2012 Shows

Episode 293



The Monarchs and The Diodes are first up this week then I talk about Ginger’s Birthday Bash featuring The Wildhearts playing some Sonic Graffiti and Gluecifer to illustrate. (Can you illustrate sound?) As it’s the Festive period I play some Slade but not that one! Too obvious. London based band Hornet have just gone down the Pledge route, so I play a track to get your hands in your pockets. Bloodlights, who have already passed the 100% barrier, have yet another track from their fan-funded album aired. Compare and Contrast is back with The Damned up against Pink Floyd. Can’t see it myself. As I haven’t played any Hydromatics for ages I rectify this with a track off “Parts Unknown”, which is swiftly followed by The Curse and Redd Kross, with The Dead Identities finishing things off.  

Episode 292



A Wise Man once said "It's Goes Up Like Prices At Christmas". The same man also, very briefly, was in The Damned. All right they were called Les Punks but Lemmy knows a good band when he hears one and for a band now in its 36th year obviously discerning music lovers do as well. The Damned once again returned to one of their mythical homes. I say one as the band have two; The first being The 100 Club, arguably the birth place the UK Punk movement, with the second at The Roundhouse in Chalk Farm. Just over a year ago the band loaded in after a 33 year absence into the latter. Played Damned, Damned, Damned and The Black Album and I thought that'll be it. I was wrong as last Saturday, that was the 15th December future listeners, I along with a few thousand other like mind souls watched them play a career spanning show at said venue with The Dickies helping things along. I taped the proceedings and this is the result. Enjoy.

Episode 291



I went up to The Garage on Friday, 14th December, for The UK Subs penultimate date on their current UK tour. Support came courtesy of former Adverts main man TV Smith. This is what happened……

Episode 290



Tuesday, that was the 11th December future listeners, saw me for the first time since it's re-opening up at The Nambucca in the Holloway Road for the Gasoline Queens and The Peckham Cowboys, who now feature ex Quireboys Nigel Mogg and Darrell Bath, last gigs of 2012.

Episode 289



After 18 years away from London, Redd Kross return for a sold out show at the Borderline to promote their rather tasty new album "Researching The Blues". Naturally The Squirrel purchased tickets, one of which was designated to me. This is what happened……

Episode 288



After quite a few live shows, this week we return to the studio format. First up it's AC/DC as I discuss the availability of their back catalogue on iTunes. Then I hit you with a spectacular amount of new or soon to be new releases. Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker is first up with a track that features Nicke Andersson, Dolf De Borst and Tomas Eriksson from Imperial State Electric. Bridge To Mars, that features ex Silver Ginger 5 and Electric Boys sticksman, Tomas Broman is up next closely followed by The Master of Reality as their debut album is just about to be deluxed. The Darlings of Chelsea have "A Call To Arms" whilst The LustKillers seek "Revenge". After nearly five years of waiting we hear some brand new studio Loyalties. The track in question even features original bassist CC Voltage on guest vocals! Hardcore Superstar are gearing up for the release of their 9th album "C'mon and Take On Me" slated for 27th February. Obviously I play a track off it. On the Pledge front CJ Ramone has joined the growing ranks of Artists signing up and you get to hear, if all things go according to plan, a track off the said Pledge album. Bloodlights have broken the 100% barrier! It took longer than I thought but to celebrate you get to hear yet another song that's going to be on their 3rd album "Stand of Die". Izzy Stradlin has a new single out which you get to hear. Former Maryslim and current Midlife Crisis bassist Urrke T. appears to be have a solo track out. Make of it what you will. It had me scratching my head. Maybe if I spoke Swedish it would've made more sense. Free Fall are the band that soon to be former Soundtrack Of Our Lives guitarist Mattias Bärjed has put together/joined. They've been in the studio and you get to hear one of the results. On Thursday I went up to the UK listening party of CrashDïet's new album "The Savage Playground". You get to hear my considered opinion followed by the first single to be taken from it. I finish this show off with a John Lennon demo as it's the anniversary of his passing along with Razzle's and Dimebag Darrell's.

Episode 287



As the final part of my Birthday celebrations I trooped up to the Borderline to see Sweden's Bonafide and Australia's Electric Mary on the London date of their UK Tour.

Episode 286



The day after my Birthday The Electric Boys, featuring former Hanoi Rocks duo of Conny Bloom and Andy Christell, with support from Adam Bomb blew the roof off the Camden Underworld. (In Adam's case almost he almost bloody well did!) I obviously was there to bear witness and for those who weren't; I regale with choice words and choice sounds.

Episode 285



Those Swedish scallywags Royal Republic are in the spotlight on this episode. Recorded on the last night of their current UK show down in wind and rain swept Brighton. So if you like Gluecifer and or The Hives; pull up a chair. WE ARE THE ROYAAAAAAAL.

