2013 Shows

Episode 352



The final Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show of 2013 was also my final gig of the year. That being Starz debut UK gig at The Garage, Highbury Corner, Islington on 18th December. Joining vocalist Michael Lee Smith, guitarist Richie Ranno and drummer Joe X Dube was Alex Kane, the man we should all bow down to in gratitude, on guitar and Ginger Wildheart on bass. Power Pop at its finest done by one of the bands who gave the genre a push and a shove into the spotlight. Starz have influenced everybody from M?tley Crüe to The Wildhearts and return the favour by covering live “LoveShit” from The Wildhearts debut album. Over 30 years in the making this show has got to be one of the standout gigs of all time.

Episode 351



My favourite guitarist of all time is Bernie Tormé who just so happened, along with former Tormé bassist Chris Heilmann and drummer Simon Jeffrey, to be playing a gig at The Red Lion in Gravesend on the 14th December which is in easy reach of The Squirrel dray. For those of you who need bringing up to speed; Bernie joined former Deep Purple vocalist Ian Gillian in Gillian between 1979 and 1981, played with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Dee Snyder, Clive Burr and gave LA Guns Phil Lewis. Our gain was their loss. With an instantly recognisable sound and instantly likeable personality, he epitomises everything I ever wanted to be as a guitarist. That's probably why I switched to bass. Bernie Tormé it seems was where Spinal Tap got the "It goes to 11" from.* Loud is just not descriptive enough when talking about his live performance. He also just happens to write great songs as well.

*Not true, I made it up, but it sounds credible.

Episode 350



It's the 350th Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show!!! You'd think by now I would've been signed up by Team Rock Radio or The Archers at the very least. Anyway to mark such a prestigious occasion The Damned, 2nd of my three all time favourite life changing bands, are live on this week's show. Recorded at The Roundhouse on Friday 13th the band play a set that consisted of older classic material at the expensive of anything post 1986, but surprisingly nothing from The Friday 13th ep or indeed their Christmas 'Hit' "There Ain't No Sanity Clause". A great gig none the less with the band seemingly much more slick than previous years and Dave Vanian's voice was the best I've ever heard it.

Episode 349



It's been two years since I last saw The Michael Monroe Band and with a new album to promote, that'll be the very excellent "Horns & Halos" plus the additional bonus of Rich Jones filling in for Dregen to say I was really looking forward to seeing them would have been a gross understatement. So on 4th December The Squirrel, myself and collective waifs and strays congregated in the Islington Academy. The band, as you'd expect, did not disappoint with all manor of boxes ticked. An (almost) complete Michael Monroe live retrospective; Hanoi, Demolition 23, solo and choice Arm pleasing covers were aired with the crowd demanding and getting a 2nd encore. Just when you think the man and the band have reached the pinnacle of their career with "Sensory Overdrive" a newer higher peak is attained. Death, Jail or Michael Monroe……

Episode 348



Live Enuff Z'Nuff with a reinstated Johnny Monaco replacing (again) Donnie Vie are the subject of this mid-week special. Recorded at The Underworld in Camden as part of their 11 date UK Tour this gig shows the band in fine fettle, even if Monaco's effect pedals weren't and had to be ditched before the start.

Episode 347



On this episode I have the pleasure of playing you probably the best touring line-up I have seen in a long, long time. 1980 and The Damned with support from The Ruts since you ask. Fast forward 33 years and I'm watching former Hellacopter mainman Nicke Andersson with his not so new band Imperial State Electric with support on this particular night courtesy of his former sparing partner Dregen laying waste to the Borderline in London. Yes Backyard Babies tunes were aired and yes Dregen did join (ISE for a couple of) tunes! *hint*hint*

Episode 346



It's another live show, but not what I originally had lined up. It was supposed to be The Godfathers with support from The WitchDoktors recorded at The Camden Underworld continuing with my Birthday Jollifications. Unfortunately The Godfathers guitarist Dale Bartle was rushed to hospital the morning of the gig, so obviously it, along with the next night's down in Brighton, were postponed until the New Year. He is according to reports on the mend. Instead I delved into Arm's Archive and fished out The Godfathers recorded in Düsseldorf (that's why they call me Wolf) in 1991.

Episode 345



A superb live mid week special, even if I do say so myself, featuring founding Damned and The Lords Of The New Church guitarist Brian James recorded at the Fiddler's Elbow on the 23rd November. Brian played two sets; the first was a short 4 song acoustic affair with former Simply Minds Keyboardist Mark Taylor. The second was The Brain James Gang featuring once again Mark Taylor along with Austin Flatpig on bass and Pilly on drums with additional vocals courtesy of Alan Clayton of The Dirty Strangers.

