2011 Shows

Episode 234


This week's Paranoid Squirrel, if you time it right, could well be the soundtrack to your New Year's Eve Party. Just over 90 minutes of Ginger from the Wildhearts playing live at the Garage in Islington the day after his Birthday gig. It was the best I think I've seen Ginger play and he certainly looked like he was having the time of his life. So Happy New Year one and all!!!!  


Episode 233




This week's festive Paranoid Squirrel features the classic Charles Dickens novel "A Christmas Carol". Except this one is narrated by former Slade vocalist Noddy Holder. With accompanying unplugged music provided by Knox, Simon Scardanelli, Grace Solero, Robert Webb, Marc Atkinson and Musical Director Norman Baker.

It's Music Industry take on the story adapted by Chris Barlett & Nick Awde creators of the West End hit comedy "Pete and Dud; Come Again."



The Imperial State Electric track that features in the Rock Science Board game comes screaming in first place on this week's show. Guess what? I liked it. Surrey Punk Rockers Avondale45 are in 2ndplace with a couple of tunettes. Before I get started on this week's live segmentation I play a track by The WitchDoktors who a) supported this week's first live segment (that'll be Steve Conte) b) Bassist Zig also moonlights in The Gasoline Queens and c) Their Roadie Matt used to be the vocalist in a band I was in circa 1995. This week's 1stlive segmentation comes courtesy of, as if you didn't already know, former New York Doll and current Michael Monroe guitarist Steve Conte. The 2ndand final act on this week's show comes from Punk stalwarts The UK Subs who have just been on tour with, again as if you didn't know already, Motörhead.

As an aside note; I'm being made redundant by the end of March so if you know of any full time employment going for a good looking chap with an impressive CV let us know…..


Episode 231


Teenage X who hail from Toronto begin this week's show, then it's off to Portland, Oregon for The Cry! Moving down to the Southern Hemisphere it'sThe Springbok Nude Girlsand the only UK based studio band this week are The Drej. Live wise it's The Ramonas featuring Richie Ramone and then Knoxf ormerly of the Vibrators playing acoustically in a Brazi 

Episode 230



This week's show is pretty much a Glamtastic affair and I say as much at the start of the show. Actually Idosay that. Reckless Love gets the Glitterball rolling this week with their Islington Academy gig on the 26th. Fast-forward almost a week to the 2ndDecember where Michael Monroe and Crashdïet blew the roof off The Electric Ballroom in Camden. I also managed to catch a few words with Michael Monroe himself.


Episode 229



A Black Album Demo from the Damned starts this week's show, it also happens to be my Birthday!

To help me celebrate I scoured the internet for the good, the great and the new. Coming up with Keef Identity from Kitty Hudson, The Dead Identities and Brijitte West's Desperate Hopefuls, The Sick Rose from Italy, Anzi Destruction who's CV includes stints with The Plastic Tears, The Stereo Junks and Smack, from Ireland Soho Susie, a new track from the latest D-A-D album, the new single from King Mob who feature a Sex Pistol, a Pretender, a Womble and the number 16, along with The Methadones as Dan Vapid is recording a new album as Dan Vapid and The Cheats.

All the next bands hail from Canadian as that seem to be the "happening" place at the moment. First up are The Lifetakers followed by touring buddies The Darlings Of Chelsea. The Marvelous Darlings, who were on last week's show, make a welcome return. Also making a triumphant return are Flash Bastard with a track off their brand new album 'Rock 'n' Roll Must Be Destroyed'. Squirrel favourites Mother's Children have a track aired from their "Are You Tough Enough?" EP whilst this whole segment is rounded off by ex Robin Black guitar slinger Ky Anto.

For some strange reason I felt the need to play some Super$hit666. No prizes for guessing what the track was/is.

George Harrison completes this week's show as I've just finished watching the 'Living In The Material World' Documentary.


Episode 228



In a super packed program tonight we have The Donnie Vie Band, no we really have, who were inextricably silenced on last week's show. From Canada its Fucked Up and Marvelous Darlings and the last studio track this week comes courtesy of Shush.