Episode 284



Okay Turbojugends it's been seven long years since Turbonegro have graced/prowled the streets of London. Since then we've seen 2 albums come and 2½ band members go. However in all that time we been hoping and praying that the Deathpunk ensemble would cruise, once again through our canals. Thursday 22nd November 2012 saw this come to fruition. And now, as you sit either in front of your PC or in some secluded section of your local park with your iPod, you are just 1 click away from that climax.

Episode 283



This week I celebrate The Damned finally getting some recognition in winning the "Outstanding Musical Contribution" Award at the recent Classic Rock Roll of Honour. Then Status Quo take us down memory lane to a time when times to see them at Hammersmith weren't Fifty Quid. The Darlings of Chelsea have just given away a free download of an old 7". You get to hear side A. The Bloodlights Pledge Campaign seems to have stalled at 50%. To get your hands back in your pocket I play the first Bloodlights track I ever heard. Off the back of episode 281 I play the unmixed version of 'Uncontrollable' by The Heavy Metal Kids. Then it's onto a couple of new releases in the form of King Lizard and then The Gang. Broken Bones have a brand new line-up featuring some returning members from days of yore. The band are touring next year and could quite possibly enter the recording studio. I play a couple of tracks from a 1988 demo of theirs. (The more metal line-up) The non Tate Queensryche have been busying themselves in the studio and I play a 1 minute 20 second teaser medley to wet our appetite. Also hard at work in the studio are The Michael Monroe Band. One of drummer Karl's previous bands was The Chelsea Smiles, to wit I play a demo of theirs. Rounding this week's show off is Female fronted Gothic Progressive Melodic Metal Band Orpheum.

Episode 282



It's Wednesday, the middle of the week and it's a peak not a trough. Once again we're all live with firstly The Loyalties, who feature Ginger Wildhearts right hand (or left depending on the stage set up) man Rich Jones. They treat us to a whole swath of new tunes that are all set to appear on their second album "'Til The Death Of Rock 'n' Roll". Secondly and also finally it's Walking Papers who sport Seattle legends Jeff Angell, Barrett Martin, Ben Anderson and Duff McKagan. 'nuff said.

Episode 281



Greetings fellow Squirrels. This week Deptford's finest The Phobics and the Heavy Metal Kids are the live subjects of this week's show. First The Phobics attack us with their Dead Boys, Heartbreakers style of Rock 'n' Roll whilst the Heavy Metal Kids treat us to the whole of "Anvil Chorus".

Episode 280



Graveyard get the ball rolling this week with a track of their just released "Lights Out" CD. Then we have a bit of a Fan Funded/Pledge-a-thon with tracks by The Eureka Machines, Ginger Wildheart, The 69 Eyes, Bloodlights, Warrior Soul and CrashDïet. New unfan funded music comes from Sorry & The Sinatras, ex Hardcore Superstar guitarist Thomas Silver in Silver Silver, The Barbie-Q-Barbies, Jake Starr & The Delicious Fullness, La Chinga, and Bad Brains. Then as we head towards the shows end I hit you with some Marvel, some Flaming Sideburns covering Union Carbide Productions with The Soundtrack of Our Lives really finishing things off with a track from their Romelanda 1995 LP.


www.newjelly.com for all your Fan Funded/Pledge needs.

Episode 279



JETTBLACK are the subject of this Wednesday's show. Recorded at the Camden Underworld on the penultimate date of their debut UK Headlining Tour we hear the High Wycombe foursome firing on all cylinders.

Episode 278



Reckless Love have just finished up a month long UK tour with the band playing a Thursday Night Residency at The Barfly in Camden. So on this Episode you are going to get all the best bits from said Residency, saying that all the shows were great. Guests included Jon and Will from Jettblack, Matt from The Treatment. Covers by Whitesnake, Judas Priest, Queen and Led Zeppelin, a never before played live song and a track that hasn't even been recorded yet kept everybody who went to all four shows well and truly fulfilled. So if you're into big hard rock played just for the fun of it you're going to enjoy the next 90 minutes.

Episode 277



Fancy some SuperPunkRock, trashy rock'n'roll-a-billy, a dash of 60s Psyche-Out Garage, a bitter twist of country, some godamming loud geetars with a special brand of thunderous drums?! Good because The WitchDoktors, as part of last week's CROxjam Music Festival took to the stage of the Edge down in South Croydon and I was there to record the proceedings. Even friend of the show and Squirrel Associate Mark "Arkie" Wright managed to join them for a quick jam. A great night was had by all.

