2010 Shows

Episode 181


Happy Christmas one and all. I hope you all are tucked up with your loved ones ready to gorge yourself on food and drink. I know I am. Today's show features Captain Sensible's first solo gig in London for over ten years recorded at Dingwalls on the 19th December. His band features one time, Eddie & The Hotrods, Damned, UFO bassist Paul Gray, Johnny Moped drummer Dave Berk, current Damned keyboardist Monty Oxymoron and Hannah from Brighton on additional guitar and backing vocals.   

Episode 180


Nothing live, all studio, all good! Kicking things of this week are Mary's Kids, followed by The Bangles. On the "new" front we have the Eureka Machines and the von Hertzen Brothers with tracks taken from their respective forthcoming albums. 'Compare & Contrast' is back thanks to Al Fiendish. In the frame this time round are The Foo Fighters. A track from a relatively new band called Flame Pilots skids into view. The song I'm going to play by them was originally recorded by Flame Pilots guitarist, Arcwight, myself and PJ from Inner Eden waaaay back in the mid 90's, so I'm going to play that as well! The show ends with 'Another Perfect Day' album track by Motӧrhead.

Episode 179


Enuff Z'Nuff recorded live on the penultimate date of their most recent UK tour at The Borderline, London.

Episode 178


Bernie Tormé in his Desperado guise starts things rolling this week with another Dee, Dee Dee King aka Dee Dee Ramone following suit. I got a few new releases to play you this week in the form of Hardcore Superstar's 'Split Your Lip', the "DEMONS" 'Scarcity', the Imperial State Electric/Bloodlights split 7" and the new Motӧrhead album 'The World Is Yours'. A track from each is played and in the case of Motӧrhead; two. On the live front I play a new Michael Monroe song recorded on the last day of their Motӧrhead support slot in Brighton and indeed Motӧrhead with Michael Monroe recorded the day before in Brixton.

Episode 177


Another week, another live show. I didn't plan for it to turn out this way, actually I did but a cancellation put pay to that, so then it was a studio episode but then I went and saw a band from Norway called Motorpsycho on Wednesday and once again it's another live show, albeit not the original one I had planned. Motorpsycho put me in mind of a Pompeii Floyd and Hawkwind. It has to be noted that the bassist played a very nice left handed non reversible Thunderbird, strung for a right handed player.

Episode 176


This week's show features Canvey Island's finest Dr Feelgood recorded live at Croydon's Clock Tower last Saturday. What else can I say?

Episode 175


A whole show dedicated to 'Portobello Shuffle - A Testimonial To Boss Goodman and Tribute To The Music Of The Deviants and Pink Fairies' CD launch gig at the Inn On The Green Ladbroke Grove. A gig where Brian James, John Sinclair, The Dirty Strangers, Mick Farren, Sandy Sanderson, Tim Rundell, Nik Turner and Russell Hunter were reported to be playing. Hear who played and with whom on this week's show. All the proceeds from the sale of the CD go towards former Deviants and Pink Fairies manager Boss Goodman who suffered a major stroke in 2006. The CD can be ordered here http://www.easyaction.co.uk/detail/EARSBOSS001

Episode 174


A Radio Birdman track from their forthcoming live CD starts proceedings this week, with a new(ish) Bubble song following hot on it's heels. The Diamond Dogs have had a brand new Long Player just released called 'The Grit And The Very Soul'. Naturally a track from it gets an airing. Travelling over the Atlantic to Canada former Robin Black guitarist Ky Anto makes a welcome return to the show with a brand new song from his 'False Fingering' album. Manufactured Punk Rockers The Looters entertain us with a track from their one and only EP After a break, 'Compare and Contrast' featuring Robert Plant and Steve Earle rears its ugly litigating head. We then career over the edge with two bands who are no longer with us in the form of France's Weak, and from Spain Ultracuerpos. A band that are still with us and hopefully will be for some time to come are The Scaramanga Six with a tune from their 'An Introduction to…' album. Finally, but not finally, Day 21 have a track from their debut album 'Who Killed Sham 69?' played. Finally and I do mean finally, I end the show with Weezer. (My daughter also makes her first appearance on this week's show.)

