2015 Shows

Episode 477



Welcome to Episode 477 of The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show which is also the last of 2015. Kicking off this "Back To The Studio" affair is a seasonal Ulysses, who also crop up later in the hour in a non-seasonal way.  But before we get to that The Backyard Babies who are swiftly followed by early Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers really get things going. Then it's a Radio 1 in session track from The Damned still featuring Algy Ward but showcasing a tune that will appear on their Paul Gray forth album. The first new song of this week's show comes courtesy of The Class of 76 who feature Barrie Masters, Steve Nicol from Eddie & The Hot Rods, Members and Vibrators guitarist Nigel Bennett and bassist Russ Strutter formerly of Wilko Johnson. Helldivers from Sweden sent me an mp3 of their latest single which I obviously air as it's rather good in a Detroit Garage kind of way, as is the King Mastino track, who hail from Italy, that follows it.  On episode 472, which was the CJ Ramone gig, I apologised for not recording the Yorkshire Rats who were on just after openers Los Pepes and just before Vice Squad, saying that I would be playing something off their "Sea Of Souls" CD to make amends. Well making good on my promise I do exactly that. Scott Sorry, he of The Wildhearts and Sorry and The Sinatras has just released his first solo album via Pledge Music called "When We Were Kings" and quite frankly it could be a contender for album of the year, if I was to do one, which I don't, so it won't. If I was it would've probably been The Sick Livers or Michael Monroe anyway. However that's all immaterial so I crank it up with Scott Sorry and a track from his aforementioned album.  Sticking with The Wildhearts interconnectedness; CJ Wildheart has just shared a second track from his forthcoming pledge album "Robot". To coincide with the release of the album in February he is playing in London which unfortunately clashes with The Vibrators 40th Anniversary gig at the Islington Academy. So I'm in a bit of a quandary which gig should I go to. Please e-mail me with your thoughts so I can then apportion blame elsewhere. "They made me do it!" To celebrate the release of the new Star Wars film I play The Dollyrots' acoustic and electric versions "Be My Leia" at the same time because I stupidly thought that they would've used the same mastertape therefore they'd be the same length. Oh how I laughed. Plastic Tears get us back on an even keel with a cover taken from the Christmas edition of their "Rhythm Rider" ep and in six degrees of separation Smash Fashion have their brand new single played. As we hurtle towards the end of the show and year The Black Bullets help me pick up speed with a track from their new ep "Bombshell" but it's The Hip Priests with a brand new track that takes us over the edge and out of 2015.

Episode 476



Welcome to Episode 476 of The Paranoid Squirrel Rock show and the final live gig from me this year. The band who hold this position are Ghost recorded at The Camden Palace (KOKO) on the last date of their 2015 European Tour. Unfortunately the sound quality isn't up to my normal standards, I did think about shelving this episode until an alternative recording became available but then you wouldn't hear me rant about the three extremely young industry types who were standing behind us who chatted throughout the whole gig hence the quality issue. Apart from that Ghost were bloody brilliant, they have really brought a breath of fresh air into the Rawk scene. For those of you who are going "Ghost who?" here's a brief synopsis courtesy of Wikipedia so it's bound to be inaccurate: "Five of the group's six members wear virtually identical, face-concealing costumes. The most distinguishable member is the vocalist, who sports skull face paint, appearing as what can be described as a "demonic anti-Pope". Each album cycle has brought about a change in the band's appearance. The vocalist is always portrayed as the same archetype character, but has slight appearance changes and even personality traits are altered from former versions. The band members' true identities are kept anonymous, as their actual names have not been publicly disclosed. The vocalist calls himself Papa Emeritus and according to band folklore there have been three different characters taking the name Papa Emeritus, each younger than the last. The first welcomed the second Papa Emeritus on December 12, 2012 in Linkoping. On June 3, 2015, the second Papa Emeritus welcomed his younger brother as the new Papa Emeritus after being "fired" due to not performing his duty in overthrowing governments and churches. Papa Emeritus II and Papa Emeritus III were stated to only have a 3-month difference in age. It is believed that all versions of Papa Emeritus are actually portrayed by the same guy." No really?! "The musicians are referred to only as Nameless Ghouls each with a different symbol; Fire - lead guitar, Water - Bass, Air - Keyboards, Earth - drummer and Aether - rhythm guitar." So there you go.

Episode 475



So onto the penultimate live Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show of 2015. Long-time listeners are aware that I am a Triple X L fan of The Damned, so having missed out on seeing them at The Roundhouse in the Summer as soon as I heard the band were playing in London just before Christmas a ticket was secured. Safe in the knowledge that as One Direction were now on a break I wouldn't be required to escort my teenage Daughter to one of their gigs. I might moan about lack of new material or even songs from the last three Damned albums being conspectus by their absence from the set-list, but as soon as Captain surfs onto the Islington Academy stage saying "Hello, My name's Captain Sensible, Merry Fucking Christmas. We're The Damned and we sound something like this" and then launches into "Wait For The Blackout" nothing else matters. It's a fan friendly set nothing post "Anything". Obviously "Sanity Clause" and "The Turkey Song" with accompaniment on the latter from Charlie Harper and Gaye Advert are aired as it is the season. Captain has guitar issues throughout the set, changing his Gibson SG nearly after ever song and sometime during. The biggest light bulb moment of the gig was Captain implying "Neat, Neat, Neat" was more than just a nod to the style Eddie Cochran. "Smash It Up" finishes the set off with Captain trying to outstaying his welcome by giving us a vocal rendition of "Happy Talk". The Damned don't seem to have anything lined up until the Royal Albert Hall Concert in May, which obviously is something to really look forward to. I have heard that Graham Humphreys, the artist who did the Artwork for The Evil Dead, The Lords of The New Church and Brian James' "Guitar That Dripped Blood" album, is involved in some way over the 40th Anniversary and he was spotted at the gig......

Episode 474



Welcome to the third out of a potential five in a row live shows. On today's Episode it is Cambridge's The Treatment playing their first headlining London Show since Mitchel Emms, the 2013 quarter finalist in The Voice along with rhythm guitarist Tao Grey joined the band. I hate making predictions as it's like a curse, I could put money on Christmas day being on Friday this year and end up losing it all, however I sincerely hope that The Treatment become this generations Thunder. Pure British Rock, played with heart and feeling with the band a couple of years down the line headlining and selling out Hammersmith Odeon with their sites firmly set on headlining Donington. Until then we'll have to make do with this, a sold out Camden Barfly.   


Episode 473



Welcome to Episode 473 of The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show. Blowing any cobwebs away you might have pre-Christmas on this week's show are The WitchDoktors and The Phobics. Both bands were recorded live at The Hope & Anchor in Islington last Saturday as part of the "Rockaway Beach" Club hosted by Timmy and Debs DeRella.
Deep in the darkest vaults of South London, The WitchDoktors have been honing their SuperPunkRock sound and shows since the early 90s, (one of their roadies even sang for the band myself and friend of the show and Squirrel associate Arcwright were peddling in 1993), drawing on their 70s punk upbringing even throwing in a live cover of The Damned's second single "Neat, Neat, Neat" and a snippet of The Clashes "Guns of Brixton" bolstering their pedigree. They also add a rather large dollop of trashy Rock'n' Roll with a dash of 60s Psyched-Out Garage put in a smidgen of cuntry (sic)finally mixing it all up with some God Damned loud geetars. After 4 albums, a fistful of singles plus hundreds of shows with like-minded souls the band are all set release album number 5 next year but are refusing to tell us what the title is. Whatever it may be called I will be buying it! 
The Phobics formed in Deptford a few years back by some Punk survivors and misfits with a love of Raw Rock 'n' Roll who were bored with a smug and complacent music scene. You'll find The Phobics occasionally sober (Tuesdays) but always ready to plug in and crank it up. Gig wise it's always an event. Last Saturday's was no exception as you're about to hear.

Episode 472



It's a "One, two, three, four" show this week with CJ Ramone recorded live at his debut solo London show at The Islington Academy on the 9th October. Tracks from his "Reconquista" and "Last Chance To Dance" albums were aired along with, naturally, songs from the band that gave him his surname. I have to tell you the set flowed beautifully and by the end of his set I didn't know whether to be happy that I'd just seen a Ramone play live or sad that I'll never see The Ramones, or their like, ever again. Support came from Los Pepes who thanks to the insane amount of roadworks (no it doesn't) in the Capital I only caught the bands last two songs and whilst running errands I almost completely missed CJ's main UK tour support band The Yorkshire Rats. I enjoyed what I saw and will be playing something off their debut album on the next studio show. The special guests for this particular evening were Vice Squad who kept everyone on the boil before the Main Man, pun intended, strode onto the stage and asked us "Do You Wanna Dance?" An hour later we still were.


Episode 471



Turbonegro get things going this week with a Demolition 23 sounding Def Leppard following in their wake. Then my own mix of "AntiPope" by The Damned takes the world by storm. We then get back onto new music from Psychopunch, which almost didn't happen, and The Carburetors, two bands that seem to be going hand in hand at the moment. A band that I had to miss off Episode 469 due to time constraints was The Dogbeats from Benidorm. Obviously they are included on this week's show to make amends. More new music with the b-side to Hard Action's "Hands Dripping Red" 7" which is due out on Bootleg Booze Records at the end of February. The Hip Priest/Billy Hopeless split 7" has finally landed on Doormats around the World but as I've already played both tracks in question I play The Hip Priests new track "For Life Till Deth" instead. In a Wildhearts Six Degrees of Separation I play new tracks from The Main Grains, that features Danny McCormack and The Drama Club Rejects that features Stidi. Both cracking songs! Scumbag Millionaire from Gothenburg are up next with some "Enraged and fast moving, cooking with gas and grooving Punk Rock" with the return of Royal Republic to The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show following on. Sham 69 have just released a brand new album called "It'll End In Tears". This is the Ian Whitewood line up. Deadbeat London, who feature Rich Rags on guitar from The Role Models, debut single gets an airing. I love finding new bands and new music with The Whipshades from Fredrikstad, Norway, being the latest band to fall into that category. It goes without saying I play track by them which comes from their latest release "Fast, Loud and Primitive". This week's show is wrapped up with part of an interview with Richard Strange that I attended on the 27th that was hosted by Peter Cook from The Academy of Rock. Richard "Kid" Strange was in The Doctors of Madness that for a few gigs in 1978 featured Dave Vanian from The Damned. You also get to hear the question I posed, with the one and only studio track that Dave Vanian recorded with them that was co-written by TV Smith from The Ruts closing proceedings.


Episode 470



Welcome to Episode 470 of The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show, my 50th Birthday Special. So on Wednesday, the day before the actual day, The Backyard Babies finished off the first part of their comeback "Four By Four" tour by playing The Islington Academy. Along with a career retrospective that had me doing a happy dance for their entire set I was completely blown away with the band energy and enthusiasm. I almost felt like they'd cheated me out of a good time over the five years since they've been away. If the recording sounds a bit unsteady that would be due to the Jameson, Ice and Lemonades that various friends and acquaintances were purchasing on my behalf for my consumption. Not to mention the Bottle of Prosecco that came with my Birthday Pizza.