Episode 276



Holy Smoke! Have I a packed, great show for you this week? Yes I have. Glad you asked. Things get going with some Beatles recorded at The Star Club in Hamburg nearly 50 years ago. Then we move forward it time to a Damned track that as far as I know has only seen a very limited release and that was on vinyl 26 odd years ago and I'm sure it was a mistake. Imperial State Electric finally have their Blue Oyster Cult cover aired along with the Smoke Mohawk flip side. The Datsuns, who seem to be scattered all over the world, have just released their Nicke Andersson produced 5th album. Obviously I air a track. The Curse, for no other reason that it's great, have a track played from their debut album. KISS as if you didn't know have also just released a brand new studio album. One of the songs on it was written with the MC5 in mind. So that has to be played. The Shoutless barge in with a single to remind us of the mid 80's. Reminding us of the mid 60's it's Ginger Wildheart covering The Who. Tank rumble over everything else with the title track from their latest offering, with Walking Papers, a band that doesn't feature Mike McCready, but does sport one Duff McKagan, bringing up the rear. More has been said about the price of The Rolling Stones tickets for the o2 than the new recordings. I let the music do the talking. This episode is rounded off by some re-recorded Electric Light Orchestra.

One last thing; The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show for the next few weeks is going twice weekly as I've just got too much great music to share with you. Watch out for the mid week special on Wednesday.

Episode 275



Evening all. This week Ginger Wildheart takes up the whole of the show with his Brixton Academy Slash support slot, swiftly followed by The Wildhearts collaboration with Jason Ringenberg. Which leads us nicely to the final segment of the show; Ginger encoring with Jason & The Scorchers at the Camden Underworld.

Episode 274


This week's show seems to have been fraught with trouble. The mixed mp3 for some strange reason the db was off the scale and was just a bunch of static. As soon as that was sorted out the host site, once I thought the show had been uploaded, presented me with this message "504 Gateway Time-out The server didn't respond in time."  So mevio, assofrock, iTunes and this website were a day or two late. However on the plus side….It's a cracking show and worth the wait!

This week it's Warrior Soul as part of their "Stiff Middle Finger" 2012 Tour who, quite literally, take centre stage. That stage being the Islington Academy on 27th September.

Episode 273



We go "Old School" at the beginning of this week's show with some classic Black Sabbath. After that though we dive headlong into the realms of new material with; a track from the new Zen Motel album "We Want Your Blood", Honest John Plain, from The Boys, then tells us that we should "Never Listen To Rumours" with help from Michael Monroe, Martin Chambers, Darrell Bath, Glen Matlock and Verden Allen. The we trip the light fantastic over to Finland for the Damien Cullen Band and a track from their "Paved With Good Intensions" EP. Former Hanoi Rocks guitarist Andy McCoy has just released his new bands first album, it's so new that I haven't listened to it yet so Russian Roulette style I pick a track for you to hear From their it's a short hop over to Norway for some Cocktail Slippers as they cropped up on the Norwegian-American TV series "Lilyhammer" that stars Little Steven of Bruce Springsteen fame. Staying on Norwegian moraine; Smoke Mohawk's second album "Viva El Heavy Man" is now among us and to celebrate I play the first single from it. I got a request asking if I could play "November" by The Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell, but it came as a free bonus 7" with the vinyl version which I haven't got so I couldn't. So instead Graveyard have their new single aired. The Lustkillers, who I believe are looking for a new guitarist to tour their up 'n' coming new album, recently let us listen to a cover they had recorded. It was supposedly only going to be up for one day, so in case you missed it, I play it. Friend of the show and Squirrel Associate Arcwright pointed me in the direction of Kent based band The Black Waterside. I'm amazed that this band aren't huge if not massive yet. So you can agree with me and help propel them in that general direction a track is played. Rounding things off are The Urban Dogs that feature Knox and Charlie Harper with a track from their brand new CD Bonefield.

Episode 272



Instead of the proposed Søren Andersen gig that was going to take up this week's show (it was cancelled) It's going to be live sets from The Peckham Cowboys, Brijitte West & The Desperate Hopefuls and The Gasoline Queens, "Every cloud" and all that, recorded at the Unicorn in Camden.

Episode 271



This week The Soundtrack Of Our Lives final UK gig takes centre stage. What else is there to say?