Live it's my all time favourite Punk band, The Damned, who have just finished the UK leg of their 35thAnniversary shindig. This tour sees the band playing almost the whole of their debut LP along with the whole studio sides of The Black Album with a few "best of" selections as the encore.

Gig of the year? Tour of their career!


Episode 227


Kory Clarke and Discharge are the first two bands up to the crease this week. Then we have a run of three tracks that have Hanoi Rocks connections; The Compulsions featuring Sami Yaffa, Club Wow featuring Jimmy Zero who wrote 'The Nights Are So Long' that Michael Monroe covered on his 1stsolo album of the same name, then lastly Grease Helmet that can name Andy McCoy in their ranks. The Datsuns are up next and then it's Vice Squad with a track from their latest album 'Punk Rock Radio'. Bloodlights have been busy recording LP number 3. One of the tracks to emerge has been co-written by Turbonegro's bassist Happy Tom. Obviously it gets played. Donnie Vie, who I thought I was going to see live but thanks to a geographical error and Mrs Baden Powell I didn't, has a track from his latest album aired.

NOTE.After I uploaded the show I discovered that where the Donnie Vie track should be there is just silence. This does give you time to nip to the loo though. The track will be played next week pop pickers.

Live it's The Gang and G.M.T. that's Bernie Tormé, John McCoy and Robin Guy, recorded at The Boston Music Rooms. I also can confirm, thanks to Bernie, that the 'Brown Note' theory exists.

Episode 226


An all live affair this week with the much missed Adam West kicking things off. The Black Spiders cruise in in second place who were supporting Danish Masters of Rock Volbeat. Obviously they also get a look in. The forth band in our quintet of live bands are the Royal Republic who I caught up at Camden. The Royal Republic, who hail from Malmo, Sweden, could well be my new favourite band of this week. Definitely one to watch, quite literally. Arguable saving the best to last it's ex Johnny Thunders guitarist Walter Lure making a now not so rare appearance in the Capital, but this time Walter is joined by one of the subjects of last week's show Billy Rath.


Episode 225



Borracho, a band that started life as an Adam West side project, get things under way this week followed by the new Imperial State Electric 7". On the live front we have Drugdealer Cheerleader's farewell London gig. Then it's up to The Boston Arms Music Room for some Gasoline Queens with the headlining act The Broken Hearts featuring Billy Rath formerly of Johnny Thunder's Heartbreakers and Steve Dior ex London Cowboys and The Idols.


Episode 224




"I was there" gigs don't come around too often; Sex Pistols at The 100 Club, Zeppelin at…well at any venue this side of the O2, The Beatles at The Cavern, The Ramones at The Roundhouse. You can now add HeadCat (sic) at The Islington Garage to the list. HeadCat are, as if you didn't know, Lemmy, Slim Jim Phantom and Danny B. Harvey and last Sunday they played their first gig outside of America. In support was former member of The Wildhearts, Silver Ginger 5, The Brides Of Destruction, Super$hit666, The Michael Monroe Band, The Throbs, Clam Abuse, The Quireboys and Beki Bondage, Ginger. I was there.


Episode 223



We've a mixture of live and studio for you this week. Kicking things off in the live department are LA Guns featuring Phil Lewis recorded at The Camden Underworld. Then first in the studio are Crashdïet with the bonus track from the vinyl version of 'Generation Wild'. Jettblack, who have recently completed work on their second album, joined The Electric Boys on the last date of The Smokehead Rocks Tour at the Islington Academy. Choice tunes from both their sets are aired. A Maggot, a Baby an ex-Slim and a Tramp all come together once again for more Midlife Crisis studio action. The final track on this week's show comes from Danish Rockers D-A-D's new album.


