2016 Shows

Episode 533



Of course this week’s show could not begin, sadly, without some Status Quo. Also Wednesday marked the first anniversary of Lemmy’s passing which has not gone unmarked with the Bitch Queens, Hip Priests, King Mastino and The Chuck Norris Experiment releasing a split 7” of their favourite Motörhead track and Zen Motel issuing a mighty fine charity tribute song called “L.E.M.M.Y.”. I couldn’t let the show go without some actual Motörhead, even if it is them doing a cover. After a brief story involving a Brewery, the Stalkers CD, the Helltrain LP, Tom from the Phobics and an eccentric on a train, I segue into Aztec Death and a track from their new album “Machines” CD which is reminiscent of early Joy Division and Warsaw. Well it is to me. Following swiftly on is Stiletto Farm who is a new band to my ears even if they did issue an album back in 2014. More new music comes from a new band called Alley Cat LV who features an ex Faster Pussycat and a Cats In Boots. Peter Black from the Hard Ons under took on the 1st January this year to release a new song everyday for the whole of 2016. Well he did it, with some songs over. We’re not talking rough studio outtake demos but full on studio recordings. Pledgemusic time and the Vibrators let us have a listen to another track from their soon to be released “Past, Present and into the Future” album. However, rounding of this, the last show of 2016, are The Nomads and Sator with a track each taken from their Ghost Highway Recordings split 7” which is due out any second now.

Episode 532



Happy Chrimbo one and all! As it is the season this week's show will be littered with festive songs but not the ones that are normally played on "Normal" Radio. The Damned and Vice Squad get things off to a flying start before The Sonic Beat Explosion, thanks to a post on the Hellacopters Community Facebook Page, are the first non-seasonable band with a track from their 2014 "Electrophonic Soul" album. Hanoi Rocks are up next with the Bad Mongos, who are 100% Costa Brava Punk Rock, swiftly following in their wake with something from their "Shoot The Bullet" CD. The UK Subs return us to the festive mood before the Main Grains wish they were in Sunny climes. Playing The Greedies one and only single seems apt at this time of year. For those of you who are unaware The Greedies, or to give them their full title - The Greedy Bastards, featured from Thin Lizzy Phil Lynott, Scott Gorham and Brian Downy and from the Sex Pistols and soon The Professionals Steve Jones and Paul Cook. I air a Hey! Hello! track that was due to be played last Saturday up at the Forum as part of Ginger's Birthday Bash but was omitted due to the Birthday Boy suffering from a serious case of up chucking. The Young Doctors in Lust debut single, a band that features various members of the Curse and the Shemales, "Christmas Song" once again gets played but this time I know all about it. Dirt Box Disco were my biggest surprise at the aforementioned Birthday Bash having previously avoided hearing them as they looked like a Poundland Insane Clown Posse. Musically though, top draw stuff as you will hear as I play a track from their "People Made of Paper" album. The brothers Davies, that'll be The Kinks to the likes of you and me, have their Christmas song aired before the Wildhearts take us into the final quarter of this week's show. No Christmas show would be complete without The Ramones' take on the subject before I put my two pennies' worth on the TeamRock administration saga. The Dollyrots have released a Christmas song but I don't like it so instead I play their Crystals/Ramones medley as it sounds much more Christmassy. But it's the Flame Pilots who finish this year's Christmas show with their Seasonal offering.

Episode 531



France's Soggy get this week's show underway with a track from their one and only album which has finally been released on CD. The band look and sound like a hybrid of The Stooges and the MC5 with frontman Beb sporting Rob Tyner's hair and Iggy Pop's stripped the waist torso, although I can also hear elements of Motörhead and Venom and in six degrees of separation The Shrine follow on who play the sort of music that would suit a fan of Black Flag, Black Sabbath and Fu Manchu. Thanks to Tom from the The Phobics I've been turned onto the Stalkers. A bit late in the day as the band broke up in July but still, it's the thought that counts. As a way of saying "Cheers" I play a track from Tom's pre Phobic band Helltrain but its Johnny Moped with a 6Music session track that actually proceeds it. The DeRellas work their way into the show with a track from their recently released "Freakshow" mini LP. Former AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd is making his way over to the UK next year with an as yet unnamed band, although John Proctor from the Dirty Strangers is playing bass to whit I play a song from the Sticksman's solo album. Another new band, well to me, are The Richmond Sluts. Think of a mixture of The Stooges and Primal Scream with the occasional slide guitar putting a spanner in the works and that's what the band's latest album "60 Cycles of Love" sounds like to me. Of course I play a track so you can judge for yourself. Todd Youth, formerly of The Michael Monroe Band, Danzig, D-Generation and my personal favourite The Chelsea Smiles has resurfaced in Bloodclot along with John Joseph from the Cro-Mags, Nick Oliveri and Joey Castillo formerly of Queens of the Stone Age. The band's debut album is due out next year, the title track of which I air. It looks like three of The Frantic Four (Status Quo) are about to step into the recording studio with the possibility of a tour to promote said album. Of course I'm talking "Lancaster, Coghlan and Parfitt". No Ice-Cream mogul..... Therefore "Caroline" gets played, but by who? As we enter the final furlong, or as The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show can now be heard on White Line Fever - Rugby League's Rockingest 24 hour-hour Radio Station, subscribe here: http://tinyurl.com/huepgsp, we are heading for the final try, The WitchDoktors help us along with a track from "Voodoo Eye". Even though I played some Helldivers last week, I play them again this, but it's Dream, probably the first Norwegian supergroup and a track from their one and only 1967, just about to be re-issued LP "Get Dreamy", that tidies things up for another week.

Episode 530



This week I try out a new intro by the "DEMONS" which I completely fail to edit correctly. The "DEMONS" also just so happen to be first up with a demo tune. Last Sunday I travelled down to Exeter to see The Damned (who knew?). Support came from Emptifish a track by them I play along with of course a song by The Damned as I review said gig. The Rolling Stones have a track from their just released "Blue & Lonesome" covers album as I talk about Guns 'n' Roses ticket prices. Thursday saw me up, or should it be down, at the Underworld in Camden where I fell back in love with Nicke Andersson as I watched Imperial State Electric do their thing with support courtesy of Gentlemans Pistols. A track from each I obviously air. Jo Dog & the Desperados featuring ¾ of the Dogs D'Amour have their debut single played which is followed by the Tyla J Pallas band, well it would be rude not to. Ginger Wildhearts & Ryan Hamilton have just released a charity single with all profits going to the Samaritans, of course I play it. A new band to me are Desert rockers Avon who I'm gutted to report I have missed seeing live. Great stuff as you will hear. Helldivers have a new single out which needs playing so I do. As Hunters latest album is now available on vinyl thanks to Glunk Records I play something from it. Other formats are available, namely CD and probably download. Last week I played Håkan Göstas from the Curse and various members of the Shemales Christmas song. In the interim I've been told the name of the band is Young Doctors In Lust and the track is called "Christmas Song". Check out the video on YouTube. I purchased Enuff Z'Nuff new album "Clowns Lounge" last week, the album that Johnny Monaco quit over. Sorry Johnny but it's a great album. Although former vocalist Donnie Vie isn't best please with it to whit has recorded a parody of the first song on the album. Both of which I play.    

Episode 529



Penetration gets the show started this week as I talk about my Birthday gig up at the Brixton Academy seeing The Damned who I obviously play. I then bring you up to speed with the connection between Los Morüchos and Bone Talk, two bands I played tracks from on last week's show. New music comes courtesy of Borracho with a track from their just released "Atacama" album before The Prehistorics also hit us with something new. Pledge Round up has me talking about The Damned and Bernie Tormé's latest inclusions with me playing a track from The Vibrators forthcoming pledge album "Past, Present and into the future" which is swiftly followed by a track from Ryan Hamilton & the Traitors "The Devils in the Detail" pledge album.Normally at this time of year I'm making plans to see Motörhead. Of course, with Lemmy's passing last December the band came to a juddering halt. I did think about seeing Mötorheadache at the end of last month, but no tribute could ever fill those Cowboy Boots. Instead I'm nailing my flag of allegiance to Asmovel who are playing the Dev next month. The Motörhead song that is the soundtrack to the above is covered by The Lucky Strikes. Tuesday took me up to the Underworld to see Richie Ramone begin his current UK/Ireland tour. Support came from Tequila Mockingbyrd who a few months ago were residing in Australia but have now upped sticks and relocated to Blighty. Mad fools who just so happen to be great! To whit I play a track from their, not quite released over here, debut album "Fight and Flight". With only 3 remaining Ramones left if one comes to town you better cut along and see them. Since Richie was here last, which was only in February, things have changed; guitarist Alex Kane left shortly after the recording of Richie's new solo album "Cellophane" had been completed, being replaced by Ronnie Simmons. Ronnie plays with an expression that would sour milk in a true Johnny Ramone manner and jumps and leaps around like Dee Dee. A perfect fit, with Clare still counting in at break neck speed. Straight after a track from "Cellophane" I air my favourite Mike Patton era Faith No More track. In a shock move The Hip Priests have just released a brand spanking new 7" which of course I play. As it is coming up to thee Season I thought I'd get in quick and play a couple of Christmas tunes (Only 3 weeks to go) courtesy of former Hanoi Rocks guitarist Andy McCoy and HIM vocalist Ville Vallo and then winding things up for this week Håkan Göstas and the Shemales and a song so new and downright exciting, I don't even know what it's officially called.

Episode 528



It's my Birthday today. Huzzah! To whit I'm not go to spend much time, if not thought, into this week's show notes as I wish to lounge around in my Tracky Bottoms and Bath Robe being fed peeled grapes until I make way to Brixton to see The Damned who generously are playing at my Birthday Bash.......So, it's The Divine Brown, The Hip Priests, Andrew J Gallagher, Los Headaches, Radkey, The Meeps!, The Promdates, The Sex Pistols, Los Morüchos, Bone Talk, Thieves and The Damned who are the Soundtrack to my Birthday this year.

Episode 527



On this Man-flu induced show I start things going, through cups of Lemsip, with The Roolettes who I mistook for The Rubinoos, then the Rubinoos themselves. Last week I had three gigs all on the same day, one of which was on at the same time. The bands in question were The Electric Boys, The Fiascos and Warrior Soul. A track, plus a running commentary, from each is played, with The Fiascos being a live one. Then this week's pledge segment comes courtesy of a demo recorded in a toilet by Rich Rags for the Role Models. Who incidentally have album number three all written ready to be recorded with a release date of August/September 2017. The Pink Floyd follow swiftly afterwards with a track from their "Early Years" Box Set. A band whose recordings were almost lost in the mists of time is The Ghosts of Lovers. Thankfully their former drummer Steve Pegrum has just released them on his Angels In Exile record label. Very much a band of their time (early 90s) influenced by the likes of The Lords of the New Church and Hanoi Rocks. Up next is Steevi Jaimz and a re-recording of the Tigertailz classic "Living Without You". As Deathwish are just about to have both their albums re-released on Back On Black I played something by them but end this week's show with three live songs that were recorded at The Bowery Electric as part of the "Evening of The Heartbreakers - LAMF" featuring Walter Lure, Wayne Kramer, Clem Burke and Tommy Stinson who were aided and abetted by Cheetah Chrome, Handsome Dick Manitoba and Jesse Malin.

Episode 526



As last week I played the Big 3 UK seminal Punk bands I thought it only right and proper to include my top 3 US Punk bands. Obviously The Ramones were at the top of my list, with The Dead Boys and then The Heartbreakers following. However it is Captain Sensible that starts this week's show, before I turn my attention to the second wave of US Punk in the shape and form of new songs by Poison Idea and D.R.I. Then it's back to Dear Old Blighty for some American flavoured Wildhearts and Main Grains. I then take you back State side for a track from CRX debut album "New Skin". Can anybody tell me how CRX is pronounced? JOANovARC, who thanks to The Dark Lord of Barnet I have been hearing about for what seems like years, have just released their debut album so naturally I play you something from it. I was extremely flattered that Black Bombers have just officially released the recording I made of them up at the 100 Club back in July as the "A Smile In The Rearview Mirror" live CD which they gave away free at their gig at the Hare & Hounds in Birmingham last night. To whit I play a track from their self-titled debut album. A band who have been going on and off since the late 70's are Chron Gen. Up until recently the band had only released one album, well that all changed with the stonkingly good "This Is The Age" album which I purchased and subsequently play something from. I received in the post a French Punk compilation CD called "The First Wave of Punk 1977-80" and once I got past the language barrier I found surprisingly good. Motörhead and "1916" finishes this week's show as it is Remembrance Sunday tomorrow.