Brian James' current CDs "Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don't" and "Chateau Brian" are available from Easy Action Records.

Episode 344



Back to a live format this week with an unexpected mid week live gig from Adam Bomb, for those who are unaware of Adam Bomb he is a guitarist who has flirted with rock stardom; he was in a pre Queensryche band with Geoff Tate, auditioned for Kiss in 1980, knocked around with Izzy Stradlin but wasn't asked by Izzy and Axl to join their fledgling band because Axl thought he'd turn them down, replaced Yngwie Malmsteen in Steeler for a couple of gigs, worked with John Paul Jones and played and recorded with Michael Monroe. Support was courtesy of a new band, only a couple of weeks since their formation, called Sleaze. Hardcore Superstar are this week's headlining act who have just embarked upon a UK. Seriously good as all ways. Another competition thanks to Adam Bomb where you have the chance to win signed copies of his "Fatal Attraction" and "Get Animal 1" CDs.

Episode 343



Quite rightly starting things off this week are The Soundtrack of Our Lives, swiftly followed by Free Fall. Missed off last week's episode due to time, or lack of, were Dregen and Tigertailz who obviously get played this week. Jane Horricks (Bubble from AdFab) with drumming duties from Rat Scabies with a Joy Division cover are up next. Sticking with covers; The Goo Goo Dolls do The Damned, then it's over to Israel for The Genders. French band (I think) Brand New Hate get their first airing on this show followed by the winner of The Imperial State Electric 7". Naturally I play some ISE. Mot?rhead round off the studio side of things with Ghost live from Alexandra Palace finishing the whole shebang.

As promised on the show here is a link to a free Ghost live track. http://po.st/ghostfreedownload

Episode 342



Kory Clarke and Adam West get things of the mark this week and then GBH help me with my Hospital trips. Competition time sees an Imperial State Electric 7" up for grabs and in quite a few degrees of separation German band 77, Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker, Michael Monroe, Steve Conte, The Electric Boys and Social Distortion all have new tracks played. Onto some British music The Hip Priests and The Sick Livers wave that particular flag for you. The Crunch who are one part Swedish and three parts British have a track aired from their debut album "Busy Making Noise", whilst Sin City Sinners close this week's show off with a Beatles/Lynyrd Skynyrd mash up which I can't get enough of.

Episode 341



Welcome to the last spate of October live gigs with the Von Hertzen Brothers at the Garage taking that mantel. To me the Von Hertzen Brothers are the acceptable face of Progressive Rock. Everything else sounds contrived and has me wanting to book a one way flight to Switzerland to check in and out at Dignitas. A great gig to round off October and to start November's shows. I hope you will enjoy listening to it as much as I did watching. From the heart indeed.

Episode 340



So here we are again with another all live Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show. This time Danish metallers Volbeat stepped up to the Mic and amped it up at The Brixton Academy on the 19th October. It's been a couple of years since the band last graced London and in the meantime the band has released a new album in the form of 'Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies' and former Anthrax guitarist Rob Caggiano who produced and played on said album has replaced Thomas Bredahl. So without further ado; click on the link. 

Episode 339



This, as with last and probably next, is an all live show. Today's episode features Finnish Glamists Reckless Love who were recently over here in the UK to promote their third album "Spirit". This recording was on the last date of said tour which was the 10th October at The Islington Academy. I know over here in the UK it's pretty much pouring with rain everywhere, but this should certain dry out and lift your "Spirit" (Did you see what I did there? Who says State education doesn't work?)

Episode 338



It's an all live affair this week courtesy of The Pipeline in London who hosted, making a rare UK appearance, The Nomads along with The Dahlmanns, The Hip Priests and The Outbursts. What else is there to say? 'Nuff said.

Episode 337



As it would've been John Lennon's Birthday today he gets things going, then I really do play a new track by former London Cowboy Steve Dior. To herald the three December co-headlining gigs of Dregen and Imperial State Electric in a UK exclusive, I play a brand new Imperial State Electric track from the bands soon to be released third album "Reptile Brain Music" and not to be out smarted Dregen plays us something off his solo album (and no it isn't the single again). Joan Jett & The Blackhearts air a new track from their/her "Unvarnished" album which is swiftly followed by The Cry and original Kingsmen's guitarist Mike Mitchell celebrating the 50th anniversary of "Louie Louie". The Throbs debut 1986 500 only album has a track exposed, we then head over to Horror Rock territory with a song taken from the new Calabrese album "Born With A Scorpions Touch". Rush with a track from the remixed "Vapour Trails" are up next with VAMPS finishing off the studio side of the show. Live I bring you the best bits from The Phobics, The WitchDoktors, The DeRellas and The Gasoline Queens.