Episode 469



Welcome to another hours' worth of music that you should hear on the radio but don't with Marty Robbins kicking things off. Up next it's two split singles courtesy of Ghost Highway Recordings. Firstly Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker do battle with Driving Rain then Jake Starr & the Delicious Fullness get it on with Dollhouse. As a tribute to Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor I play a track from one of his lesser known bands The Muggers. The band also featured his Motörhead cohort Fast Eddie Clarke along with Speedy Keen on guitar and vocals who had had a huge number 1 hit with the Thunderclap Newman Band in 1969 with "Something in the Air" and on bass from The Heartbreakers and Iggy Pop was Billy Rath. Onto new music which includes Girlschool and a track off their new album "Guilty As Sin" and The Dictators NYC with their first new material in 15 years. Compare and Contrast is back, thanks Andy, with the Blues Magoos prosecuting The Dead Kennedys. Back to new music and The Local Band who comprise of Alexi Laiho (Children of Bodom), Jussi69 (The 69 Eyes), Olli Herman (Reckless Love) and Archie Kuosmanen (Santa Cruz) have a tracked played from their upcoming ep of covers, then it's off to Seattle for some Ramones inspired music from The Piniellas. Dom Daley of Glunk Records and Uber Rock's review of Jukebox Zeros got me all excited and hopefully the track of theirs that I play will also do it for you. The Idol Dead have just released their version of the Dogs D'Amour "I Don't Want You To Go" in aid of the Winston's Wish charity and the memory of Drugdealer Cheerleader drummer Ringo. The Eagles of Death Metal finish this week's show off but not with the cover you might have been expecting, but then again......    


Episode 468



The word "Electric" runs through this week's show in the form of live recordings from The Electric Boys and then Imperial State Electric. The Electric Boys were touring to celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the release of "Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride" supporting The Dan Reed Network with former Hanoi Rocks drummer Jolle Atlagic joining his forming Hanoi band members of Conny Bloom and Andy Christell, who had joined the band as it wasn't financially practical for regular sticksman Niklas Sigevall to fly in from his LA home. Imperial State Electric were celebrating the return of Nicke Andersson at the Electric Ballroom after he suffered hearing lose sidelining him from his own band for a few days and a few gigs. In a perverse kind of way I was looking forward to seeing Imperial State Electric as a Power Trio or hoping that Robert Pehrsson had been flown in to stand in for Nicke. Fortunately or not depending on your point of view he was gig ready. So along with Dolf, Tobias and Tomas many Jams were kicked out and best viewed and heard as a four piece.


Episode 467



Welcome to Episode 467 of The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show, where, even though the news about The Hellacopters one off Sweden Rocks gig is over a week old, I go off on a complete tangent, not playing was I was planning to but Bands and Records that have shaped, if not changed the course of my life. Therefore for the first part of this week's show I play; The Hellacopters, The Ramones, Motörhead, The Damned, The Beatles, Ginger Wildheart, The Hydromatics and Cinderella. Fortunately I do leave myself enough room for new music that you should hear on the Radio but don't in the form of Brian James and a track from his latest album "The Guitar That Dripped Blood", The Dirty Strangers and something from their just released "Crime And A Women" album. If you think that the Rolling Stones haven't released an album of decent tunes this century The Dirty Strangers will restore your faith. Scott Sorry, he of Sorry and The Sinatra and sometimes Wildhearts Bassist, and a the first fruits from his Pledge Music solo album. I finally manage to play a track from the Black Bombers 7" that their Bassist and Walter Lure's, Darren Birch sent me a couple of months ago. Well worth the wait. As we plunge head long toward the end of this week's hour the Zodiac Panthers, all two of them, give us some Primal Garage Punk with The Beladeans blending some modern/vintage Pacific Northwest Garage Rock to actually bring proceedings to an end.


Episode 466


Welcome to another week of music that you should hear on the radio but don't here on The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show. As its Halloween I might as well get my token All Hallows' Eve track out of the way courtesy of The Misfits. Then as I'm seeing Bernie Tormé tonight up at The Borderline I play a track from his latest album "Blackheart" to get me, and hopefully you, all fired up. Up next and new to the show are Thirsty who feature two ex-Quireboys Guy Bailey and Chris Johnson. At the end of last week the members of the UK Subs jointly released a statement saying on the 24thOctober a major announcement regarding the band would be forthcoming. For the bands 26th and FINAL album "Ziezo" fans would be able to get fully involved in the whole process via Pledge Music which goes live tomorrow (1st Nov). Naturally I play two UK Subs track, the first was originally released as a fan club only one-sided 7" with the second taken from the bands last album "Yellow Leader". Keeping in the classic Punk Rock mood I play a track from Chelsea's last album "Saturday Night, Sunday Morning" which goes straight into the Dahlmanns, who hail from Norway, latest 7" single. The Last Great Dreamers have just released a new single to coincide with their up and coming support slot to Cherie Currie, obviously it gets an airing as does a track from D-Generations 2015 Record Store day 10". A sad note I play a track from late 80's Glam Rockers Belladonna's debut 12" as their original and former Bad English (SA) drummer Vince Höare passed away at his home in South Africa last weekend. Following on is Husker Du and then Anthrax with the first new song from the band's upcoming 2016 album. Onto the home straight and it's the Eureka Machines and the Sick Livers. The Eureka Machines track is taken from their soon to be released "Rarities" CD with the Sick Livers song taken from "Mid Liver Crisis" which has just had a video released to accompany it.


Episode 465


Welcome back to an all studio Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show. It only feels like yesterday that I was talking to you………

The Damned get things going with a track from their Black Album with Paul Gray's latest venture in the form of the Monte Dons following on. Up next is Goy Division featuring former Adam West and current Delicious Fullness throaterlist Jake "The Suit" Starr along with Dan-O Deckelman and The Rats. New music comes courtesy of former Hardcore Superstar Guitarist Thomas Silver who is swiftly followed by an as yet unreleased track from his 2011 Rockfield Sessions that features Michael Monroe, Martin Chambers, Casino Steel, Darrell Bath and Glen Matlock. The Volcanics are up next with a track from their Rob Younger produced album "Transmission". So if you're into The Victims, The Scientists, The Stooges, the MC5 and AC/DC you might just love this. Born Loose have a brand new album out called "Blowout" which is available on vinyl only. Do not fret it, comes with a download code for those of you whose turntable has been packed away. Obviously a track from it is aired. Not only have Psychopunch and The Carburetors just released a split 7", booked a German tour together for March, but both are due to release new albums on the 20th November. The albums are "Sweet Baby Octane" - Psychopunch and "Laughing In The Face Of Death" - The Carburetors. A track from each album is played. A new band to me is The Unholy Preachers from the Czech Republic. Their one album and two eps has a certain Hip Priests feel about them. Great stuff which I hope you agree with. On the 19th and 20th February at the Pipeline in London there is going to be the biggest Turbojugend UK party ever in the form of Deathtime Assembly, ten bands over two days who include The Parkinsons, who seem to have reformed and have a documentary about them due for release next month, The Good, The Bad and The Zugly, Bloodlights, The Hip Priests, The Sick Livers, The Chuck Norris Experiment, Flash House, Fuck Frankie, Crude Caress and Zero Zero. Sweet innocent Jesus. Will I be there? Does a Turbojugend hang around the Docks? Hell yeah. To celebrate I play you the aforementioned The Good, The Bad and The Zugly and Bloodlights. A band I think is missing from the bill are Märvel and to prove the point I play a track from their current album "The Hills Have Eyes". CJ Wildheart has launched a brand new PledgeMusic campaign for his new solo album "The Robot". The title track has been released as a teaser or taster depending which I share with up. As I'm still in a bit of a Professionals mood I finish this week show off with the Sham Pistols track "Natural Born Killer" from the "Complete Professionals" 3CD and "Little Boys In Blue" by Dirtbag Republic.


Episode 464


Well it's Friday and I'm glad we made it to the end of the week. To celebrate for your listening enjoyment I have for you The Professionals live from The 100 Club. Now for those of you who are unaware, shame on you, The Professionals were the band that Paul Cook and Steve Jones put together after the demise of the Sex Pistols. The gruesome twosome were joined by Ray McVeigh and Paul Myers for the "I Didn't See It Coming" album. The band only lastedthree years splitting up in the States in the spring of 1982 after turning down an opening spot offer from The Clash. The thought of The Professionals reforming seemed as likely as David Cameron handing out Fifty Pound notes to the homeless or Jeremy Corbyn singing the National Anthem.That was until former Yo-Yo's and Loyalties Bassist Tom Spencer stepped in to replace the LA lifestyle loving Steve Jones and two dates were booked; The Fleece in Bristol and The 100 Club three days later.And this dear friends is the result.


Episode 463


Welcome to Episode 463 of The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show which pretty much is the finale of Monday's show. So on today's episode it is the turn of The Michael Monroe Band to *Rock Like Fuck out of The Electric Ballroom in Camden on the last night of their UK co-headlining tour with Hardcore Superstar. The Monroes latest album "Blackout States" was only released just under week before this London date but by the amount of people who already new word perfect the new songs and welcomed them into the band's set like classic long lost songs, Michael, Sami, Steve, Karl and Rich must surely soon be looking for wall space for a Gold Record. The band's set was a broad representation of Michael's career to date, although I thought "Horns and Halos" was under represented however he is here to promote "Blackout States" and it would've been interesting to hear a Hanoi song from the rebirth days as well or instead of "Oriental Beat", "Tragedy" and "Malibu Beach" but I was glad to hear "Up Around The Bend" a song I don't think I've heard him played solo. It's funny but on Monday's episode with regards to the Hardcore Superstar set I said that I thought it was a tad too long and that I'm more of a "Wham, bam, thank you Arm" merchant. Not when it comes to Michael Monroe. I could've quite happily watched The Monroes play their entire back catalogue from start to finish. It pretty much was the perfect ending to a Thursday evening of musical entertainment. A shoe in for Download this year surely?!

*Copyright Adam Bomb


Episode 462


Welcome to Episode 462 which is the first of three Podcasts this week, four if you count next Saturday. The others will be on Wednesday and Friday. But let's concentrate on what I have on offer for you today, which is Hardcore Superstar recorded on their last date of their co-headlining UK tour with Michael Monroe, who will be the subject of Wednesday's Podcast. It always seems that Hardcore Superstar are up for co-headlining duties having seen them with The 69 Eyes and Buck Cherry over the years. Certainly it makes financial sense. The bands current album "HCSS" which was released at the beginning of this year is a really strong album. It's hard for me to say it's their best album to date as the band has constantly maintained a high standard when it comes to their recording output, however I was disappointed at the lack of their earlier material live, but the band are here, once again, to promote the new album, so I can't really complain. I did feel the bands set went on a tad too long, I know it was a co-headlining show so both bands get, quite rightly, equal stage times but in this instance I would've preferred the "Begging for more" approach. Minor quibble on what was otherwise a great set as you are about to hear.