Episode 222



So Jizzy Pearl has left the Tracii Guns LA Guns to be replaced by Rock Star Super Nova runner up Dilana. Interesting to say the least. So you can make an informed decision on the subject I play you one of her songs. Continuing the tread of bands from Canada, I play a track by ex Black Halos vocalist Billy Hopeless' new band The Bonitos. As it's been 25 years since the release of Slayers landmark album 'Reign In Blood' I play a track off it and a track off it's follow up album. A band I've not played anything by for ages is The Yes-Men, so I redress the situation. South Londoners The Peckham Cowboys have a song played that I do believe will be on their forthcoming debut album. Foxy Shazam are up next with their latest single which is swiftly followed by The Last Vegas. The Stranglers make their debut onto The Paranoid Squirrel with a song I remember being completely different to what it actually is. On the live front it's Classic Rocks "Best New Band" contenders (even though they've been going 10 years) The Von Hertzen Brothers. With the show being wrapped up by a Pernilla Andersson sung song that reduces me to tears.


Episode 221



In a packed show tonight we have The Darlings Of ChelseaKrakatoaDef, LeppardMotley CrüeSteel PantherThe HowlingAlice CooperThee S.T.P. live Gasoline Queens, more acoustic Loyalties, solo Dave Vanian covering Iggy and The London Punkharmonic Orchestra covering The Damned.


Episode 220



Reckless Love are first up this week with a new ditty from their forthcoming album 'Animal Attraction'. The Anti-Nowhere League also foster a new track upon us, then Lars Frederiksen and The Bastards plays us my favourite ANL song. We go down south, way down south, South Africa to be precise, for the next artist who are Fokofpolisiekar.  Megadeth grace us next with a track from their forthcoming album 'Th1rt3en' and this week it is The Damned v Family in 'Compare and Contrast'. Sorry & The Sinatras come crashing in with a new yet unreleased track and keeping with the 6 Degrees of Separation The Loyalties are next with a UK Subs cover. On the live front we have Kitty Hudson feat. Robin Guy and ending the show it's Warrior Soul, but sandwiched between those two are Los Mariachi Gorillas de London. These guys are bringing the plight of the Cross River and Mountain Gorillas to the fore. Click HERE for more details.


Episode 219


This week's show is another live affair that comes courtesy of N.Y. Rockers D-Generation. It's been thirteen years since D-Generation last graced our shores and that was only as a support act. This time round it's the 'classic' 2ndline-up, featuring Jesse Malin, Howie Pyro, Richard Bacchus, Danny Sage and Michael Wildwood, playing to a packed, partisan Borderline in London.


Episode 218


This week's show is an all live affair featuring The Treatment's album launch gig for their 'This Might Hurt' CD recorded at The Borderline on the 6thSeptember. If you like good old fashion British Rock played by a band ridiculously young and ridiculously talented then The Treatment are the band you've been looking for. The band even cover live tracks by More and Dr. Feelgood!

No wonder Classic Rock has them in the "Best New Band" category in this year's Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards.


Episode 217



Marvel and Michael Monroe start things going this week, with new tracks from The Sewergrooves and Hardcore Superstar. I then play a bunch of songs that have, quite literally, stopped me in my tracks. Bands in the frame are The DamnedThe HellacoptersThe Hydromatics, and Slade. Competition time again and up for grabs are 2 copies of Midlife Crisis' new 7". The show is rounded off by a live track by The Avengers.


Episode 216


Ginger's Acoustic Tour sailed into Brighton last week with able help from 'Random' Jon Poole, Chris Catalyst and Wille Dowling. It was a great, but extremely hot, gig. The tour hasn't strayed too far in format from the Acoustic Tour he did a few months ago, he just took in other parts of the Country. I also mention, well Ginger does the mentioning, of the 3CD 30 song project he has planned. If you want to get involved you can, but you better get in quick as time is running out. Click HERE for details.