Episode 270


This week I start the show off with a justifiable rant aimed at all but 15 of the Worlds population. Musically things get going with The Dead Identities covering the Beatles then it's onto The Giswalds with their free to download Facebook track. New to The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show and therefore more than likely you are St. Evel with a track lifted from their "Slaughterhouse" Demo. The 69 Eyes have a new album due out at the end of the month as do Warrior Soul, so a track from each is aired. Then it's a quick Bop over the Channel for The Vegas and upon our return The Damned hit us with a hitherto unreleased version of Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit". Sticking with Classic Punk for a few minutes more I play a Sham Pistols track. (It does what it says on the Tin.). Cover time once more comes courtesy of Bummer and The Paranoid Lovesick who tackle Roky Erikson and The Who respectively. I delve, briefly, into Brit Rock with some Elastica. Then heading towards the end of the show I play some Bullet who even in Sweden are still championing the NWoBHM but it's Admiral Sir Cloudsley Shovell with their Pink Fairies/Groundhogs inspired music who close the show with a track from their debut album "Fear it!...Don't Hear It".

Episode 269



This week's show comes live from The Dead Identities launch party gig which was at The Black Heart in Camden. Obviously the main draw are the Dead Identities themselves but the special guest slot went to The Teenage Casket Company who availed themselves admirably. The Griswalds and a solo Richie Hudson made up the rest of bill, but unfortunately for you, or fortunately depending on your view point, you're only going to hear the two main bands.

Episode 268



The Dead Identities' with their latest single start proceedings this week swiftly followed by The Who and The Wildhearts in Ginger related news. Then thanks to friend of the show and Squirrel Associate Arkwright (sic) I play a small Ronan Keating interview as….The Electric boys, Conny and A.C. at the very least, play on his latest release. I kid you not. I don't play any Ronan, maybe next week after I get over the shock, but I do play an Electric Boys track from their last album. The Tango Pirates, who are just about to set sail for Finland, have my favourite played. Then in a new segment called "Musicians Who Should Know Better"™ I get to play a very embarrassing Rock Medley from a musician who…should know better. Then to get over it I play a couple of Backyard Babies 'Total 13' demos. Smash Fashion have a new single/7"/45rpm taken from their soon be released 3rd album. Obviously I play it. The show, this week, is rounded off by Jess and The Ancient Ones.


Episode 267


The Flaming Sideburns with a live track recorded in NYC gets things moving this week. Then it's onto a World exclusive with Smoke Mohawk's version of the Blue Oyster Cult classic 'Flaming Telepaths'. Imperial State Electric will be covering B?C's 'Cagey Cretins' for a split single with Smoke Mohawk, so I play that as well (The B?C version not ISE's). Marvel enter the foray with their latest 7" then another track from The Curse is aired along with a track by early German punkers Big balls And The Great White Idiot. Compare & Contrast™ this week features Canned Heat and Henry Thomas, blame Henry Rollins. As I'm currently reading Dee Snider's memoir I play a Desperados' track that features Dee, Bernie Tormé, Clive Burr and Marc Russell. As Pussy Riot have been in the news this week I play a track by them and put in my two pennies worth. The Devils Juke Box are releasing a special double 7" pack in aid of The Sophie Lancaster Foundation and the MS Society. The bands in question are The Lords Of The New Church, MGV ft. Brian James, The Shotglass Killers ft. Rich Jones, Ass Rockets and Scott Drake. All tracks are previously unavailable but as I have got the single(s) yet I'm going to play you some classic Lords Of The New Church and an early Loyalties track. The show is rounded off by Baroness who made the News when their tour bus crashed off a bridge on their way to Southampton's Talking Heads last week.


Episode 266



The Curse, from Stockholm, with two songs get things moving this week. My new favourite band! Then as I've just finished reading his autobiography I play a Supercool track featuring Stacey Blades on geetar. "Compare and Contrast"™ this week has the whole of Great Britain at odds with Liechtenstein. Up next it's Babysnakes swiftly followed by Thundermother, Bonafide and The Retardos. Pink Cigar get us into the home straight but it's Borracho with a live track that closes this week's show.


Episode 265



In a fast moving, action packed show I start things off with Zen Motel who are just about to release their super limited 3rd album "We Want Your Blood". Also all set to release fan funded new material this year and a tour are Warrior Soul. The new album is to be called "Stiff Middle Finger" but the track I play comes from their "Space Age Playboys" opus. The Leningrad Cowboys have track taken from their "Buena Vodka Social Club" CD and Compare & Contrast™ features the talents of Mot?rhead and AC/DC. The Damned crop up next with a guest spot from saxophonist Lol Coxhill who sadly passed away last month. This week's first batch of new music comes courtesy of The Drej, it's so new it isn't the final mix, the first fruits from the all new Tigertailz eye line up are aired (even if it's a re-recording) with The Royal Republic's last single bringing up the rear. The whole shebang is rounded off by The Wildhearts as Ginger has just launched his latest Pledge albums.