Episode 461


Another trip up to The Borderline last week saw me seeing Finnish based apocalyptic post-punks Grave Pleasures who up until the beginning of this year were known as Beastmilk. However a departing guitarist saw the band adopt a new name and a new record label in the form of Sony. I did wonder at the bands rational at the name change as although Beastmilk might not have been a household name the two gigs I saw them play under that moniker were close to sell outs with the band's debut album "Climax" that was released at the tail end of 2013 shifting a respectable amount of units. Mind you the interest generated by the change of name and new line-up doesn't seem to have done the band any harm. Infact I think it has helped their profile as the sardine conditions at the Borderline laid testament to. The band is vocalist Mat McNerney, Linnéa Olsson and Juho Vanhanen on the Guitars, Valtteri Arinoon Bass and drummer Uno Bruinusson. I get the feeling that if Grave Pleasures had been around at the beginning of the 1980's every student's bedroom wall would've had their poster cozying up to that of The Cures and The Banshees. Great stuff.

Episode 460


All the way from Atlanta, Georgia the Biters descended on the UK at the end of last month as part of their "Warriors Worldwide" tour in support of their full length debut album "Electric Blood" which is out now on Earache Records. The tour started off at the Barfly in London on the 25th September and ended yesterday in Sheffield. I caught them at the Borderline in London on the 6th October and what a fine time I had watching their Ramones meets Thin Lizzy via Cheap Trick style of Rawk! Catchy songs? Tick. Huge riffs? Tick, Power Pop Heaven? Tick. The Biters certainly look to that most diverse of decades that had Prog, Rock, Glam, Disco and Punk all vying for our attention as the song "1975" encapsulates. Frontman Tuk doesn't take himself seriously taking the mick out of himself and various audience members, all in an endearing way. With only the aforementioned "Electric Blood" and a spattering of eps to draw from the band slipped in a Thin Lizzy cover with The Squirrel claiming that the band played two Lizzy covers, the other being "The Boys Are Back In Town". Obviously she was talking about "So Many Nights" which is an inadvertent cover……but whatever, as it was a great night for all concerned as you will hear.


Episode 459


Well today got off to a great start with the Gas Board digging up our side path to fix a Gas leak at 12:30 this morning. No Sleep 'til Hammersmith indeed. Consequently if I sound like I'm on speed towards the end of this nearly two hour show, you'll know why.

On the musical front Russkaja, the Austrian equivalent to The Leningrad Cowboys, start things off, then it's some Classic Backyard Babies in demo form who are swiftly followed by some up to date UFO. A track from Operation: Mindcrime's debut album is aired and then it's a live in the studio song from Bernie Torme to promote his new album, Blackheart and subsequent tour. Compare and Contrast is back with The Boys prosecuting The Towers of London. Now when I started this podcast back in 2007 I never in a million years thought I'd be playing a Prog Rock track by The Pope. Yes The Pope as in his Holiness Pope Francis, but today on this episode I do. How do you follow the Pontiff? You follow him with some Barbe-Q-Barbies and a track from their new album "Driven". (It's a good job I'm not Catholic, how many Hail Mary's?). Darren Birch, Walter Lure's European bassist, e-mailed to tell me that it was in fact Ozzie who was drumming at The Jazz Cafe and not Martin Ashston as I claimed. Darren is also in The Black Bombers who are head to head with The Hip Priests tonight in Digbeth and it's only a Fiver to get in. So Get In! New to The Paranoid Squirrel are Swedish Garage Merchants The Deadheads with a track off their second and new album "Loadead" On the Pledge front Mustasch's new album arrived last week, signed. Well when I say signed the CD lid was, not the actual booklet. Obviously I play a track which for some reason had me think of Sabbath. Queensryche also fan funded their latest album "Condition Human" however I bought the regular version. The band certainly seem to have found their Mojo which has been absent for most of this century as hopefully you'll agree on hearing it. If your listening platform of choice is The Wall Rock Radio then I'm afraid this is where we part company for this week. For everybody else.... Uber Rocks' Dom Daley pointed me in the (one) direction of The Shondikes. Who he says and I quote "If you still have a shred of life in your rock 'n' roll heart and you want to hear a great record then take a chance on The Shondikes because if you're true to yourself then you will love this record like your first born" On that review I purchased their self-released album "Psychotic Make Out Music" CD and share a track. A band that has got me all excited is from Vancouver Dirtbag Republic featuring Sandy Hazard and Mick Wood formerly of Grandma Moses. Think Rolling Stones, Cheap Trick, NY Dolls, Sex Pistols, Aerosmith, Hanoi Rocks and The Ramones. Now you know why I'm excited. They even cover a Professionals track! Michael Monroe's latest album "Blackout States" is released next Friday. Wanna sneaky listen to a track? Oh all right.....Joyous news reach me last week that the Bay City Rollers are to reform, well three of the classic line-up are. Pre-Christmas gigs have been booked which sold out in seconds. Hopefully a London date will be forthcoming. To mark this news from 1975, The Tartan Horde's one and only single "Bay City Rollers - We Love You" is played. If you are scratching your head as to why.....Nick Lowe and a pre Rat Scabies Chris Miller aka Mouse Modem play on it, which leads nicely into the new single by Giuda. Up next are two tracks from The Bones, one is in Germany whilst the other is the English equivalent. Rattling towards the end of this week's show we have new music from Tank, Graveyard who are due over here with Imperial State Electric and finally it's The BossHoss who add the full stop to proceedings. 


Episode 458


Following on from The Bermondsey Joyriders Mid-Week Special comes the headlining Walter Lure; the last remaining member from the classic Heartbreakers, recorded at The Jazz Café 17th September. Joining Mr Lure were Jez Miller, Darren Birch and Martin Ashton with, from The Jim Jones Revue, Jim Jones himself and Robert Orton who joined in for a couple of numbers. Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers were never renowned for their tightness live and Walter doesn't do anything to dispel this, with Jez, Darren and Martin seemingly knowing the material better than the man himself and that wasn't a criticism. Obviously choice cuts from the Heartbreakers and The Waldos one and only albums were aired, that'll be "L.A.M.F." and "Rent Party", with a couple of covers sneaked in. It seems that new music is on the horizon from Walter courtesy of The Last Ditches that also features Binky Philipps and Randy Pratt. I can't wait to hear that! But in the meantime................


Episode 457


Welcome to Wednesday and what a better way to get over the middle of the week by listening to The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show and a live gig featuring The Bermondsey Joyriders. The band are relatively new forming around 2007 and at one time Rat Scabies was their drummer of choice. Chris Musto formerly of Johnny Thunders is now the sticksman with Gary Lamin, ex Cock Sparrer, on guitar and vocals with Martin Stacey ex Chelsea on bass. The band is quintessentially English and looks like they've been rummaging around in Noddy Holders dressing up box. Sound wise there's still is a nod to Cock Sparrer, with Guitarist magazine's Charles Shaar Murray feeling that the band had achieved a "unique spin on punk-blues". Three albums down the line in the form of their self-titled, "Noise and Revolution" and "Flamboyant Thugs" the Joyriders are gaining quite a solid following and not only from fans of their previous outfits. The threesome are also getting some choice support slots like guests to Walter Lure at the Jazz Cafe last Thursday. Both I and friend of the show and Squirrel associate Arkwight commented on how good they were, but don't take our word for it, have a listen for yourselves.


Episode 456


As a tribute to Bassist Bryn Merrick who passed away last Saturday The Damned open this week's show. Keeping it in a "Punk" mood; Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers along with The Ramones, well it would've been Dee Dee's Birthday yesterday, sweep us along into Type O Negative. This week's clashing gig situation involves The Boys at The Pipeline in November. As Honest John Plain will be back playing guitar with his temporary stand in Chips Kiesbye from Sator also rumoured to be accompanying his fellow band mate Kent over for the gig this trumped any other gig that I was supposed to be going to. As a soundtrack to this news a track from The Boys last album "Punk Rock Menopause" along with a Sator 7"are played. New music comes from Devil City Angels self-titled debut album. Who as you know, if you listened to the last mid-week special, features Tracii Guns and Rudy Sarzo. The Hollywood Vampires whose core members are Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry have just released their first album with some help from Dennis Dunaway, Bob Ezrin, Perry Farrell, Dave Grohl, Brian Johnson, Charlie Judge, Robby Krieger, Abe Laboriel Jr., Paul McCartney, Orianthi, Slash, Neil Smith, Glen Sobel, Zak Starkey, Joe Walsh, Kip Winger, Bruce Witkin, Tommy Henriksen, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum. The album consists of all but two covers, three if you included Sir Christopher Lee's intro, and comes over as a cross between a classic Alice Cooper Band album and a musical, as you will hear. The Black Bullets have a new EP out later this year called "Bombshell" but to wet your musical palette I let you have a sneaky listen to one of the tracks. The Browns are a Canadian band who have been around since January 1998 but I only got to hear of them thanks to Muscle Car who championed their soon to be released new album "Return Of The Browns" on Facebook, a track of which I play. Looks like I'll be playing "Catch Up" this weekend. The Bones new album "Flash The Leather" is now out in a standard and a limited Digi-Pack. Being the tight wad that I am I bought the standard release then discovered that the limited edition had two bonus tracks, one of which was the English version of "Die Wilden Jahre", that I required so as I could play them back to back. Even after I bought the up-grade version I played something completely different, a cross between AC/DC and Hardcore Superstar......I then talk about two former Wildhearts members; Danny McCormack and Stidi's new bands. That'll be The Main Grains and Drama Club Rejects respectively. Bloodlights, who include former Gluecifer guitarist Captain Poon, new EP "Somebody Else's Nightmare" is out on the 9th October. So I play the title track. Also out on the 9th is Gluecifer's back catalogue on Vinyl. Get in! More talking from me but this time it's important as the London date for Eddie Spaghetti's "Give Cancer The Middle Finger" fundraiser is being finalised. As soon as I know and it's all confirmed, I will let you know. Onto the two last songs this week which are both new. First up it's The Cruel Intentions, who feature former Vains Of Jenna frontman Lizzy DeVine with their latest single who are swiftly followed by Reckless Love with theirs.


Episode 455


It's Wednesday; the middle of the week and it's a peak not a trough. To celebrate I bring you Gunzo recorded at the Underworld in Camden last Friday. "Who are Gunzo?" I hear you cry. As the name implies the band feature Tracii Guns and Rudy Sarzo, two real bone-a-fide heavyweight musicians whose collective CV reads like a fantasy; LA Guns, Dio, Whitesnake, Ozzy Osbourne, Guns 'n' Roses. Joining our two superheroes were Michael O'Mara on vocals and Shane Fitzgibbons on drums who more than meet the task in hand. So what did we get? More to the point what are you going to hear? Over an hour and a quarters worth of Rudy and Tracii's back catalogue, with even some Montrose thrown in for good measure at the request of Michael O'Hara. I knew the evening was going to be good but I hadn't banked on it being THIS good. It's like the nineties never happened with me airguitaring, something I haven't done since the days of the Saxon Tavern in Southend Lane in Catford. This was what Friday nights were made for and if you're quick and in Northern Ireland the band are playing the Voodoo in Belfast tonight which just so happens to be the last gig of the tour.


