2014 Shows

Episode 414



So that’s Christmas done and dusted and on the last show of 2014 Metallica get things underway. Don’t forget kids you only need to own the first three Metallica albums. Hot from last week’s show are the returning Flame Pilots with another track from their latest offering. The Disconnects whose album “Wake Up Dead” is just about to be released have a track aired for your consideration. As do The Keefs whose debut album “Better Late Than Never” was released to coincide with them splitting up. Shame! TV Smith has just released his latest album called “I Delete” and it is a corker, as you’ll hear. For the last time this year, thanks to Andy P of Fear and Loathing Fanzine, “Compare and Contrast” rears its litigating head with Devo up against Led Zeppelin. To celebrate Ginger Wildheart’s “Songs and Words” pledge (Coffee Table Book and DVD, drool, drool) I play Bi-Polar Baby ft Yolanda Quartey. The show is rounded off by Devil City Angels who sport Tracii Guns, Rikki Rockett and Brandon Gibbs. See you next year!

Episode 413



As it's coming up to Christmas I kick this week's show off with Flame Pilots "St Nick's Lament" and if that doesn't have you reaching for a bottle of something strong I don't know what will. The Sonic's Rendezvous Band come crashing in next with a choice cover before I start to tell you why this week's show is about 4 hours late in being uploaded (now six thanks to podbean). New music comes courtesy Low Impact Records and Bo-Dogs who sport Chips and Kent from Sator and The Maharajas. Prior to Glunk Record recording artists Crazy & The Brains, (this band have a lead Glockenspiel) and The Sick Livers I share my daughter's X Factor story combined with a new trip to the Dentist. Up next, thanks to Dom Daley, it's from LA the Ex-Gentlemen and from Seattle The Cheap Cassettes. I was hoping that Sparks were going to make a guest appearance at Ginger Wildheart's 50th Birthday Bash, they didn't which was shame. Once again though it seems hard to imagine how Ginger will be able top this year's. However I still play a Sparks tune as a "What if…?" moment. As we speed towards the end of this week's show I play a track from Motorpsycho's "Motorpnakotic Fragments" double 7" package. The last song goes to Sin City Sinners and I mistaking think that there won't be another show until next year completely forgetting that Episode 414 is actually the last show of 2014.

Episode 412



This week on the Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show I start things off by regaling my woes at the beginning of the week. Fortunately the second half was top draw stuff with gigs from Reckless Love and the subject of this week's show; Richie Ramone at The Boiler Room in Guildford. Richie is over here to promote his debut CD "Entitled" with his band comprising of friends of the show Alex Kane and Clare Misstake both, as you should know, from the currently on hiatus AntiProduct and…..once upon a time the other surviving drumming Ramone's 'Blitzkrieg Band'. During the course of the band's set Richie flits from drum kit to mic with rhythm guitarist Ben Reagan picking up the sticks when necessary. Obviously choice cuts from "Entitled" are played along with tracks from the three Ramones albums that Richie drummed on. However Richie doesn't overlook the early classic Ramones albums. Yes he didn't appear on those studio albums, that would be Tommy and Marky, but he did play them live for over 500 shows over the course of five years. So he is, as his album says, "Entitled". In past interviews Richie has voiced his concerns that he didn't want to see his band viewed as a Ramones tribute. He hasn't got anything to worry about; Alex, Clare and Ben aren't all dressed up in jeans and leather jackets. Alex live still scares the shit out of me with his "I'm going to kill you" facial expressions, off stage he is one of the most genuine people you could meet. Sound wise? Probably the closest you'll get to hearing The Ramones. Admittedly Richie doesn't sound like Joey, but why would he, who does? The Ramones were a totally unique band as were all the individual 'brothers'. Not a tribute just continuing the legacy.  


Episode 411



This week I start off by stressing about my teeth, or lack of, and ordering One Direction tickets potentially at the same time as I'm sitting in the Dentist's chair. Musically Jake Starr and the Delicious Fullness get things going with another track from their "Tastes Good" album. Then I complain about Facebook's "Real Name" Policy and to underline how stupid it is I play a duet by David Walls and Courtney Harrison. You know who I'm talking about. Swedish Street Punks Bombshell Rocks, who I thought had split up in 2001, have just released a brand new album called "Generation Tranquilized". Naturally I play a track off it. Then as Radio Birdman have a fantastic, fan friendly six CD/1 DVD Boxset out I play something by them. Well you would, wouldn't you? Staying Downunder; The Hard Ons treat us to something from "Peel Me Like An Egg" which I link to winning, but not winning a two foot tall R2D2 cake. The last Australian band I play this week came recommended from Bobby-Lou Hellacopter in the form of Uptown Ace and their free to download "1850" album. Top stuff. Just before I play some Hanoi Rocks I mention about being offered a weekly two hour DAB radio show and why I turned it down. No pun intended. The Prisoners Of Millbank are up next as their bassist told me to "Play my band." The "Twisted Disco For Strange Men" quote on their Facebook page never seemed so apt. I finally got around to getting former Enuff Z'Nuff vocalist Donnie Vie's new double White Album. Very good it is to, as you will hear. Mixing it up a bit I play an 1988 Demo of a Discharge tune by Broken Bones and then getting things right up to date I play a new track from their "Dead & Gone" ep. Gig wise this week saw me up at The Shacklewell Arms in East London to bear witness to the mega star, the legend that is Johnny Moped. I also after twenty odd years of being it's Guardian delivered to Dave Berk the 2" Instrumental Master Tape of "Honey Bun", "I Believed Her Lies" and "Hiawatha" featuring Dave, Slimey and the sadly deceased Fred. As a tribute to Fred I play the Radio 1 Session of "Darling Let's Have Another Baby" by Kirsty MacColl and Billy Bragg. The show is rounded off by the B-52s and a song that should segue nicely, or strike the fear, into the show that follows this on The Wall Rock Radio……..