Episode 264



Once again Rat Scabies & Brian James along with Texas Terri and Austen Flatpig take to the stage for Rat's Birthday Party playing music from "Damned Damned Damned" and "Music For Pleasure"


Episode 263


A Jon Lord solo sadly starts this week's show off, then it's straight into Vice Squad with the track I stupidly left off last week's show. Tracii (No longer LA) Guns League Of Gentlemen have one of their debut studio tracks aired. Then a reunited Starboy and Killer Ky tell us to "Lick". I came across The Dukes Of Nothing debut (if not one and only) CD, so if you need to know what Tony Sylvester sounded like before he joined Turbonegro you can. The Howling, who feature ex members of Red Star Rebels and The Towers Of London, have a live track played for your consideration. The Bones have a brand spanking new album for us to ingest called "Monkeys With Guns". Obviously I play a track from it. Alex Kane via Facebook pointed me in the direction of One Eyed Doll who have a new album out, but I bypassed that release in favour of a track from the album that preceded it. On another recommendation I play The Lovesores debut 7" which is swiftly followed by G4S', yes that G4S, Olympic Anthem. Kiss then tell us about Hell and Hallelujah but its Michael Monroe with a Johnny Thunders tunette that rounds this week's show off.



Episode 262


The Hellacopters with a PowerPop classic start the Glitter Ball rolling this week, then the Pink Fairies and The Rollins Band don't think about it and Do It! This week's new music section begins with The Tango Pirates who are swiftly followed by Crucified Barbara. Stepping back a few years I play some Vice Squad then its back to 2012 with Adam Bomb and a track from one of my Albums of 2012. Compare and Contrast returns with Def Leppard as both defence and prosecution. As my Daughter is learning about John Lennon at School in Modern History I play the track that has left the most impression on her. I finish this week's show with The Ruts as it's the 32nd Anniversary of Malcolm Owen's death.


Episode 261


On this week's show I kick things of with some live Rubinoos swiftly followed by a studio offering from Dead Moon. For know other reason than I can; I play some Mot?rhead. Yoko Ono then screams onto the show with a track from her Plastic Ono Band LP. Jetboy recently reunited with vocalist Mickey Finn for a one off Whiskey-A-Go-Go gig. In the audience was one time Jetboy bassist Sami Yaffa who joined them for the encore, which obviously I play. Sticking with ex Jetboy bassists; American Heartbreak have the cover from their "What You Deserve" aired. Imperial Vipers, Trashlight Vision and Union Carbide Productions enter the fray with The Saints, Sonic Avenues and The Generators careering towards the show end, but that goes to Dave Lee Roth.

Click the episode number to listen to the show or click Here to download it unless you're on Firefox, then your screwed.


Episode 260



After droning on about all things Ramones I play The Masters Of Reality covering one of their songs. Then I play a track by a band called iF that feature a bunch of Sham 69 guys and the drummer from The Jam. Queensryche have been in the News lately for all the wrong/right reasons so I play the first track of theirs I ever heard. Friend of the show Mark "Arkie" Wright gets another one of his "Work In Progress/Looking For Band Members" tracks played. Then sliding all the way from Denmark I play you some Soren Andersen. The last studio track this week comes courtesy of The Hollywood Brats' second album. Rounding things off quite nicely are The Shotglass Killers recorded live at The 100 Club.


Episode 259



This week a fast moving, disjointed lack of ca$h episode screams out of your speakers. With The Hellacopters, The Professionals, Sponge, UFO, WASP, The Wildhearts, The Backyard Babies, Black Sabbath, Conny Bloom and Captain Sensible providing the soundtrack.


Episode 258



Very much a mix bag this week with Mother's Children kicking things off swiftly followed by The Durango Riot. New to the Paranoid Squirrel and to me, more or less, are The Black Veil Brides who I've avoided up to this point because they seemed manufactured Motley Crüe for this decade have a track played and it was all down to their singers vocal influences. A band who hopefully rub people up the wrong way (and you can take that which ever way you like) are Turbonegro whose brand new album "Sexual Harassment" hit the virtual racks this week and obviously I play a track from it. Sticking with Norway; I play a Bloodlights track that snuck under my radar. A band who have never gone under my radar are Rush whose current album "Clockwork Angels" seems to be on 24/7 in the Squirrel household. So it would be rude not to play a track from it. Honest John Plain of The Boys has a track from his and The Landslide Girls album "Honest Alive" aired with The Damned being the last studio band before The Gasoline Queens take to The 100 Club stage. I also talk about taking my Daughter to her 1st Festival. (Capital Radio's Summertime Ball) Stop laughing at the back and The Punk-By-The-Sea festival that never was. Or did it?


Episode 257



Rat Scabies and Brian James along with Texas Terri take centre stage at The 100 Club to perform/relive the first British Punk album "Damned, Damned, Damned" in all its glory along with some choice cuts from its Nick Mason of Pink Floyd produced follow up "Music For Pleasure".