Episode 454


So last Friday, that was the 4th September, the Von Hertzen Brothers hot from their Prog Award acoustic appearance, played the Underworld in Camden. I did think this was rather a strange choice of venue as the last time I saw them, which was only in April; they played the much bigger Dome in Tufnell Park. I did challenge their Record label boss as to why, and the short and easy answer was that it was the only available London venue. Not that I was complaining as there is a club on afterwards so there is a 10'o clock curfew, which meant I was tucked up in bed on the same day as the gig! Now I'm not sure whether it was because the Underworld was packed to the gunwales but the sound was gloriously spot on. Siblings Kie, Mikko and Jonne who were joined, as usual, by drummer, also called, Mikko and keyboardist Juha, looked like they were having a whale of a time, especially Mikko, the brother not the drummer, although.....and is it just me but aren't the Brothers starting to look like the Bee Gees? Jonne is Robin, Mikko is Barry and Kie Maurice

Welcome to The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show. This is Episode 454 and it's the middle of the week, unless you're listening on The Wall Rock Radio for the East Midlands where it's Saturday or quite possible Tuesday if you're listening to the repeat. Anyway my name's Armitage and over the course of this episode I'm going to play you music that you should hear on the radio but don't.

Episode 453


Welcome to this Paranoid Squirrel Mid-week special otherwise known as "The Armitage & Moose Show" (hence the quickly cobbled together Rocky & Bullwinkle artwork) or to call it by its actual real title "The Team Rock Breakfast Show Friday 4th September 2015". So last Friday I sat in with Moose on the Free Spin Friday part of his and JRock's Breakfast Show. JRock unfortunately was sided lined which was handy as there were only two chairs in the studio. Over the course of the show I cast the odd pearl of wisdom in the direction of Moose that he managed to successfully deflect and I give poor advice on how to increase podcasting listenership. All this whilst music that you always hear on the radio is played, well is Free Spin Friday. I also discover that the studio has no CD player meaning my **ahem** gift of the new Sick Livers and Role Models albums go un-played. If you want to hear all this for yourself the show is currently available to stream here for a limited time or if you wish to download it to listen on you mp3 player or iPod you can on my regular platforms. (For iTunes change it from Music to a Podcast file so you can flip flop between other music and pick it up where you left off, not that you'd want to but the choice is there). 


Episode 452


For all the wrong reasons Motörhead are making the headlines at the moment, however I play what I think is a rather relevant track from the band's new album "Bad Magic". The Breakdowns, who were played live on last Saturday's show, as promised have a track from their soon to be released Record on Ghost Highway played. Staying with Ghost Highway; the label in October will be putting out a live album by the Nomads a track of which I air as a teaser. The Dead Sea Skulls, who I wish I had recorded when they supported The Diamond Dogs a couple of weeks ago as they were that good have a track from their debut ep played so I can make amends. The Godfathers recently celebrated their 30th Anniversary with a gig at The 100 Club and the release of a new 7". This is the first I believe to feature the new line-up. Obviously I play something from the single. New to The Paranoid Squirrel are DVL, although main man James Thomas is no stranger having been in The Drej. Naturally I track from them/him gets an outing. More new music comes courtesy of those Smell City Five heroes Märvel, whose album "The Hills Have Eyes" is already for release on the 18th. I got a message to check out Brighton based band Tusks new album "Embers" which I did and play my findings. Friday saw me up at Team Rock Radio Towers to sit in with Moose on the Breakfast Show. Hear what did and didn't happen to the soundtrack of the new Michael Monroe single, The Role Models, The Sick Livers, Public Service Broadcasting and a new track from Slayer's "Repentless" album.


Episode 451


On today's show the "Taking Liberties" Tour which rolled into London yesterday was recorded for your listening pleasure. With a rotating headline of The Sick Livers (Wales) and The Disconnects (New Jersey) The Breakdowns were brought in to get everybody Power Popped up. After The Breakdowns The Disconnects came to the fore. You know in "Back To The Future" where Marty McFly does Johnny B Goode? That's The Disconnects all the time. The Sick Livers have just released their new album "Mid Liver Crisis" (on Glunk Records) hence tour to promote said album. "Turbonegro playing The Backyard Babies" and "The best songs Hanoi Rock never wrote" are two quotes which have been bandied about The Sick Livers. Fair enough.


Episode 450


Welcome to the Thursday Night Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show Special. On today's show I talk about gigs that finish late without coming to a conclusion on why. Feel free to throw in your two pennies worth. Maybe I'm too old to "Rock 'n' Roll"? One thing I'm too old to do is untrained Roof repairs two stories up in the rain. The main, and much more interesting, part of today's show comes courtesy of the Diamond Dogs live gig for the release of their umpteenth CD "Quitters & Complainers". Steve Conte of The Michael Monroe Band, who featured live on Episode 448, joined the proceedings playing four numbers with the band. The Diamond Dogs for the uninitiated were founded in the early nineties by Sören "Sulo" Karlsson (who can also be found these days in The Crunch along with Dave Tregunna, Mick Geggus, Terry Chimes & Idde Schultz) and Anders "Boba" Lindström (who later joined The Hellacopters). The current line-up features Sulo, Lars Karlsson, The Duke of Honk, Martin Tronsson and Johannes Nordell. So without further ado here's some great Rock in the manor of The Faces/Quireboys with the help of a former New York Doll.


Episode 449


It's Tuesday, nowhere near the Weekend. So to cheer you up, as almost promised, here's the Mid-Week Special, minus 1. Kicking things off are The Beatles with two tracks that you probably haven't heard on the Radio; one old and one new. Iron Maiden have a new album out in the form of "The Book Of Souls", naturally I air a track from said album. Imperial State Electric released their fourth album last Friday called "Honk Machine". I'm not asking…..After careful consideration I select a choice cut for you to hear. ISE are over here in Blighty supporting Graveyard in November. Coincidently Graveyard will be releasing their new album "Innocence & Decadence" next month, so if your mind isn't already made up about purchasing tickets to see ISE and Graveyard I play you a little taster from the band's aforementioned new album to push you in the right direction. Black Trip are up next as Nicke Andersson was at the Production Helm for their third album "Shadowline". In a quick "Heads Up" Ghost Highway Records will soon be putting out a new live vinyl Record from The Nomads, the label has also just released a 7" from The Dahlmanns the a-side of which I play. Another track from The Catastrophe Records Born Loose/Lovesores split 7" gets played as the label has inked in a distribution deal with BootlegBooze.com and Undergroundmediciene.com. Even with Eddie Spaghetti side lined at the moment due to his on-going Cancer Treatment The Supersuckers have still found time to record the new album "Holding The Bag". Whilst listening to the title track go here and donate. The Bones have just recorded their first track in their native German language. Does it work? I play it for your own judgement. After a five year hiatus the Backyard Babies are back on Friday with "Four By Four". Reviews are mixed. After its first play I originally thought that it would've made a great 4 track ep, even the name says so. However after having it on heavy rotation for the benefit of The Squirrel I found it to be a grower and I'm looking forward to hearing great swaths of it played live. In the meantime a track from said album is obviously played. Talking of The Squirrel; more out of the Country clashing gigs have befall her. Still involving Amorphis but now The Michael Monroe Bandhas gotten themselves mixed up in the proceedings. To underline The Squirrel's dilemma I play a track from the new Amorphis album "Under The Red Cloud". The Paranoid Squirrel resident Butterfly Keeper, yes we really do have one, gave us at The Role Models gig on the 21st a list of bands that were most defiantly Squirrel pleasing. Unfortunately in the cold light of day I couldn't read my own handwriting making out only two bands. The first legible band was The Prophets of Addiction. A quick Google Search had me reading that they were a) A Rock Band from Seattle and B) The press has likened them to; Guns n Roses, The Ramones, Mötley Crüe, Dead Boys, LA Guns, Hanoi Rocks and the Lords of the New Church. On that basis I purchased their second album "Reunite The Sinners" which features a guitar solo from CC DeVille however I play a track for you that doesn't. The final song on this Tuesday Night Special comes courtesy of a solo track from former Space Age Playboy and current Tattooed Millionaire Johnny Jetson's "The Father, The Son And The Ghost Of Rock And Roll" debut Album. See you Thursday.


Episode 448


Yesterday was the Glunk Records Release Party for the Role Models Album "The Go To Guy", which was held at The Black Heart in Camden, with obviously the Role Models headlining. Joining Rich Rags and the rest of the Role Models was Michael Monroe guitarist and former New York Doll Steve Conte. A hot and sweaty night was had by all, but don't take my word for it…….


Episode 447


Welcome to Episode 447 of The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show and on this week's show we have another new track from the Biters' brand new album "Electric Blood" which seems to have been a permanent fixture in my stereo at the moment, although I have found time to listen to the new Ghost album "Meliora" and play you a track from it which unfortunately skips at the beginning (poxy CD). Continuing on from last week's first World problem of clashing gigs a new one has been added that effects The Squirrel; Amorphis up at Wembley versus Sator playing Debaser to celebrate the Anniversary of "Headquake". My money is on The Squirrel going to Stockholm. Consequently a track by Sator from "Headquake" is played. Up next is a track from The Straight To Video project which is the Brain Child of Rob Lane sometime bassist with The Teenage Casket Company, The Bullet Boys, Let Loose and Enuff Z'nuff's Johnny Monaco's solo band. Rob's idea was to record classic 80's 90's pop songs that featured in classic 80's 90's films. On the second release cleverly called "Straight 2 Video" Robin Black, formerly of The Intergalactic Rock Stars, lends his vocals to Paul Westerberg's "Dyslexic Heart". As it was Robin's Birthday last week Rob made it free to Download from the projects SoundCloud site which if you missed I play. Last week I played some Octopie who I said sounded like the Eureka Machines going prog. Well I played the album to The Squirrel who could see where I was coming from but thought it was more akin to The Scaramanga Six and I have to agree but to fair to me at one time both the Eureka Machines and The Scaramanga Six sported Chris Catalyst and Steven Morricone. To underline this I play some Scaramanga Six who coincidently released a new album at the beginning of June called "The Terrifying Dream". Staying with last week I played the wrong version of Billy Hopeless' "Gutterball" his contribution to the Billy Hopeless verses The Hip Priests split single out on a Little T&A Records. I'm not going to go into the whys and what for. (Yes I'm an idiot). To rectify my error I play the correct version. Whilst stalking, I mean surfing FaceBook, I found myself listening to the Barreracudas album "Can Do Easy". I was quickly won over by their '70's New York Glam, Punk, Trashy, Power Pop so purchased said album a track of which I obviously air to win you over also. Operation:Mindcrime the band that features the former vocalist of Queensryche Geoff Tate are all set to release their debut album "The Key" on 18th September. As a teaser I play you the track "Re-Inventing The Future" from the aforementioned album. This week's show is finished off by The Black Bullets recorded live at The Birds Nest in Deptford. More sing-a-long anthems than a "Best of Zodiac Mindwarp" album.  