Episode 336



This week it's the return of Kory Clarke and Warrior Soul to the Capital with a live set recorded at Nambucca on the last date of his current UK tour. Unfortunately on stage sound issues hampered an otherwise great "performance". In some ways this added to the show. One thing you can be certain of is Kory's passion. Enjoy.

Episode 335



I start this week's show off with a couple of live tracks. First up it's Off! actually they have three tracks played, who are followed by CrashDïet with a track from their Scandinavian Hell Tour CD. Studio wise it's Dregen and I talk about his absents from the up and coming Michael Monroe Tour and the clashing of gigs in the form of Enuff Z'Nuff and Michael Monroe (Different Cities) and Buckcherry/Hardcore Super$tar and Michael Monroe (both in Bristol on the same day). Alice Cooper keeps things going and then I talk about two strokes of luck that have befallen me this week booked ended with Johnny Moped and The Stone Heroes. The Usher Boys almost cause me to write my car off but I make sure that Týr with an Iron Maiden cover don't. Breaking a lifelong ban Dream Theater are allowed one track from their self-title new album to be aired, then merciful a song from the new Motörhead album "Aftershock" makes it's debut on this show. Both The Dead Identities and Teenage Casket Company have new material released on Monday, so obviously I play a track from each. Winding things up for another week are Twelve Feet Clay and Horisont.

Episode 334



Basically, this week's show is the live gig performed by legendary Croydon band Johnny Moped directly after the Documentary "Basically, Johnny Moped", filmed by Fred Burns, was screened at KOKO on the 19th September. The band was joined by original guitarist Captain Sensible and the "other" vocalist Xerxes. Unfortunately another former guitarist Chrissie Hynde, even though she is in the film, was not in attendance. Maybe she didn't wish to be sacked for a third time? 

Episode 333



The Black Spiders start this week's show off with a track from their brand new album "This Savage Land". The Strypes make it two weeks in a row then Bonafide hit us with something off their new offering. True to my word I play a track from Geoff Tate's Queensryche and MIA Compare and Contrast is back with Motley Crüe and The Sweet. We move over to Finland for the last part of the show, firstly with The Salvation who feature Anzi Destruction with a track off their soon to be released "Auto Destruction" album and then it's the debut UK gig from Apulanta at the 152 capacity Fiddler's Elbow.

Episode 332


This week sees me plough into some new, to this show, music. Getting the things going are The Strypes whose debut album is released on Monday. Following on from them its Eight Rounds Rapid, then Jason Newsted in his Newsted guise is up next with a track from his "Heavy Metal Music" album which I seem to be playing a lot of on my way into work. Demons Alley sleaze things up with The Hip Priest going all Saintly on USa. The Deafening from NYC inject some Power Pop as do Wyldlife. Frankie Rose, who up until a few days ago I'd never heard of, covers The Damned and then The Damned play it properly. Bernie Tormé is live in concert on the BBC then Evil Arrows treat us to a free download and Queensryche make Mrs A do a double take. Rounding things off this week it's The Germans who I wish recorded more than the 4 songs that I have.

Episode 331


Kicking things off this week is a live track taken from yesterdays Flaming Sideburns 18th Anniversary gig at Tavastia, featuring ex Hellacopters guitarist Robert "Strings" Dahlqvist. Then I air a Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers song taken from my original UK cassette as I'm lead to believe it is even a different mix from the vinyl. Radio Birdman come flying in next, then as Michael Monroe have just announced a UK tour I play another "Horns And Halos" track. Free Fall are up next who I hope to see over here soon and not just collecting their Classic Rock "Best New Band" Award. Conversation turns to Pledge with Steve Conte's first foray going live on the 3rd September. My all time favourite single reveals itself again thanks to Ginger Wildheart. On the new release front Reckless Love get played along with The Von Hertzen Brothers. Finnish band Apulanta are playing a small pub in Camden which obviously sold out in a nanosecond. The Squirrel missed out but to placate her I play the first track off their most recent unpronounceable album. Richie Ramone is all set to release his first solo album. His band features our very own Claire Product. Naturally I play a track from it. Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell returns us to British shores with a stellar track from their debut album with The Deadbeats rounding things off.