Episode 215


Adam Bomb kicks things off this week with a tune he penned with Michael Monroe who, coincidently, is seconded on the show with the acoustic track from the 'Superpowered Superfly' 7". The Nomads are up next swiftly followed by Cherie Currie, Wayne Kramer & Marky Ramone, all together on one track. It looks like Tyla is all set to release a brand new album so obviously I play a track from it. I play the first track off Amaranthe's debut CD as they seem to be causing a huge stir in Japan. Will it be repeated here? Time will tell. Kory Clarke isn't the only Warrior Soul member to be in multi bands; Janne and Rille are also in Hate Gallery whose 2ndalbum 'Vive La Resistance' is due for a UK release very soon. The title track gets an airing. US Punkers Cerebral Ballzy who are playing London this week have one of their songs play and I almost end the show with Dream Theater's new single but common sense prevails and I play an extremely long Damned track.


Episode 214


On this week's show, thanks to the Podfather Michael Butler, I begin with a new track from a new Canadian band called The Lifetakers. The Treatment, who are ridiculously young and talented, are up next with a track from their soon to be released (again) debut album. (File it under Classic British Rock) If like me you don't really like computer games (I live in London so if I wanted to see mindless violence I'll stroll into Croydon) you'll be pleased to know I play the new Mark Lanegan, QoSA/Screaming Trees, track that's only available on the RAGE X,Play.ii game. Next up I play a demo by the Roolettes off shoot JINS. I haven't run a competition for ages so….Thanks to Smokehead Rock Tours I have five pairs of tickets to give away for the up coming Electric Boys Tour in October. Listen to the show and answer the question. The Von Hertzen Brothers have recorded King Crimson's '21stCentury Schizoid Man' for the b-side of their new single 'Miracle'. I've played 'Miracle' so I redress the situation by playing 'Schizoid Man'. I wind up this week's show with Henry Rollins talking about how he ended up singing with the Ruts for Paul Fox's Benefit Gig.


Episode 213


This week The Paranoid Squirrel travels up to The Boston Arms, Tufnell Park, for Radio Dead Ones, The Loyalties, Role Models and Tight Finks' pre Rebellion Festival get together. Four great bands, a more than reasonable entrance fee, good sound and, and good weather.

This is the Tight Finks, who hail from Switzerland, debut UK gig. Good old fashion 70's Pop Punk. Role Models are based in London but I'm sure apart from their bass player they're from further afield. Now the Loyalties; London, England even if one of the guitarists has an accent (Coventry) have been conspicuous by their absence finally get to play the Capital again but with a new drummer and a new album on the horizon. The Radio Dead Ones who are most definitely Deutsch excite me by playing a Damned cover.




"The Paranoid Squirrel goes to a Festival". High Voltage was the first proper festival I'd been to since Donington 1987. I only managed to attended the first day (In my day only Reading was the more than one day festival) but I got to seeThe Michael Monroe Band, Queensryche, Thin Lizzy and Slash. Interview wise Dregen came up trumps. Be warned; the sound throughout the whole day on the mainstage was dreadful. Apparently day two faired no better, but at least the sun was shining.


Episode 211


Ikon, with a Damned cover, start things going this week. Sticking with the Damned, well Rat, I play a demo from 1996 by Dead Horse that featured, Rat, Glen Matlock, Derwood and Gary Twinn.The Head Cat and mperial State Electric go toe to toe if not 'head to 'head and the last studio track this week comes courtesy of Phil Collen, Simon Laffy and Paul Cook aka Manraze. Live? It's the debut gig byThe Drej up in Camden on the 17thJuly.


Episode 210


As an obvious tribute to Würzel l start this week's show off with some Mot?rhead. Steve Jones and Paul Cook's post Pistol band The Professionals are up next then it's straight into a Henry Rollins fronted Ruts as we've just passed the 31st Anniversary of Ruts vocalist Malcolm Owen's demise. Following on is The Germans, a band that featured former Damned members Rat Scabies and Kriss Dollimore and ex Godfather Pete Coyne. (The) Michael Monroe (Band) have I track I foolishly thought didn't make it out of the studio and thought was co-written by someone entirely different. In "The Classic Rock For Today" department we have Sweden's Graveyard and Ireland's The Answer. The Cryptonics have a demo played because the guy who does their web-site's name kept cropping up whilst I was trying to find out who is replacing Dregen in the MM band for the two festivals he can't make. (That's Dregen not Robert Pehrsson). Waltari have their Cure cover played and the whole shebang is rounded off by Turbonegro featuring vocalist Ceasar Proud aka Tony Sylvester.