Episode 446


The Last Great Dreamers are first up this week with a brand spanking new Motörhead track from "Bad Magic" swiftly following in their wake. The Biters have a track from their just released "Electric Blood" album aired with Thundermother **erm** Thundering in afterwards interspersed with Gigs I have already booked for next year and upcoming clashing gig stories featuring The Wildhearts, Danko Jones, Biters, One Direction, Megadeth, Kavadar and Bernie Tormé. I also mention about my trip next Friday up to Team Rock Radio's Breakfast Show. More new music comes from The Role Models' "The Go To Guy" album and then a classic track from The Sick Livers. After only having 16 seconds of Billy Hopeless' song "Gutterball" that I played on Episode 444, Billy himself e-mailed me asking if I wanted the full song. Obviously the answer was a resounding "Yes" which you get to hear. (The song not me saying "Yes") Courage Best Bitter Band of The Year 1978 - Johnny Moped have the A-Side of their first single in over 37 years played then I go all Prog with King Crimson who are followed by Octopie and a track from "The Adventure of Harry and Walrus Kane" which sounds like The Eureka Machines if they were to ever record a Progressive Rock Album. I kid you not. As we head towards the end of the show I play Grave Pleasures', the artists formally known as Beastmilk, first fruits from the "Dreamcrash" album. The final band of this week's show is The Heavy Metal Kids with a "Classic" live track taken from their Merton Manor Club gig last Wednesday prior to their Rebellion Festival Slot.


Episode 445


This week I ventured out of the Studio into the realms of gigland and found myself at The Forum in Kentish Town to see a band so influential that without them the Garage scene as we know it today wouldn't exist. Who am I talking about? The Sonics of course. Influencing everybody from Bruce Springsteen through The Cramps, Nirvana, The White Stripes and The Damned. If you're not familiar with the band name you sure will have heard of some of their recordings. They popularised the Richard "Louie Louie" Berry "Have Love Will Travel" from which all subsequent covers have been based, with their own "Strychnine" covered by artists as diverse as The Fall, The UK Subs The Surf Trio and the aforementioned Cramps. The band formed in Tacom, Washington State in 1960 but it wasn't until four years later that the classic line-up of Gerry Roslie on vocals and keys with Bob Bennett on drums, saxophonist Rob Lind and the Parypa Brothers of Larry and Andy on guitar and bass got together and recorded "Here Are The Sonics" and "Boom" on the Etiquette Record label in 1965 and 1966 respectively. The band sort of finished around 1968 but the name carried on featuring no original members until 1980. However three of the classic era line-up were persuaded to reform for The Cavestomp Garage Rock Festival in Brooklyn at the beginning of November 2007. At the end of January this year news broke that the band would be releasing a brand new studio album on the 31st March, their first in over 40 years, called "This Is The Sonics". And this is the Sonics live at The Forum, Kentish Town 30th July 2015.


Episode 444


As Slade finished things off last week I start this week's show with them. Continuity at its finest. The Black Bullets from Basingstoke have a tune from their new EP "Bulletproof" aired. Think Zodiac Mindwarp and classic Anti-Nowhere League. Evo/Algy from Warfare and Tank respectively have got it together and released a six track EP of three originals and three covers. The covers being R.A.M.O.N.E.S." by Motörhead, "Know Your Product" by Algy's pre Damned band The Saints and Status Quo's "Tune To The Music". However it's one of their originals that gets played. On the split 7" front Bloodlights and Dieter Jones go head to head as do The Hip Priests and Billy Hopeless. Hear what each has to offer. Queensryche's second album to feature Todd LaTorre "Condition Human" is all set from release on the 2nd October, as a prelude I play a track from it. On the Pledge front this week it's the turn of my joint all-time favourite guitarist Bernie Tormé with "Blackheart" and if you're quick you've got until Monday (27th) to grab it before the pledge ends. Eight quid for a twelve track digital album and a bonus ep? It's a no brainer, as you'll hear. Off the back of last week's mention of late 90's Scandinavian Garage bands I play you The Peepshows, The Robots and The Royal Cream and with the added edition of Cosmo Jones Beat Machine from Finland. Finishing this week's show off are Borracho, if you are listening on The Wall Rock Radio For The East Midlands and Geezer, if you're not, who are the subject of the first release in the "The Second Coming of Heavy - Chapter One" series on the Ripple Music Label.


Episode 443


This week I celebrate 8 years of The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show. Joining in me the party are The Hydromatics, well they were the first band that I played on Episode 1. New music comes courtesy of Spam Javelin who hail from North Wales. Keeping with the innuendos, Pink Cigar's new single also gets an airing. Next I take you back to the sixties with some Graham Bond Organisation as last week I watched the "Beware Mr. Baker" on the BBC iPlayer. On the live front I play a track from the new Boys live CD "Undercover" which was recorded in China with Sator's Kent Norberg on bass duties. In sad related news Honest John Plain has been Hospitalised after a fall. I think you'll be joining me in wishing him a speedy recovery. At this point I talk about what books I have lined up, one of which is "Love In Vain" the story of the Ruts and Ruts DC by Roland Link. As last week was the 35th Anniversary of Malcolm Owen's death I play something by them. Pledge time involves a track from The International Swingers self-titled studio album which took me a few listens to get into. The band features Glem Burke, Glen Matlock, James Stevenson and Gary Twinn. Thanks to Uber Rock reviewing The Last Throes album "Get Me Wrong" I rushed over to the band's BandCamp site and parted with $10 (£6.60 in real money) so I could own a piece of the action. Well with a quote like "the Dead Boys with Bon Scott fronting them instead of Stiv" I'm going to. Obviously I play something from it. The Flaming Sideburns get all acoustic by covering The Who and then I hit you with a full on studio track by them. As Eddie Spaghetti's post Cancer treatment has surpassed its $50,000 target by over five grand. I hit you with a Supersuckers song. There still are a couple of months left to run so if you've a few quid spare www.youcaring.com/eddie-spaghetti is the place to go. Ghost have just released another track from their forthcoming album "Meliora" album, out on the 21st August, which you get to hear with the whole show rounded off by the band that got me into music; Slade.


Episode 442


The Damned get things moving this week with The MC5, or to be exact The MC2, live from Helsinki in 1972 following on after. Peter Mensch has been bemoaning about the lack of great new bands, I beg to differ and to underline it I play a brand spanking new track from the Sick Livers new album "Mid Liver Crisis" and a tune from the last Chuck Norris Experiment album. Both, coincidently, just so happened to play SlugFest 8 last weekend. To reiterate my piece on last week's show about iTunes and streaming I let you know what the Sick Livers have on offer in the way of formats concerning their new album. For no other reason than it seems like I should I play a track from the last Hip Priests album I do. Much merriment was also had this week as Imperial State Electric have been announced as Graveyards special guests in November. I'm I going? Give me a "Hell Yeah!" So to celebrate I play a new track and the first single from ISE's "Honk Machine" album and something off the last Graveyard CD. More new music and as Kerrang gave Eva Plays Dead 2/5 for their debut EP I knew it was going to be good and had to play a track. What do Kerrap know anyway? Steven Tyler croons his way onto the show with the lead track off his debut (sic) and Country album. Thanks to Camden Council and the closure of The Purple Turtle I am now able to go and to the album launch gig of The Role Models' "The Go To Guy". To whit I play a track from it that features Sami Yaffa on bass. Up next it's Dee Snider with his first original material in over 20 years. Hard to believe I know. South London Rollin' Punk Rock 'n' Blues Merchants The Kult 45s lead us into the home stretch with me talking about how I've double booked myself once again with One Direction. This time it's The Wildhearts playing the P.H.U.Q. album in full at The Shepherds Bush Empire that I'll be missing. Anybody what a Level 1 ticket? Last band this week is the "You kept that quiet from me Jake" Go Mod Go! That amongst its 12 members is former Adam West and current main name in The Delicious Fullness throaterlist Jake Starr. Modtastic.


Episode 441


Iggy & The Stooges get things going this week with The Hellacopters covering the MC5 hot on their heels. Royal Acid Orchestra have track from their third album "Kingdom of Nothing" aired. The band's new album "Never Mind The Strawberry Fields" is out any day now and features former Hellacopter Robert "Strings" Dahlqvist. Up next The Trouser from Budapest have a track from their new album "Mother of Illusion" played, their last album featured Nicke Andersson. Spit Single time and Taken By Surprise recording artists and Paranoid Squirrel favourites Mother's Children and the Mandates have got it together. Well they're both Canadian, both have just toured mainland Europe together and both are purveyors of top quality Power Pop. The next split is the first on Catastrophe Records and features two tracks by The Lovesores and Born Loose. One original each and one cover each. I play, in a World exclusive, both originals. Be prepared to be blown away! Much rejoicing was had by me last week, yes I Graduated but that wasn't it. What had me punching the air was the news that Steve Jones and Paul Cook's post Sex Pistol band The Professionals were reforming. Steve, unfortunately, won't be joining in the fun but his replacement Tom Spencer, yes the Tom Spencer from The Yo-Yo's and The Loyalties hasn't ruled out Jones future involvement. Get in. A third piece of fortuitous news this week was that The Backyard Babies are playing in London the day before my 50th Birthday, I know I only look like I'm in my thirties......Tank, the non Algy Ward version, are all set to release a brand new album in September called "Valley Of Tears". Very good it is as well, as you will hear irrespective of who is or isn't in the band. Tank by name, Tank by nature. I lend my thoughts to Lemmy and Motörhead's appearance at this year's Glastonbury festival. Obviously I play a Motörhead track. I also talk about the purchasing of music, mp3 versus vinyl versus CD. The show is wrapped up by Mustasch and a track from their up and coming "Testosterone" but then I realise that I have a few minutes to spare and actually it is Nancy Boy that end this week's show off.


Episode 440


One group of Australians that I was glad to see over in the UK last week were Radio Birdman, with their compilation 2CD of "Under The Ashes" taking on a whole new meaning…It's been nearly ten years since the Birdmen last flew into London, admittedly they did try in 2008 (I think) only for UK Immigration at Calais to refuse vocalist Rob Younger into the Country and with that then drummer Russell Hopkinson picked up his sticks and flew back home leaving the Drum Roadie to fill in their Greek Festival appearance. This time around all systems were go with me even bumping into legendary, Guitarist, Doctor, Fighter Pilot Deniz Tek as I parked up outside The Dome in Tufnell Park the venue for their UK assault. It's nigh on impossible for a band with such a rich back catalogue albeit only 3 album one to play a bad gig and Radio Birdman didn't although I did feel they got off to a slow start, not song wise, see the beginning of this sentence, but it was like watching a kettle boil; pretty safe to start with but when it's boiling, get to close and you're going to get burnt. Incendiary! A couple of surprise, but welcome, covers were played in the form of The Beatles and Magazine. Even on a School night with the Tube Station over the road shut when the band over ran their 11'o clock curfew by 15 minutes the only movement wasn't to the exit but was to continue rocking. Yeah! Hup!