Episode 525



Continuing with last week's Punk tinged theme, the Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Damned start things off this week with the Urban Dogs, that'll be Charlie Harper, Knox, Matthew Best and Alvin Gibbs following in their wake. Up next, thanks to Dom Daley of Glunk Records notoriety, are Hunters with a track form their recently released "Dead End" CD then Dee Snider takes me by surprise with his new album "We Are The Ones". It's almost as if Dee has written a bunch of songs for other artists and then gone "Nah! I'm gonna keep 'em for myself". Bernie Tormé has a new pledge and a new tour inked in for April. The Pledge is for a triple album that will consist of a disc of Acousticness, Rockness and Liveness, with the live album ready for immediate download once you have parted with your hard earned dosh. Sticking with top notch guitarists; Larry Miller, who is still recovering from last year's stroke, has just put out a retrospective self titled album with the obligatory unreleased tracks. One of which I of course air. Metallica are no strangers to the airwaves whether it's digital or old school AM/FM. Their new album "Hardwired...To Self-Destruction" (cue evil laugh) is due out soon but the latest track to come from it "Atlas Arise" I really like in a first three albums kind of way, so I play it. Johnny Gorillar, he of erm, Gorilla and the Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell, Facebooked a link to Rocket Reducer which the audio I passed on. Great stuff as they come across like Black Sabbath covering the Glitter Band. Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker released their second (sic) album "Long Way to The Light" yesterday so I obviously play something from it. Moving from Sweden we head towards Brussels where the Missiles of October hit us up with a BandCamp track from their "Better Days" album. I was supposed to be seeing the Hip Priests on the 27th up in Archway but bizarre as it seems because our Boiler broke down I ended up in darkest deepest Chislehurst seeing Focus and being completely gob smacked by them. In a six degrees of separation I play the new Dowling Poole single before ending this week's show with some condensed live Focus. How many radio shows do you know that will begin with the Sex Pistols and end with Focus with the host, me, being completely blown away with them both?

Episode 524



Welcome to this very special episode of The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show, which for this week only has been renamed The Paranoid Squirrel Punk Rock Show to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of "New Rose" by The Damned which was released on the 22nd October 1976.
Last Saturday on the actual anniversary day Croydon hosted a celebration of thislandmark event at the end of St. George's Walk under the Nestlé's building by the side of the now closed Greyhound venue that in its day saw the likes of The Ramones, The Damned (obviously), Motörhead, Black Flag, The Buzzcocks, ELO, Johnny Moped, Deep Purple, Status Quo, Queen and The Ruts treading its boards. Kicking things off was Captain Sensible bassist on the "New Rose" 7" with an introduction from Councillor Stuart Collinsand then a Q&A from John Bownas,before the Captain took us through an acoustic version of "New Rose", "Happy Talk" and of course "Croydon". Then after shortly afterwards the man and legend that is Johnny Moped, aided and abetted by Slimey Toad, ramped it up for even more acoustic shenanigans. Consequently, this week's show is slightly shorter than usual as you just can't substitute quality for quantity.

Episode 523



Today marks the 40th Anniversary release of the UK's first ever home-grown Punk 7". Of course it was "New Rose" by The Damned which obviously the playing of which gets this week's show started. New music comes our way courtesy of the Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell and a track from their 3rd album "Keep It Greasy" which is swiftly followed by The Mobbs who, even though they're onto album number 5, make their Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show debut. As the Bad Brains have been nominated for inclusion into next year's 'Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame' I play something by them, which leads us nicely into some live Chuck Mosley recorded down in Canterbury. Unfortunately there is a back story to this involving people persistently talking over Chuck throughout his set, which ultimately leads me to leave and seek solace with Flame Pilots who were playing up the road. The Flame Pilots debut album is due for release early next year but bassist Jon sent me a sneak unfinished mix of one of friend of the show and Squirrel Associate Arkwright, or is it Arcwright. 39 years of friendship and I still don't know how to spell his name, compositions for your delectation. Facebook band of the week are Rebel Flesh who cite The Damned, Misfits, Dead Boys, Plasmatics, Johnny Thunders and Ramones as weighing heavy in their Record collections. From one internet site to another as this week's bands from Bandcampland come from Argentina in the shape and form of Bad Motherfuckers Club and Los Bilardos. To celebrate Imperial State Electric playing The Underworld in Camden on the 8th December I play something by them from their new album "All Through The Night" which is followed in quick secession by Demolition 23. As a tribute to Lenny Thomas who sadly passed away on Thursday I play a track by Trashlight Vision and Sorry &the Sinatras that Lenny contributed his drumming skills to. The Ramones are the last band of this week's show, which I play for Alex from bathroomwall.com and his, now, good lady wife Emily.  

Episode 522



It's Saturday and once again due to my shifts at work I was able to do my weekly shop yesterday, meaning I got a lie in this morning. Not much of one as we've a house full of 15 year olds who are heading off to Fright Night at Thorpe Park and I was on Breakfast duty. Music…..The Hellacopters with a live MC5 track to drown the sound of said teenagers get the show moving this week. Then taking a leaf out of Liar, Thief, Bandits' book Rebel Harlot put a link to their Bandcamp site on the Hellacopters Facebook page to entice us. Entice they did with me airing a track from their just released "High Energy" long player. The Rolling Stones are up next with a track that I thought would be all over the airwaves like a Presidential Candidate's hands. It wasn't, so I do what others don't. A new band to the show are The Featherz with their brand new single "Forget All You Know" and with a two Girl, two Boy line-up I think I might have finally found a band to realise my ABBA meets The Sex Pistols dream band. Sadly, Germany's Radio Dead Ones after 12 years are calling it a day, but not before releasing one final album in the shape and form of the Rich Jones Produced "Celebrate The End". Of course I play a track from it. Another new band to the show are The Citizens of Nowhere featuring former Godfathers Del Bartle, Grant Nicholas and Chris Burrows. If you are thinking "The Godfathers mk.ii" you would be so wide of the mark you could not believe it, as you will hear. Enuff Z'nuff have a new album out any week now. Not a new studio affair but a collection of demos and out-takes from yesteryear, all re-mastered and re-polished. One track has already been set free which I play. Following straight on afterwards it's Mustasch with their brand new single "Midnight Rider". The next four artists all have one thing in common; which is they've recently released cover albums, well one LP, two eps and a single. The bands in question are; The Dollyrots and The Descendents, Zen Motel and GOD, The Bellrays and Led Zeppelin and Joe Lynn Turner and The Kinks. Finishing things off for this week is a track from Chris Catalyst's (The Sisters of Mercy, RoboChrist, Anti-Product, The Scaramanga Six, The Ginger Wildheart Band, The Eureka Machines and currently on tour playing guitar with Ugly Kid Joe) first solo album which is probably going to be called "Life Is Often Brilliant".

Episode 521



Morning Campers! On this week's show I have for your delectation, if not consideration, just over an hour's worth of kick ass tunes (IMHO). The Stents and Thee Blind Crows, who are both on KOTJ Records, get things underway with a track from their album and ep respectively. Then to clarify a comment I made on last week's show I play some New York Dolls and a track from Pernilla Andersson. Spike & Tyla in their Hot Knives guise have just released a new album with the leading title of "The Sinister Indecisions of Frankie Gray & Jimmy Pallas". I on the other hand made no indecision when it came to choosing which track I should play. Straight afterwards is a new song from the Helldivers. Then The Damned disappoint me on two fronts, one which is not their fault and one which most defiantly is. To illustrate this, I air a track by them. More new music in the shape of new band Public Access T.V. and a track from their debut album, then I take you into old school territory with Slaughter & the Dogs who just so happen to have released a brand new album. Born Loose present us with more car crash intensity with a track from their "Death From Above" mini-doodah. Coke Chains, who are on the same label as Born Loose, that'll be Hound Dawg Records, have a new single out next month. However, I give you a sneak listen so you can pre-order one before it's "Too Late, Too Late". The Bitch Queens and The Hip Priests have once again joined forces as the Bitch Priests or is it the Hip Queens, to release a split single; one from the Bitches and two from the Priests. It's available in two regular colours of period red and cum white. Rounding this week's show off is a track from Gillan featuring guitarist Steve Byrd who sadly passed away last week.

Episode 520



On this week's show it's The Black Bullets that get things Rockin' an' a Rolling with Canterbury troubadour Maximum Martin making his debut appearance on the show following swiftly on. The Breakdowns have just embarked upon a series of unreleased recordings under the "Opening The Vault" banner. Of course a track from "Volume 1" is aired. Up next are two artists that I never in a month of Sundays thought that I would play on The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show. Firstly I give you Morrissey, yes Steven Patrick Morrissey former UK President of The New York Dolls Fan Club and then secondly Shakin' Stevens. Both, after you listen to them, I think you'll agree deserved to be played. Getting back on track we have new music from Steve Ignorant and The Paranoid Visions and a track from The Mutants new album "Your Desert My Mind", a band that features a certain Rat Scabies. Liar Thief Bandit who hail from Malmo ambushed me on The Hellacopters Facebook Page with a track from their soon to be released debut album which gets played. This week's Crowd Funded, Fan Financed section comes courtesy of Michael Lee Smith/Alex Kane, Deadcuts and Last Great Dreamers. The Mission have just released a new album the title track of which gets an airing. Rounded things off for another week are Trigger McPoopshute and The Hip Priests. Enjoy!

Episode 519



The Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell are the first band up on this week's show with a track from their up and coming third album "Keep It Greasy" which is out on the 14th October. Two Canadian bands follow on in the shape and form of Jonsey from Montreal with more than a nod to The Heartbreakers and The Dead Boys with a track from their debut 7" and then Nerve Button who mix equal parts junkshop stomp and '77 punk. Beach Slang have just released their new album "A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings" which if you like the first five Goo Goo Dolls albums you'll appreciate Beach Slang's harmonies and Power Pop sensibilities. Of course I air a track. Revelation of the week were Finnish band Teksti-TV 666 and their "1,2,3" compilation album; "Teksti-TV 666 is a band built on contradictions. It is as if Neu! performed Ramones songs; it is a shoegazing Hellacopters; it is a heavy-but-soft wall of noise, a colourful slow-motion explosion." Read their PR blurb.  Add a bit of Hawkwind and I was sold as you will hear. Poland's Poison Heart have a brand new track for us to enjoy and then it's Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers as Walter Lure, Wayne Kramer, Tommy Stinson and Glem Burke are in November in NYC are going to play the whole of "L.A.M.F." Jealous? Not alf! This week's Crowd Funded, Fan Financed section comes courtesy of Bash & Pop that features the aforementioned Tommy Stinson, The Kinks, Ryan Hamilton & the Traitors and The Damned. As we move into the home stretch I talk about and play two songs, one by each, from Status Quo and AC/DC as their continual existence has been called into question. With Graveyard, whose existence unfortunately has ended, ending this week's show.    

Episode 518



Well, that's our Summer over, with supermarkets already stocking up on Christmas cards and the like. So for the next hour I'm going to make it seem like Christmas playing some, in my opinion, stonkingly good songs. The first track to make you forget the gloomy weather here in the UK is by The Ramones which has been taken from their debut 40th Anniversary box-set. The track in question is in mono. A band whose best work was mixed in mono were The Beatles. To celebrate the new touring film and for the first time "Live At The Hollywood Bowl" on CD, I play a previously unreleased live Beatles song. Last Saturday saw me and other likeminded individuals up at The Blackheart for the launch gig for albums by The Role Models and Brijitte West & the Desperate Hopefuls. Tracks from both records I obviously air. In the course of the gig, flyers for The Cyanide Pills gig at The Nambucca towards the end of the month were spotted, with me during, the course of Sunday, finding out more about them. To whit a track of theirs gets played. The DeRellas first fruits with new recruits Stevie and Bish is all set to be released at the beginning of next month in the shape and form of the "Freakshow" ep. The band are sounding really good as you will hear with the track "Rip It Up". And they do. In a case of mistaken identity, it seems my body double was over at The Underworld whilst I was at The Blackheart. The band I/he was seeing was Power Quest. Curiosity killed the squirrel and I sort them out on the interwebs. Interesting, not something I would normally play but I could always blame my "twin". After last week's show I felt bad that I might have done Todd Youth a disservice. He might not be renowned for long-term comments. However, what he has produced has really impressed me, that's why I'm still gutted that he and Ginger couldn't have written more together as both The Chelsea Smiles and The Wildhearts. So to remedy this I play a track by Son of Sam, a band at this time also features future Michael Monroe drummer Karl Rosqvist. Following straight on after is Ghost with a track from their new ep "Popestar" which is getting varying reviews. I personally like it, maybe not in the same league as their last album but this is just an ep. Cat's In Space have just released a cover of Slade's "How Does It Feel" on 7" only. I only had the briefest of listens to their debut album but it now looks like I could be seeing them down in Redhill. As Flame Pilots have a hometown gig tonight and guitarist, friend of the show and Squirrel Associate Arcwright will be celebrating his Birthday next week I play a track from the bands last ep. Zen Motel are back in the fray with "Choking on Chrome (Part 2)" with the threat of Part 3 getting to us before the year is out. Of course I play something from Pt. 2. The final band of this week's show comes courtesy of The Ruts DC featuring Henry Rollins.        