Episode 256



Just one live band for you to ingest this week in the form of Finnish all girl band the Barbe-Q-Barbies debut UK gig supporting Jettblack at The Borderline on 30th May.


Episode 255



Redd Kross with the title track from their up and coming new album start things going this week. Friend of the show Mark "Arkie" Wright and Flame Pilots guitarist lets us in on one of his work in progress solo tracks. **N.B. In the show I say that Dan Stannard help him out, actually it was Dr. Dangerous 'Dubby' Dave. Sorry Dave! Ministry are up next with a Stormtroopers Of Death cover taken from their "Relapse" CD. Andy Andersen's Tribe that featured members of Broken Bones, Conflict and Attitude Adjustment have a track played from their one and only release. LA Guns (Phil Lewis version) are just about to release their 1st album in seven years. Naturally a track from it gets aired. Jonathan King, yes that Jonathan King has a track played from his Musical. Finishing things off this week it's live Cars Like Sharks recorded at Club Surya on 22nd May.


Episode 254



I've two live sets for you to ingest this week. First it's former Enuff Z'Nuff guitarist and sometime vocalist Johnny Monaco with his new band The Traitors playing their third ever gig at the 12 Bar Club in Denmark Street. Swiftly followed a day later by The UK Subs who were playing the 100 Club just up the Road in Oxford Street.


Episode 253



My daughter picks the track from The Treatments Record Store Day Covers EP and then label mates Jettblack along with Udo Dirkschneider tell us it's 'Raining Rock'. To maintain a balance I play one of The Jetty Boys tracks from their Dan Vapid & The Cheats split 7". And in a six degrees of separation I play a track from Uranium Comeback's debut EP. Jake Starr & The Delicious Fullness will imminently be releasing a new 7" on The Onslaught Of Steel Record Label, so I play it. The Germans a band that featured the sole subject of Episode 251 along with Rat Scabies, Pete Coyne and Mark Wrangham have a track from their super sort after promo CD aired. Sticking with The Damned; Captain Sensible along with Mike Read offer us a Sir John Betjeman poem set to music. Deathwish have just had their second and final CD re-issued and re-mastered in the US on Divebomb Records the title track of which I play. Finishing this week's show is a track taken from Rush's forthcoming CD "Clockwork Angels".


Episode 252



Mary's Kids with one of my favourite UK Subs songs start things going this week with Imperial State Electric, who also present us with a cover, up next. In a World exclusive, I kid you not, I play a track from the 2nd Smoke Mohawk album "Viva El Heavy Man". The album isn't due to see the light of day until the Autumn! Adam Bomb has been holed up in New York City laying down tracks for his next studio release. An early mix of a potential candidate is aired. Robyn Hitchcock has a track from his seminal album "I Often Dream Of Trains" played as the live concert was featured last month on Sky Arts. The Royal Highness aka The Chelsea Smiles have a track played from their as yet unreleased CD. Former Methadones member Dan Vapid has a new band called Dan Vapid & The Cheats. Naturally you get to hear what they sound like. The Loyalties have donated a new recording from their soon to be released 2nd album to the Heavy Hearts Charity download. I did and here it is. Ed Roolette of, well The Roolettes, emailed me to let me know what is happening in their camp. The band could be reconvening in Berlin for a 10th Anniversary gig later this summer. In the meantime Ed is playing bass in Cars Like Sharks who have just recorded 3 tracks for our enjoyment. One of which I play. Simon Edwards, who played in The Roolettes MKii, as you well know, is currently using his drumming skills in The Drej who are in the midst of recording their debut album. A demo they recorded last year gets an outing. Turbonegro have a new singer and a new album in the can. The first single from the said is cranked up. Sticking with Norway; Bloodlights are just about to release a 7" on Ghosthighway Records and you get to hear one of the tracks. Finishing the whole caboodle are Jason Crest (60's English Psychedelic peddlers) with an Acetate of an unreleased alternative b-side.


Episode 251



This week's show features former Godfathers and one time Damned guitarist Kris Dollimore playing the Delta, if not the Medway Blues recorded at The White Horse in Maidstone, Kent.





The Methadones start and finish this week's show. Second on the bill are The Durango Riot who have a new track from their "Backwards Over Midnight" LP aired. El Doom & The Born Electric, who supported Motorspsycho at The Garage last week, have a track from their self-title album played. The track in question had me humming Gillan's "No Laughing In Heaven". It was 30 years ago last week that Mot?rhead released the "Iron Fist" album, so I play the said track but by Korpiklaani. The Von Hertzen Brothers have just released a "Best Of" CD (more like an "Introduction To"). I air the obligatory unreleased, unavailable anywhere else track. Also just out is the latest Nomads album "Solna". Obviously I play a track from it. Moving to the UK; The Dead Identities and BLEECH have both have their latest offerings heard along with Noizee that features Claire Product. For the first and last time and against my better judgement I play some Ted Nugent with The Sonic Graffiti, featuring Ginger Wildheart, Billy Morrison, Scott Lipps and the Podfather himself Michael Butler, winding things up before the Methadones end the whole shenanigans.