Episode 173


Nothing live this week all studio. *fingers crossed behind Arm's back* Captain Sensible starts the show off with a track off his first ep. Then The Ramones and Motӧrhead take to the stage, or not as the case maybe. The Motӧrhead track in question is from that television advert. Next The Damian Cullen Band pick up the batten followed by the Mike Muir fronted No Mercy. As Inner Eden have unfortunately thrown in the towel as yet another vocalist has decided fame and fortune isn't for them I play a track that seems pretty apt. Another apt song, well it is if you're American, comes courtesy of the MC5. A studio Roolettes Mk ii track is up next, which beggars the question "Will it be re-recorded for the new album?" The first band I ever got into was Slade (I know, I know. Always the cool kid) so I play a hard hitting duel guitar driven track by them. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives have a new greatest hits CD out at the end of November. So I play the unreleased track off it. Finishing up this week's show is The Yo-Yos.

Episode 172


Hollywood Doll kick things off this week with a live set taken from the Dirty South recorded on the 15th. Then it's onto the Underbelly in Hoxton for more live action from Cavilry, The Ten O Sevens, and The Roolettes all recorded on the 23rd. 'Nuff said.

Episode 171


There were three places to be in London last Thursday; Walter Lure at The 100 Club, Guys 'n' Roses at the O2 and Crashdïet at The Underworld. I went to the latter. Second choice would've been Walter Lure, even if Duff McKagan joined Axl, but until they perfect cloning, what can you do? So without rambling on and on and on, here is Crashdïet's debut London gig.

Episode 170


Guess what? Another live show. This week Shush step up to the mic on their 'Soundtrack Of My Life' tour. This was gig number three in a series of eighteen recorded at the Camden Underworld on the 2nd October. The last date being on the 23rd at the Scream Lounge in sunny Croydon.

Episode 169


I've a Spinetastic show for you this week. Once again it's all live with all three bands on the Spinefarm label. First up are JettBlack who seem to be the one of the premier support acts at the moment. The filling in this week's sandwich are Reckless Love with (The) Michael Monroe (Band) finishing things off. Reckless Love and JettBlack were recorded at the Garage on the 25th September with (The) Michael Monroe (Band) set taken from their just released CD 'Another Night In The Sun' which was recorded at Tavastia, Finland on the 6th July.

Episode 168


An all live affair this week that come courtesy of The Eureka Machines and headliners Jackdaw4's gig at the Borderline on the 18th. I'd not seen Jackdaw4 before and came away well impress. Lookout for Jackdaw4 supporting The Electric Six, who strangely enough The Eureka Machines supported last time the Six were over in the UK.

Episode 167


A Sonic Avenues track that you can download for free from the Going Gaga Record label starts things off this week. The Heavy Metal Kids have a new vocalist in the form of John Altman, aka Nasty Nick Cotton. Hear their new single and be surprised at how good it is. A bit of a Scandinavian section is up next with The "Demons", The Sewergrooves, new Royal Cream, Volbeat and Crystalic. This week's "New Band" segment comes courtesy of Hollywood Doll with Lostaura following in their wake. With Shush's debut album ever drawing nearer I play another track off it. This week I'm running a competition. The prize is an autographed photograph of The Wildhearts. All you have to do is name the mystery artist that I play after Shush and e-mail me your answer to armitage@theparanoidsquirrel.com

Episode 166


The New York Dolls, Blondie and Louis XIV get things rolling this week followed by 'Compare & Contrast' that features firstly The Kinks and The Sex Pistols, then secondly Abba and once again the Pistols. As Cavilry drummer Simon Edwards recommended the Kinks/Pistol tracks and that his band are playing on Thursday at the Gaff I play a track off their 'Miss Connection' ep. A short, but very sweet, Candy Snatchers track is up next followed by The Nomads and The Superbees. The last two bands to fondle your eardrums on this week's show are God and The School Bullies.

Episode 165


Apocalyptica start this week's show off with a track from their new album. Canadian bands, thanks to Dave Champion, take up the majority of the rest of the show, a new Goo Goo Dolls track is that particular fly in the ointment. First it's The Bators, then The Spaceshits, followed by The Diodes with live Mother's Children finishing things off.