Episode 517



Welcome to another episode of The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show. Starting this week's show off are the Bullet Proof Lovers and a 7" track taken from their up and coming new album "Shoot To The Heart". Turbonegro swiftly follow as I 'forgot' to play them on last week's last week's entire Scandinavian affair. Another apology track comes courtesy of The Phobics who thanks to the rebuilding of London Bridge Station I missed their gig last Saturday at Fordham Park in New Cross. GBH hit us with a Demo track that would in a finished form be released on "City Baby's Revenge".  This week's Fan Financed, Crowd Funded section features Last Great Dreamers and a track from their third and first new music for 22 years, album "Transmissions From Oblivion". Also featured are Sharks and their new single which is due for release on the 30th. Radio Birdman's Deniz Tek releases his new solo album "Mean Old Twister" on Citadel Records at the end of the month, a track from which I obviously play. Whilst trying to free up space on my external Hard-Drive I found 5 tracks by Todd Youth's Heartaches. After first checking with Danny Young formerly of Gluecifer, currently of Smoke Mohawk that it was indeed him on drums and Sami Yaffa bass on two of the tracks, I this week air one of them. I have been pointed in the direction of The Old Firm Casuals by Glunk Records el supremo and Uber Rock scribe Dom Daley. On the strength of his word I acquired the band's last offering "A Butcher's Banquet". It's a mixture of Motörhead, AC/DC and The Cult sporting Lonsdale t-shirts, Doc Martins and Red Braces with a hint of 70's Glamstomp Rock that Giuda would happily embrace. Naturally I play a track from it for your consideration. Swiftly following on are Dan Vapid & the Cheats and a track from his/there third album "All Wound Up" which is aimed at the Children end of the Rock market. Up next are The Fleshtones with a track taken from their also just released album "The Band Drinks For Free". Rounding this week's episode off are Hey! Hello! as the final version of the "Hey! Hello! Too!" album was ready for download yesterday.    

Episode 516



An all Scandinavian show this week. "It'll be easy" I thought. I thought wrong. Who do I play was easy, but as I was going along I kept remembering other bands that needed to be heard. I think I forgot all about Iceland! So it was a case of "What don't I play". Even so this week's show stretchs to the 90 minute mark and I apoligise inadvance if I've left out a band you deemed should've been on. Yes I know Turbonegro. Oh the shame. Below is the list of bands that I play. I hope you enjoy them as much as me.
Hanoi Rocks,
The Flaming Sideburns,
The Backyard Babies,
The Hellacopters,
The Defectors,
The Peepshows,
The Turpentines,
The Robots,
The Royal Cream,
The Curse,
Smoke Mohawk,
Imperial State Electric,
Midlife Crisis,
Union Carbide Productions,
Soundtrack of Our Lives,
Free Fall,
Mary's Kids,
The Nomads,
Hardcore Superstar.

Episode 515



I start this week's show off with two classic tracks; firstly, Motörhead and then Whitesnake. New music comes in the shape and form of Indoria who feature Chuck Mosley on vocals, who contrary to what I said on last week's show is now playing a London date this October. Swiftly following on straight after are Suicidal Tendencies and a track from their soon to be released "World Gone Mad" album. Off the back of the Richie Ramone track that I played last week Pete from The Gobshites got in contact with a link to his band's "The Whistle Before The Snap" album that features Richie Ramone. "Guinness-inspired Celtic rock with a punk-ass twist that gives your pants and pints a kick" is how The Gobshites have been described and who am I to argue? A couple of Facebook nominations lead me to air a track from "Parts Unknown" by The Hydromatics before I home back in on new releases with The Radicals, who celebrated the 1st Anniversary of their demise by issuing an ep of stuff they wished they'd put out when they were still a going concern. Obviously I play a track from it. Up next it's the Dead Pirates with a track from their debut album "Highmare" then St. Tropez provide us with the last new track of this week. Thanks to Henry Rollins' KCRW Radio Show from the 14th August I play an Alternative TV track which I hadn't heard for years. However, it's that little known ex-Croydon based Beat Combo The Damned with a John Peel Session that takes us to the hour mark and the end of Episode 515.

Episode 514



Starting the turntable going this week are the UK Subs and one of the tracks from their "November 1977 Demo 7"" I was hoping to play you on last week's show but was thwarted by Royal Mail. Richie Ramone has just released his second album called "Cellophane" a track of which I play. I did heartily chuckle at the spoof news that the remaining Ramones were reuniting for one final t-shirt. After bumping to Mat Sargent last Saturday at The Fiascos gig in Croydon I was stoked to learn that Jimmy Pursey was visiting his Record label with a view to finally releasing the Day 21 album. To whit I play a track from them from the "We Are All Prisoners" CD. Onto more new music in the shape and form of The Backstabbers and The Hangovers before I hit the pledge section for Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors, The Vibrators and Adam Bomb who has gone down a new route for me in www.tradiio.com which is like a mainstream version of Ginger's G.A.S.S. where you pay the musician a nominal monthly fee to gain access to demos, live gigs, unreleased tracks. You know the score. As I've unfortunately missed The Cavemen from New Zealand on two separate occasions I try and get forgiveness by playing a track by them before The Dictators come screaming in. Faith No More have just released a deluxe version of their debut "We Care A Lot" album with a host of demos, live tracks and some stunning re-mixes. One of which I obviously play. It's a dirty job but someone's got to do it. After eight years Metallica have finally released a brand new track which is taken from their forthcoming album which is due out in November. Is it a return to form or are they treading water with no lifeboat in sight? Rounding things off for another week are The Professionals and a Monitor Mix from their Box Set and The Sonic Rendezvous Band with a live recording of that iconic track.  

Episode 513



As I finished last week's episode with some Slade I decided to hammer home that the fact that the band were more than just one Christmas Record and a handful of badly spelt song titles by starting this week's with the live version of "Rock 'n' Roll Preacher" taken from the "Ruby Red" double 7". Once again the UK Subs are the subject of "Waiting for The Postman to deliver my stuff" with regards to their November 1977 4 track 7" Demo. Instead I play a demo track from their Cleopatra "Endangered Species" Deluxe 2CD re-issue. New music firstly takes us to the streets of my former neighbourhood Croydon, (I moved a whole quarter of a mile to the next borough) to the first release by The Fiascos. "Who are they?" I hear you cry. Well I shall enlighten you; Richie Hudson, guitar vocals, Keef Gibbs, guitar vocals, Robin Guy drums and Ben Lawson on bass vocals. Who released yesterday the aforementioned new release in the form of a single "Built For Speed" / "Olivia". As I've already played the a-side on Episode 503 it's the b-side that gets aired. Stand by for some great Powerpop magic! And if you're quick off the mark the band are playing the Odd Shoe in Croydon tonight. A band that I didn't get to see on the last Ginger Wildheart tour was, apart from the Main Grains, Massive Wagon. To readdress this I went out and got the band's latest offering "Welcome To The World" and thoroughly enjoyed what I heard. Elements of Volbeat but without James Hetfield on vocals. Moving over to Italy for The Leeches and the b-side of their current 7" gets an airing. A bad I knew nothing about were Thee Oh Sees, but as I got sent their new CD "A Weird Exits" I thought I'd give it a spin. I'm sure Henry Rollins is a big fan. A band I do know a lot about are The Cadillac Three who have just released their new album "Bury Me In My Boots". If you like Deep Southern Rock you'll love them. Staying with the deep South, but this time the South in question is South London, it seemed only right and proper to play some Peckham Cowboys. Redd Kross' Jeff McDonald's 1999 solo album has just been re-released on vinyl, as the original which came out as a CD-R is rarer than rare thing, on the Bang! Record label. Of course I play a track from it. Crowd Funding Fan funded releases are up next with The Lords of Altamont kicking things off who are swiftly followed by the voice of The Bay City Rollers Les McKeown, who in turn is topped off by Sweet Creature who sport Martin Sweet from Crashdiet and Tin Star from Gemini Five. Rounding things off for this week is a rough and ready demo from Billy Rath's Street Pirates as it would've been the former Heartbreakers Birthday last Monday.  

Episode 512



Greetings from this week's Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show. Getting things movin' and a groovin' are The Backyard Babies who are swiftly followed by The Wildhearts. Careering full steam ahead into new music are City Saints, The Unknown and Valient Thorr before I review The Hip Priests 10th Anniversary London gig with choice cuts from all involved. That'll be Flash House, The Role Models and of course The Hip Priests themselves. Back to new music and The Pollutions and Craggy Collyde take us into this weeks Fan Funded corner that feature The Damned, The Vibrators and Sharks. The last new music comes courtesy of The Quireboys before I get all teary eyed over the fact that I never saw Slade in their 70s, 80's heyday. 

Episode 511



In a fun filled packed show this week which, fortunately or unfortunately depending on your point of view, exceeds its hour mark by five odd minutes. Getting things off to a flying start are the Watts and a track from their third album which is swiftly followed by The Drama Clubs Rejects a band that features ex Wildheart and an ex Almighty members. Keeping the interconnection going The Main Grains are up next who also sport an ex Wildheart member with a track from their "Don't Believe Everything You Think" mini album. For the next section we move into the live arena with the debut live performance of Hey! Hello! Mkiii up at the Brooklyn Bowl. As you know Hey! Hello! features Ginger, The Rev, Ai, Toshi and new vocalist Cat. Let's hope Cat has the staying power of Jeremy Corbyn as she has the vocal ability of Victoria and the stage presence of Hollis. Following Hey! Hello! were Ryan Hamilton & the Traitors. Ryan looked familiar in a Ginger Birthday Bash guest kind of way but two of his Traitors were recognised straight away as Rob Lane aka Laney 74 and drummer Michael Richards played with Johnny Monaco back in 2012. Of course closing the show were The Ginger Wildheart Band that for this tour features Electric Boy and ex Hanoi Rocks guitarist Conny Bloom, Toshi with Denzil sitting on the drummers' stool. The last time I saw Ginger in full electric band mode was at his re-arranged Birthday Bash in April where I came away disappointed. Nothing could've been further from the truth this time around as I came away veritably skipping down the road as it was probably the best I've seen Mr. Wildheart in a long-time. Back into the realms of studio landand the Hip Priests, who I saw last night and you'll probably hear next week, were selling an 8" Record. That's right, 8". Obviously I play it. A band that I've known all about since 1987 when they played the Clarendon in Hammersmith are Dinosaur Jr. No I didn't go as I was over the road at Hammersmith Odeon seeing King Diamond. However, I've never owned anything by them. That was until "Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not" arrived in my inbox.Bearing in mind I've never knowingly heardanything by them I think that Dave Grohl probably spends most of his free time exactly doing that. Great stuff. Perversely I own all (no pun intended) of the Descendents releases but have never listened to any of them, that was until I received "Hypercaffium Spazzinate". I blame Andy from the very excellent "Fear & Loathing" for me not listening to any Descendents……It's a fun filled punk pop album which means I'm going to slowly listen to the rest.Following on from the Descendents are The Reaction who were active between 1980-1981 releasing two eps in the process. Fortunately, these two eps along with a host of demos and live records were made available in 2011 by Cheap Records as the "Saturday's Gone Wild" LP. Up next more new music in the shape and form a track from the new Bouncing Souls album "Simplicity"and don't forget to look out for them at Rebellion with UK dates either side. The Sides Eyes and Redd Kross have just issued a split 7" called "Songs That Chargo Taught Us". The Side Eyes tackle "Don't Talk To Me" whilst Redd Kross blast us with the Go-Go's classic "Screaming". I only play one side, to find out which one you'll have to listen……Henry Heston, former Virus frontman and rhythm guitarist who now resides in LA has just put together The Henry Heston Hollywood All-stars who also, amongst others, features his former Virus sparring bassist John Hess. Only one song so far has sneaked out which obviously I play. Closing this week's show, even if I do run over my self-imposed one-hour mark, are The Head Cat that of course features Lemmy on vocals and acoustic guitar, Danny B Harveyelectric guitar, Slim Jim Phantom drums and Jonny Bowler on Bass and a track from their live album "Rock 'n' Roll Riot on Sunset Strip".