Episode 209



The Hellacopters kick things off this week with, for me, a very apt song. The Damned have a new track out as part of an Xbox/PS3 game which I obviously play. Sticking with the Damned; Blondie in a BBC Radio 2 session covered one of their songs. Thank you Debbie, Clem and Chris. Matthew Sweet has the first single from his up and coming album aired and I finally get around to playing some new Mother's Children. As The Big 4 have just played Sonisphere I play a new track by Anthrax and a Disney Radio Friendly version of a Slayer song. This episodes "New Hopefuls" are The Gang who hail from deepest darkest Kent. As we almost get into the home straight I play the title track from the new album by Los Bastardos Finlandeses. The actual final track is by Tom Jones….I kid you not.


Episode 208


This week's show sports two live sets. The first is from The Bermondsey Joyriders, that feature Gary Lammin (ex Cock Sparrer), Martin Stacey (ex Chelsea) and on loan from the Vibrators Ed as Rat Scabies was busy, with narration from John Sinclair. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg, who strangely enough feature Marky Ramone AND Michale Graves, former Misfits vocalist, are the other band. Both were recorded at the Islington Academy, London on the 26th June.


Episode 207


Former Sex Pistol and current Faces bassist Glen Matlock along with the Philistines (who consisted of a former Alarm, Generation X guitarist a Stereophonic along with his producer and a smattering of female Hunters and Ronsons as backing singers) played the 100 Club for the launch of their/his latest single 'Hey Mister'. I was there, thanks to Michael Butler of The Rock 'n' Roll Geek Show, to record the proceedings. This is what happened…..


Episode 206



For no apparent reason, apart from its good, Rachel Stamp start this week's show off with a live track. Then with the exciting news that Turbonegro are to carry on with vocalist number 4 I play one of their songs. Well I would wouldn't I? Metallica are in the dock this week with 'Compare & Contrast'. The Prosecution are Exel. (I'd never heard of them either but I guess that was the whole point). Kill Cartel, who I greatly miss, have a track played. Why? Have a listen and you'll find out. So it's all over for Ginger playing sideman to Michael Monroe. It was great whilst it lasted, actually it was more than great but he went out on a musically high. On that note I play the last live song he played with them. I stick with Michael Monroe, well sort of and play a Backyard Babies track that features him. Not wanting to let go of the Monroe connection I play The Royal Highness and then Capricorn. The show finishes up with some live New Christs.


Episode 205


On this week's show I talk about Ginger's imminent departure from (The) Michael Monroe (Band) and list who the potential candidates, according to the interweb, could be. Music comes from the aforementioned Michael Monroe and The Von Hertzen Brothers who worryingly appear to on be on at the same time at the High Voltage Festival. Main and Prog Stage respectively. 'Compare & Contrast' makes an unwelcome return and The Swedish House Mafia and Reckless Love are in the frame. New music comes courtesy of The Drej, Queensryche, WhoCares (that's Ian Gillan, Tony Iommi, Jason Newstead, Jon Lord and Linde Lindström) and Tramp. Live its Pink Cigar and Adam Bomb.


Episode 204


After a 37 year wait I final got to see the Heavy Metal Kids play live. It was extra special as former Girl/Tormé frontman and still the vocalist for LA Guns Phil Lewis was making his UK debut gig with the band.

What else is there to say? Nothing, just listen.


Episode 203


In the studio this week we have Radio Birdman, Smash Fashion and ex Turbonegro vocalist Hank Von Helvete's new band Doctor Midnight & The Mercy Cult. Live it's Rush, Imperial State Electric and GMT.