Episode 164


Kicking things off this week are The Hydromatics, The Electric Gypsies and The Damned. Then it's onto The Fastbacks, Paul Collins Beat and The Domestic Bumblebees (I kid you not). Rounding off the whole shebang are classic Goo Goo Dolls, The Jumpers, Psychopunch and The Retardos.

Episode 163


Nothing live this week, all studio. Classic Turpentines start things off then it's onto new Danzig and Buck Cherry. As CrashDiet are playing London in October the Japanese bonus track off their new CD gets aired, the gigs sold out by the way. As I haven't played any Wildhearts for a while I play something off 'Chutzpah as I had also forgotten how good it was. The Flaming Sideburns are 15 years old this year so I play two live tracks from their 'Burn Rock 'n' Roll' LP. Okay I lied there is some live stuff. My new favourite band is Mother's Children. Two tracks from their debut LP are played and I dare you not to hum at least one of the songs whilst you're minding your own business. I play compare and contrast with David Bowie and The Damned. David, you're a naughty boy! Shush have finally, finally, finally got their debut album out in October but the single 'Do What I Want' is out Monday, so I play it. Catch 'em live throughout October. I finish things up with The Avengers. Why? Because along with Mother's Children I've been humming * that * song.


Episode 162


All live this week from Tuesday's gig at the Gaff that featured; Charlie Harper (UK Subs) and Knox (Vibrators) playing an acoustic set, The Castaways, Brijitte West and The Desperate Hopefuls (NY Loose, Kitty Hudson, Dead Identities, UK Subs), all the way from Italia, Reazione who played a mix of Metal, Punk and Oi and headlining the whole shebang Berliners Radio Dead Ones

Episode 161


Once a year Croydon Council put on a free festival down at Lloyds Park. The Damned were one of the bands on this year's bill. As it's only up the road from me it would've been criminal for me not to attend and obviously record it for your delight. So Ladies and Gentlemen I give you The Damned.

Episode 160


Thanks to KT Glitz, bassist of Hollywood Doll, I, for the very first time (pun intended) went to the Camden Roundhouse as part of the iTunes Festival to see Foreigner and Europe. Stop laughing at the back, I enjoyed it. Then Tuesday it was up to The Water Rats to see New York Dolls, Michael Monroe guitarist Steve Conte perform his debut solo London gig with The Ugly Truth.

Choice cuts from all three of the bands sets are played.

Episode 159


It's an all live show this week featuring Joe Elliott & The Down 'n Outz recorded at their High Voltage warm up gig at the Borderline. The Down 'n Outz are, more or less, The Quireboys with Mr Elliott on vocal duties playing the best of Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter. Ian Hunter does actually join them for the last song.

Episode 158


As with last week, this week's show starts with Ginger but in his Super$hit666 guise. One time Ginger associate and Podfather Michael Butler crops up in American Heartbreak. Finnish rockers Uniklubi have a track off their Syvaan Valoon CD played and then we seem to get into a bit off a Damned groove, firstly with Dolly Mixture, then The Softies, Tanz Der Youth and finally the Damned themselves. I finish things with a band called Tractor.

Episode 157


A live Michael Monroe Band track, that is going to appear on their up and coming live album, starts this week's show off. Jake Starr's latest venture, Goy Division, has the A-side of their 7" played. To celebrate Pope Ben costing the UK tax payer £12,000,000 for him to visit his followers I play Broken Bones' 'Religion Is Responsible'. I also mention how this cost could be avoided. Turbonegro have lost vocalist Hank Von Helvete so I obviously play a track(s) by them. Jesse Malin has just finished a sort UK tour so I play a track off his new 'Love It To Life' CD. Another new Damned Devil's Jukebox track from 'So. Who's Paranoid?' is aired with live Bermondsey Joyriders featuring Rat Scabies on drums finishing things off.

Episode 156


It's a quick fire show this week with:- The Ramones, Radio Birdman, Joan Jett, The Backyard Babies, a new track from The Damned, The Score, Reckless Love,  new Killing Joke and classic UK subs as I didn't manage to get down to see them in Gillingham.