Episode 439


This week I bring you studio and live material for you to get your ears round. Topic of conversation that starts things going is the cancellation of the Foo Fighters remaining European dates after Dave Grohl broke his leg. I and Mrs A. had tickets for today and along with 160,000 other people who had them and for yesterday, that'll be friend of the show and Squirrel Associate, we've had to find alternative entertainment. Ours is Alcohol and food. First up music wise are the Biters and a track from their soon to be released debut album "Electric Blood". Then "Compare & Contrast" returns with the Damned being prosecuted by Family. More new music in the shape and form of former Runaways vocalist Cherie Currie who has just announced a UK tour in November with the Last Great Dreamers in support. Live action comes courtesy of 5 Seconds of Summer and Hey Violet from last Sunday's Wembley performance. I also pose the question why the General Rock Community has a downer on the aforementioned 5sos. I was impressed by Hey Violet so much so that I almost mugged off The Golden Gods Awards to see their headline Islington Academy 2 gig. Onto the just mentioned Golden Gods; I bring you Suicidal Tendencies, Baby Metal and Killing Joke. Sad news reached us at the end of last week that Eddie Spaghetti bassist, vocalist with the Supersuckers had been diagnosed with stage 3 oropharynx Cancer. Obviously being American there is no free NHS Healthcare so his wife has set up the "Fly the middle finger at Cancer and join The Eddie Spaghetti Fight Cancer Fund" which you can at http://www.youcaring.com/eddie-spaghetti-373610. The final live track this week comes from the last Supersuckers gig for a while. Where Eddie Vedder and Blind Marky Feltchtone join the band for a rousing rendition of The Ramones "I Believe In Miracles", which we surely do. The final two bands this week are The Trousers from Hungary and Nuclear Assault from NYC.


Episode 438


Thunder, Lightning...Must be Downpour Weekend....I mean Castle Donington Monsters of Rock 2015. Fortunately I'm not in attendance, '86 and '87 was enough for me. So instead over the next hour I'm going to treat you to; The Ramones who are swiftly followed by The Backyard Babies covering The Ramones before I play their new single taken from the up and coming "Four By Four" album, Sator covering ABBA, I kid ye not, then I talk about The Treatment's new vocalist and lack of invite to the World Première playback of Ghost's new album "Meliora". I still play something from it though. Hard Action, who are a Finnish Garage Rock Band that are certainly doing it for me, then it's NME favourite US three piece Radkey, who I got to know about thanks to Vive Le Rock!, think The Bad Brains playing The Misfits. Up next it's a quick return to Mary's Kids and then those Smell City Five Super-Heroes Märvel present us with a track from their soon to be released long-player, as do Motochrist, who, for those of you who don't know are the brainchild of lead guitarist Marc Diamond of the Dwarves and singer Danny Nordahl formerly of the Throbs. Into the home straight and France's thought provoking Shock and Awe Band Undercover Slut make a much welcome return to the show. Former Plastic Tears guitarist, Stereo Junks vocalist and blink and you missed him front man for Smack, Anzi Destruction, or just plain Anzi, has, like the World and her husband, a new album, "Black Dog Bias" due for imminent release, a track of which I play. There is a live segmentation this week. Albeit a very brief one in the form of Pitbull's live band from The Capital Radio Summertime Ball as they obviously have been listening to some serious Rock Music. Listen and you'll find out. This week's show is rounded off by my review of The Damned Documentary "Don't You Wish That We Were Dead" with the show ending with some post Damned Brian James. Until I discover I've two minutes to fill so as I started with The Ramones I end with them. What's not to enjoy?  


Episode 437


"Camden Rocks, London Shakes!" This week sees The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show Up Town Top Ranking for this year's Camden Rocks Festival. 200 hundred bands spread over 20 venues. However paranoia, overzealous door staff and lack of amenable toilets kept me at The Proud forgoing bands I should've really seen. So we have The Amorettes, Glen Matlock, Richie Ramone and Michael Monroe for your listening pleasure but no Pink Cigar, The Men That Will Be Blamed For Nothing, Brawlers, Role Models or The Dictators NYC.

Sorry for the short, lack of detail e-mail but I'm just about to jump in the car with three teenage Girls and head for Wembley for Capital Radio's "Summertime Ball" meaning I won't be jumping in the aforementioned car about 6'o clock and heading off for The Roundhouse to see The Damned and Johnny Moped. Pity me..................


Episode 436


This week's show, as hinted on the last, is an all live affair from two of Punks founding Fathers. Up first is Brian James who formed both the Damned and Lords of the New Church whilst also touring with Iggy Pop. Brian was up at The Barfly 22nd May promoting his new and very excellent CD "The Guitar That Dripped Blood". The record sounds like the third album The Damned would've made had Brian not disbanded them in 1977. Also joining Brian on vocals, for the last few numbers, was Dirty Strangers main man Alan Clayton. The day after I battled through London's road closures and roadworks (an hour and a half to travel less than 10 miles!!) to see the UK Subs at The 100 Club. I was surprised to learn that I haven't seen the subs since they played The Garage in December 2012. So it was good to hear live tracks from their latest and 25th album "Yellow Leader" played alongside fan and band favourites.

Episode 435


Back once again into the studio with the "Demons" kicking things off this week with a Damned cover. Who knew? With The Michael Monroe Band reminding us that there's no right or wrong, let alone black or white. New music? Shed loads this week with, thanks to Ginge, with a World exclusive (Radio Wales on the 9th May doesn't count in this instance as Wales had been annexed from the aforementioned World) I air a track from the up and coming "Mid Liver Crisis" album from The Sick Livers. Not strictly new new but as MFC Chicken are in the studio with new bassist Zig who just so happens to be my 2nd favourite bassist of all time, I play one of their recent singles. As we move towards the middle of the year I already have pencilled in a couple of albums that are going to be in my top releases of 2015. One of which is "Easy Piracy" from Dead Men Walking who are an amalgamation of The Stay Cats, The Living End, The Alarm, The Damned and some bloke wo used to play bass with Guns 'n' Roses. Obviously I play a track from it, well two as I couldn't make up my mind which one should get an airing. Bob Wayne has just released an album of covers called "Hits The Hits" as the name implies, is an album of, well, hit songs. Some from world of Rock with the Stones, Guns 'n' Roses, The Offspring and Zeppelin getting Countrified, and to prove it doesn't matter what the genre once you turn it into a Country song it becomes good he has tackled Skyfall, Rihanna's Disturbia, even the dreadful "All About That Bass" is now passable. Just, only just. However the song that gets an outing is none of the above. Sticking with covers I play a track from the Sulo & Friends CD "Keep Yourself Alive" which was part of The Crunch's PledgeMusic campaign for "Brand New Brand". The CD features the likes of Wilko Johnson, Spike, Paul Carrack, Tom Robinson and Dave Higgs reprising songs that they are associated with along aided and abetted by Sulo. The individual members of what would become The Crunch also crop up. Sulo's "other" band is The Diamond Dogs who have a new album out at the end of August called "Quitters & Complainers". A song from which I sneakily play. Australian band The Casanovas have also just released their, until recently only available via PledgeMusic, album "Terra Casanova" to the general public. Less Thunders and more Stones this time around. Staying Down under to celebrate Muscle Car deservedly winning the Melbourne Mötley Crüe-Alice Cooper opening support slot I play the bands last 7", well the A-Side. For the third time this year The Hip Priests have released a 7" single. This time around it's a split with The Bitch Queens hogging the limelight on the b-sided, but for you listening pleasure I just give you The Hip Priest. "Arm giveth and Arm takes away". That can't be said for The Chuck Norris Experiment and Märvel split 7", both have a track aired. Sticking with Vinyl; Mary's Kids have just released the 10" variety with a CD version only available on their upcoming German (one Swedish) tour. It's called "Death In Suburbia" that feature six tracks, one of which I naturally play. Up next courtesy, of Dom Daley he of Uber Rock and Glunk Records notoriety, are the Sticky Valentines with something from their second self-titled EP. At this point listeners on The Wall Rock Radio will hear the said Stick Valentines track fade out as Robbie John takes hold of the helm, but for the rest of you the Brawlers make their debut appearance with a track from their "Errors Of Our Youth" CD which came out on the Alcopop label last month. John Dissed returns with a remixed, especially, for radio of his cover of Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" which is swiftly followed by Wonk Unit. We are almost at the end but before the final track "Compare & Contrast" comes along with a three way tag match between The Wildhearts, Green Day and Sam Cooke. It is, however, Girlschool, who are currently in the USA with Crucified Barbara, which closes this week's show. ***Phew*** Now if only Team Rock Radio would give a job……


Episode 434


I had a choice of three live gigs that I could possibly play for you on this week's show; Social Distortion, Calabrese or Enuff Z'Nuff. As I thought Social Distortion seemed a little under par and although ENuff Z'Nuff really cut the mustard I have played them a few times live before. So in the manor of playing you music, studio or in this case live, that you are unlikely to hear on mainstream Radio this week's episode comes courtesy of Calabrese recorded at The Fighting Cocks in Kingston-Upon-Thames. The band consists of three brothers who normally can be found in Phoenix, Arizona. The band were over here promoting their sixth album "Lust For Sacrilege" (although throughout the show I refer to it as "Lust For Sacrifice") which is a heady mix of Horror Punk, Goth and downright straight ahead rock. For their third album "They Call Us Death" the band said that they were influenced by The Dead Boys, The Stooges, The Damned and Motörhead. So you can see why my interest was piqued.