Episode 410



This week's hour long studio effort turns out to be an hour and twenty minutes instead. I start things off with an apology to St Evel who I played on last week's show but failed to mention in my show notes. I also said on last week's show that this week it was going to be all live with Bend Sinister and Big Elf at the helm. It's not and they aren't. The Sex Pistols and The Damned kick the music this week off with a shared song titled before Hardcore Superstar get all sticky. Whilst taking my daughter to see Olly Murs at HMV in Oxford Street I consoled myself with iPod and Psychopunch's back catalogue, one of which I share with you. I've just Pledged for the Eureka Machines 4th album "Brain Waves" and as soon as you do an 80's 4 track covers ep becomes yours. As one of those tracks is currently up on YouTube so I give it an airing. The "Demons" have announced that they are returning to business and to celebrate a track from the bands last CD "Scarcity Rocks" gets played. Donnie Vie, formally of Enuff Z'Nuff, is releasing a brand new solo album called "The White Album" on Cargo Records. I play a demo track that didn't make it onto the album due to a Hard Drive failure. A band that are brand new to me are Bitch Queens from Switzerland who have been at it since 2008. They sound like The Stooges and the Backyard Babies, whilst next door the Dead Boys are drinking beer with Turbonegro. Can't wait to see them supporting The Hip Priests in February. Consequently the next three songs come from the Bitch Queens, The Hip Priests and Turbonegro. Up next it's The Lovesores with the title track of their just released ep on HoundDawg Records. Hastings based band and Squirrel favourites Hornet are up next with the first fruits from their recent trip to the studio. AC/DC and then Status Quo's latest offerings are played with Spike and a track from his "100% Pure Frankie Miller" finishing the hour at which point Wall Rock Radio listeners leave us but not before I thank everyone for my Birthday wishes and regale the beer spilling Boiler breaking incident. The last twenty minutes is taken up with The Vibrators, Vive Finto, who only ever officially released one track on a compilation CD. Fortunately I have the unreleased album and delve into it for your pleasure. The last two tracks come courtesy of Swedish NWoBM worshipping rockers Hypnos and Susan Boyle. Yes that Susan Boyle. Come on admit it, no other Radio Station would play Turbonegro and a Britain's Got Talent contestant. And I wonder why I still have a day job….


Episode 409



This week I'm still in the studio, even though my gig tally almost topped last weeks. Up first is some classic Suicidal Tendencies then we get into brand new music from: Mary's Kids, Imperial State Electric, Lester Greenoski, The BrokenDolls, C.J. Ramone, Sonny Vincent, Faith No More, Johnny Thunders, Santa Cruz, Bend Sinister, Ming City Rockers, Zen Motel with The UK Subs bringing things to a close. 


Episode 408



Welcome to the first "All Studio" show for a long, long time. Musically we have three tracks from the only bands that matter; Ramones, Motörhead and The Damned. We then go old school, I mean really old school with some speed corrected Robert Johnson. New music comes from AC/DC who have been in the news over the last few weeks for the right and sometimes wrong reasons. Then I take you to Stockholm, Sweden for a track from The Curse's brand new full length offering, "World Domination". Guy Bailey formerly of The Quireboys and The Peckham Cowboys has a brand new project on the go in the form of Thirsty that once again reunites him with Chris Johstone. Obviously I ply a track from the bands self-titled debut CD. Ulysses, who I caught live supporting The Godfathers, make their first appearance on The Paranoid Squirrel with a track taken from their 2013 album "Kill You Again". Into cover territory with firstly The BossHoss who I saw opening for Mot?rhead last Saturday and then The Flaming Lips featuring Miley Cyrus. I kid you not. Jake Starr and The Delicious Fullness get things back on track with a song off their just released album "Tastes Good". Modtastic! A track from Los Pepes', debut CD "Los Pepes for Everyone" which has been a permanent fixture in my car of late gets you Powerpopping. Compare and Contrast returns with Taylor Swift versus The Supersuckers. Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift on The Paranoid Squirrel……?! The show flows to an end courtesy of Pink Floyd. 


Episode 407




Arguably there are just three bands that matter; The Ramones, Motörhead and The Damned. All subsequent Rock Bands lineage can be traced back to these three. Strangely enough my favourite single, album and live gig are from none of the above bands. For only the second time in their history Motörhead and The Damned once again became touring partners. Motörhead were always the metal band punks liked and The Damned the punk band that appealed to metalheads, with Lemmy even joining a bassless Damned (Les Punks) for a one off gig at The Electric Ballroom. This lead to the aborted Motördamned project that saw The Sweets' "Ballroom Blitz" and Motörhead's "Over The Top" recorded. "Spend That Money" indeed. Normally the pre-Christmas Motörhead UK Tour takes in around half a dozen dates but this year, due to Lemmy's health concerns, it's down to just three; Manchester, Birmingham and Wembley Arena. I braved the £46 cost of the ticket but avoided forking out for the costly Car Park opting for London Transport seeing them at Wembley. I missed the beginning of opening act The BossHoss but was suitably impressed to go out and purchase their current CD "Flames Of Fame". The Damned's set being only 50 minutes meant it was a super condensed fan favourite best of. As per nothing post Eloise, with the band finishing up with the singular Smash It Up, no time for Part One on this particular occasion. The sound, for a change for The Damned was spot on, better than some of their own headlining shows I've seen. It's been three years since I last saw Motörhead due to clashing gigs, a Hand-Fasting and Lemmy's hematoma. Lemmy seemed very subdued, never moving from his mic stand and no machine gunning bass. The only thing that was animated was his hands and mouth. Sonically though Motörhead, as I hoped, ruled. The set-list, as we all know for a band that have been going for as long as they have is always going to be difficult, choosing what to put in and what to leave out. "No Iron Fist", or "Bomber", but then I have heard them a million times before. "Rock It" and "Suicide" on the other hand from "Another Perfect Day" and "Inferno" respectively were a nice addition. I'm really glad I went, three really good bands, just about money well spent.