Episode 330


The Sonic's Rendezvous Band start this weeks show off and finish it, well the Hydromatics do which is good as. Sandwiched in-between we have some live Gasoline Queens, featuring the return of Dave Hoyland, a track taken from Jettblack's new stop gap album "Black Gold", Smoke Mohawk entertain us with some Osmond's (no need to guess which track), Trouble don't cause any and I air a track from their new album. As Warrior Soul are UK bound I play my favourite track of theirs. Tracii Guns is final shaken himself free of the millstone that LA Guns and formed the League of Gentlemen and very good they are too, which you can hear for yourselves. Cage The Gods make their debut appearance and I final get around to playing something of the Vibrators last album "On The Guest List". Crucified Barbara take us to Sweden before I examine (The) Michael Monroe (Band's) new album "Horns And Halos" along with Dregen's first solo single.

Episode 329



This week the only other living member of Johnny Thunders Heartbreakers, that'll be Walter Lure, takes to the Camden Underworld stage to prove that not all of the good die young (or youngish). Please point me in the direction of a band of today that can match the attitude and the danger of the Heartbreakers. Maybe there isn't is a good thing. It was an obvious and expected set but I was still completely blown away by Walter and his band's playing and the back catalogue not only revisited The Heartbreakers but The Waldos as well. So it was a win, win gig.

Episode 328


So this week I have for you live Gasoline Queens featuring Simon Edwards one and only gig with them, The Scientists, Charlie Harper & Captain Sensible, The Sensible Gray Cells, Pearl Jam, Prince, Dan Vapid and The Cheats, Houston, The Jellys (feat. CJ Wildheart), Robert Dahlqvist, Marvel feat. Dregen, Black Flag and finally The Flaming Lips feat. Henry Rollins.

Episode 327


It's a fast paced, action packed hour this week and it's The Hoodoo Gurus that get the ball rolling. Then it's a bit of a CanadianFest with the likes of The Lifetakers, The Spitfires and Mother's Children. Not to be out done the US of A gives us The Chelsea Smiles, The Black Marquee, Smash Fashion, Prima Donna and "Ride The Lightning" era Metallica. Dear Olde Blighty returns the favour with The Drej, Eight Rounds Rapid, Discharge and AC/DC. Come on that's face it Angus and Malcolm are Scottish, Cliff Evans was born in Romford and Brian Johnson as we all know was born in Gateshead. Then The Trousers, who are the only Hungarian band I've ever played on this show, make their welcome second appearance. The whole show is rounded off by the biggest cop out song ever. Listen and you'll find out why.

Episode 326



A live show this week courtesy of New York Dolls guitarist Sylvain Sylvain who was aided and abetted by Gary Powell on drums and Jerome Alexandre on the bass. Recorded at The 100 Club on 25th July the band was joined for the final song by Glen Matlock from the Sex Pistols and Blondie drummer Clem Burke.

This gig is a slightly different edit to my original effort as I wasn't happy with the first cut. On what you are about to hear I've basically removed the between song chats. The gig was fantastic with them in, but as I was trying to fit all the songs into my hour allotted time slot for the very excellent The Wall Rock Radio, failing I hasten to add, it sounded so much better. The downside is we've lost Sylvain's three New York Dolls stories, the one about how the band got it's name, offering to help Janis Joplin into some Blue Jeans and the Bo Diddley/Pills incident.

Episode 325



This week The Backyard Babies get things moving followed by The Royal Disharmonic Orchestra, and then it's the turn of The Black Halos who are swiftly followed by Hey! Hello! On the rediscovered front it's The Generators and The Rockets. Before the live segmentation which is The Dirty Strangers ft. Brian James (The Damned), Bobby Keys (The Rolling Stones) and Pierre DeBeauport (Keef's guitar tech) The MC5 get an airing. New music comes courtesy of The Trousers ft Nicke Andersson (Hellacopters, Entombed, Imperial State Electric, Hydromatics, Death Breath, MC5/DTK, The Solution), Dan Vapid & The Cheats, The Jetty Boys, The Curse and Borracho. Also stuck in there are Faith No More and Iron Maiden.

Episode 324



This week's show kicks off with my own "False Memory" remix of a Stranglers tune and then I hit you with some Hellacopters swiftly followed by The Robots. The Nomads are up next with Volbeat hot on their trail with Buckcherry and Hardcore Superstar airing material from their respective latest releases. Into Old School mode I play you some Motörhead, UK Subs, The Damned and The Ruts. A couple of country tunes come your way in the form of The New Black 7, who feature Enuff Z'Nuff guitarist Troy Stoffregen, and a track off Supersuckers main man Eddie Spaghetti's new solo album. I air a track by The Art who are currently supporting Faster Pussycat and rounding the studio side of this week's show off is Top Buzzer's latest 7". Live it's a couple of tunes from The Gasoline Queens who now sport Simon Edwards in the drum department. (Get In)

Episode 323



"You thought you'd got rid of us; but we're back." So said the Gods of the Live show as this week it's an all live affair courtesy of Faster Pussycat recorded at the Camden Underworld.