Episode 433


Stiv Bator with a cover by The Damned starts things going this week before I talk about clashing gigs; Brian James vs The UK Subs vs Kory Clarke which leads me into Volbeat. Onto new music, as I seem to have a shed loads, firstly from The Hip Priests and a track from their current 7", then I talk about The Sick Livers soon to be unleashed "Mid Liver Crisis" LP and late Summer tour with The Disconnects who I play. A tour that is currently underway over on the Mainland and I wish had strayed over here features Mother's Children and The Mandates. Mother's Children I'd heard about but not The Mandates. A quick trip over to their BandCamp site had by purchasing their debut album and "In The Back Of Your Heart" quicker than you could sing "Oh Canada". Obviously I share a track with you. Next up is Swiss band The Lovers with a track off their new album "In The Air". I slow things down (not) with some new Slayer then talk about going up to Ginger's "Songs and Words" London gig, meeting Mikko Von Hertzen, Dante Bonutto and Rich Jones and finding out the preliminary release date for the new Michael Monroe album, which leads me nicely into The Compulsions who feature Sami Yaffa. The Crunch, (part Sham 69/Lords of The New Church, part Diamond Dogs, part Clash and part Cockney Rejects) have a new track aired from "Brand New Brand" and I talk about not seeing them at The Borderline before Nicke Andersson's Imperial State Electric take centre stage. Los Pepes swiftly follow as I realise that my Facebook notifications for them had been turn off before former Vains of Jenna vocalist Lizzy DeVine introduces us to his new band The Cruel Intensions. The Sonic Jewels have just released a new ep called "By The Light Of Woland's Candle", a track of which I naturally play. Sick Boys Revue, who hail from Italy sent me an e-mail with a track attached from their "Sick Tails" album asking that if I liked it would I be so kind as to play it. Like it? Love it. Hopefully you will to. A band that I thought had long since spilt up were Finland's Mean Idols. They haven't and are supporting The Vibrators (in Finland) on the 28th. To celebrate I dig out my "Suffer" 7" and play it. At this point Wall Rock Radio listeners will hear Drugdealer Cheerleader as their drummer Ringo sadly passed away on Wednesday before Robbie Johns come crashing in with his Rock Lobster Show. For everybody else it's The Mean Idols, "Compare & Contrast" and in the dock are Guns 'n' Roses with Australian Crawl prosecuting. Duff McKagan has just published a new book and ep to coincide. The ep features Jerry Cantrell, Roy Mayorga and some guy called Izzy Stradlin', the title of which I air. It's at this point everybody else gets to hear Drugdealer Cheerleader before Korpiklaani and a sort of cover almost end the show, but that is left to The Damned as tickets to the UK Première of their Documentary have been secured.


Episode 432


Welcome to Episode 432 of The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show with the most rocking Podcast this side of Squatney.

This week's show was recorded live at the very first "Rock-Away-Beach" Club which is going to be held on the last Friday of each month at the Hope and Anchor in Islington. Playing to a sold out crowd were The DeRellas with the WitchDoktors. Two bands tailor made for a night like this, with The DeRellas; part Sex Pistol, part New York Doll and part Ramone and The WitchDoktors parts unknown. So put on your dancing shoes and party like its 1977.


Episode 431


This week, again, it's a live show featuring The Von Hertzen Brothers recorded live at the start of their brief three day visit to England promoting their new album "New Day Rising". Longtime listeners know that I'm not a big fan of Prog. However when something is done so right you can't help but start tapping your foot and nodding your head in time with it any misconception or prejudice just evaporate. Seeing these Finns is like watching Pink Floyd covering the Foo Fighters, or vice versa. If your quick you can catch them in Wolverhampton tonight, or if your slow at the Download Festival, or if you're downright lazy just stay tuned…………


Episode 430


I was back out into gigland for this week's show which features the Last Great Dreamers and Danny Fury's Tango Pirates recorded live at The Fiddler's Elbow on the 8th. It's been three years since I last saw the Tango Pirates and in the interim the band have had a major overhaul in the line-up department with only vocalist Danny Fury remaining. Apparently the Last Great Dreamers haven't toured for twenty years; obviously this has been rectified with original drummer Steve Grainger reprising his role on some selected dates with former Sliverhearts drummer Ginge on duty for the remaining. Sorry the show notes aren't as informative as usual; tough week.


Episode 429


Shock, Horror! I'm back in the studio this week with The Ramones kicking things off then The Sonic's whose latest album has just come out a massive 49 years after their last remind us the 60's weren't just about "The British Invasion". Up next is a track from Punk Uberlord Brian James' new solo album "The Guitar That Dripped Blood" that features Dead Boy Cheetah Chrome on additional guitar. Stinking with The Damned connection; The Deadmen Walking a band that features core members Captain Sensible, Slim Jim Phantom, Mike Peters and newest edition Chris Cheney from the Living End with guest spots from Fred Armisen and some guy called Duff McKagan who obviously wants to boost his credibility, are all set to release their debut album "Easy Piracy" on May 7th in the meantime I play the first single from it. The Ruts DC come crashing in next with a track from their Book Pledge and sticking with pledging for a few more songs I play a track from Jettblack's third album "Disguises" and one from The Crunch's second album "Brand New Band" and something from The Eureka Machines latest "Brain Waves". Cover territory this week comes courtesy of John Dissed and The Discontents a band that features one time American Heartbreak and Jetboy drummer Jeff Moscone. Jesse Malin of D Generation fame has just released his first album in over five years which is called New York Before The War". The track I play features Brother Wayne Kramer. In stock news I play some CrashDïet as Simon Cruz has left the aforementioned band, then some Hornet as they have called it a day with finally some Treatment as Matt Jones, like Simon Cruz has left his respective band. If you are listening to The Wall Rock Radio Beat The Drag are going to bring my hour to a close. A great band that I literally heard only this morning. "Its riffy rock as much influenced by the Backyard Babies as it is by Fu Manchu and old Def Leppard. Some Eighties-inspired solos as well." For everybody else it's The Quireboys with a track off their 4CD Box set "St Cecilia and the Gypsy Souls" and then it's Beat The Drag with Whitesnake Burn(ing) things up at the end of the show.


Episode 428


The Vibrators recorded live at The New Cross Inn are the subject of this week's show. Forming in early 1976 the band struck out along the Pub Rock route but got lumped into the Punk Rock scene, which they semi adopted, playing the 100 Club and supporting The Pistols and The Clash. The bassist today, Pete, I've known for more years that either of us probably care to mention but have never seen him in The Vibrators, even though he's been with them since 2003. The only original member is drummer Eddie Edwards with vocalist Knox, due to ill health, consigned to the studio and the occasional gig. I hoped that Knox would be making an appearance as the gig was in London, unfortunately this wasn't the case with Pete handling the majority of vocal duties with Eddie and guitarist Darrell Bath chipping in where necessary. On paper the idea of a Knoxless Vibrators isn't feasible. However it's obviously worked very well over the last 8 odd years and going on this performance it will continue to do so. The fact that Eddie, Pete and Darrell are great musicians coupled with great songs, old like "Baby, Baby" and "Automatic Lover" and new from current album "Punk Mania - Back To The Roots" was also helpful. I wasn`t the only one who thought this with an admittedly partisan crowd demanding the threesome return for two encores even with the time well into Sunday Morning and last trains well and truly long gone. A great evening as you are about to hear, if you follow the links that is.


Episode 427


More live shenanigans on this week's show thanks to Danko Jones and support superstars the Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell who kicked off their European Tour in support of their latest albums "Fire Music" and "Check 'Em Before You Wreck 'Em" respectively at The Oslo in Hackney ten days ago. The last time I saw the Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell was in 2012, again in support mode, but this time around the Hastings trio have the aforementioned "Check 'Em" album to bolster their half hour set. The band were certainly born at the wrong time with their brand of rock more associated with the years 1972 - 1975. Sabbath, "On Parole" Motörhead with some Status Quo old school Boogie but with enough of their own identity to make them relevant in 2015. Shamefully I haven't seen Danko Jones since they support Motörhead down in Brighton in 2008. Since then the band have produced a shed load of albums going through about the same number of drummers in the manor of Spinal Tap. They were great then and they, thankfully, are still great now. Danko Jones ARE the band James Hetfield wishes Metallica still was. They have the hooks, the songs and Danko, the man, is comfortable with the bands audience, so much so he instigates the crowd to take the piss out of them for not visiting London sooner. Both Shovell and Jones fit perfectly together live as you are just about to hear.........


Episode 426


Sometimes when a band tries to take a second bite of the Cherry (Baby) they end up looking like a pale imitation of themselves, trying too hard and end up sullying their past. This is something Starz have managed to circumnavigate for two reasons. Reason one; even though Kerrang! Magazine listed their first two albums, "Starz" and "Violation", in the most important Heavy Metal albums of all time with Poison, and Mötley Crüe citing them as a primary influence, the band only managed to lick the cherry. Main stream commercial success seemed to alluded them; all right the "Cherry Baby" 7" was a State side hit but they never managed to capitalise on it. In 2013 they finally made it over to the UK now with Alex Kane on guitar and a guesting Ginger Wildheart on bass. Fast forward to the 11th March 2015 and Starz rolled back into the UK for three dates, Leamington Spa, Camden Underworld and the Hard Rock Hell Festival. London was my port of call and I have to say it was even better than The Garage with regular bassist George DiAna once again plucking the four stringed beast. Even Alex Kane thinks the current incarnation is "Magical". He's not wrong. The set was split into two parts as drummer Joe X. Dube needed a quick break having only six weeks earlier been in Hospital undergoing Heart Surgery. The Underworld was not a busy as it should've been under normal circumstances as Night Ranger were playing the Islington Academy and Jettblack were having their album listening party in Denmark Street, but for those of us who were there knew we had made the correct choice. As you will hear……


Episode 425


I'm breaking out of the studio for the next few shows and what a finer way to kick things off with Hardcore Superstar recorded live at the Garage in Highbury at the beginning of their "When We Touch The Sky" tour. The band will be releasing their umpteenth album "HCSS" between April 21st and 28th depending where you live, unless you ask Mr Merch Guy very nicely and a promo version could be yours for a Tenner. Practically all 10 tracks were played live which shows the band have got real confidence in the yet to be released album. Let's face it; normally a couple and at a stretch three new tracks are played when a band tours to support/promote a new product. Not Hardcore Superstar with the new songs welcomed like classics that they surely will become. A great 1¼ hours set had me wondering why on earth they hadn't headlined over here since January 2010 playing second fiddle to the likes of The 69 Eyes and then Buck Cherry in the interim. Well worth the wait as you will hear! 


Episode 424


Back into the studio after a two week live break with some top quality Rock and even some Roll. Kicking things off are The Hives with a Hellacopters cover then it's onto Nicke Hellacopter himself and the James Williamson (Stooges, Sony Vice President) "Re-Licked" track that he played on. I then turn or point you in the direction of three Classic Bands that just so happen to have released new albums. Up first it's The Scorpions with a track of their 18th album "Return To Forever" that had me doing a double take as I thought they'd covered The Wildhearts "Sick Of Drugs". Then it's onto two of Britain's finest in the form of UFO and Thunder with a track from "The Conspiracy of Stars" and "Wonder Days" respectively. Saddling up next are Black Star Riders with album number two "Killer Instinct", still plenty of Thin Lizzy flavours but less former and more current if you catch my drift. Linking a Captain Sensible story to a Beckenham Night Club and Train Station via Status Quo is no mean feet but I manage it and to celebrate the fact I play the Quo song that brought them all together. As rumours of the UK premiere of The Damned Documentary "Don't You Wish That We Were Dead" fill my head with potential glee a John Peel session Brian James' Tanz Der Youth track is aired. Back onto new music with Sweden's Blasting Fondas who had me thinking of The Nomads and The Boys with even a hint, large hint, of The Damned on the particular track that I play. Still in Sweden the Shemales are up next; The Stooges meets The D4? You tell me. The Diamond Dogs have a two CD set out in May called "Quitters and Complainers" which is going to be dedicated to their Sax play "Magic" Gunnarsson who sadly passed away last year. The first track from it has already been let loose on the interwebs so I naturally play it. Diamond Dogs' vocalist Sulo's other band The Crunch are also all set to release a new album, "Brand New Brand" in April via PledgeMusic. The rest of The Crunch consist of Terry Chimes formally of The Clash, Black Sabbath and Hanoi Rocks, Dave Tregunna, Sham 69, Lords of The New Church, Mick Geggus, Cockney Rejects and last but no means least Idde Schultz of Docenterna. I sneak you a listen to demo that will in a finished form appear on the aforementioned new album. Friend of the show and Squirrel associate Arkwright tipped me off over the next band who are based in Ashford. The band in question are called The Rash and their 4 track ep "Ashford Royalty" is so catchy it'll be all over you like a….Rash. Winding up things this week is a classic, in all senses of the word, track from Gillan as The Squirrel and I finally managed, after a 32½ year wait, to hear Mick Underwood in his Glory Road guise play drums live once again.