Episode 202


There are only two live segments on this week's show. First it's The Answer with a couple of new songs, then later on it is Hollywood Doll's turn. Studio wise it's the Shotglass Killers featuring Brian James, The Dead Identities covering Bowie, the Vibrators with a cover also, the first single off the new Amorphis album and some classic Mot?rhead.


Episode 201



This week's foray into livedom takes us into Croydon (Da Cronx) for Eureka Machines, Kitty Hudson and Shush's gig at The Scream Lounge as part of Eureka Machines tour to promote their brand new album record "Champion The Underdog".


Episode 200


Once again we're back to an all live show. Although I didn't plan it to be this way. Ginger, who arguably is one of Britain's greatest songsmiths, has been touring up and down the land for the last week or so playing acoustically with Jase Edwards (Wolfsbane), Jon Poole (GodDamnWhores) and Willie Dowling (JackDaw4) taking up the slack. I managed to get to a couple of their shows; Royal Tunbridge Wells and Reading. Reading was by fair the better sounding out of the two and the most surreal. For visuals you'll have to wait for the 'On The Road Documentary' DVD which hooked up with the band from York onwards. As for the Audio…?


Episode 199


I try, on this week's show, to play mostly brand spanking new songs from just released albums. Marvel grab the top spot with a track off 'Warhawks Of War' with Sator contributing two tracks off 'Under The Radar'. An acoustic Damned track is played by Ginger and Reckless Love tell us it's "Hot". The Roolettes have been back in the studio resulting in four new recordings. One of which gets aired. The Vains Of Jenna have just released an album of covers. You'll be surprised at what they cover and what I think of it. "Champion The Wonder Dog" is the title of the new Eureka Machines CD. Obviously I play a track from it. To celebrate Record Store Day JettBlack played an acoustic set at an Independent Record Store not far from where they were recording album number 2. I was there and play one of the said tracks. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives were also involved in Record Store Day, not that I got to partake in their London event. Even so I play a track by them.


Episode 198


The final of the "Big 4" live shows featuring The 69 Eyes, Hardcore Superstar and Crashdïet recorded at the Electric Ballroom as part of their "Dark Decadence 2011" Tour.

Up for grabs is a pair of tickets to see Crashdïet/Houston when they hit London on the 4th May. The question is in the show and if you think you know the answer send it to Michael@theunit.se


Episode 197


I know it's only April but arguable the best album of the year is going to be 'Sensory Overdrive' by Michael Monroe. The band, that also features Ginger, Karl Rockfist, Sami Yaffa and Steve Conte, are just wrapping up a two week stint in the UK to promote said album and I managed to get to three of their gigs the first half of the tour. No two Michael Monroe gigs are ever the same; the only constant will be 110% Rock 'n' Roll. Which this recording bears out.


Episode 196


The second night of The New York Dolls 2 night stint down The Old Vic Tunnels in London is here for you to absorb.


Episode 195



This week's show starts a month long, if not four weeks, worth of live gigs. Stepping into the breach first of all are The Lords Of Altamont supported by the Hip Priests and Lucifer Star Machine all recorded at the Highbury & Islington Garage on the 30th March.


Episode 194


Nicke Andersson's Imperial State Electric starts proceedings off this week, followed by another band that has his involvement, namely Super$hit666. A Jerusalem Slim demo of a song that eventually surfaced on the Demolition 23 album muscles into third place with a re-record Dogs D'amour track taking up forth spot. Mrs A. approved band, Whitesnake have the first track off their new album played with a new band, well to me anyway, LostAlone following in their wake. Rainbow and Black Sabbath are sandwiched together with the question; "Which out of the two could be superproged?" Finishing the whole shebang are Denmark's Volbeat, who still owe me a London gig.