Episode 510



Some live acoustic Jesse Malin recorded at The Borderline in London last Friday gets this show underway and then, in a six degrees of separation Brijitte West & the Desperate Hopefuls and an exclusive new track, that features some bloke called Rich Jones, from their still pledgable "From N.Y. With Love" album, which is due out in September, gets an airing.Daniel Lioneye who sport various members of H.I.M. have a brand new album out shortly. Proceeding it the band have just released a single from it which obviously I play. Dave Kusworth is up next as one of his previous bands, TV Eye that also featured Black Bomber Dave Twist, are about to get the re-issue treatment. The track I play ended up being recycled by Duran Duran…..Canada is the next port of call with Billy Talent telling us they are "Afraid of Heights". Power-Pop joy as I discover an American band called Slick! who take me back to the early 1970's Top of the Pops and Junior Choice. (Ask your Grandad). Following straight on afterwards are Apache who along with Slick! and the BTs will be playing in London on the 4th September. I played a demo by the Curse on last week's show; this week it's the turn of a full blown, fully mixed track from the band's 2014 album "World Domination". As I took ownership of the "We Are Twisted Fucking Sister" DVD last week I discuss it and play a song by them to accompany it.Fantasy Lane make their debut appearance on this week's show and I apologise to Dead Furies for playing a lo-res version of "Listen To T-Rex" by playing a new track from their soon to be released "Devil's Musik" ep. As a sequel to one of my all-time favourite films, that'll "Izzat", is due out on DVD in September I play some Gluecifer and as we hurtle towards the end of this week's show it is Forbidden Dimensions and The Right Here that take us up to the hour mark.

Episode 509



Welcome to (almost) the 9th Anniversary of The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show. As with the last 508 shows this one is going to be no different as I'll still be playing you music that you should hear on the Radio but don't. Brian James in solo mode get the show started this week but not before I talk about watching the US version of The Damned's "Don't You Wish That We Were Dead" DVD. What I have to say might surprise you……News of The Hellacopters announcing a Festival date in Belgium for next July had me doing a "Happy Dance" whilst filling in a Passport Application form. Hopefully I won't need to use it as they'll be playing a date over here! (Yes that is a hint) It goes without saying, but I will anyway, that I play a Hellacopters track to celebrate. Following straight on after are The Beatles with an out-take that was only available for five minutes on an iTunes download Beatles official Bootleg album. One of my three all-time favourite drummers, in this instance Mr Simon Edwards, has just joined The Duel. Unfortunately, not in time to be on their soon the be released new album. Even so I play the band's latest single as after all he is in the video. Former Howling Mad band mate Paul posted a link on Facebook to Asomvel who remind me of Classic era Motörhead. They have a brand new single form their soon to be released second album out at the moment which I play. Up next it's those Power Pop Punksters The Dahlmanns and their new single. After last week's vague e-mail from a Guy regarding the band he was in Michael Kane from Michael Kane and The Morning Afters came up trumps with a Biography along with another track from the soon to be released "Adding Insult to Industry" ep for me to play. Which I do. Håkan Göstas bassist with Swedish Garage Rockers The Curse sent me a message via FaceBook that I needed new music. Attached was an unmixed track from the band's follow up to 2014 "World Domination". I enjoyed it so much that Håkan sent me four demos, one of which had me humming all day. So instead of playing the unmixed track as I intended, I play the rough and ready demo. You will thank me.Talking of unmixed tracks, I play the "Blink & You Missed It" new Adam Bomb song that was leaked for all of five minutes, twice. Fortunately, the second time I was by my Computer so managed to download it for your listening pleasure. A few weeks ago I mentioned that the US, primarily Southern California, does Glam better than us Brits. Saying it was far more enjoyable driving down Sunset Boulevard listening to Classic Guns 'n' Roses than in the pissing British Summer rain listening to Tigertailz. Having said that though; nothing beats cheering you up when driving in pissy weather than Tigertailz. Hence a track from their "Blast" album gets an airing. Former Screeching Weasel and The Methadones man Dan Vapid, along with his "Cheats", have their third album "All Wound Up" released on 9th September. A track from it has already officially made it out onto the InterWebs, so it would seem rude not to play it for your listening pleasure. Sad news interrupted me Tuesday whilst I was watching BBC 4's "Trainspotting LIVE" that the Sick Livers had spit up. Beyond gutted. Bunch of Fucktards. It seems only fitting that I play my favourite track by them as I'm never going to hear it live again. To cheer me and most likely you up I hit the play button on the Role Models latest album "Forest Lawn" I then rant on about Classic Rocks failure to spot the difference between Sean Lennon and Julian Lennon but they manage to redeem themselves to a degree by giving a, quite rightly, glowing review to the Johnny Thunders Remarquable Records double "So Alone" LP. It is Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers, featuring Richard Hell, that ends this week's show.

Episode 508



It's Saturday and that can only mean one thing; well probably on reflection Saturday can mean a whole host of different things to different people, but for me as the weekly Tesco shop is put away it's time for me to play an hours' worth of music that you should hear on the radio but don't, even if it is super late this week. Reason being my day job Boss treated us all to free drinks and free food at The Meantime Brewery yesterday to celebrate the company being 19 years old. As you can imagine, put me in a situation with the combination of those two ingredients even with Mrs A. there to keep me relatively on the straight and narrow things aren't going to end well. Fortunately I didn't wake up with an 8.2 but in my state of "Fuggness" I forgot the shopping list so spent twice as long in the Supermarket trying to remember what I needed to buy if we were going to eat this week. But I digress. First up are The Turbo ACs and a track from their forthcoming "Radiation" album. I then regale the "Fuck it, let's get drunk" Team Rock Radio Breakfast Show drink up a couple of weeks ago that had me bumping into former Rachael Stamp, current Scant Regard, She Made Me Do It and Adam Ant Guitarist Will Crewdson where I managed to purloin a She Made Me Do It CDs which I don't play opting for their current one instead. Sad news reach me last week that The Pipeline in the City come the 23rd of July due to a massive rent increase will cease to be. I was up their last on the 1st July to see the Razorbats who were on route to Slugfest 9 with Flash House in support. Of course I review said gig with a Flash House demo and a live Michael Monroe cover courtesy of the Razorbats. Chuck Norris Experiment have a split acoustic single out at the moment (with Trigger McPoopshute) a track of which I play. Unintentionally the next five bands all have links to The Damned. Up first is Stiv Bator, obviously his Damned connection is forming The Lords of the New Church with original Damned guitarist Brian James, with a track from his "Disconnected" album. I then move on The Black Bombers and a track from their debut Easy Action self-titled CD.  The Black Bombers on Wednesday supported Brian James up at The 100 Club and that tenuous link isn't the only thing that connects them to the Damned. Black Bombers' bassist Darren Birch also plays in The Godfathers that used to feature Kris Dollimore who played with The Damned between 93-95. So yes Brian James celebrated the 40th Anniversary of The Damned's first ever gig which appropriately enough was at The 100 Club supporting The Sex Pistols. Brian had issued an open invitation to Rat, Captain and Dave to join him. Captain on Facebook the day before reminded everyone of the gig, even if he thought it was a day earlier, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of "New Rose" d'oh. He also quite rightly paid tribute to what Brian had musically achieved back in 76-77. I think we all knew that he'd respectfully declined Brian's offer. Rat was an obvious yes having played with Brian up until a few years ago. As for Vanian? Even if he is in a Business Partnership with Rat regarding the Stiff back catalogue, the chances of him turning up were nil. It turns out that the One Show had been in earlier filming and interviewing, with a transmission date of September, when who should turn up but Dave Vanian. Also pencilled in was Ginger Wildheart and if he was in the Country Jesse Malin. Of course Vanian was never to be seen of again come show time and with Jesse Malin still on route to the UK it was left to the two Gingers of the Wildheart and Scabies variety to join Brian for the encore of "I Feel Alright" and "New Rose", the latter of which I play. The Dirty Strangers, who Brian James has been known to join live, have had their "Crime and a Women" CD officially released for the second time. The first was late last year but thanks to Record Label Fucktarderry it was only available for about 5 minutes. Fortunately it's now readily available on all the normal platforms. Naturally I play a track from it. The last Damned interconnectedness comes from Johnny Moped and a track from their BBC6 Music appearance on July 4th. I got an e-mail from The Ramones Store informing me the 40th Anniversary Box-set that I had order has been pushed back to September 9th at the earliest. Cue gnashing of teeth and wailing. But I still manage to play a Ramones track to cheer me up. I got a very vague e-mail in the week purporting to be from a band that I should check out. The e-mail didn't inform me of who the band was let along any links, so I copied and pasted the guy who sent me the e-mails name into Facebook and lo and behold he is in a band called Missiles of October. I play the title track form the bands last album. At this point I'm starting to flag, so I play some Dio Sabbath so I can put the kettle on for a cup of tea that hopefully will spring me back into life. It doesn't, so I end the show this week with some Hellacopters. I'm now going to spend the rest of the day, rest being the operative word, lying down.     

Episode 507



Welcome to this week's Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show and as I expected ½ hour after last week's episode finished the UK Subs 7" featuring the bands 1st recordings that I'd been waiting to play you turned up, so it's the b-side of which that kicks things off this week.Up next it's Izzy Strandlin, the original heart and soul of Guns 'n' Roses, who has just released a brand new single, obviously I play it. Legendary Los Angeles Glam Punk band Redd Kross are like the UK Subs in the Vinyl frame with a track from their super limited "Hot Issue - Turn of the Century Rarities" LP getting an airing. In a six degrees of separation I play a track from the latest Melvins album "Basses Loaded" that features six different Bass players. I then move onto the two bands that supported Radio Birdman at the Dome last Sunday, that'll be the Fuckin' Godboys for the US of A and Los Chicos from a bit closer to home, Madrid Spain. Of course I play some Birdman as well. Following straight on from Radio Birdman is some Remarquable Records Johnny Thunders. Then "Compare & Contrast" makes an (un)welcomed returned with yet again The Damned in the Dock being prosecuted by The Electras. Moving onto more new music and its The Lovesores, The Amorettes and Angels In Vein. Winding things up for this week are The Dogs and The Dead Furies.

Episode 506



Welcome to Episode 506 of The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show and on this week's show I bring you firstly The UK Subs, not the track that I was intending to play as it hasn't turned up in the post, yet. Over the last week, give or take, I've seen three bands that were jaw droppingly good. The first was The DeRellas who I hadn't seen with Stevie and Bish supporting The Supersuckers last Friday, then last Saturday I wandered up to the o2 in Greenwich to The Stone Free Festival primarily to see The Michael Monroe Band who I knew were going to be good, but I wasn't prepared for them to be that good, with Alice Cooper pretty much the icing on the weekend's cake. Obviously I throw in some live DeRellas, Michael Monroe and Alice Cooper. I even find time for some studio Supersuckers. On the Pledge front Brijitte West & The Desperate Hopefuls are front and centre with a new track from their as yet unnamed second album. Next weekend sees Slugfest 9 at The Dolls House, Abertillery in Wales. Three days of Glunk mayhem, to whit I play the Chuck Norris Experiment, The Razorbats and as Baz Francis from Magic Eight Ball is headlining Sunday's acoustic shenanigans I play something by them. As The Damned were recently in Abbey Road recording a 3D (sic) version of "I Just Can't Be Happy Today" I play the Radio Edit/Mix of the original 1979 single. Keeping with The Damned connection I play a track from Chris Constantinu, Paul Frazer & Judy Nylon aka The Mutants mini album "Time For A Drink" that features Rat Scabies on drums. The Misfits have a brand new ep out called "Friday 13th". I did hope the line-up that recorded it was going to be Jerry Only, Danzig and Wolfgang Von Frankenstein as they are reuniting for a couple of Riot Fest dates. It isn't but the ep is still good, hence I play a track from it. Richie Ramone has a new album out in a couple of months called "Cellophane", but to whet our appetite has just released a single of it which obviously I play. And that's your lot for this week.