Episode 322



It what seems like a million years, or the length of time you spend waiting to see a Doctor in A&E on a Saturday night, I have returned to an all studio format, well almost.

First up is The Wildhearts with a track taken from their ¡Chutzpah! Album, then in a six degrees of separation a track from The Quireboys latest "Beautiful Creature" is aired. I was hoping to play the B-side of my unautographed 7" single by The Crunch but somewhere along the way my turntable to PC software decided to distort the hell out of it so it's the A-side "Down By The Border" instead. Since the last time I did an all studio show I have had three pledge CDs turn up. Hornets "Skies Are Falling", CJ Ramones' "Reconquista" and Bloodlights "Stand Or Die". Obviously I play a track from each. Proto US Punk band Death have the demo of their 1974 recorded single played. More new music comes courtesy of Finnish Glamsters/Rockers Santa Cruz whose debut UK gigs are this week, Camden Barfly 5th and Nottingham Rock City 6th supporting Vega. Tank, the Algy Ward variety, have just released a new album called "Breath Of The Pit". Hear the disappointment in my voice when I play a track from it. This week's final studio track is the new single by Born Loose, who are fronted by former Candy Snatchers vocalist Larry May, which is available from Fandango Records. This week's show is wound up with my highlights form The Double Fantasy Live gig at The Southbank Centre. Peaches, Camille O'Sullivan, Siouxsie with Yoko Ono to be precise.

Episode 321



In what could be the last all live show, for at least a week* I travelled up to The Islington Academy to see the third and final UK date of the current Masters Of Reality European tour. For those who are musically retarded, which is none of you as you are all discerning music lovers, without Chris Goss and the Masters of Reality there would be no Queens of The Stone Age Desert Rock scene. Formed in 1981 the only concurrent member is the aforementioned Chris Goss. Amongst others who have served are Ginger Baker, Josh Homme, Nick Oliveri and Mark Lanegan and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before Dave Grohl pops up.  

*Subject to Terms and Conditions i.e. I retain the right to change my mind.

Episode 320



I guess by now you know the format; it's a live show. This week's (and a studio show is on the horizon) live outing sees me up at The Borderline to witness the death of Jackdaw4, a band whose main man Willie Dowling has been in such bands as The Grip, The Wildhearts, Honeycrack, Sugarplum Fairies and The Celebrity Squares. This also perversely sees the commercial release of the bands swansong CD 'Dissecticide', so no touring to support it then? The band played two sets, the first was a stripped down 6 song affair with part 2 being a full on, amped up, rock 'n' roll show.

Episode 319



This week it's the debut live gig from The Crunch who sport Sulo on vocals and guitar from The Diamond Dogs, Mick Geggus on guitar from The Cockney Rejects, on bass it's Dave Tregunna, Lords of The New Church, Sham 69 and The Tango Pirates and original Clash drummer, Razzle's immediate replacement in Hanoi Rocks Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Terry Chimes. The band are also joined by Idde Schultz on keyboards. The set is exactly what you'd expect. The bands aren't trying to reinvent the wheel, more a case of the wheel reinventing them. The band's debut album "Busy Making Noise" is out in October on Legal Records. So put a note in your diary.

Episode 318



All right fellow Squirrels. It's Wednesday, the middle of the week, it's a peak not a trough. And to help you down the other side speeding towards the weekend we have The Sewergrooves and The Nomads recorded at The Kaffe 44 in Stockholm on the 20th April. I think it is probably safe to say that without The Nomads there wouldn't have been the surge of Scandinavian Garage Rock in the 90's and 00's. No Nomads = No Hellacopters or Hives. The Sewergrooves were caught up in this ground swell and were bolstered early on by having one Robban Eriksson in their ranks. Robban has long gone (loser) but the band still produce quality albums and are in the throws of recording a 10" follow up to 2011's "Trouble Station". Enjoy and as it's midweek…..It's about an hour and forty-five minutes long. So settle down and revel in the music that is The Sewergrooves and The Nomads.