Episode 406 



When two members of your band do the dirty on you and quit just before a couple of gigs there are two things that you can do; crawl off somewhere and feel sorry for yourself, saying poor old me or in the case of Pete and Christopher Coyne of The Godfathers get some shit hot replacements that make the former members look tired and redundant. They say success is the best form of revenge and never has that been more apt. After a couple of false starts on Halloween I finally managed to get to see The Godfathers live at their sold out gig at The Lexington in Islington. And boy was it worth the wait. Pete and Chris were joined by Mauro Venegas and Steve Crittall on guitar with Tim James on drums and to quote Pete they were "Red Hot". All aspects of the band career were played with some tunes being dusted off after a long time away, obviously for me they were all the first time I'd heard them, but they most defiantly won't be the last. Kicking the show off this week are The Kult 45s who like The Godfathers I've been trying and failing to see. Obviously for not as long as the aforementioned Godfathers as the said Kult 45s have only been blasting out their brand of Dirty, Filthy Punk 'n' Roll Blues since the beginning of the Summer, but with a reasonable stage time of 8:15 The 12 Bar beckoned. Talking about The 12 Bar; I also put in my two Denarius over the reshaping of Denmark Street and surrounding areas due to CrossRail.Episode 406

Episode 405



On this week's show we have Bernie Tormé and The Broken Chords recorded live at The Borderline in London, although Bernie's Brighton encore, recorded a week earlier, does actually finish things off. I will always sight two guitarists as being hugely influential. Captain Sensible being one, the other; Bernie Tormé. Bernie really does have a real unique sound and playing style, highly distinctive. When I first heard Zakk Wylde playing with Ozzy Osbourne I immediately thought he'd grown up listening to Gillan albums and the live Ozzy bootleg recordings of when Bernie was brought in to finish off Ozzy's touring commitments in the States after Randy Rhodes' tragic death.

2014 has been a great year if you a Bernie Tormé fan. A fan funded double CD "Flowers and Dirt" which reached the 100% mark within 24 hours finally ending at 418% and a tour, a proper full on Bernie Tormé Tour! Two dates were penned in for myself, The Squirrel and squirrel associate Arkwright; Brighton on the 22nd and London 29th (Unfortunately Arkwright missed the London gig as he was rehearsing with his own band). Two great nights, with Bernie's sons joining him on stage in Brighton for a run though of "Paranoid". In London it was the turn of a guest pledger to join Berne, drummer Ian Harris and bassist Chris Heilmann for a cover of Hendrix's "Fire".

In other news I talk about clashing gigs; Johnny Moped versus Stonewall Noise Orchestra/Goat Leaf. Looks like the Mopeds will have my patronage as the doors don't open until 9pm for S*N*O. The Squirrel doesn't call me Armerella for nothing……

Episode 404



As it seems to be the trend for October (and from what I can tell it's going to continue into November, well into November) it's another all live show. Nothing Scandinavian this time around though. First up it's The Sensible Gray Cells, but "Hold on!" I hear you cry "Their tour has just been cancelled". True, but to illustrate my frustration at the gigs being cancelled, all four of them, due to perceived low tickets sales, the added prices to the face value, that you don't get back in the event of a cancellation, I use one of their songs from "A Postcard From Britain" and thanks to modern technology make it sound how you would've heard it on the tour……The first real live band on this week's show is Goat Leaf who unfortunately I only caught the last song from their Kory Clarke support slot. Admittedly it was a good last song. The band feature former Warrior Soul guitarist Johnny H and their brand of Stoner, Punk, and Desert Session Rock was right up my street. (I did contemplate seeing them at The Unicorn Thursday but due to an extremely late night the day before seeing Bernie Tormé down in Brighton I didn't. Thanks M23 mega diversion for adding an extra 40 minutes and miles to the journey.) Obviously Kory Clarke (Warrior Soul, Trouble, Mob Research, etc) is this week's main attraction with the final date of his current UK Tour, well 4 Scottish dates and 2 English which makes a change; normally it's the other way round. Wales and Ireland hopefully will get a look in next time The gig in question was at The Islington in er…Islington to promote Kory's new Cargo released CD "Payback's A Bitch". Kory looked tanned and relaxed but still giving the (Stiff) Middle Finger to those deemed to have crossed him. Old classics and soon to be new classics stood up well together with the band pretty much laying waste to all and sundry.

Episode 403



More Scandinavian live action courtesy of Crucified Barbara and Supercharger recorded at The Boston Music Room Tufnell Park. This was the first time I've seen Danish Rockers Supercharger who describe themselves as "a mix of rich guitars, piano, Hammond organ, harmonica and heavy drums, stirred up with rough whiskey vocals". No argument from me on that score. It's been six years since I last saw Crucified Barbara when they rolled into town with The Backyard Babies. This time around they're on a full on European Headlining Tour in support of their fourth album "In The Red".
On this week's show I also talk about a solution to my iPod running out of space, getting out of a Parking Ticket but picking up a cracked windscreen and watching a former work colleague getting into it with Gordon Ramsay on Channel 4 Tuesday night. Watch it HERE

Episode 402



At the end of the 90's you couldn't help but fall over Swedish Garage Rock bands, The Hellacopters and The Hives being the front runners but in the background wallowing in Cult status were The Nomads and Sator. The Nomads have been with us for nigh on 33 years with Sator more or less forming around the same time in one guise or another. Officially I think the band are celebrating their Silver Jubilee this year. As for The Nomads; on their 20th Anniversary Nick Royale, Handsome Dick Manitoba, Ross The Boss, Jello Biafra, Chris Bailey, Odd Ahlgren and Wayne Kramer joined the band on stage at the Hultsfred festival. That's how important The Nomads are. The band first made it to London in November 1984 playing The Garage on the 23rd with The Clarendon Hotel two days later. Sator's debut London show, on the other hand, was a few days ago at The Pipeline with support coming from….You guessed it, knew it already The Nomads. Why it's taken so long for Sator to reach our shores, I don't know; but decent terms and condition I'm sure played a part. Amongst the Sator ranks sits one Chips Kiesbye whose production skills have graced the likes of The Hellacopters, Crucified Barbara, Bonafide and Millencolin. But Sator aren't about just one man. The bands last album "Under The Radar" and sadly only merch on sale, came out 3 years ago so I really did feel honoured that they had graced us with their presence. There was also a heavy contingent of Swedes in the audience quite possibly outnumbering us Brits, coupled with the Pipeline being owned and run by a Swedish ex-pat we could, quite easily have been in Stockholm. Sator sight The Boys as an influence so it was great to see Boys guitarist Honest John Plain joining them for two songs. The Nomads seem to be making a yearly trip to London, let's hope this trend rubs off on Sator.

But before you hear The Nomads and Sator live at The Pipeline I play you some Paul Di'Anno from his new live album which on first listen I really had a downer on, but second time around I warmed to.