Episode 505



Once again I'm on the "Hurry Up" as I head towards The o2 for today's Stonefree Festival. However, I still manage to deliver an hour's worth of music that you should hear on the radio but don't. Before I get into the music side of things I rant on about a "Playlist" that Team Rock Radio posted on Twitter and FaceBook prompting me to post my own. Starting things off this week on the musical front are the Role Models and a track from their just released pledge album "Forest Lawn". Up next it's The Breakdowns as a way of an apology for missing them and the Role Models supporting Duncan Reid and The Bigheads at Some Weird Sin #42 on the 25th which is swiftly followed by The Phobics as I will be missing their gig also on the 25th at the New Cross Inn as part of the 2nd HIV/Aids Charity Punk Festival. Danish Rockers Volbeat have just released the "Seal The Deal & Let's Boogie" album on Spinefarm Records, of course a track from it is played. We then go Country with The New Black 7's new single "We've Got Tonight". As I was mightily impressed with the London SS's live shenanigans at Camden Rocks a couple of weeks ago I went ahead and bought their 40 years in the making "No Beards, No Beerguts, No Beginners" debut 4 track ep. Only founding member guitarist Brady survives from the 1975 line up with others going on to form The Damned, The Clash, Chelsea and The Boys. Still in 2016 the London SS are still relevant as you will hear. Former Howling Mad lead guitarist Paul Elphick posted on my FaceBook Timeline that I should play some Bend Sinister. I was hurt that he didn't remember that I'd ready played them on Episode 409 and saw them live with Big Elf at The Garage in November 2014, actually come to think of it Paul was the Merch Guy on that tour. Anyway. Bend Sinister, who are Canadian, have a brand new follow up album to 2014's "Animals" waiting in the wings and the point Paul was trying to make was a new tune from it was available which obviously I play. Following straight on after Bend Sinister is a new track from The Watts' new album "The Black Heart of Rock 'n' Roll". It's been 8 years since The Hellacopters released any new material and 19 since the original line-up last put needle to vinyl. To coincide with the bands reformation to celebrate 20 years since "Supershitty To The Max" a two track 12",on seven different coloured vinyl, was released earlier this month of new material that was written "at the time" but never officially released. As I've already played "My Mephistophelean Creed" I turn my attention to the b-side. Moving onto more new music and I play a track from Ulysses' new album "Law And Order", then as The WitchDoktors latest album "Voodoo Eye" came out yesterday it is only right and proper than I play something from it. As we head into the home straight The Members give us a new musical genre in the form of Deadpan Disco, but it's Motörhead that finishes the hour off after I popped up to Hammersmith Odeon on Monday for the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards. As a tribute to Lemmy, Biff Byford and Nibbs Carter from Saxon were joined by Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee for a run though of "Ace of Spades", "Born To Raise Hell" and "Overkill". Credit to Nibbs for not trying to sound like Lemmy but playing the bass parts straight. I still don't think we've had the fitting testimonial to an outstanding career from an outstanding gentleman yet. If we do I will be there.

Episode 504



Welcome to Episode 504 of The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show. On this week's show I head up to Camden for this year's Camden Rocks; 200 bands spread over 20 venues and if you bought the "Super Early Bird" ticket it would've only set you back £20. The first band on my "To do/to see" list were London SS, the band who in 1976 would give us The Damned, The Clash and Chelsea. Only guitarist and ex-Hollywood Brat Brady survives in the band from those days. After the London SS I wandered up the road from Dingwalls to see Alive With Eyes who were playing the downstairs Bar at The Barfly. The band are a four piece London based band that are stupidly young, I'm sure all of them are still at Secondary School. However for a young band they certain know all about Power Pop. Doubling back on myself I head for The Crowndale to see The DeRellas but never make it as I get side tracked by classic era Quireboy and sometime Peckham Cowboy Bassist Nigel Mogg and together we put the world to rights before watching ex Cherry Bombz vocalist Anita Chellamah along with Timo Kalito and his son play The Cuban. Following on straight after is the first of three sets from Ginger Wildheart who feature GWB drummer Ai on Tambourine and Toshi on acoustic Bass. Technically difficulties result in 15 minutes of Tambourine, Bass and vocals only with The Cuban crowd leading the vocals. Timo and Nigel re-emerge along with Marc Eden for some serious South London Action as The Peckham Cowboys. It's the turn of The Dublin Castle to acquire my feet as I see Black Foxxes who were recommended to me by their Record label Boss and my one time employer. The Pacific Northwest meets Devon. Reckless Love are up next at The Electric Ballroom and as much as I think their new album "InVader" sounds like a demo/work in progress CD, live I think the band are at the top of their game. I forgot how stupidly hot The Proud Gallery could become as I waited for the third and final Ginger Wildheart set. Fortunately the Kettling Policy of last year had been rescinded. This time around Ginger had no guitar issues and even managed to get Ai to play a cymballess drum kit for "Suckerpunch". Former Wildheart Bassist Danny McCormack's new band The Main Grains were up next and hearing Danny play reminded me how much I've missed seeing him live. Camden Rocks highlight of the moment? Ginger and Danny giving each other a great big hug. My last port of call was back at The Cuban for The Godfathers with Black Bombers and Walter Lure Bassist Darren Birch standing in for the currently unavailable Chris Coyne. The Godfathers were for me, thee band of this year's Camden Rocks.     

Episode 503



Please excuse me if on this week's show I come across like I'm in a rush, if not a hurry. If I do it's because as soon as I say "Thank you" and "Goodbye" even if I don't, I'm jumping on a Bus then a train heading for Camden to try and catch the London SS up at the Dublin Castle at midday for the start of this year's Camden Rocks.
Right onto what I'm playing on this week's show; first up it's the Biters with a track from"It's All Chewed Up OK", which is swiftly followed by Black Explosion who count former Dollhouse member Chris Winter in their ranks with a track taken from their new album "Atomic Zod War". Wales is out next port of call for some Helen Love who Classic Rock describes as the"Welsh Ramones". But are they right? Thanks to Billy Hopeless of The Black Halos who shared the link on FaceBook, Dee Dee Ramone is up next with his tribute to Metallica. I kid you not! Then Ratt Face come crashing in with a track taken from their new album "Motorpsycho"and yes when I first got it I thought Motorpsycho had released a new album called "Ratt Face". Hot on the heels of last week's outing of "Golden Black" by The Hip Priests I play the other track on the band's latest and in my opinion greatest, just released 7". Keeping it Glunk; The Razorbats from Norway have a track from their latest three track ep "This Is High" aired before I move over to Paris for some Iron Lizards and something from their "Red" ep.Sticking with animals I play another new track from The Monkees new album "Good Times". In a Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show World Exclusive I play the first fruits from the Fiascos. "
Who are The Fiascos?" I hear you cry. Well it's what happens when four guys buy the cheapest, highest volume Wine know to budget supermarkets and after just one rehearsal go and support CJ Wildheart in Hoxton at the end of February playing all originals. The band members are nearly all familiar to this show in the form of Richie Hudson, Keef Gibbs and Robin Guy who can also be found in Brijitte West as her Desperate Hopefuls and previously Kitty Hudson, with Robin also playing drums for Sham 69, Rachel Stamp, Bernie Tormé and even Faith No More. New, as yet unmet, member is bassist Ben from Spizzenergi. The band claim to be like Motörhead let loose in a Sweetshop…..Michael Kane from The Cheap Cassettes has just released his second solo single with some help from fellow Cheap Cassette Kevin Parkhurst on drums, obviously I play it. Up next it's PetterBaarli from The Backstreet Girls with a track from his just released his new solo album "Frankly My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn!". Joining Petter are some heavyweight helpers in the form ofhis brother and original drummer in The Backstreet Girls Bjorn along with Ed Tudorpole, Glen Matlock, Paul Rooney-Angel, Honest John Plain and Casino Steel. In a complete mix up, I miss read a band name, discoveringthe Belgium band The Backseat Angels in the process and their debut album "Saturday Night Shakes". Information on The Backseat Angels is scarce but I have discovered that the band are into Sweet, Slade, The Boys, The Undertones and The Knack. On that basis I got the album and share a track with you. Winding up this week's show is former Soundtrack of our Lives vocalist Ebbot Lundberg and the Indigo Children who are playing The Half Moon in Putney on the 25th June and a track from their debut album "For The Ages To Come".

Episode 502



As it's the Bank Holiday Weekend this means one of two things; it's pouring with rain and ITV are showing a James Bond film. So to alleviate you from this, well for an hour, for your listening pleasure I have The Damned live in session for BBC 6Music. Then The Witchdoktors unleash a new track from their soon to be released "Voodoo Eye" album. Dom Daley from Über Rock, who I bumped into at The Royal Albert Hall, pointed me in the direction of Mink Daggers and Rough Kids. A track from each band is therefore aired. The Ramones debut album is getting the "40th Anniversary Box-set" treatment so I get carried away tripping over myself to order it from the most expensive site I could find. Of course to illustrate this a Ramones tune is played. Staying in NYC; D-Generation are all set to release their first new album since 1999s "Through The Darkness". "Nothing Is Anywhere" is due to hit the real and virtual record stores on July 29th and features the classic line-up of Jesse Malin, who I'll seeing at The Borderline on the 15th July, Howie Pyro, Richard Bacchus, Danny Sage and Michael Wildwood. 13 tracks of well, what D-Generation do best and to prove it I play a track from said album. Swiftly following D-Generation are The Outside Hours who hail from Barcelona and a song from their "Devil's Right Hand" CD. More new music and Ulysses' "Law And Order" LP is out next Friday which is guaranteed to keep you "Smiling". After an absence of maybe one or two years, sorry I mean weeks The Hip Priests have released yet another new single. Of course I play one of the two tracks in question and to be honest this is the finest couple of tunes the band has put out. Adam Bomb's gear is no longer "Stranded" in Mainland Europe having successful crowd funded enough money to have sent back to the States. In recognition I air an Adam Bomb track which he has just shot a video to. Back to new music and The Claypool Lennon Delirium, who feature Les Claypool from Primus and Sean Lennon, Neil Diamond's Nephew have a tracked played from their debut album "Monolith of Phobos". Mrs A. thinks they sound like "Syd era Pink Floyd if he'd taken even more hallucinogenic drugs." Watts new album "The Black Heart Of Rock 'n' Roll" is due out on the 10th June and to get you in the mood I play a track from it. Wrapping this week's show up is a track from an album that is already out by one day which comes courtesy of the Black Bombers self-titled debut. Enjoy.

Episode 501



Welcome Episode 501 of The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show and on Friday, which was the 20th May future listeners, The Damned played the Royal Albert Hall to celebrate 40 years of Anarchy, Chaos and Destruction. This is what happened………

Episode 500



Blimey O'Riley! 500 Episodes! Well this show is no different from the other 499 as you'll hear music from bands that you should hear on the Radio but don't. Getting the celebrations underway are Rumney Rock City's most wanted The Sick Livers who get a helping hand from Andy Cairns. Texas Terri Bombs in with song then it's the turn of The Main Grains featuring Danny McCormack to up the ante. It's then a quick trip over the pond to NYC for The Threads then we return home to Abandon Cause and a track from their debut ep. New singles from Turbonegro and Imperial State Electric unfortunately don't live up to my expectations. I play them anyway to see if it's just me. Radio Birdman, who are over here in Dear Olde Blighty next month, have their Record Store Day 7" aired. I recentlyread that great swaths of Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor's personal effects were being auctioned off in the States. Surely the estates of Lemmy, Phil and even Würzel could've got together for a Motörhead Museum? Obviously a Motörhead track is played which is swiftly followed by The Hydromatics with the very first track I played on Episode 1 of The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show. As Hey! Hello! have announced Hollis replacement, I was surprised in a "I didn't see that coming" kind of way, I play a track from "Hey! Hello! Too!" which will soon be re-worked, re-recorded with additional songs. The Ruts DC have a stonkingly good new single out which I play, with the last song this week coming from Andy Shernoff written about Joey Ramone who would've been 65 on the 19th May.

Episode 499



To celebrate I've got a new portable music player that has my entire iTunes library on* I play some AntiProduct and Brides of Destruction. On the new musical front as The Chuck Norris Experiment, King Mastino, The Hip Priests and The Bitch Queens have a 4-way split 7" out at the moment I decide that you should hear it. Whilst checking out Strange Magic Records I stumbled across Swedish band CC Company who I'd not heard of before. A track of theirs is obviously played. Johnny Hayward of über Rock notoriety post a link on Facebook to The Lovesicks BandCamp site which I followed and thoroughly enjoyed what I heard. To whit I share a song with you. Making a rare appearance on the show are The Damned...who are swiftly followed by the Anti-Nowhere League and The Living End. As Cheetah Chrome has just announced some European dates with The Knobs as his backing band, who comprise of basically The Hydromatics (minus Nicke and Scott), I play a track from his "Alive In Detroit" CD. Keeping in the "Classic Punk Artist" vein, I play a track from The Last Ditches debut album "Spilt Milk". The Last Ditches are; Walter Lure, Binky Philips, Randy Pratt and Bobby Rondinelli, a veritable pedigree of awesomeness. The Stonewall Orchestra impress me with a track off their soon to be released "The Machine The Devil & The Dope" album with this week's show ending with a Hanoi Rocks track in tribute to Tarzan/OldFashionEd who sadly left us this week.  