Episode 317



New to The Paranoid Squirrel this week are Lilygun who supported The Gasoline Queens, who are certainly no strangers to the show, at the Unicorn in Camden on the 17th May. This was the first Gasoline Queens show to feature new guitarist Jack Flash and for special guest guitarist Chris Rockson it was his farewell gig as health issues are forcing his early retirement from the live circuit. A top gig for all those involved as you are just about to hear......(We even got a Professionals tune thrown in for good measure)

Episode 316



For this week's show I ventured into Croydon to see The Eureka Machines play The Scream Lounge with support from The Dead Identities and Kitty Hudson. This is what happened....

Episode 315



Another live show and this week it's the turn of Audrey Horne who hail from Bergen in Norway. This was the sixth and last date of their UK and Ireland tour to support their current album, "Youngblood", recorded at the Camden Underworld on the 2nd May.

Episode 314



On this week's show its Enuff Z'Nuff recorded at the Camden Underworld at the start of their recent UK tour with support from Wildside Riot a band that sport one Rocky Shades, former lead singer with Wrathchild.

Episode 313



This week it's the start of a month long* worth of live gigs. First up it's JettBlack and CrashDïet recorded at the Islington Academy on the penultimate date of their recent co-headling tour. A tough tour for CrashDïet having lost their manager in a tragic accident a few days before the start.

Episode 312


As a tribute to the sad and tragic passing of one of the nicest men in the music business, Michael Sundén, I play a track by The Backyard Babies, a band he managed for a great number of years.

"I am responsible".

Other music this week comes from Captain Sensible, Brian James, Tank. Have you spotted the Damned connection yet? Then I talk about the Crunch, band that comprises of Dave Tregunna, Sulo, Mick Geggus and Terry Chimes. Then it's onto Michael Monroe with the first track taken from his new album and 1st to feature Dregen. Reckless Love go all Voodoo on us with "Night On Fire". The Nomads, at the beginning of the month released a new ep. Obviously I play something from it. From Sweden to Germany it's Radio Dead Ones with the Rich Jones produced "Second To None". The Roles Models as do Vice Squad have charity singles out which I play and you should purchase. Pink Cigar, who don't have charity single but if you buy their brand new single, which I play, will probably love you forever. Ebbott Lundberg has a track from his "Ebbott Sings" aired. With a track from the new Black Sabbath album rounding this week's show off.

Episode 311



As with this, it's as with the last; with an all live show featuring, all the way from Southend, Eight Rounds Rapid who travelled up to Deptford to play the Bird's Nest. Following swiftly on is former New York Dolls and current Michael Monroe guitarist Steve Conte with his Crazy Truth. Who were recorded at The Water Rats in London on the first date of their recent UK Club tour.

Episode 310


This week we have another all live show courtesy of the Loyalties recorded at their Barfly gig on Easter Sunday, with the Barbie-Q-Barbies and the Von Hertzen Brothers who were live at the Islington Assembly Halls last Friday, that was the 5th of April future listeners, who were both over here to promote their brand new respective albums. That'll be "Breaking All The Rules" and "Nine Lives".

Episode 309



"To Prog or not to Prog? That is the question."

This week I start things going with, What is Prog? I play 3 bands that could be construed as Prog, but are they? You tell me. First up is Ghost (or Ghost B.C. if you're living in the United States) who hail from Sweden. Next up it's Kadavar from German and then it's Queensryche V Queensryche. Yes that's right, we have a track each from the Tate version and the Wilton, Rockenfield and Jackson line-up. Let Battle Commence! Away from Prog and into a 1970's feel it's Giuda from Spain who are playing in London on the 24th May. Be there or be at the o2 watching Rush. Moving up a decade to the 80s its Bullet with their Sweden interpretation of NWoBHM. Black Star Riders who have morphed from Thin Lizzy into a new band with new songs have a said new song aired. Very good it is as well. Bouncing over to Scandinavia we have "Demons" singing in their native tongue, The Royal Cream with their new single, it's in English, Los Bastardos Finlandeses and a track off their new album "Day Of The Dead and Trouble Circus with a track off last years "Ain't Shit" CD. Finishing things off it's  Straight To Video with a song off their 5 track ep that features the talents of Rob Lane, Richie Hudson, Keef Identity and Johnny Monaco amongst others.