Episode 401



Last Saturday there was a plethora of things to do if you were in London; The Jim Jones Revue's final gig at the Forum with the last remaining Heartbreaker, not counting Richard Hell, Walter Lure in support. Ian Hunter at the Shepherds Bush Empire, The Black Veil Brides at Brixton Academy, The Supersuckers at the Islington Academy, Finntroll up at The Dome in Tufnell Park and not forgetting the AC/DC video shoot.

For me it was always going to be the self-proclaimed "Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band In The World" the Supersuckers. Having not seen them for about 3 years how could I say no? (Also I wasn't invited to the AC/DC shoot and had already purchased my Supersuckers Ticket before Walter had been added to the JJR bill.) As for the others…….

The Supersuckers delivered, coming on to ZZ Top with covers from Depeche Mode and Thin Lizzy with Van Halen as an outro I felt sorry for those who weren't in attendance. Good job they can listen to it right here, right now.

Episode 400



On this, the 400 Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show, I bring you a couple of live tracks by new band The Kult 45s and the whole of the Electric Boys gig at The Camden Underworld recorded on the 26th September.



Episode 399



In support of their "comeback" album the Last Great Dreamers along with The Sonic Jewels, who up to this point had eluded me, played The Purple Turtle on Sunday 21st September. Obviously The Squirrel and I were in attendance and this week's show is the recorded result.



Episode 398



The Boys to celebrate the release of their first new studio album, "Punk Rock Menopause", for over 30 years played two UK dates last week. One in Newcastle and this one at The Jazz Café in London on Saturday 13th September. Joining the band for the encore was original founding member Andrew Matheson.  

Episode 397



For this week's show I travelled up to The Boston Music Room in Tufnell Park for Amoeba Fest II that featured Peter Pan Speed Rock along with headliners Discharge. This was the first time I've caught Dutch band Peter Pan Speedrock but after their set it most certainly won't be the last. Great Rock that brought out the local Turbojends. From first to third as this was the third time I've managed to see Discharge and each time with a different vocalist. Cal-Rat-JJ in that order, but the first time as a 5-piece as original member Tezz rejoins his brother Bones on guitar along with bassist Rainy, drummer Dave and new vocalist JJ Janiak. Yes I know basically Broken Bones with the addition of Rainy……

Episode 396



Welcome to this The Paranoid Squirrel Mid-Week Special. Special being the operative word as this episode features most probably the last ever Gasoline Queens gig. Recorded at the Unicorn in Camden on the 5th September with once again Chris Rockson joining them for a few choice numbers.


Episode 395



On this week's show I play you something from The Generators and No Direction, covers from Enuff Z'Nuff and Tracii Guns League Of Gentlemen, new tracks from Wayne Kramer, Bernie Tormé, The Dwarves, The Meatmen, Kory Clarke, Gorilla, The Curse, The Last Great Dreamers, The Datsuns and Crucified Barbara. I also talk about the closure of music venues. Are we just being nostalgic? And why foreign touring bands are treated better in Mainland Europe than in the UK. All this whilst eating a pizza which broke three of my teeth.


Episode 394



This week's show features the London debut solo gig of Nicke Borg, frontman with both Homeland and the reactivated Backyard Babies. Recorded at The Underworld in Camden on the 22nd August with just Nicke, an acoustic guitar and some choice stories, we hear an hours' worth of songs from both the aforementioned bands along with some appropriate covers.



Episode 393



Thanks sadly to the cancellation of last weekends Alt-Fest I was able to see The Damned on "Home Turf" playing The Forum, Kentish Town for the wallet saving price of a Tenner. (All right £14.15 once all the unnecessary charges had been added). I know it was only in April that the band graced the self same venue for Captain's 60th Birthday gig, but this (second) time around there was less of a party atmosphere with more of a down to business vibe. Although Captain still gives as good as he gets in the banter department. A nice long set, still nothing post "Eloise". I still love to hear this line up tackle something from "Not Of This Earth/I'm Alright Jack", but at the end of the day I'm just glad The Damned are still out there. New album pleeeease……..

Episode 392



Another live show this week recorded at a venue I've not been to before namely Under The Bridge which as the name suggests is under Stamford Bridge, home to Chelsea F.C. The band in question were/are Glen Matlock, Slim Jim Phantom and Earl Slick who collectively have been in The Sex Pistols, The Stray Cats and David Bowie. Obviously choice cuts from their more well know work are played albeit in a more Rock-a-Billy style, along with covers from Television, The Faces and, I kid you not, Pharrell Williams. Also joining the band for a cover of his and Earl's former employer was Reeves Gabrels. A great band at a great venue, even if the Bar Prices reflected its location, The Wetherspoons in Fulham Broadway will be the stopping off point next time….

Episode 391



After a 37 year absence The Dictators NYC, that's Handsome Dick Manitoba, Ross "The Boss", JP Patterson with Ramones associate Daniel Rey and Dean Rispler finally return to London to play The Highbury Garage as a prelude to their Rebellion Festival appearance. The last official Dictators album came out 26 years ago in 1991 a gap of 13 years since 1978's "Bloodbrothers" but even so none of the songs culled from them, "Go Girl Crazy" and "Manifest Destiny" sound dated. They sound just awesome as you are just about to hear along with a couple of covers thrown in for good measure in the shape and form of The Flaming Grooves "Slow Death" and with HDM reprising his Rob Tyner role with "Kick Out The Jams".

Episode 390



For me, this week's live show features 4 of the best unsigned DIY bands I've come across. Literally. Making their first foray into Central London it is Whitstable based band Flame Pilots, featuring friend of the show and Squirrel Associate Arkwright. Then it's a live welcome return to The Paranoid Squirrel in the form of Cars Like Sharks. Up next is The Drej who regular listeners need no introduction to. Headlining the whole shindig is Top Buzzer warming themselves up for their Rebellion slot. A great evening with four great bands. Enjoy.

Episode 389



Off the back of last week's show we have an acoustic Captain Sensible song starting things going which is swiftly followed by a new track from the up and coming Murder City Devils album "The White Ghost Has Blood On Its Hands Again". Sad news reached the Squirrel dray on Monday regarding the health of former Heartbreaker bassist Billy Rath. As a tribute to him I play you a track from the Heartbreakers one and only studio album "L.A.M.F." (cassette version). In the live department it's Jettblack at The Macbeth, Hoxton in a one-off party gig to test out some of the songs from album number 3.