Episode 155


I start this weeks show off with Vice Squad and a track from last years 'London Underground' album. Then I play a track not by The Damned. The Bermondsey Joyriders have a track played off their debut CD aired whilst Johnny Moped have the same track played twice. Ozzy Osbourne has a new guitarist and a new album out. You get to hear said guitarist on a track from said album. Iron Maiden have a free downloadable track from their forth coming 'The Final Frontier' album. So I play it, well it is free. This week's live segment comes from The UK Subs' Royal Tunbridge Wells gig on the 25th

Episode 154


A nice and easy show this week for me as it is Joan Jett & The Blackhearts recorded live at The 100 Club, London, England on the 14th June 2010. What else do you need me to say?!

Episode 153


The Point 7" finally makes it into the Squirrel household. Naturally I play something off it which happens to be The Jook's cover. Scott Morgan, of Sonic's Rendezvous Band and Hydromatics fame, has a couple of tracks played from his new self titled solo CD. Broken Bones make a welcome return to the Paranoid Squirrel with a track off their first album for 5 years. Spike, of Quireboys fame, had a band called God's Hotel 13 years ago. They produced one really good album, toured then split up. Came across said album the other day, remembered how good it was, so obviously I play a track from it. Two extremely cringe worthy Vince Neil tracks are up next followed by one of the new Rush downloadable songs. Top stuff! Finally The Rubinoos 'Rock 'n' Roll is Dead' ends this week's proceedings.  

Episode 152


A nearly all live show this week. Ferocity Lights being the exception. Those who are actually live are; The Audio Cartel, featuring Michael Schenker's son Tyson and Jesse Hunter from the Ian Hunter gene pool and headliners Cavilry. Then it's onto The Damned's recent Shepherd's Bush Empire gig with Texas Terri and Ed Tudor Pole in supporting roles.

Episode 151


A long show this week clocking in at 1h 50min but with three good live sets to choose the best bits from I ended up playing the whole of Reckless Loves debut UK gig along with the whole of Brijitte West and JettBlack's support slots. Enjoy!

Episode 150


I don't think I could've started this week's show off with anything else but a couple of Dio penned classics. Staying with 'Classics' I play the last ever Thin Lizzy song that the band played live way back in 1983. Three new or newest bands are up next; two more Imperial State Electric tracks from their now released debut album get an airing along with a track from 44 Caliber and Greed respectively. I rummaged around my hard drive and stumbled upon Honeycrack's one and only CD. So I play a track off it. One of my favourite Bernie Tormé tracks comes up next, then The Paranoid Squirrel unofficial World Cup anthem by The Clash makes it's one and only appearance. I wind the show up with The Damned.

Episode 149


A delve into Arm's live archive this week as I pull out the first of the four Hellacopters hometown farewell gigs recorded on the afternoon of the 25th October 2008.

Episode 148


Two new tracks from Smoke Mohawks' debut CD start this week's show off courtesy of Dave Champion. Then it's Dr. Feelgood, Chuck Mosley, covering one of his own songs, the Disposable Heroes of Hypocrisy, The Pay Backs, Juliette Lewis, Molotow, Towers Of London and rounding things off is live Iggy and The Stooges recorded on the second night of their two night stint at Hammersmith Odeon. No time for the links. I'm sure you've heard of Google.

Episode 147


I blast this week's show off with some Crazy Lixx then it's onto a bit of an ex-Hellacopter medley with Imperial State Electric, Dundertaget and Tramp. Sin City Sinners and then Sweet Apple are up next before we return to Scandinavia with The Naughty Boys and Parasite City. Finally some live Adam Bomb recorded in Bromley finishes things off.

Episode 146


The first Imperial State Electric 7" starts things off this week than it's a quick message from Batusis' drummer Lez Warner. A guilt trip makes me play the new Sorry & The Sinatras single. A studio Joe Perry Project follows, (that was the gig that was giving me the guilt trip) and then I play the first new recording since 1990 by JetBoy. Ex American Heartbreaker Casey Crenshaw's band The Invalids have a demo played and then it's over to guitar God Bernie Torme with the latest GMT single. Axident Avenue, who hail from Norway have a track played from their 'Shaken & Disturbed' CD. One of the last known Phil Lynott recordings when he was backed by Huey Lewis' News sees the light of day. JettBlack have the b-side to their debut single played. I play the b-side as I've already played the A. Then, because I like it, I play something off the new Slash album. Onto the home straight and I play some live Iggy & The Stooges recorded earlier this month in France.