*Not strictly true as you will hear

Episode 498



Another Saturday another Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show and, AND the Sun is shining, well it is at the time of writing.....The Damned get things going this week as I talk about Captain Sensible, Monty and Jordan all in attendance for Johnny Moped's Brighton gig last Friday, which is more than I can say about me. Up next from North Lanarkshire are Reaction or if you wish to find them on the interwebs Re@ction. If you like The Damned and Johnny Thunders Reaction will tick all the right boxes. Talking of "Boxes"; Goo Goo Dolls have just released an album of that name, no pun intended, to me it sounds like Coldplay. I'm not going to knock Goo Goo Dolls for their musically direction as they've more than earned the right to play and record whatever they like. Unfortunately, as you know, they stopped doing it for me after "A Boy Named Goo", to whit I play a track from that album. Los Pepes and Black Bombers both have new albums or in the case of Black Bombers debut album all set for release so to get you in the mood I play a track from each. Squirrel favourite guitarist Adam Bomb is having to hang up Pink Gibson and return to the States to become a full-time Father. Unfortunately all Adam's gear is based in mainland Europe. To help with getting all his amps and cabs back home a crowd funding campaign has been set up. https://www.gofundme.com/adambomb $3,500 is needed with $2,900 already raised. It would be great if you could all spare a few quid for him. Top bloke, top guitarist. The Hellacopters have recorded a new 12". That's right a brand new record, well when I say new the tracks in question were written in 1996 but never given the studio treatment. Of course I play one of them! The Chuck Norris Experiment have just released a limited live CD that was recorded by yours truly. However I play a studio track by them that's on the live album. Up next it's The Black Halos who I think should release a live album, Rich's Birthday gig anyone.....? Because I missed seeing The Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell supporting Guida at The Underworld last Wednesday (an allergic reaction to a Fir Tree, I kid you not) I play a track form their "Check em Before You Wreck em" album. Talking of gigs I play The Professionals as their Shepherds Bush Empire gig has been moved to the Islington Academy from the 19th May to 23rd June. Not that I'm going to go unless it's on the guest list as the ticket price is rather on the steep side. IMHO. Finishing this week's show off is AC/DC who have been in the spotlight regarding Axl Rose replacing Brian Johnson. I think it's a brilliant move but seem to be in the minority....

Episode 497



Another Saturday and another Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show for you to ingest. Getting things moving this week are The Methadones with a track from their "21st Century Power Pop Riot" covers LP then Gorilla and Grifter take over with a song each from their joint vs split record, Great 70s dirty(ish) Biker Rock. Talking of bikers; Johnny Moped rides in with a track from his latest album "It's A Real Cool Baby". Bernie Tormé and The Electric Gypsies are up next and I make a tendinous link between him and the next band who are The Main Grains. A track from their debut ep "Don't Believe Everything You Think" is aired. The UK Subs have just released their 26th and final album "Ziero" and what a great way to sign off making albums. Fret not the band will still be recording eps and singles. For the sole reason that I've been humming it over the course of the last few days I play an Iron Maiden track from their debut album. Then after I reveal how I avoided a Hospital Waiting Queue the new single from Beat The Drag is played. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy have just released a new album, to whit I play a "Live In The Studio" track from it. I then turn my attention to fellow Danes D-A-D who on Wednesday played in Islington under the "Riskin' It All For The Pilgrims" banner. The Monkees are about to release their first new album since 1996 "Justus". "Good Times!" features songs by XTC's Andy Partridge, as well as Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller. Obviously I play something from it with Discharge and a track from their new album "End Of Days" closing things off for this week. Where else are you going to hear a UK Hardcore band straight after the world's first and best manufactured Boy Band?

Episode 496



Welcome to another hours' worth of music that you should hear on the radio but don't. A bit of an odd show this week, or it could just be me. Take that as you will. Up first is a John Lennon track that features Elton John in a context that won't get me sued, with The Damned swiftly following on after. I then bang on about Record Store Day, breaking my Washing Machine and a Goth in a Laundrette before playing The Nasty Bits who were the "house" band from the just finished Vinyl TV series. D Generation that'll be Jesse Malin, Danny Sage, Howie Pyro, Richard Bacchus and Michael Wildwood, are up next with their first collective single in 17 years. The 69 Eyes' new album "Universal Monsters" was released yesterday so obviously another track from it is aired. Hawkwind also had a new album released yesterday based on EM Forester's book "The Machine Stops". The band actually played it in its entirety at the Islington Assembly Halls yesterday as well. Ace Frehley has just unleashed an album of songs that that got his creative juices going to whit I play something from it. The MC5 get my juices going with a live TV recording which is quickly followed by The Black Bullets. Closing this week's show is three live tracks by The Black Halos recorded at Rich Jones Birthday gig at The Black Heart on the 18th April.

Episode 495



"I Come Along On Saturday Morning Greeting Everybody With A Smile" Kicking things off this week I have two Helsinki bands; one old, one new. First up its Smack with a classic from their debut album "On You". Secondly it's 69 Eyes with a new track from their soon to be released "Universal Monsters" CD. A couple of shows ago I played some Pure Hell, well I play some more but this time it's a track from their unreleased "Black Box" album that Lemmy helped produce and indeed added vocals to the song in question. Shooting back over to Scandinavia and new music I play you a track from"Seal The Deal & Let's Boogie" LP byVolbeat. I only own the debut album by Flotsam and Jetsam subsequently I've forgotten what they sound like, having not played in in 25 plus years. However their new self-title album I'm really enjoying. I'm not sure if it's just me but I'm hearing, apart from some great Thrash drumming, hints of Progness. More Queensrÿche than Dream Theater I think. Obviously I play a track for your consideration. Gustav Wremer guitarist with Grande Royale contacted me with a "Check out my band" e-mail, so I did and was mightily impressed, with NickeAndersson at the production helm of their soon to be recorded third album, but it's a track from their second album that I air. Pledge Music time and Brijitte West &The Desperate Hopefuls have just ventured down this route for album number two. Brijitte kindly sent me a track from said album which I of course play. Joining the former NY Loose vocalist in the Desperate Hopefuls are Richie Hudson, Keef Gibbs and Robin Guy from the Fiascos, although Robin can normally be found sitting on Sham 69's drum stool. Following straight on afterwards is the title track from The Breakdowns new single "Charity Case". The WitchDoktors new album "Voodoo Eye" and first since 2008s "$3 Hooker" is all set for release with a gig to launch it at The Alley Cat in Denmark Street on June 2nd and to whet your appetite I play a song from it. As promised on last week's show I play a track from Desert Rockers the Mojave Lords album "Unfuckwithable". Zen Motel make a much welcomed return to The Paranoid Squirrel with a track from their just released "Choking On The Chrome (Part 1) ep. Looking forward to part 2 if part 1 is anything to go by. A new, previously unheard live gig from Sonic's Rendezvous Band recorded in April 1976 is just about to be officially released by Easy Action Records. Joining Fred "Sonic" Smith, Scott "Rock Action" Asheton and Scott Morgan on this recording is original bassist WR Cooke. Finishing things off this week its Vice Squad and a track from the Sophie Lancaster Foundation Charity CD which is due for release this Summer.  

Episode 494



On this week show for your delectation I have The Wildhearts as I talk about Ginger Wildheart's gig at The Forum on the 1st April. I then take you into Crowd Funding mode with a track from the Role Models, I bumped into Role Model main man Rich Rags at Ginger's gig and he has to be the most enthusiastic person in Rock, then it's two tracks from the UK Subs, one from the bands soon to be released last album "Ziero" and one featuring Captain Sensible. No it's not "Party In Paris". Former Radio Birdman guitarist Chris Masuak and The Viveiro Wave Riders' fund to get "Brujita" released on CD has come to fruition, so obviously I air a track from it. The last band in this week's Crowd Funding section comes courtesy of Last Great Dreamers who are out and about at the moment supporting Tigertailz. A band that contacted me with a view to playing a track of theirs were A Capital Threat from Sweden. I'm glad they did as I thoroughly enjoyed them and I hope you do too. Moving over the Channel to France I play you a track by a band that I know next to nothing about. The band in question is called Western Machine. Their debut album "From Lafayette to Sin City" is chock full of New York Dolls & Stooges Rawk! Good stuff. The Mutants, whose core members consist of Chris Constantinou, Paul Frazer, and Mr Rat Scabies, have for their third album "Your Desert, My Mind" gone all Desert Session and enlisted the likes of Chris Goss. So far I only have the title track to play you and that's only an instrumental, but I love it and can't wait for the full album in September. Bath 70s inspired reprobates Ulysses have a brand new album out on 3rd June called "Law and Order" via Black Glove Recordings. To celebrate this fact I play a track from it. Following straight afterwards is a song from Plague Vendor who have just started a UK Tour. Moving North of the Border to Edinburgh the Heavy Drapes sight The Sex Pistols, The Damned's first album, The Ramones, the MC5, Iggy Pop and The New York Dolls as influences. Obviously this got me interested and they did not disappoint me as hopefully you will hear. Up next it's a quick blast from The Mants with Cheap Trick and The London Orion Orchestra featuring Alice Cooper and Rick Wakeman finishing things off for you this week.

Episode 493



Welcome to This week's episode of The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show. I start this show off with three tracks in that wonderful format of vinyl. The tracks in question are two by Johnny Thunders from the just released Remarquable Records "So Alone" double LP, with the third track a Damned 7" taken from "The Black Album" albeit in a slightly different mix. New music comes courtesy of the 69 Eyes and a track taken from their forthcoming album "Universal Monster" with Crow Dancers quickly following in their wake with their debut track. Punk stalwarts The Members and Johnny Moped have just had new albums released. "One Law" and "It's A Real Cool Baby" respectively. Obviously a track from each is aired. Bernie Tormé is up next as his Horsham gig on the 23rd clashes with Johnny Moped's at The Lexington and as I can't be in two places at once I try and make up for missing Bernie by playing a track form his very excellent "Blackheart" LP. At this point I time travel back to the mid 70's and New York City to play some Pure Hell. Up until a few days ago the only Black pre-Bad Brains Punk Band that I knew about was Death. Well that's all changed and I just can't believe it's taken me all this time to find out about Pure Hell. Sticking with NYC I play a track from the 40th Anniversary version of The Dictators "Go Girl Crazy" and briefly revisit The Ramones Competition. New music once again in the form of Gorilla, who sound like classic era Motörhead but instead of just Fast Eddie, Brian James has been drafted in sharing guitar duties and handling lead vocals and new band to me from South West England Grifter, who have a split LP out on the 15th via on Hevisike Records. Finishing things off this week are Belleville Compression from Sweden. Go forth and enjoy!

Episode 492




Welcome to Episode 492 of The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show and kicking things off this week are the Von Hertzen Brothers, who I recently caught up at the Brooklyn Bowl, with a song that they didn't play live. As threatened, promised I play more from the Generators "Earn Your Stripes" LP, who join the Chelsea Smiles in "The Bands I kick myself for missing live" category. To whit I play a Chelsea Smiles demo just to make myself feel bad. Onto sort of new music with a track off the re-issued album from the Struts which is swiftly followed by Pink Cigar and the audio from the video from their last single(?!) We then travel to Poland for Poison Heart and a track from their brand new album "Strong Ties". The band are very much influenced by Scandinavian Rock from the late 90's. Great stuff! Dee Dee Ramone gives the answer to the Ramones Competition. Obviously a Ramones track is aired. Back onto new or upcoming releases with The Breakdowns, the Drama Club Rejects and the b-side to Strängen's new 7". Jimmy Lacey formally of The Roolettes, Kill Cartel, Gabba, X.O.X and Saetta Bloody Saetta new band, I say band but it's only Jimmy, Young Francis released a new ep at the beginning of the month called "Trouble". I say on the show that the track I'm going to play is the title track. It isn't, I cocked it up and queued the wrong track and then went for a comfort break and didn't realise until it was too late. As we move into the home straight I regale my story of Steve Nicol original drummer in Eddie & the Hot Rods accidently failing to sign my Damned, Damned, Damned Hot Rods sleeve. Music wise a track from "Generation Me" the third album from The Treatment is played which is swiftly followed by Thunderbitch who I think accidently and unintentionally sound like the New York Dolls. With a name like that I assumed Thunderbitch were an all Girl band from Scandinavia. They're not but Alabama Shakes' Brittany Howard's side project. The last track on this week's show comes courtesy of Gary Kaye & The Enemies Of Promise and "Nicky Morgan's Eyes", which is a superb take on the Adverts "Gary Gilmore's Eyes".      