Episode 193


On this week's show I talk about listening to some great music that unfortunately I can't play, namely a new band called The Drej and a new Joey Ramone CD which hopefully will see the light of day by the Summer. So I totally disregard Simon Edwards, drummer with The Drej, request and play a track by them anyway. He'll forgive as I have him. I do play a Joey Ramone track but one of my favourite's from his 'Don't Worry About Me' album. Prog. Yep I'm getting far too much into it for my own good, though it is good, so much so I play an obscure track, 'Battle Scar' by Max Webster and a track off the new Von Hertzen Brothers album 'Stars Aligned'. From Prog to a Blues track courtesy of one time Godfather, Damned, Stiv Bator, Del Amitri and Adam Ant guitarist Kris Dollimore follows and with The New York Dolls having just released a brand new album called 'Dancing Backwards In High Heels' I obviously play a track from it. A new band, to me anyway (thanks Arcwright), is Against Me! Their latest album is called 'White Crosses' and is described by Arcwright as like "The Yo-Yo's, The Stranglers, Toll and The Strokes." He had me on The Yo-Yo's. So I play a track off said album. The show rounds off with a Michael Monroe track from his 1996 album 'Piece Of Mind'. I hoped that this particular song would make it into the band's current set. Unfortunately it doesn't.


Episode 192


Bish, bosh, straight into a Captain Sensible demo recorded for the Damned's 'So, Who's Paranoid?' CD, then it's onto some Mother's Children and two new Michael Monroe tracks done acoustically. It seems I then career into 'Part 2' of the 'Straight Ahead Kick Ass Rock 'n' Roll Show' as I play, in no particular order, The Yo-Yo's, The Anti Nowhere League, The Nomads, Metallica, The Hydromatics and Iron Maiden. The show finishes with a track by a new Swedish act called The Royal Republic.


Episode 191


A straight down the line Kick Ass Rock 'n' Roll Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show featuring in no particular order; The Dwarves, The Hellacopters, Anthrax, The Wildhearts, Sponge, Venom, Suicidal Tendencies, The Backyard Babies, Turbonergro, The Damned, Black Sabbath, Gluecifer and Mudhoney. Tell me any different and I'll do yer!


Episode 190


The Chelsea Smiles start this week's show off as I missed them out a couple of weeks ago. Then it's on to a couple of Rogue Male tracks featuring the talents of Bernie Tormé, John McCoy and Robin Guy. Mrs A. endorsed band Whitesnake have a new album out in a couple of weeks so I naturally play a track off it. A couple of Lords Of Altamont tracks from their up and coming new album get revealed then The Vains Of Jenna cover a Cee-Lo Green track, yes that one. The Black Spiders have a track from their debut CD played. Then it's off to Glasgow for some new Attica Rage swiftly followed by some new JettBlack albeit live. Rounding of the whole shebang are Aussie rockers Grinspoon who the aforementioned Attica Rage and JettBlack supported on Friday at The Garage in Islington.


Episode 189



The second all live show of 2011 features only one band, that band in question being Finland's Von Hertzen Brothers. This show was recorded on the 17th February at Jazz Café, London, which was the bands debut UK gig. The Brothers have been described as the "Foo Fighters playing Pink Floyd's greatest hits after spending years in India singing Beach Boys tunes." Sounds good to me. The band's forth and first official UK release is 'Stars Aligned' out on Spinefarm UK on the 14th March. The band have also been confirmed to appear at this years High Voltage Festival in London at the end of July along with Dream Theater, Queensryche (so Mrs A. is well chuffed) Judas Priest and the reformed Thunder.


Episode 188



Unfortunately Gary Moore starts this week's show off. Finland's Von Hertzen Brothers have their debut UK gig this Thursday at The Jazz Café, with their brand new album out in under a month's time. Obviously I play a track off it. Then it's onto Sweden with Mustasch with a new track off their new album. Straight back to Finland via the Netherlands, Sweden and England comes another new Michael Monroe track. Next up I move over the pond to Seattle for some Spittin' Cobras, a band that features former Yo-Yo's and Silver Ginger 5 drummer Bladz. Back over to 'Dear Olde Blighty' for some Memphis Mafia Band, who even though are based in London feature a couple of Fins. Another Fin is Kärtsy who you'll normally find in Waltari but has just, well "just" being just before Christmas, released a new solo CD. A track from it is played. I end things up with an Iron Maiden track as former Maiden vocalist Paul Di'anno has ended up in a spot of bother. The bother in question could put him the wrong side of some Prison Walls.