Episode 388



As Motörhead have just announced three Arena show for November with The Damned as special guests I play tracks from both with the addition of The Sensible Gray Cells (Captain, Paul Gray & Ant Thickett) as they are also playing a London date in November. Up next is another new track from The Mutants "Rhythm and Punk Review" album. For the next few tracks I seem to be in "Classic Rock" territory with The Dagger, Judas Priest, Uriah Heep and Bullet. The reformed Last Great Dreamers have the first single taken from their soon to be released "Crash Landing In Teenage Heaven" album played. Gig of the Summer has to be The Drej, Top Buzzer, Cars Like Sharks and Flame Pilots at The Rhythm Factory on the 6th August. All my favourite unsigned bands in one place all for free! So rounding this week's show off is a track from each.

Episode 387



This week's show starts of with a tribute to Tommy Ramone who sadly passed away on the 11th July. Apart from the obvious Ramones tunes aired I also play a track from the Lords of Altamont cover album "Lords Take Altamont" followed by The Crazy Squeeze whilst discussing Downloads vs Real life Records. The best band name of the year so far goes to Spliff Witchard whose new album "Next Stop…Never" has a track aired. From now on in, or until the end of the show, I hit you with some of the finest Nordic Rock I have lying around in my hard-drive; Märvel, The Hellacopters, Bloodlights, Smoke Mohawk, Gluecifer, The Michael Monroe Band, The Flaming Sideburns, Waltari, The Nomads and Sator.

Episode 386



Not many bands will get me staying out late one of the exceptions to the rule will always be The Yo-Yo's as club gigs seem to be only once a year. As a Sonisphere warm-up the band played Chris McCormack's Jubilee Club on the 4th July. Only Tom Spencer and Danny McCormack remain from the band that produced the classic "Uppers & Downers" for Subpop but Simon Maxwell drummer from the Loyalties and Role Models along with guitarist Nick Hughes bassist with New Device fit in like a worn out boxing glove. The Yo-Yo's were supported by The (Willie) Dowling (Random Jon) Poole who had stayed on after their PledgeMusic Pledgers gig. A very satisfying evening even if I did get in at twenty to two.  

Episode 385



So the run of studio episodes lasted one whole week but I think you will agree with me that 50 odd minutes of Honest John Plain who was aided and abetted by Robbie Rushton on drums, Gary Pearce on guitar and Nick Medlin on bass, recorded at The Water Rats in London is a fair exchange. Frustratingly HJP isn't able to promote his latest solo album that sees him working with Glen Matlock, Martin Chambers, Michael Monroe, Casino Steel, Darrell Bath and Verden Allen as the only track that has seen the light of day, so far, has been "Never Listen To Rumours". But what we do get a great cross section of Honest John Plain's recording career. Obviously The Boys are represented along with The Crybabys, Landslide Ladies and even a collaboration with Pete Stride gets an airing.


Episode 384



After a six week break I return you to an all studio show. Kicking things off are The Ramones who are followed by a track from the new Nazareth album "Rock 'n' Roll Telephone". From there on in it's pretty much all new material from; Carnival Sun, Jackson Firebird, The New Christs, The Royal Cream, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Peter Pan Speedrock, The Mutants featuring Wilko Johnson, Wayne Kramer, Rat Scabies, Jake Burns, TV Smith, Charlie Harper, Jucy Nylon, Neville Staple, Norman Watt-Roy, Chris Constantinou and Paul Frazer. The Boys, The Bermondsey Joyriders, St Evel, Cars Like Sharks, The Buzzcocks, The Hip Priests, The Quireboys and The Backstreet Girls. I also managed to slip in a "Compare and Contrast"; The Damned Vs The Wildhearts.

Episode 383



Once again this week we go live with sets from the recently reactivated Role Models, The Hip Priests who are all set to release album number three "Black Denim Blitz" on August 11th and making their UK debut promoting their brand new album "Right Between The Eyes" from Sweden the Chuck Norris Experiment. Recorded at The Pipeline, London 13th June.

Episode 382




Even with a super backlog of CDs & mp3 I'm taking you on a trip down memory lane in the form of Adam West. For those of you who think Adam West was the actor who played Batman in the 1960's US Television show and have no access to Wikipedia here is the lowdown. Adam West was formed in the early 1990s, when vocalist Jake Starr decided to form a garage band with a 1960s Rock n' Roll sound. They released their first single, "I Get a Sensation", on Fandango Records in 1993. Their discography consists of 35 7-inch singles, one 10-inch EP, five full-length studio albums, three outtakes/B-sides albums, and 40 appearances on compilation albums. In 2008, Adam West released their final album ESP: Extra Sexual Perception, and played their farewell tour in Europe. They concluded an almost 17-year career at a sold-out show in their hometown of Washington, DC on November 8, 2008. I only managed to see the band twice. The 1st in 2005 at Debaser and the final time a year later on 31st October at Club Sheriff, both in Stockholm, Sweden. Enjoy.

Episode 381



"Camden Rocks….The Squirrel Shakes"

This week's show is dedicated to The Camden Rocks Festival that was held on the 31st May. 200 bands playing at 20 venues strewn across the Borough. I only managed to take in 6½ bands whilst The Squirrel faired better with 8½. Bands featured are New Device, The Peckham Cowboys, Chris Catalyst, The Eureka Machines, Star Scream and Ginger Wildheart.

Episode 380



On this week's show The Squirrel and I travelled up to The Jazz Café to see Progressive, Psychedelic Rockers Motorpsycho who hail from Trodheim, Norway. One of us came away happy, the other not so. This would have been the third time I've seen them in three different settings, the first was at the Borderline with the second at the Garage where the band played the whole of their "Death Defying Unicorn" album. This time around it was over two hours of career spanning Progtastic fan and band favourite songs. Enjoy.

Episode 379



This week's live show was almost a studio affair no small part to my shoulder still giving me gyp. I just didn't feel up to venturing out. Fortunately industrial strength painkillers and Jamesons dulled the pain. So off I rode up to Hoxton to see Outlaw Country Rocker Bob Wayne at The Bar & Grill, Hoxton Square, who was over here promoting his current album "Back To The Camper". This was my first time seeing this style of music and even with a dodgy shoulder I enjoyed every cotton picking moment.