Episode 491




On this week's show we have; a track from The Generators new album "Earn Your Stripes" once again gets an airing as does Los Pepes with a song from their soon to be released "All Over Now" album and as not to feel left out so do Royal Republic with something from "Weekend Man". We go back in time for some live DTK/MC5 whilst I talk about the AC/DC, Brian Johnson dilemma. Brand new music comes courtesy of The X-Ray Eyes who hail from Leeds with a track from their "See Though You" album. Up next roaring out of L.A. its Dr. Boogie a four piece powerhouse building on the foundation of seminal groups like the New York Dolls, Dead Boys, Flamin' Groovies, Rolling Stones and Chuck Berry while adding their own twist to song writing with instant classics like "Get Back To New York City" which you get to hear. Then we head over to Germany for The Mergers whose new album "With A Carrot And A Stick" is out now and then it's Berlin based Dysnea Boys who sport a couple of Canadians. One of which used to be in The Loyalties. Talking of Canada; thanks to Austin Rockett of The Hip Priests I'm now a fan of Bum. Consequently I play something by them. Back into the realms of new music with Swedish Garage Band The Pollutions and their debut single "When The Fire Was Burning Brighter" and then Punk Rockers Milloncolin with a track from their "True Brew" CD. Then Richie Ramone offers us up a cover from his new solo album. Pledge time and the UK Subs whose final album "Ziero" is only a couple of weeks away from being released let us hear a second track from it which I play. Rounding off this week's show is Hey! Hello! whose second album "Hey! Hello! Too" was digitally released on the 11th March only to be withdrawn four days later as vocalist Hollis suddenly left the band on the eve of a nationwide tour. A replacement is actively being sort to re-record the vocals. I think as Ginger once described the band as ABBA meets the Sex Pistols two female vocalist are needed. I raise my hand for Beki Bondage and Brijitte West.

Episode 490




Welcome to Episode 490 of The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show where Mick Ronson and Ian Hunter start proceedings this week. Johnny Moped with a track from his brand new album "It's A Real Cool Baby" is in second place with The Ramones coming in third. I'm running a Ramone competition this week to win a "We're Outta Here" vinyl LP. Hard Action are up next with the result of their competition. More new music in the shape and form of Diamond Head and LA Punkers The Generators. Compare and Contrast is back featuring Iggy Pop and The Damned then King, the one featuring Captain Sensible and not the "Love and Pride" merchants, have one of their Peel Session tracks aired. Then I return you to more new music with The Dahlmanns new single, The Breakdowns with a Buddy Holly cover. Then it's onto PledgeMusic with The Last Great Dreamers. As I finally caught Headline Manic live, who supported Märvel at The Pipeline on Thursday (10th March), I play a track from their "Rock 'n' Roll Thuggery" album. Obviously I also play something by Märvel. Rounding up this week's show is Strängen aka Strings former guitarist with The Hellacopters and his brand new solo single.   

Episode 489



Welcome to Episode 489 of The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show, where I'm still getting over the TurboFlu that I picked up at Deathtime ASSembly two weeks ago. Anyway thanks to Damo of Muscle Car and the Long Gone Loser Podcast my love for the Goo Goo Dolls was re-ignited so obviously something by them is aired. Off the back of this I get all nostalgic and play a song from a 4-track cassette demo that I played bass on. The band in question was called Tunguska that was around in 1993. Yoko Ono is up next with a track from her latest revisited and reworked album "Yes, I'm A Witch Too". On to brand new music in the shape and form of the FUKDUST4 whose debut album "The Last Of The Rock And Roll Bastards" is out on Monday. The band features Bri Slutcher, Jeff Hateley, Dave Ohms and Steve G. Black Bombers self-titled album isn't out until May but that doesn't stop me playing something from it to get you in the mood and popping over to Easy Action Records to pre-order it. Former Diamond Dogs and current vocalist in The Crunch, Sulo has just released an album of Punk Poet Garry Johnson's work set to music called "Punk Rock Stories And Tabloid Tails", naturally a track from it is played and if you want to catch Sulo playing some of the songs live pop up to the Oi Oi shop in Stables Market, Chalk Farm at 3'o clock on the 14th May. Royal Republic are up next with a track from their just released "Weekend Man" LP. The band played the Underworld last Wednesday, surprisingly as a support act, but unfortunately I was seeing Ghost at The London Palladium. Reckless Love are also over here at the moment promoting their brand new album "InVader" which I've only had the briefest of listens to so just play the first track from it. I know I only played new Los Pepes last week however as the band have let slip the title track "All Over Now" it seemed rude not to share it with you. Discharge's latest album "End Of Days" is due out soon on Nuclear Blast and I think the first full length to feature new vocalist JJ. Of course I play something from it. Up next are three interconnected bands in the form of Motörhead, The Damned and the Open Mind with a 7", a Peel Session and another 7". If you need me to tell you what links them I'll be very disappointed. TV Crime from Nottingham come Power Popping along with a track from their just released single but its Sin City Sinners with their Beatles, Lynyrd Skynyrd mash up that finishes things off this week.  

Episode 488



Welcome to Episode 488 of The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show. This was almost scuppered by my goodself contracting the Flu. It had already seen me miss The DeRellas and the Witchdoktors down in Brighton on Thursday, The Fiascos debut gig yesterday in Wallington and even worse CJ Wildheart tonight in Hoxton. However the show must go on, again. The Stooges are at the top of this week's show and are swiftly followed by The Damned. Remarquable Records are all set to release their third Johnny Thunders 1978 set of vinyl recordings. This time around it's a full on album. Obviously Mr. Genzale Jr is played, as is his old sparring partner Arthur Kane with a track from his band The Killer Kane Band, natch, only 7" "Mr Cool" that features a young Blackie Lawless. As I've been getting into the TV series "Vinyl" I play a track by Jack Ruby whose material is used by house band The Nasty Bits in the show. Mötley Crüe are up next even if I don't play the intended track. I'm ill. Prophets of Addiction and The Cruel Intentions bring us up to date in the Glam/Sleaze/Hair department. In the super new release section The Yorkshire Rats are up first with a track from their "Trouble City" EP. Los Pepes are second airing a song from their forthcoming album "All Over Now" which is out on the Wanda label in May. Before I play a brand spanking new Black Halos track I announce the winner of the red Vinyl "The Violent Years" LP. I then run another competition to win the new Hard Action 7" "Hands Dripping Red" courtesy of Bootleg Booze Records. It's Motorpsycho however that end this week's show with a track from their new "Here Be Monsters" album. Stay well.      

DeathtimeASSembly #2



Welcome to Deathtime ASSembly Part 2 where Bloodlights and only Bloodlights take up the show.

Before we get going I've a couple of apologises to make; If I sound a bit disjointed and make less sense than normal it's because I got the Flu, not 24 hour Man-Flu but full on laid up in bed, this is the first time I've dragged myself out of my pit since Tuesday, Flu. Over the last three days I've only eaten two oranges, two Pineapple fingers and a bowl of chocolate Ice-Cream and have spent that time in bed wrapped up in sweat pants, t-shirt, thermal socks, a bathrobe and a hot water bottle still shivering. But, quite literally, the show must go on. The second apology is that on Tuesday's Deathtime ASSembly I promised live Bloodlights and The Hip Priests. Well I'm only going to deliver half my promise as The Hip Priests requested that instead of airing their set could I send the music file to them for a cheapo Spasm Saturday live CD release. However I can still give you a brief overview of their set to get you in the mood and chomping at the ball gag. Vocalist Nathan Von Cruz comes across as a Rabid Sgt Major barking orders with Austin Rocket and Lee Love backing him up with a machine gun stance a la Wayne Kramer and Lemmy. New boy Joe Blow holds his own pounding the drums as if he wishes to tunnel underground. The Hip Priests live are always fast and furious and last Saturday was no exception with the boundary between them, Spasm Gang Members, Turbojugends, blurred. The bands 45 minute set is topped off with a screaming out of control train-wreck version of Motörhead's "The Hammer". Even with the two day event sold-out bringing together some of the best Rock 'n' Roll Scandinavia and the UK has to offer at the moment the chances of reading about it in mainstream magazines will be none.

So onto headlining band Bloodlights who were for me, the best band of the night. 2008 was the one and only other time that the band has played over here and that was at the LA2 supporting The Hellacopters. Howie B makes a welcome return to the band after a 2½ year break who took a shine to my Maggots T-shirt as he'd worn his out. The bands set gives everybody time to catch their breath with a much more subdued crowd. Bloodlights are less of a participation band, more of watch the craftsmen. Billy Braggs "New England" from their "Somebody Else's Nightmare" is played with more of a Replacements feel than Kirsty MacColl. It was also good to hear "One Eye Open" the band's debut track. The only disappointment was when I picked up the set list afterwards there was a three song encore which didn't, for some unknown reason, get played that included a cover of the Damned's "New Rose". All in all, and I know I missed the whole of Fridays gig and Flash House and Zero, Zero from the Saturday Deathtime ASSembly was fantastic. Hats off to Thomas for getting it together. So all we need now is Deathtime ASSembly 2017.....

Deathtime ASSembly #1



Welcome to Deathtime ASSembly Part 1, where The Chuck Norris Experiment and The Sick Livers are going to kick or kiss your Ass…….
The Sick Livers are South Wales' glam punk anti-heroes. Described by Pure Rawk as "coming on like one part Turbonegro, one part Zodiac Mindwarp and one part Backyard Babies." Frontman Ginge is undoubtedly one of the greatest R'n'R frontmen out there at the moment and can be relied upon to pulverise The Livers' pendulous Piñata of splendidly catchy Rock n Roll into several smithereens. Whilst the fire breathing eight legged raging Rock 'n' Roll monster known to its many friends as CNE rose from the shitsonic swamps of Gothenburg, Sweden, over ten years ago and since then has stomped its way around the globe like a hi-energy glorious Punk 'n' Roll Godzilla destroying every venue and audience in its mongofucking path. In real speak - yeah, they're pretty good....well, actually rather fuckin; banging...So enjoy Part 1 of The Deathtime ASSembly that was held over 19th/20th February at The Pipeline. Unfortunately I couldn't make the 19th………

Episode 487



Remember about six weeks ago I said that I was going to reserve Saturday's exclusively for studio shows with week days being the place for the live gigs that I sometimes attend? Well after last week's show I thought "Sod it", its half term, I've got holiday owing to me, and I haven't had a holiday, holiday since, forever. So I packed Mrs A. Becca and myself into the car and drove until either a) we found a nice Hotel with Sauna, Steam Room and a Swimming Pool or b) we ran out of Petrol. Fortunately with Petrol still less than a quid a Litre which is about 6 bucks 50 a Gallon US chums, we found a hotel that ticked all the boxes, it even had free Wifi. So for the last week I've done nothing, apart from lounge around, eat, drink Beer and watch my inbox fill up with Music. The down side is that I missed yesterdays Deathtime Assembly gig at The Pipeline. Once I've prized my Daughter from the Gym and Mrs A. from breakfasting I'll be powering down England's finest Motorways to catch tonight's. So instead ploughing through said music clogging up my inbox, picking what does it for me and hopefully does it for you I've strayed into Arm's Archive, not too far only October last year, to play you Bernie Tormé who was recorded at The Borderline on his "Black Heart" tour.

Episode 486



Welcome to Episode 486 of The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show. Blasting things off this week are The Outta Sites from Hollywood, California and a track taken from their newest recording "Outta Site, Outta Mind". Shame I missed their Numbucca gig on the 7th January. Then at the behest and recommendation of Andy P. of The Fear & Loathing Fanzine I play a track from US Punk Stalwarts Poison Idea's "Confuse and Conquer" album. Then after talking about The Professionals and Rich Kids joint headlining gig at the Shepherds Bush Empire I play The Vicious White Kids who as the name implies features Sid Vicious, Rat Scabies and Glen Matlock and Steve New. Former Radio Birdman Chris "Klondike" Masuakalong with The Viveiro Wave are all set to release, thanks to Crowdfunding site pozible.com, the CD version of his soon to be released vinyl only album "Brujita". Obviously a track from it is aired. To celebrate The Black Halos recording again and playing in London for guitarist Rich Jones' birthday I run a competition to win a copy of "The Violent Years" numbered on Red vinyl album. As the Role Models are supporting The Black Halos and have just launched a Pledge Campaign for their second album "Forest Lawn" it seemed the right thing to do and play a track by them. So I do. The Michael Monroe Band have just landed Stateside for some touring and have just been added to the "Stone Free Festival" in June at the o2 Arena. The band have just released a new single "Going Down With The Ship" which I stupidly don't play. However I do still play something from "Blackout States. As you should know The Deathtime Assembly is taking place at the The Pipeline on the 19th and 20th two of the bands have got together to release a split 7" in time for the gig. Those bands being The Hip Priests and Bloodlights. Consequently I give you an audioable taster. As it was both Repo and Lloyd Stuart Casson from Smash Fashions birthday last week I thought I'd play "Long Blond Animal" which is the b-side of their current single "Junkie Luck". Sticking with b-sides; Beat The Drag have the flip of their last single played as well. To celebrate 25 years from the release of "Where Have All The Good Girls Gone" core members of The Crybabys, that'll be Honest John Plain, from the Boys and Darrell Bath, who can currently be found in The Vibrators, have roped in Robbie Ruston and Lester Greenowski to record two new tracks for a split 7" called "The Italian Job". Lester Greenowski in solo mode is on the other side with two of his contributions. A track from each gets The Squirrel treatment. The Stranglers are up next with my own "Cut & Paste" version of "Bring On The Nubiles". Dai from The Sick Livers apparently needs a Nurse since being involved in a Car Accident, so I give him one......This week's show is wounded up by The Rosehips whose vocalist Kevin Junior, who later formed The Chamber Strings, sadly passed away last month.