Episode 249



Due to my trusty Digital Recorder temporally giving up the ghost I can't bring you Motorspycho performing "The Death Defying Unicorn" in it's entirety. So I tell you all about it and how Dave from Brixton spoilt the end of the gig for the fans and the band. Cheers Dave. Musically things get started with the brilliantly named Banjoey Ramone. Mother's Children have just released a brand new single to coincide with their non UK European Tour. A pox on you UK promoters! Up next William "Captain Kirk" Shatner plays a medley of Canada's finest Rock tunes. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives have a brand new album about to drop any day now so I play the title track. The Roolettes have, what quite possibly could be their last ever studio recording aired. Steven Adler has put his pen down and picked up the drum sticks again and put together a new band, the first fruits of which I play. Live it's Johnny Moped recorded on the 7th April at The Hydrant in Brighton. For those who need a reference point the man Johnny Moped could quite easily have been the inspiration for Stanley from Life, Sex And Death. One time Moped guitarist Captain Sensible couldn't contain himself and stormed the stage to play guitar on the last two songs.

Episode 248



This week's show is a Charity Event in aid of music4children and The Streatham Cats Rescue Group. So after you've listened to the show I'd be really grateful if you'd scoot over to their web-sites and donate a few quid. The bands that I managed to recorded at The White Lion in Streatham last Saturday were Brijitte West (ex NY Loose), The Peckham Cowboys featuring Marc Eden from Men And Gods and Mr. Guy Bailey formerly of The Quireboys and Tyla from The Dogs D'amour. I also had a chat with Rocky Shades of Wildside Riot and formerly of Wrathchild about his sort tenure in Discharge.


Episode 247



Another new track from Imperial State Electric's "Pop War" album begins proceedings this week. Then it's off to a track from Thee Orphans new album "Average Kinda Savage". Travelling back to the future to the halcyon days of Glam I play a brand track from Sweet from their covers album "New York Connection". The track that they cover was original done by….Electric Frankenstein! As there are two official Sweet bands. I play a track by the other one. "Fence sitting", that'll be me. The mighty, mighty Nomads have just released a brand new single, their first for 11 years. Obviously I play it. You've Simon Edwards to thank for the latest "Compare and Contrast". In the Dock is Bruce Springsteen with a seething Lightening Seeds prosecuting. Smoke Mohawk lead us into the home straight with a track from their as yet one and only album. Smoke Mohawk feature Danny Young and Rolf Yngve Uggen formerly of Gluecifer. Crossing the finishing line is the genius known as Ginger Wildheart with a track taken from the 1st batch of his 555% 30 track CD project.


Episode 246



Once again it's an all live affair this week with the spotlight firmly focused on headlinersGraveyardwith fellow Swede'sHorisontand Hastings basedSir Admiral Cloudesley Shovellwaiting in the wings of the Underworld, Camden. Get ready for some classic sounding 1970's Rock!!!


Episode 245



99% of this week's show features new releases.

First up its The Hives, then Miss Guy from The Toilet Boys opens wide. Home-grown talent comes courtesy of French Electric and Orpheum, whilst Brian James and Angel Witch fly the old guard flag. Imperial State Electric have just released their 2nd studio album "Pop War" so obviously I play a track from it. We then travel over the pond for Jake Starr and The Delicious Fullness followed by The Heartless Devils. Denmark's Baby Woodrose round off the new releases with a track from their "3rd Eye Surgery" LP. The 1% of the show that isn't new is former Damned guitarist Kris Dollimore covering the Stooges Blues style and a band I'm super getting into The Bloody Hollies.


Episode 244



On this week's show I talk about the lack of G.M.T. (that's Robin Guy, John McCoy and Bernie Tormé) at the two recent Girlschool gigs and my theory on it. Even so three live G.M.T, tracks from their "Raw-Live", which you can purchase here, find there way into the show. Obviously Girlschool's live set from The Garage takes up the remaining show and what a stella set it was. Irrespective of gender the band constantly deliver the goods whether it's in the live or studio department.


Episode 243



This week's show is an all live affair featuring, all the way from Denmark, D-A-D (the artists formally known as Disneyland After Dark) recorded at The Camden Underworld on the 29th February.