Episode 378



Back to an all live affair this week with Courtney Love recorded on the first night of her just finished UK tour at The Shepherds Bush Empire. Her band also just happens to feature one Ginger Wildheart.

Episode 377



On this week's show I get around to playing a whole bunch of tunes that should've been on Episode 376 namely, a brand new track from Mother's Children's "Lemon" album, ditto The Peckham Cowboys, The Cry and Wonk Unit, but before all that it's The Wildhearts that start this week's show off. Up next it is The Germans who featured Pete Coyne, Kris Dollimore, Mark Wrangham and Rat Scabies. This week's "Missing In Action" is Free Fall who are swiftly followed by a brand spanking new track from The Curse whose second album should be out anytime now….Looking forward to that! Still in Sweden it's a MegaRock Demo from the Backyard Babies as it has been announced that the foursome are regrouping this Summer to make new music. The last of this week's studio tracks comes courtesy of Cats In Boots who were a late 80's band that at the time passed me by unnoticed. Live it is Beastmilk and Doomriders recorded at the Camden Underworld rounding things off this week.

Episode 376



Welcome to Episode 376 of The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show and for the first since 1879 I bring you an all studio episode. What a better way than starting proceedings off with some Motörhead. Which is swiftly followed by Mary's Kids with their contribution to the AM Records split 7" with T-55. We stay in Scandinavia for a while with a track off the new Chuck Norris Experiment CD and rejoice in the news that the band will be playing over in here in the UK come June. Marvel's latest and greatest album "Hadal Zone Express" has been a firm favourite of mine since it landed on my virtual doormat. The track I play sounds like Ian Gillan popped in for a sing-a-long. Imperial State Electric recently released a new 4 track ep. Obviously I play something off it but am I pleased with it? H.E.A.T. have a track aired from their "Tearing Down The Walls" album. My fantasy Girlfriend Karla Force's band Crucified Barbara have just released a track from their forthcoming album which obviously I play with. The last of the Scandinavian segmentation come courtesy of The Electric Boys with a track from "Starlight United. We now move over to LA for some Smash Fashion who feature an ex members of The Quireboy, Smack and Rock City Angels. After that we travel Downunder for a track off the debut Black Heart Breakers album. In a shock move I play some Magnum as I was lead to believe one track off their new album sounded like The Wildhearts. Find out if it was a dirty trick. Up next from Kent its Whispering Shadows with a song from their/his Russian released "Compendium Of Sorrow" album. The next section is all about Pledge with tracks from Stiff Little Fingers, The DeRellas, Bernie Tormé and CJ Wildheart. The show is played out with some Wilko Johnson and Roger Daltrey as we all keep our fingers crossed that Wilko's recent operation is a success.

Episode 375



Welcome to "Two Sides Of The Same Town". On this Episode I go to two gigs on the same day that were 15 miles apart. The bands in question are The Drej, that feature one of my top three all time favourite drummers, who were playing The Garage in Highbury & Islington and Borracho, who feature a couple of ex-Adam West members who I last saw in Stockholm, Halloween 2006, who were at The Iron Horse in Sidcup. Both bands play a compatible style of music and in an ideal World they would've been on the same bill. So if you are into Black Sabbath, The Damned, Soundgarden, Faith No More, Hendrix, Kiss, Melvins, Kyuss, Pink Floyd and Clutch I recommended that after sitting back with this show turned to eleven you purchase The Drej's debut album and Borracho's first two. Twenty quid well spent.

Episode 374



On the 24th April it was Captain Sensible's 60th birthday and to celebrate he called upon former Advert, TV Smith, Johnny Moped, Ed Tudor-Pole of Tenpole Tudor fame, The Damned themselves and The Ruts DC to play The Forum, Kentish Town. Tickets went on sale at the 1977 price of £1.70 and promptly sold out within a couple of hours. Unfortunately I missed the start and end of the gig, that'll be TV Smith and The Ruts DC but you do get to hear two new Johnny Moped songs, Ed Tudor-Pole all acoustic and obviously The Damned.

Episode 373


WelcomeThe Paranoid Squirrel St. Georges Day special featuring Hey! Hello! and The VonHertzen Brothers recorded live at The Electric Ballroom on the 17th April and afew songs by The Wildhearts recorded at Rock City from their "Rock City Vs TheWildhearts" 2CD. You may be pondering why no Wildhearts live from The ElectricBallroom. Listen and you'll find out. A clue….I came away deaf.

Episode 372



Welcome this Easter edition of The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show where once again it's an all live affair. The band in question are Little Caesar who were recorded on the last date of their UK tour at The Underworld in Camden. This was the first time I'd caught them live much to The Squirrel's surprise and never knowingly heard anything by them I assumed, to my shame, that they were a Glam band. Which after trying to cram in their entire back catalogue in over a two day period it became apparent that they're not, much more Bluesy, R&B based Hard Rock. When I heard the songs live they sounded warm and familiar which is always a good sign of first-class musicianship. I know it's taken me 27 years to get into them but I'm glad I got there in the end.

Episode 371


This week's mid-week special is brought to you by the bands The Crunch and The DeRellas. I try and shy away from using the term "Supergroup" when describing The Crunch but when you have Dave Tregunna from Sham 69 and Lords of The New Church, Mick Geggus Cockney Rejects, Terry Chimes The Clash/Black Sabbath/HanoiRocks and mastermind Sulo from The Diamond Dogs it's hard not to. This was the second time I've seen the band and like the first time which was at The Garage in Islington (episode 319) they failed to disappoint. 90% of their set was taken from their debut album "Busy Making Noise" with the other 10% coming from their respective other/previous bands. Unfortunately a Diamond Dogs tune was not represented. Support came from The DeRellas who always entertain and with a new drummer and the last few days of their PledgeMusic album "Slam! Bam!" the band pulled out all the stops. A perfect opening to a great evening.