Episode 485



As it was 40 years Thursday just gone that The Ramones entered Plaza Sound to record one of the most landmark albums ever to appear on vinyl I start and finish this week's show off with The Brothers and two tracks taken from those sessions. Deptford's finest The Phobics are up next with a track taken from their last album "Deptford Calling". New to The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show are from Spain The Assclats and a track taken from their debut "Punk" ep. A musician who is certainly no stranger to this show is CJ Wildheart who has just released his second Pledge Music album "Robot". Those who have pledged will already have heard it, for everybody else you'll have to wait until the 12th when it gets its official release. For those of you still hovering over the "Undecided Button" to help you click that mouse I play something from it. Sticking with the Wildhearts interconnectedness are The Dowling Poole who just so happen to feature Random Jon Poole and Willy Dowling who are gathering momentum for their Pledge album "One Park Lane". You might've seen the video to "Rebecca Receiving". If you haven't I give you the audible equivalent. Tigertailz had their sights set on Eurovision greatness but that was before Auntie Beep sent them a "Bugger off" generic e-mail consigning the UK to the bottom half of the Eurovision Song Contest Leader Board. Some people/Countries you just can't help. Fortunately enough the band put it out anyway. Naturally I play it. We've had Deptford's finest so now I turn my attention to Croydon's finest and Courage Best Bitter Band of The Year 1978 Johnny Moped whose 3rd album "It's A Real Cool Baby" is all set for release on the 25th March via Damaged Goods Records. A single from the album was released late last year with a brand new one "Real Cool Baby" hitting the real and virtual Record Shops on the 29th of last month. The yellow vinyl version gets an airing. (It's my favourite Colour) "What's In Arm's Attic" makes its long overdue return with me finding a box of Cassette Tapes one of which was a live recording by The Family Butcher from the Summer of 1990 down in Brighton. The Family Butcher were Captain Sensible, Paul Gray, Garrie Dreadful and Malcolm Dixon. Obviously I play a couple form it. In hindsight I should've run it though my AudioLab to beef up the sound as it does sound a bit weedy in places. Even so it's still great to hear. Sticking with live recordings The Nomads are up next with a track taken from their Ghost Highway Recordings album "El Sol- Live In Madrid". As we approach the final furlong Boston's The Black Cheer give us "Everything" from their "Sick Gun" album with The Claypool Lennon Delirium, who as the name implies features Les Claypool from Primus and Sean Lennon, almost take us over the finishing line with their first fruits recording together. However, as I've already mentioned it's The Ramones that close off this week's show.

Episode 484



So I had it all worked out, Tuesday live Brian James and today live Beach Slang. However as you have already worked out this is not the case. Instead Richie Ramone is going to fondle your eardrums for the next 70 plus minutes and even this was fraught with delays due to work temporarily altering my hours so no lay in for me today or breakfasting with friend of the show and Squirrel Associate Arkwright, but most importantly instead of today's show going out this morning it's now this evening, unless you live on the West Coast of the United States. Anyway Richie Ramone, one of only the three surviving Ramones rolled into the UK for the start of his European Tour. As I've said before Elvis Ramone does not count, if he did he wouldn't be consigned to the DVD extras. Once again Richie is aided and abetted by Alex Kane and Clare Misstake from AntiProduct along with Ben Reagan. It's only been a couple of months since CJ Ramone played the same venue with a lot of familiar faces from that gig in the audience. It also looks like Marky Ramone is all set for some European Action having just signed up Captain Poon from Bloodlights as guitarist. Worryingly this year marks the 20th Anniversary of their split. Soon they'll have been gone longer than they were together. The set is exactly what is wanted and expected; Ramones classics interspersed with tracks from Richie's last album "Entitled" with even new material from his next album which hopefully will be out in May.

Episode 483



I make no apologies for opening this week's show off with some Peel Session Motörhead as I should've seen them last night at Hammersmith Odeon. Instead I caught up with Brian James at the Hope and Anchor who has a track from his "Guitar That Dripped Blood" aired afterwards. Staying with the Damned interconnectedness; The Mutants, who feature Rat Scabies on drums, are finishing up album number three "Desert Sessions" so I play a track from their second album "Tokyo Nights" which up until this week I didn't realise had been released. Digging deeper into the realms of collaboration, Iggy Pop and Josh Homme have teamed up for an album called "Post Pop Depression" and subsequent tour, the London date is the same day as The Treatments London date, 13th May. Hurrah! Not. Obviously I play the track by them that has already hit the interwebs, along with The Treatments first single from their new album "Generation Me". However sandwiched in-between them are Headline Manic who sport 3/5th of Eddie & The Hotrods and a track from their soon-to-be-released album "Rock 'n' Roll Thuggery", Beach Slang who I'm seeing tonight down in Brighton and a track from their "The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us" album with The DeRellas the last filling as sadly vocalist Robbie Tart has stepped down from the Band. The UK Subs final and 26th album "Ziezo" is in the final throws of being Subsified. A track from it has just been unleashed on a suspecting fan base. Of course I play it! Megadeth have a brand new album out called "Dystopia". As with Metallica, the first three Megadeth albums are, for me untouchable, when it comes to aggression and Punk attitude. The playing on "Dystopia" as you expect to top notch but the Piss and Vinegar has somewhat been placated. However it still hits home as you will hear. Those "Pure Rock Awards" nominees and Welsh support band for The Professionals, The Sick Livers have a track from when some band members still had Restraining Orders played. New to The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show are German band The Gee Strings and a track from their Ghost Highways Recordings album "I'm So Gee". Black Sabbath close the door on not only on this week's episode but on their career with a 8 track tour ep. Four studio tracks that were recorded for the "13" album but didn't make the final track listing and four songs recorded live that did.

Episode 482



The Rollins Band who are swiftly followed by Iggy Pop start things going this week and as I recently saw Henry Rollins in is spoken word capacity I play a five minute segment of Mr Rollins pearls of wisdom. The Jack Tars, who up until last year were called Deadmen Walking, but still feature Captain Sensible, Slim Jim Phantom, Mike Peters and Chris Chaney, have a track off their recent tour CD aired. Going a bit mainstream I play some Metallica from "Master Of Puppets" as this year it'll be 30 years old. Meaning it's been nearly three decades since they released a decent album……Jake Starr and The Delicious Fullness are live in session. Unfortunately not with me but WFMU, New Jersey. We then have a bit of a Norwegian Fest with firstly Razorbats who Dom Daley of Uber Rock turned me onto, with a track from their debut full length release "Camp Rock". Talking of debuts; Märvel those three masked men from Smell City are playing their first English/Wales dates which are; The Pipeline, London on the 10th March, Hairy Dog, Derby 11th and the 12th sees them at Hard Rock Hell in North Wales. Obviously a track from their latest offering "The Hills Have Eyes" is played. Rounding up NorFest are Bloodlights with an exclusive track taken from their SkullCandy Headphone Promo CD which I picked up in 2008. For some reason, probably Blackmail, I have the urge to play some brand spanking new Hip Priests, so I do. (The cheque's in the Post.) Into the home stretch its Little Richard morphing into Slade, with The Ruts actually closing proceedings.

Episode 481



Having been born in Beckenham and lived there, on and off, for the last 30 years David Bowie's life and death had an impact on me. Whilst mainstream Radio Stations celebrated his life with great but obvious songs I go for a different approach by starting this week's show with a Davie Jones With The King Bees song before going into a Motörhead track from "Bad Magic". It's not all doom and gloom with The Supersuckers and something from their "Holdin' The Bag" album. Thee Martian Boyfriends are up next with an injection of some Farfisa organ. The Michael Monroe Band are bound for the United States next month, so to get our American chums in the mood and even more excited a track from "Blackout States" gets an airing. The Boys have just released a brand new video to whit I play the audio equivalent from "Punk Rock Menopause". Non PC band Childbirth from Seattle have two tracks played one from each of their albums, which are "It's A Girl" and "Women's Rights". Slade, who were the first band I got into back in March 1973, have that track, which set me on my musical journey played. A band who would be right at home in the early to mid 70's are The Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell who just so happen to have released a brand new 7" on Rise Above Records. Obviously the A-Side gets a good going over. Captain Blood, from Denver, Colorado, with their Horror Punk make their debut onto The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show. Turbonegro once again grace the airwaves with their latest single which came out last year. Sonny Vincent's Son, Daughter-In-Law and Grandson were involved in a serious Apartment Fire suffering 50-80% burns, so Sonny has set up a GoFundMe Campaign to help with their Medical expenses which you can donate to Here. Ghost Highway Recordings are also chipping in by giving all the proceeds from the "Lines On My Mirror" 7", which I play, to the fund. The Royal Republic are the latest band to have a gig that clashes with an already booked ticket. (Ghost on March 2nd) Even so I play another new track from their up and coming album. AC/DC finish things off this week because.....well just because.      

Episode 480



Welcome to Episode 480 of this The Paranoid Squirrel Mid-Week Special. On this show it's the UK Subs recorded live at the 100 Club as part of the venue's Resolution Festival on Saturday 9th January. The gig was the same day as Lemmy's Funeral Service with Charlie Harper resplendent in a "Don't Fuck With Lemmy" t-shirt with a picture of Mr Kilminster giving the camera the finger. In a fitting tribute the band played the first single that got Motörhead onto Top of the Pops. The UK Subs were as they always are, fantastic; they came, they saw, they rocked and lay waste to all and sundry. New songs from the bands current album "Yellow Leader" mixed perfectly with their chart bothering back catalogue of classics, as, hopefully, you are just about to hear.

Episode 479



My battle with Man-flu is the underlining theme on today's show. On the musical front though DENIMGOAT, who sport Danne McKenzie, Nicke Borg, Richie Puzz, Max Diesel and Ida Evileye in their ranks have just released a cover of Phil Lynott's "Nineteen" which obviously I play. Can you believe it's been 30 years since he died? Even more worrying is that later on this year it'll be Cliff Burton's. Hey! Hello! have a track aired from their second album, "Hey! Hello! Too!" which has me more than excited. As the latest Classic Rock Magazine reviews Dirtbag Republic's debut album for the second time I feel the need to play something off it. Up next are the LLUNATIKS who hail from Villalonga, Spain and a track from their "Ultra Rock" album. Then as I'm seeing the UK Subs tonight at the 100 Club as part of the Resolution Festival I hold my own mini one by playing classic tracks from the Anti-Nowhere League, GBH, Discharge, Chelsea and the UK Subs. Missing from the Festival were the Damned and or associated former or current members, so I redress the situation by playing the last recording that Captain, Rat and Paul Gray did together. It's a riot. There's a clue for you. As the World and her husband are talking about Guns 'n' Roses I join in with my two pennies worth playing one of their tracks in the process. The Cruel Intensions, who feature former Vains of Jenna vocalist Lizzy DeVine, make their second appearance on The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show with their new single. I finish this week's show off with The Heavy Eyes who last fm describe as "psychedelic bluesy rock from the delta that sounds similar to a skeleton driving a speed boat on a flaming Mississippi River headed back to 1969." Sold to the man with the snotty nose and cough!  

Episode 478



I don't think that any of us thought that at the start of 2016 we would be mourning the loss Lemmy, but we are. Motörhead are now just one step away from being just like The Ramones; no one from the bands first recording experience can tell us, firsthand, what was like. Let's hope that last step is a great number of years away. To celebrate the Birth and Demise of one of my three bands that I can't live without, I start this week's show off the very first song from the very first Motörhead gig recorded at the Roundhouse on July 1975 with Lucas Fox on drums and Larry Wallis on guitar before going into the very last song from the very last Motörhead concert in Berlin on the 11th December 2015. Yes I do play other bands apart from Motörhead; up next is a new track from Anthrax's new album "For All Kings" then as I cocked their name up on last week's show, or did I? Helldivers from Sweden are once again brought to the fore. As promised on Episode 477 two Johnny Thunders tracks, one each from the Remarquable Records 10"'s are aired. One features Paul Gray and Steve Nicol and the other Phil Lynott. Then Liverbox from Finland make their welcome debut onto The Paranoid Squirrel who are then swiftly followed by Joy Division. A band I've gone all happy dance over are Beach Slang from Philadelphia. They remind me of The Goo Goo Doll circa "Superstar Carwash" and "Hold Me Up" in other words before the Dolls went shit. Two of the bands albums were very quickly purchased with a track from "Broken Thrills" making it onto the show. The last track of the first Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show of 2016 goes to Snowy Dunes (Or do I sneak a bonus Lemmy track in right at the end?) who combine 60's Garagey Psychadelia with 70's riff-rock and a hint of love for the early 90's stoner scene.