Episode 242


I start this week's show off with a tribute to Michael Davis bassist with the MC5 who pasted away on the 17thFebruary. Joey Ramone has his second and final posthumously released solo album "Ya Know" released in April. This could probably be a World exclusive as I play a track off it. The Darlings Of Chelsea have a new single out and I play the b-side of it. If you want to hear the a-side, you'll have to buy it. Beki Bondage of Vice Squad covers a Sex Pistols tune, Zen Motel have another new track aired as do The Hip Priests and The Damian Cullen Band. Live it's The Tango Pirates who were up at the Heroes Bar in Kentish Town on the 23rd. The Tango Pirates feature Dave Tregunna, Timo Kaltio, Danny Fury, Steve Grainger and Vera Trachsel. A veritable who's, who of Rawkdom.


Episode 241



To celebrate Danny McCormack's 40thBirthday the former Wildhearts Bassist reformed for one night only The Yo-Yo's. Danny hasn't been on stage for seven years so tickets flew out the door for the event, so much so that a "late" show tacked onto the end of the "early" show. The opening act were Plan A who also reformed for the night and feature another former Wildheart in the shape of Jef Streatfield on guitar. The Yo-Yo's set comprised of two halves, well ¾ and a ¼, the first was a greatest hits package then Chris McCormack, Rich Battersby and Andy Cains joined Danny for a selection of covers with Ray McVeigh of The Professionals joining the foray. So for your listening pleasure I have for you Plan A's and The Yo-Yo's early show!


Episode 240


In a packed programme tonight we have Day 21, that feature(d) Jimmy Pursey and Mat Sergeant formally of Sham 69 and from The Towers Of London, The Rev and Snell. Then it's off to 1996 for some Sponge. I also remember to play the A-Side of latest Imperial State Electric single. 2012 sees new material from; Canadian Rockers The Lustkiller, Teenage Casket Company, The Cult and Killing Joke. Obviously I play new tracks by all off the above. Time travelling again back 28 years to play a track off Kory Clarke's pre Warrior Soul band The Trial's recently rediscovered one and only LP. "Compare and Contrast" is back with The Damned, allegedly at it again. Then Badmouth, from Sweden with a Chips Kiesbye produced track, hit us before Gilby Clarke recorded live at the Camden Underworld finishes us and things off.

Episode 239



Hurrah!!! My first gig of 2012 and it was a great bill; Reckless Love, Jettblack and The Treatment all on the same bill as part of HMV's "Next Big Thing".

Not really much else to add apart from enjoy 2 hours of top rock courtesy of Spinefarm Records.

Episode 238


King's X, I Love You and The Masters Of Reality get things underway this week with The Darlings Of Chelsea covering The Hellacopters following in their wake. Imperial State Electric have a new single out. So naturally I play it. Squirrel chums and favourites The Gasoline Queens have re-recorded one of their songs so obviously that also gets an airing. A Dilana, Tracii Guns lead LA Guns live track is played before it gets consigned to a shoe box and kicked under the bed. Peepshow have a new CD out for us to enjoy so, a track gets played off it. Then it's the turn of Scandinavia with The Leather Nun, The Flaming Sideburns and Wig Wam all coming up trumps. Things get a bit punky with G.B.H. then it gets all Classic with Australia's Electric Mary. Into the home straight I return to Canada with The Black Halos and finally Teenage Head.


Episode 237


Some spoken word Henry Rollins kicks this week's show off as I went up and saw him on the 20that The Royal Festival Hall. The first music comes courtesy of The Carburetors with hopefully the song that's going to represent Norway in this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Next up are Mary's Kids with the first track to be aired from their forthcoming LP. Zen Motel also treat us to new material before P.I.L., The Damned and The Ruts round things off.

Episode 236


As the Yo-Yo's are reforming for a one off date I naturally play something by them and by Plan A who will be supporting them on said night. Up next is The Dead Boys featuring John Belushi of Animal House and The Blues Brothers fame on drums. Then I send you headlong into an aural maelstrom of AC/DC, The Hollywood Brats, Girlschool, The Genders, Motörhead, King's X, Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, Marty Robbins, M.O.D., Foo Fighters, The Poodles and Strike Twice.


Episode 235


A short, but sharp show for you this week, it's all about quality. A solo Ginger track kick starts 2012, well he did end 2011, then it's over the pond to LA for Prima Donna. Adrian Smith has a new project called Primal Rock Rebellion in the can so I play a track off said LP. Shush went all strings and acoustic for part of their 100 Club gig late last year which you get to hear. The Rich Jones produced Role Models 12" of last year has a track aired and as The Treatment, JettBlack and Reckless Love are all playing on the same bill up at the Garage next month I play a track from each of them. The final track this episode is The Wildhearts with "29x The Pain" but I've swapped the "Suckerpunch" single intro with the '96 intro because I can.