Episode 370 



It's another live show this week and it's a Gunk Fest with The Hip Priests headlining The Pipeline in London with The Sick Livers and Los Pepes as support. When this tour was announced I pretty much punched the air with a cry of "Hell Yeah!" which is fine in the confines of your own home but not if you're on public transport. A few week's ago news filtered through to The Squirrel Dray that the Sick Livers were going to *ahem* pull out due to illness within the band. Fortunately a stand in bassist was located and who needs a second guitarist anyway? Up until the gig I'd never heard of openers Los Pepes but they were really the surprise of the evening. It's great when you stumble upon a band that you expect nothing from but then deliver so much. This was the first time I'd experienced the Sick Livers live and they certainly lived up to my expectations. (N.B. They weren't set very high). This was only the third time I'd seen the Hip Priests and they just seem to be getting better and better. Next time Turbonegro grace our shores I'd love the Priests to open for them.

Episode 369



D-A-D or to give them their full title, subject to injunctions from the Mouse, Disneyland After Dark have now clocked up 30 years together and to celebrate the fact the Danes rumbled into London on 3rd April for a three date trek across England bringing Spanish AC/DC worshippers 77 along for the ride. Find out how I and The Squirrel wangled our way into the bands meet and greet. Except I didn't but my body double did.

Episode 368



This episode is super long but just so happens to be super good, not because of me, but the content which consists of The Peckham Cowboys and Bernie Tormé. Who were both recorded live at The White Lion in Streatham in aid of music4children and Streatham Cats Rescue Group on 29th March. Bernie has just started a Pledge campaign to finance a double album. This hit its target in less than a day, to much rejoicing from Tormé fans. As well as the CD you can pledge for guitar lessons, handwritten lyrics, Jam with the band and if you've a spare £66,600 floating about you have own the 1964 Fender Strat that Ozzy Osbourne gave Bernie only days after the legendary Randy Rhoad's tragic death. Used onstage with Ozzy on the Diary Of A Madman tour, and on the Electric Gypsies, Back To Babylon, Desperado, Atomic Rooster and Silver albums. But please don't buy it as it will break Bernie's (and The Squirrel's) Heart.  Details right here: www.pledgemusic.com/projects/bernietorme

Episode 367



Find out on this mid-week special why, even though I was in Croydon, I failed to attend the "Basically Johnny Moped" Documentary at the David Lean Theatre and the drink up afterwards at The Dog And Ball with the band including Captain Sensible. Why instead was I ½ mile down the road at The Scream Lounge seeing Hastings based band Hornet with support band Evilyn.

Episode 366



It's an all live affair this week courtesy of Beastmilk and opening band Cold In Berlin. According to Beastmilk's web-site they're "Elements of a gloomier Joy Division, an angrier Echo & The Bunnymen, a medicated Killing Joke and even a lush layering of Peter Murphy, Apocalyptic post-punk from Finland". Interesting to say the least. The band kicked off their three date English tour at a packed Lexington in London where this recording was taken. From the industry kerfuffle regarding Beastmilk a band certainly to watch.

Episode 365



The Hives and Graveyard provide this week's intro music and as a tribute to Scott "Rock Action" Asheton who passed away last Saturday I play four of his most icon tunes, with Henry Rollins screaming in next asking "Are We Are Ready?" Next, by request, I play a Damned Demo form their Utopia Sessions. Ed Kuepper, former guitarist with The Saints has a track from his latest CD played with more new music coming from; the Dollyrots' Pledge Funded album "Barefoot And Pregnant", Sweden's Ammotrack's "Raise Your Hands" album has a track aired as does something from Wilko Johnson and Roger Daltrey's "Going Back Home" LP and let us not forget to play a track off Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell's new offering "Check 'em Before You Wreck 'em". To celebrate Borracho playing two London dates at the end of April, one of which is in Sidcup, I know Sidcup, I play a track from their debut CD. New section raises it's head on this week's show in the form of "Shelved Albums" where I play tracks from albums that were never released. Bloodlights and The Heavy Metal Kids fill this void. Just in case you've been living under a rock or have very good taste, Metallica have placed in the public domain a brand new song, so obviously I play it. Live this week its The WitchDoktors recorded last Saturday at The Oval in Croydon, even though at the beginning of the evening I was in Hoxton almost seeing The Loyalties, well I did but only at the bar.

Episode 364



On this mid-week special Adam Bomb, in the midst of his ever current tour of Europe, steps up to the microphone with his guitar plugged in and enough pyrotechnics to make all the New Years Eve parties ever held look ridiculously inconsequential. "Rock Like Fuck"   

Episode 363



An unexpected live pleasure this week in the shape of The Graveltones, a band up until guitarist Jimmy O struck the opening chord, I knew absolutely nothing about. Obviously that has now been rectified if not remedied. For those like me who need bringing up to speed The Graveltones are a 2 piece heavy blues rock and roll band consisting of the aforementioned Jimmy O (guitar/vocals) and Mikey Sorbello (drums) and so far only have their debut album "Don't Wait Down" in their discography section. The duo are Australian but are apparently based over here in London. I hope you enjoy this gig as much as I did.  

Episode 362



Off the back of Episode 360 I once again play a bunch of demos and/or unreleased material. First up are CrashDïet with an early Simon Cruz recording. Day 21 promised so much but delivered, recording wise, very little. Day 21 were Jimmy Pursey, Mat Sargent from Sham 69 and The Rev and Snell formerly of The Towers Of London. One of the little tracks gets an airing. A demo of a classic Enuff Z'Nuff track is up next with 1977 Discharge, sounding very much like the Sex Pistols, swiftly following. Rounding off this section are Vive Finito whose debut album was shelved as vocalist Jay Butler joined Wildhearts drummer Rich Battersby in Grand Theft Audio. As a dare I play a track off the last Babyshambles album and have the question why fans of the Dogs/Hanoi/Thunders don't seem to warm to the Libertines and Pete Doherty levelled at me. New music comes courtesy of I Love Rich, Bigelf and Motorpsycho. As I can I play a Hellacopters tune with the whole show rounded off with live music from The Cadillac Three.

Episode 361



On this week's show its live Wilko Johnson and Roger Daltrey who teamed up at The Shepherds Bush Empire on the 25th February to promote their upcoming "Going Back Home" album.