Episode 187


The Ramones get it on first this week followed by some new material form Denmark's Boat ManLove. Keeping on the new material track I play some by Kent's mightiest Flame Pilots, The Electric Boys, NWBHM throw backs (Swedish Chapter) Bullet, Kitty Hudson and Brijitte West & The Desperate Hopefuls guitarist/bassist Richie Hudson's foray into acousticdom, Deptfords finest The Phobics and Tramp, a band that sports Robban Eriksson formally of the Hellacopters, Markus Karlsson of the Turpentines, Johannes Borgström of Captain Murphy and Stefan Brändström of Henry Fiat's Open Sore but you all ready knew that as I told you in Episode 69. Rounding things off are a couple of bands from yesteryore; The Rubinoos and Sonic's Rendezvous Band. And, for those of you who are interested, I'm in this months Classic Rock magazine. Okay it's in the letters page but still.


Episode 186


This years first all live show comes courtesy of The Supersuckers, The Union, which is Luke Morley former guitarist with Thunder's new band and Thin Lizzy who now feature along with Scott Gorham, Brian Downey, Darren Wharton and Marco Mendoza, Ricky Warwick and Vivienne Campbell, all recorded live from the London IndigO2 on the 23rd January 2011.


Episode 185


What else could I start this week's show off then with Michael Monroe's brand new single. A Captain Sensible unreleased third A&M album track gets dusted down along with a Captain/Nikki Sudden workout. I play some Johnny Moped and The Roolettes in the first of this years "Clashing Gigs Syndrome" whilst following them up is some early Bernie Tormé. Discharge are back in the studio so I play something off their last album to get you in the mood. Rummaging around my hard drive I came across some Terraplane which wasn't as bad as I remembered. If truth be told, I really enjoyed them. Next up are a Finnish band who on first hearing I mistook for The Darkness and or Justin Hawkins but are actually called The Monday Box. Bringing the show to a gridding halt are The Rock City Angels.


Episode 184


More Adam West starts this week's show off followed by another band who are no longer with us; The Methadones. Israeli rockers The Genders make their debut appearance and then it's onto Daisy's Dead from Norway. Also from Norway are The Carburetors with the title track from their last CD. Sweden's AOR stars (sic) Houston get us touching our feminine side. A Richie Ramone penned Ramones demo featuring Walter Lure on vocals gets an airing as he, that's Richie, is getting a new band together. A classic Ruts track, saying that all Ruts tracks are classics, is up next with new tracks from Onslaught and the UK Subs following swiftly afterwards. The show finishes with a live track from Star Star and my favourite Rush track.


Episode 183


I've got it back together this week (just) with tunes from The Members, Scarlet Party, EnoughZ'Nuff (sic), The Fellow Reptiles, The Teardrop Explodes, The D4, The Dictators and Adam West. The first 'Compare and Contrast' of 2011 involves Henry Badowski and The Damned (who else?) and then a combination of them both.


Episode 182



Happy New Year one and all. In this week’s show was brought to you with the aid of Mikkelle – Santa’s Little Helper at 11%, Meantime India Pale Ale at 7.5%, a bottle of Hardy’s Notting Hill Cabernet Shiraz and a bottle of Errazuriz Sangiovese, so I don’t do much talking as I’m suffering from an ‘over. What do you mean good?!! Obviously music takes control of the driving seat. No links this week either as I just can’t get it together. I’m sure you’ve heard of Google! Music on this episode comes courtesy of Smack, W.A.S.P., The Damned ft. Lemmy, Hybrid Children, Black Robot, The Nomads, Melody Club, Whitesnake, Megadeth, Bernie Tormé, Diamond Head, Alice Cooper, S.O.D., Sons Of Cyrus, Gemini 5, G.B.H., and Die Toten Hosen.