Episode 308



Easter Sunday saw Rachel Stamp play the "Camden Rocks! 2013" launch party gig at The Barfly. For those of you who are unaware Rachel Stamp comprise of David Ryder-Prangley, Will Crewsdon, Shaheena Dax and Robin Guy. Rachel Stamp were formed in 1994 when David Ryder Prangley met Will Crewdson in London after moving from Wales. The band signed to WEA Records, but were dropped without releasing the album "Fight the Force of Evil". Their official debut album "Hymns For Strange Children" went to the top of the NME's Independent Chart. The band were inactive for a few years despite never officially splitting up, and reformed in 2009, initially to support their best of compilation album, "Now I'm Nailed To Your Bedroom Wall, I've Only Got Myself To Blame". In 2010, Will Crewdson and David Ryder-Prangley played alongside Adam Ant for performances around London. Whilst Robin Guy plays with Bernie Tormé as well as being a "go to" session drummer. Shaheena Dax consigns herself to TV roles.

Episode 307



It's an all live show this week courtesy of Love/hate featuring Jizzy Pearl, Robbie Crane (RATT, Lynch Mob) Keri Kelli (Alice Cooper, Slash's Snakepit) and Matt Starr (Ace Frehley) who are currently on tour in the UK. This is the first date recorded at The Underworld in Camden on the 25th March which was rather cold Monday evening. Good job the band warmed things up by several degrees.

Episode 306



Sadly this week's show starts with a tribute to Clive Burr with a Desperado track that features Clive, Dee Snider, Bernie Tormé and Marc Russell. New music this week comes courtesy of Volbeat who now sport former Anthrax guitarist Rob Caggiano, The Von Hertzen Brothers, Eight Rounds Rapid, The Godfathers, Texas Terri and The Vampire Junkies and John Dissed. Live I ventured up to the Borderline to see The DeRellas who were supported by The WitchDoktors and The Healthy Junkies and then the following day The Boston Arms Music Room for The Drej and Cars Like Sharks.

Episode 305



A hard episode that gets easier as the show progresses. On the 6th and 10th March I went up to Koko (The Camden Palace) to see former Dr. Feelgood guitarist Wilko Johnson bade a fond farewell to his London fans. The first date was filmed for, I guess, a future DVD/Documentary release. So this week's show concentrates on the Sunday gig. Support on both dates came from the very excellent and new to me Eight Rounds Rapid.

Episode 304



Lots of new tunes for you to hear on this week's show starting with Iggy & The Stooges who are swiftly followed by Tank. Then it's onto The Drej with a track from their just released debut CD. Psychopunch are up next with a track from their "Smakk Valley" CD and staying with Scandinavia it's new material from The Barbe-Q-Barbies, Hardcore Superstar, Audrey Horne and Free Fall. Back onto home territory with The Eureka Machines and something from "Remain In Hope". Travelling a short distance into the past; Julian Cope's "Dark Orgasm" has a track aired. The final studio track this week comes courtesy of White Coast Rebels with Kitty Hudson in the live segmentation.

Episode 303



Okay Pop Pickers, it's the middle of the week and time for some more live action courtesy of Denmark in the shape of D-A-D who once again rolled into London. I've only, to my shame, seen them twice but I can guarantee you that I'll be seeing them as often as I can. As so should you.

Episode 302



As you no doubt are aware the classic Dogs D'Amour line-up of Tyla, Bam, Steve and Jo recently reconvened to recorded and gig. I've already played you one of the fruits of the aforementioned recording sessions but on this week's show it's this line-up first returning London gig at the Borderline on the 22nd February that gets an airing.

Episode 301



This week it's the start of a few week's worth of totally live shows. The Hel(l)sinki Vampires a.k.a. The 69 Eyes were over here in London on the 12th February as part of their current "X" CD tour. Obviously I was in attendance and recorded such for your enjoyment.  

Episode 300



On this the 300 episode of The Paranoid Squirrel I treat you to a whole host of new music in the shape and form of The Dogs D'Amour, Black Waterside, The Curse, The UK Subs, The Cry, Stonewall Noise Orchestra, Verse You and a mash up from Go Home Productions of The Verve, Julian Cope, The Doors and The Beatles. I only delve into the past once to play a Sassy Scarlet track who featured Ky Anto. The show is round off by live Free Fall from their debut UK gig.

Episode 299



In packed programme this week we have more from The Scams with Imperial State Electric covering Depeche Mode. When it comes to new releases we have tracks by Jake Starr and The Delicious Fullness, The Godfathers, Tom Keifer from Cinderella first solo single, The Loyalties, Stonewall Noise Orchestra, Nicke Borg's Homeland, The Von Hertzen Brothers, CrashDïet, The Good, The Bad And The Zugly, Dundertåget. On the classic front we have Sator and The Ramones. What's not to like?