Episode 360



On this week's show I delve into the realms of Demo and Rehearsal tapes. And in a bizarre coincidence I'm not the only Radio Show this week to head down that route as Uber Rock; Episode 32 does likewise. Great stuff. Here I have for your listening pleasure The Damned recorded in May 1980, an unreleased Wildhearts track from their Mondo sessions, a demo from Jerusalem Slim, a band that featured Michael Monroe, Steve Stevens, Sami Yaffa, and Greg Ellis, which ended up on a Hanoi Rocks album. Robin Black & The Intergalactic Rockstars get in on the act as do CrashDïet. The final demo comes courtesy of The Chelsea Smiles. New music time and The Black Marquee, who rank a former Chelsea Smiles member, are first in the queue with a track off their soon to be released "Sessions From The Hive Volume 1" CD (Thanks Dom). Which is swiftly followed by The Peckham Cowboys who seem to have paid a visit to my neck of the woods. The Biters have a new video out so I play you the audible version. Last week I played you the Big 4 British Punk bands, so this week I turn my attention to the US equivalent. Argue amongst yourselves as I have their Big 4 down as The Ramones, The Dead Boys, The Heartbreakers and The Dictators. Obviously I represent a song from each with Jimi Hendrix bringing the show to its conclusion.

Episode 359



To cleanse my broken soul after see Dream Theater at Wembley last night I steam straight into some Punk. Namely The Sex Pistols, The Damned and The Stranglers. New music comes courtesy of Smash Fashion with a track of their new album "Big Cat Love", Mother's Children and the b-side of their "We Love Mother's Children 7". Beastmilk entertain us with a track of their "Climax" album. Holy Wave do a Frankie and tell us to "Relax", well album wise they do. Beasto Blanco, who sport an Alice Cooper bassist have a track from their debut album "Live Fast, Die Loud" aired. Up next I play the Borracho and Cortez split 7" which is coming out on AM Records in April. Semi-Precious Weapons have just released a new ep. Having never heard it until I pressed play I quickly wish that had remained the case. Fortunately the same can't be said for the last band this week Gasoline Stars and the couple of tracks I played off their debut album "Good Looks, Bad Behaviour". Henry Rollins finishes things off this week with some spoken word Down Under.

Episode 358



It's a live show this week with The Treatment recorded at the Islington Academy as part of their "Running With The Dogs" Tour. This will have been, shocking as it may seem, only the third time I have seen them live. They are a great Classic British band in the making. Fantastic live coupled with great songs. Their influences are steeped in the best 70's and early 80's Rock. The band isn't trying to reinvent the wheel but have pumped it up to Carlos Fandango proportions. One, quite literally, to watch.

Episode 357



In a packed show this week we have; Rush, The Manic Street Preachers (who are great fans of the aforementioned Rush), The Anti-Nowhere League (with a song that got me thrown out of my first band). With new material from The Treatment, whose UK tour begins on Monday as does the release of the band's second album "Running With The Dogs", show listener John Dissed with a track from his debut solo album "Red Flag", The Reverend Horton Heat. Not forgetting Scandinavia we have new releases from The Sewergrooves (Swe), The Truckfighters (Swe), Carpark North (DK), Supercharger (DK) and The Vintage Caravan (Iceland). Stateside it's Nashville Pussy (Yes the correct track is played this time), Red Dragon Cartel featuring former Ozzy and Badlands guitarist Jake E Lee, Guardian Angel that sported a pre Sonic's Rendezvous Band Scott Morgan and The Hellacopters, yes I know it's not new but the track in question is their take on the aforementioned Guardian Angel song. Listen and you'll understand. The show is finished off with tracks from Cheetah Chrome's "Solo" ep and a classic, in the truest sense of the word, Dead Boys anthem.

Episode 356



It's the first live Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show of 2014 and features the considerable talent of Wilko Johnson on the first date of his three gig run at The Forum, Royal Tunbridge Wells as part of the venue's 21st Anniversary.

Episode 355



This week it's The Paranoid Squirrel Christmas Rock Show. Well two songs are in the form of Emmy The Great & Tim Wheeler and Flame Pilots. The actual show starts off with some Classic Metallica then Electric Frankenstein. Up next it's two tracks from Swedish Rockers The Curse. My first live show of this year was Kitty Hudson playing at Time Bomb's 10th Anniversary Tea Party. My favourite track of theirs gets an airing. I stay in a Croydon mode and play a Damned Demo from 1980 which is swiftly followed by their one time sparring partners The Ruts. Hanoi Rocks resurface with the bands short lived rebirth line-up. Rounding the show off is new music form Mustasch, Nashville Pussy and The Angels. (The Carburetors get caught up in there as well)


Episode 354



Mot?rhead get things off to a flying start, no it's not "Bomber", but something off "Aftershock". I'm pleased that Wilko Johnson is still with us for 2014, doubly so that he still has found time to get into the recording studio and up next is one of the fruits he recorded with The Urban Voodoo Machine. The Sick Livers and The Hip Priests had me punching the air with delight and shouting "Yes!" when I found out that both bands were playing The Pipeline in London in April. Consequently a song from each is aired. Jizzy Pearl has a brand new ep out, although it was originally going under the Love/Hate moniker. Find out why the name was changed and as I play a song from it. A track from Italian Glam Stompers Giuda's second album is played and then it's Compare and Contrast™ with One Direction taking on The Clash and Def Leppard. I kid you not. Blame Kylie Minogue…..The Quill bring things back down with a track taken from last years "Tiger Blood" album. Then it's onto the Blues Pills and as Mike Malinin has parted company with the Goo Goo Dolls I play a non ironic cover the band have done. Speeding towards the end it's home grown talent in the shape of The WitchDoktors, The Phobics, The Drej and Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell.

Episode 353



The first Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show of 2014 kicks off with a hybrid of Metallica, doing Diamond Head and two versions of the same Wildhearts song. Normality resumes with Bernie Tormé then we enter the world of Pledge with a track off Ginger Wildheart's "Albion" album and Royal Republic's "Nosebreaker" EP. The Cry are up next with something off their up and coming failed Kickstarter album "Dangerous Game". To celebrate Richie Ramone releasing "Entitled" I played the unreleased Ramones track "Elevator Operator" with vocals courtesy of Heartbreaker Walter Lure. The Beatles pop in and Gregorian give us a live version of my favourite Wings song. The Supersuckers get us ready with something of their new album "Get The Hell" with the Sierra, featuring former Robin Black guitarist turned drummer Ky Anto, injecting some Stoner into the show. Rhythm and Bluesmysters The 45s make their debut but everything is wrapped up by Altitude & Attitude, that's David Ellefson and Frankie Bello bassists with Megadeth and Anthrax respectively.