledge album "Film Noir" between "Mutation III" and Chris' tracks. Johnny Moped get honoured by a band called Hamsters, not to be confused with The Hamsters those fine purveyors of Blues/Rock and Hendrix/ZZ Top covers and a track called "Basically, Johnny Moped" which celebrates the legendary outsider status of Johnny himself along with Slimy Toad, Dave Berk, original bassist Fred Berk with his replacement Jacko, the mysterious Rock 'n' Roll Robot and Xerxes. Top Riffmeister Tony Iommi has just released a Classical Choral piece that he wrote for the Birmingham City Cathedral Choir. A bit of a departure I think you'll agree. However, after listening to it, it works really well. I can't help but think that the icing on the cake would've been Ronnie James Dio adding some vocals had he been alive. A Band that you might not be familiar with is The New Piccadillys who were/are to Edinburgh what The Beatles are to Liverpool. Now you may think that they wouldn't even warrant a foot-note in the History of anything and you'd be right but for two things; 1960's versions of two songs that The Ramones and The Clash would record for both their debut albums. Of course, as you're all familiar with the Punk tunes I play The New Piccadillys. As I remembered it is The Backyard Babies that are preventing me seeing The Yorkshire Rats on the 17th March (listen to last week's show) I play a track from their "Four By Four" album. A band that got me all in a tis were The Empire Strikes from Finland who had me contacting their record label asking for mp3s even though said Record label had sent me an e-mail with all the links I needed. Naturally I play a track from their soon to be released "High Tide" LP. The Boys round this week's show off with a track taken from their "Punk Rock Menopause" album whilst I discuss their 100 Club appearance on the 6th January along with the fall and rise of Classic Rock, Metal Hammer and Prog Magazines.   

Episode 534

So, here we are; the first Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show of 2017 and I kick this year off with The Ramones, a choice I hope you agree is a good one. The first new music of the year comes courtesy of a new band to me called Yokocola who are Dutch with their debut album "Cellarsounds" hitting the real and virtual record stores on the 2nd January. The band has been described as "Proto Punk, Psychedelic, Industrial and Experimental Kraut-Rock". Eight Rounds Rapid also have some new music to impart with us as do the Yorkshire Rats. Up next it's Faz Waltz and So What! who are part of the Glam Stomp revival scene. Of course I can't help myself and play some Slade just to remind everybody who was/is the best in this genre. Smoke Mohawk, who sport Danny Young and Rolf Yngve Uggen formerly of Gluecifer, pay tribute to late Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt. I play catch up with Berwanger and The Pale Lips both of whom released an album at the beginning of November. Facebook recommendations this week comes from Hell Nation Army and a track from a forthcoming release with Glunk Records el supremo also tipping us off over the new Wyldlife album "Out On Your Block". This week's show is well and truly rounded off by the Billy Hopeless & the Bad Beats/Star Mafia Boy ft. Kory Clarke split 7", who cover a classic song each. Great stuff, even if I do say so myself.