Episode 298



In a packed programme this week I bring you; Born Loose that feature ex Candy Snatchers vocalist Larry May, Borracho, The Eureka Machines with another track which is all set to appear on their pledge album, The Scaramanga Six with one of their Steve Albini produced new album tracks, CJ Ramone with the title track of his forth coming solo CD, Dan Vapid (formerly of Screeching Weasel and The Methadones) and The Cheats' track from their self title CD which came out last year. Anthrax, The Retardos with The Pumps, Cold Ethyl, featuring Nicke Andersson and Mary's Kids all present us with cover versions for us to enjoy. One of the subjects of last week's show, that'll be The Scams, have a track played from their debut CD aired with The Drej finishing things off with some live action. I also announce the winner of the Imperial State Electric / Mary's Kids split 7" competition courtesy of Bootleg Booze Records.

Episode 297



Hurrah!!! Finally I managed to get to my first gig of 2013. Which was The Lost Angels, featuring from Cinderella Eric Brittingham, Eric Dover of Slash's Snakepit, Troy Patrick Farrell of White Lion and Ryan Roxie guitarist with Alice Cooper at the Underworld in Camden. Support came from Pirate Metallers Kinkade and all the way from Sweden The Scams.

Episode 296



Hellsongs with a Lounge Rock classic cover get the (snow)ball rolling this week. Then its The Powder Monkeys paying homage to Black Sabbath. As 2013 will see both The Von Hertzen Brothers and Steve Conte releasing new albums not to mention playing in London on the same day, but in different venues, I play a track from their respective last albums. Sylvain Sylvain has a solo track played whilst the title track from Adler's debut album is aired. Croydon based band St. Evel have a track played from their new EP "Ballads From The Cronx". Then we get to hear one side of the limited 7" single by Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell. The Retardos hot off their "Between The Dudes and Leather" Festival (actually the band pulled out at the last minute) have their "Above & Beyond" single played. The Barbie-Q-Barbies have a new album out next month but preceding it is a single, which obviously I play. As the show started with a cover I end with one taken from Waltari's "Covers All" album. Also buried in this week's show is a competition to win the Imperial State Electric, Mary's Kids spit 7" courtesy of Bootleg Booze Records.

Episode 295



First up this week is brand new music from Saetta Bloody Saetta and an exclusive listen to a, as yet unheard, track from the forthcoming debut album by The Drej. Keeping things new The Loyalties have a track from their "soon-to-be-released" 2nd album aired. Tracii Gun's League Of Gentlemen seem to be going down a Pink Floyd style route. No complaints from me as I play a track to illustrate. Former Sonic's Rendezvous guitarist and vocalist Scott Morgan is the subject of an Easy Action 3CD career spanning Box Set. To get you in the mood a couple of his well known tunes are played. The Hip Priests and The Dwarves have just released a split single; both tracks make it onto the show. The final piece of new music, well new music to me, comes courtesy of The Dead Pins and the final track this week is by Dr. Feelgood as former Feelgood Wilko Johnson has been diagnosed with Terminal Cancer of the Pancreas.

Episode 294



Welcome to the first Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show of 2013. Kicking things off this year are The Wildhearts as contrary to what I believed and said on last week's show the band are playing in April. Up next are a band who aren't playing in April or any other month this year. I'm talking about The Hellacopters who for 15 minutes on New Years Eve I thought were reforming, with Dregen, for a tour to support the much anticipated live album. Wrong on all three counts. Sticking with Dregen; The Backyard Babies Classic Album "Total 13" has just been re-released as a double LP. The second LP being the Mega-Rock demos. Naturally a demo track gets played. In new material Audrey Horne have the title track of their soon to be released new album aired. Then it's onto sadder news as former New Christs guitarist Mark Wilkinson passed away at the beginning of last month. I play my favourite track of theirs which he happened to write. Status Quo pick things up with two songs. The first comes from the last Quo album I bought; "Back To Back" with the second lifted from their current. For those of us who rushed out and snapped up the initial 100 copies of Zen Motels "We Want Your Blood" CD we were treated to an extra Christmas present from the band in the form of three bonus tracks. Obviously one gets played. Lynyrd Skynyrd, for no other reason that I like it, have the title track played off their latest album. Former Whitesnake members, and believe me there is a lot of them, Neil Murray and Micky Moody have formed Snakecharmer and are all set to release their debut CD. A track from which I play. The last new music this week comes courtesy of Kent based band The Gang. As former Anthrax bassist Dan Lilker and Billy Milano have teamed up to form United Forces I play the rack that gave them their name, but not by SOD but by Ministry. Finishing things off this week is a Dave Lee Roth track featuring guitarist Jason Becker who's documentary "Ain't Dead Yet" I'm about to watch this evening, that was the 5th January future readers/listeners.