Episode 423


This week's show is once again a live affair celebrating Jimmy Pursey of Sham 69's 60th Birthday which was recorded at The 100 Club and was, you'll be surprised to learn, the first time Sham 69 had played there. The line-up comprised of nearly all the classic members; Dave Parson, Dave Tregunna with drummer Mark Cain's place being filled by Robin Guy. As you'd expect the gig was sold out and me being stupid I forgot to remove my hoodie let alone my leather jacket and denim cut off and almost passed out due to heat exhaustion during the first support act. Thanks 100 Club Security for coming to my rescue. What a Big Girls Blouse. It had been 19 years since I last saw Sham 69, that was supporting The Damned in Birmingham at an all-day Punk Festival. After last night's performance I won't be leaving it so long!


Episode 422


This week it's an all live Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show courtesy of The Hip Priests and the Bitch Queens with the first gig of their short three date English tourette recorded at The Black Heart in Camden. The Bitch Queens, who hail from Basel, Switzerland, come across as the perfect mix of The Dead Boys and Hellacopters with a large smattering of Turbonegro attitude. The band consists of Mel Quitt (Vox/Guitar), Harry Darling (Drums/Vox), Danny Schönenberger (Guitar) and Marcel Colomb (Bass /Vox) and have been out on the road since 2008 finding time to record and release the "Female Shotgun", "Suck It Up" and "Kill Your Friends" albums along with a clutch of spit singles. The Hip Priest as I'm sure you're aware have been doing their brand of white trash, oversexed, inbred Rock 'n' Roll with the (God) Father figures of Iggy Pop, Johnny Thunders, Lemmy and Handsome Dick looking on with dismay since 2006. In this time the band have brought us countless 7"s, three albums, one Japanese compilation/rarities CD all topped of with the just released live DVD "FO IN HH". However; live is where the band are best viewed or in the case of this week's show, heard. If you live in Nottingham you still have time to run, do not walk, over The Chameleon Arts Café in Angel Row, where the Bitch Queens and The Hip Priests will be playing tonight.


Episode 421


The only known recording of Black Sabbath Mkii starts things off this week with the over looked Dexter Jones' Circus Orchestra who sound like the Hellacopters if Nick had taken them down a Prog route, with The Robot Lords Of Tokyo in a six degrees of separation, thanks to the BBC, straight after. Danko Jones have just released a new album called "Fire Music" naturally I air a track from it. In this day of the internet and social media when forming a band it's pretty easy to see if your band name of choice has been already taken. Seattle based instrumentalists Audrey Horne have failed in this and recorded and released an album called "Teledidonics". I play a track before the cease and desist order is served. I also play a track from Los Bastardos Finlandeses sixth album "BMF Ball" which has just been released; no one can ever excuse them of name copying!  A band I'd not heard of until Head Glunk Recorder Dom Daley pointed me in their direction was FUKDUST4 who feature members of Wolfsbane/Jellys, a former UK Sub and Drongos For Europe. It seems they only have one single out at the moment but what a great start! We pop over to Scandinavia for some Street Punk in the form of City Saints, Sleaze; Hardcore Superstar and emmm Dizzy Mizz Lizzy. Brighton based band Gang return us the UK, with Closer Records Recording artists The Dark Rags, Dum Dum Boys and Three Headed Dog ending this week's show off.


Episode 420


On The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show; The World's Longest running weekly podcast (Allegedly, but prove me wrong) this week the very first single by AC/DC, with only Angus and Malcolm from any AC/DC I know playing on it, is aired. Then Chris Spedding he of "Motorbikin'" and Womble fame has a track from his very excellent "Joyland" played. I almost play a track by The Korgis but don't instead I fresbie the CD over the houses opposite into the grounds of the Psychiatric Hospital and play a Reeves Gabrels and his Imaginary Friends track instead. I made the correct choice! The International Swingers soon to be released single originally recorded by The Move gets played in an attempt to get their pledge passed 100%. Finland's Waltari have a new album out at the end of the month so naturally I play something from it. New to the show are Barnsley Dark Punkers System Of Hate with a track from their very excellent "Insanity" EP. To celebrate The Damned's "Don't You Wish We Were Dead" Documentary being screened at next month's SXSW festival I play a track from my favourite live Damned album. The UK Subs have a brand new album out called "Yellow Leader" it goes without saying that I play something from it. Then I take you over to Boston for Watts who have been described as "They play in a band built on a bedrock of riff-powered songs that have as much to do with swagger as they do melody. Watts also stoke the twin-engine guitar charge of Keith Richards and Ron Wood, although gruff-voiced singer-guitarist Dan Kopko sings better than both, and lead axe John Blout's tough, blistering solos are closer in spirit to the knotty workouts of AC/DC's Angus Young" Well that was me sold. Chips Enuff bassist with Enuff Z'Nuff has just released a solo album with contributions from Steven Adler, Slash, Robin Zander with co-writing credits from Trent Reznor and Paul McCartney. The Hip Priests cover Zodiac Mindwarp before I moan about the Jettblack listening party clashing with Starz at The Underworld. With the whole show finishing up with "Songs That Don't Rock, But Actually Do".


Episode 419


This week we return to the studio with some pre fame Mot?rhead who are swiftly followed by The Ramones who are in turn just before that "other" great New York band The New York Dolls. Which leads us nicely into a track by Dolls and Heartbreakers drummer Jerry Nolan in the form of Jerry Nolan and the Profilers. Bay City Rollers?! Why not, come on Dee Dee was into them and wasn't Rat Scabies once Mouse Modem in the Tartan Hordes? On the new music front David Ryder Prangley of Rachel Stamp fame treats us to a present to mark his Birthday in the form of the blink and you missed it "Birthday Suite". The Prima Donnas third album "Nine Lives and Forty Fives" is out on the 10th, so to get you in the mood I obviously play a track off it. The Godfathers of Trash Venom (no Venom no Slayer) have just released a brand new album called "From The Very Depths" and prove that they still have plenty to offer, as you will hear. A band with a lot to prove are Jettblack, third full length album "Disguises" due for a Spring release, tour in February, listening party in March. Lead single "Explode" does just that. Expect the unexpected. The Hip Priests have just released their debut live DVD along with a brand spanking new 7". Naturally the 7" gets a spin. At this point I talk about clashing gigs, which I avert whilst my daughter shoves a note under the studio door, putting me straight on two things, one of which involves Olly Murs and Social Distortion. Both the Von Hertzen Brothers and VLY, who sport Tormé and former Shark Island bassist Chris Heilmann have new albums out in the coming months. I guess it goes without saying that a track from each is aired.


Episode 418


Once again it's an all live affair courtesy of former Girl, Tormé vocalist Phil Lewis. Obviously since 1988 Phil has been plying his trade in LA Guns and is just about to complete a short, low key solo UK tour. The show was recorded at the Camden Underworld during the midway point and covers most of his musical catalogue; plenty of LA Guns, naturally, some Girl, a couple of covers, London Cowboys and The Heavy Metal Kids. Sadly no Tormé even if Tormé bassist Chris Heilmann was in attendance. A great evening from a great singer.   


Episode 417


Well it only took a few weeks before the first all live Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show presented itself and what three great bands I have in store for you. First up its Cretin 77 who hail from Corby, Northamptonshire. The band formed in the middle of 2011 and have so far only have one album under their belt in the form of "Cretin City Terminal". Imagine GBH fronted by Jello Biafra. Second on the bill were, all the way from Welsh Wales, The Sick Livers, whose brand of Glunk Rock makes them one of my favourite bands to see live and I've only seen them twice, really turned it on with vocalist Ginge either in the crowd or dragging various Turbojugends that were present on stage. Tidy. Headlining the whole shebang were Norwegian Punksters Honningbarna. I knew less than nothing about this band as their Facebook page is mostly in Norwegian, well it would be and I didn't understand how to work out the game that let you into their official web-site. All I knew was that a cello was involved…….


Episode 416


The Who get things going this week then it's The Claytown Troupe before we get into new music courtesy of Captain Powers and Mourning Birds. I also talk about finally getting my iTunes and iPod to work together before a pledge only track from The International Swingers, that'll be Glem Burke, Glen Matlock, James Stevenson and Gary Twinn is aired. As I've also pledged on Marky Ramones autobiography I play a Mot?rhead cover from The Chuck Norris Experiment. More new music from one time David Bowie and John Lennon guitarist Earl Slick before I regale the story of locking out friend of the show and Squirrel Associate Arkwight at ten to one in the morning as he returned from seeing Paul Raymond at The Borderline. Naturally I play some UFO. A new segment this week is "Songs That Rock, That Shouldn't" featuring Ella Henderson. With the show rounded off by some 30% slower Slayer!


Episode 415


Welcome to the first show of 2015. Union Carbide Productions get the ball rolling after which I moan about iTunes 12 seemingly refusing to sync new albums on my iPod. Steve Conte cheers things up with a track from his critically acclaimed "NYC" album. Whilst in between the aforementioned Steve Conte and D-A-D I tell a hypothetical (sic) story about the perils of not owning an Oyster Card. The Whocares have a track off their overlooked, by me, album "Now In Full Stereo" aired before the first "Compare & Contrast" of 2015 comes into court. Prosecuting are the Lightning Seeds whilst the defendants are The Damned. The title track of Calabrese soon to be released 6th album "Lust For Sacrilege" gets The Rock Show treatment before I tell you of the fantasy festival that was to be held in Stockholm on three impossible days at the end of next month. Underpinned by The last ever Gluecifer studio track. I moan about the TV being so dire over the Festive Period, the only high points being the non-Christmas films that are shown. Not forgetting the Clash Documentary that was shown on New Year's Day on BBC Four. Obviously I play a song by them, which is swiftly followed by The Hellacopters. As we reach the home straight Thee Imperial Royales, with their second album of Surf, Goth 'n' Roll in 10 years are played and then it's the turn of The Dime Store Haloes, oh the interconnectiveness. Rounding the show off are; The Drej, who have decided to call it a day and Mot?rhead who remind us of their roots.