Episode 145


The week's show starts and finishes with Beatles covers. The first is by Dead Identities and the last is a medley by Type O Negative. In between we have Batusis, that's Sylvain Sylvain and Cheetah Chrome, three really bad clips from the new LA Guns covers album, a track from the new CrashDiët album 'Generation Wild', something from Tokyo Jo's debut CD, the first fruits from Jimmy Lacey's new band X.O.X, a Julian Cope track just from the hell of it and this week's live segment comes courtesy of The Joe Perry Project from their 100 Club gig.

Episode 144


I've a great show for you this week, if I do say so myself. Things get going with an interview I did with Michael Monroe, Ginger and Sami Yaffa just before their Islington Academy gig on the 9th April. Obviously, as is my wont, I recorded the show and play it straight after the said interview. You get a great selection of 'Classic' Hanoi Rocks, Demolition 23, a couple of Damned covers get thrown in along with some brand new recordings. Charlie Harper even joins the band for the UK Subs 'Endangered Species'. 'Nuff said.

Episode 143


I start this week's show off with a track by The Vains Of Jenna featuring their brand new American vocalist. On the interview and live front I managed to catch Brijitte West at her and The Desperate Hopefuls, recent Dublin Castle gig. To hear a far more professional interview with Ms. West click Here for Michael Butler's. The Nomads have a track from one of their many compilation CDs played. I then cut along to some Motӧrhead, AC/DC, The Hydromatics, Radio Birdman, Metallica (back when they were good), some Botswana Guitar Music and finally a track off the new Ratt CD.

Episode 142


This week, due to a lack of energy on my part, I dig deep into Arm's Archives and pull out a live Broken Bones tape from 30th January 1990. This line-up isn't really regarded as a 'Classic' line-up but it did bring in some Metal fans into the Hardcore Scene. You also get to hear a couple of Discharge songs as well.

Episode 141


Two brand spanking new Michael Monroe songs start this week's show off. Chelsea's 'Right To Work' performed by Die Toten Hosen swiftly follows. Then before the first live segment I play a Vains Of Jenna track as they seem to be currently singerless. Four Lemmy & Friends songs get played from 1986. The friends were Wurzel, Peter Green and Rat Scabies. Back into the studio for a second so I can play you some Trashtown Thrillers who I saw down in Brighton supporting Shush and The Eureka Machines. Obviously both those bands get some live tracks played from the gig.

Episode 140


I throw this week's show over to "The Best Of British". Home ground bands that you can see for a 'fair' price not the ridiculous amount that Aerosmith and Bon Jovi are charging their fans. So sit back and listen to 50 minutes of Falling Red, Disarm, Kitty Hudson, Dead Identities, Drugdealer Cheerleader, The Black Spiders, Shush, The Eureka Machines, Inner Eden, Cavilry, Zen Motel, The Loyalties, The UK Subs and The Damned.

Episode 139


A Hellacopters, Sonic's Rendezvous, Damned & Ramones medley kick things off this week followed by a new Imperial State Electric track. Gluecifer come up next with their final recording. Ginger has a new track out that accompanies a short film he shot. So I play the track in question. Voodoo Six, who I've just found out about, I know slow on the uptake, have the title track from their new ep aired. Audrey Horne, all the way from Norway not Twin Peaks, have just had their 2nd album release so I play something off it. Reckless Love, who features Olli Herman who sang on the 2nd Crashdiet CD, have a new/debut album out. So a track from it gets played as well. The show finishes up with some Broken Bones and Discharge because I'm going to miss one of the on Friday!

Episode 138


What I believe could be a rare Stiv Bators demo of a Michael Monroe solo song starts things off this week. Then I delve into the back of my wardrobe and pull out five demo tapes from the mid 80's. Quebec, Resentment, First Blood, Howling Mad (that features moi on guitar) and Bad English, no not that Bad English unless you're South African then it would be that Bad English, are the guilty parties. On the live front I play some Priestess followed by the headlining band Big Elf.

Episode 137


A live Michael Monroe Band track begins this week's show. Then I play catch up by playing some Violet Mind and some Jettblack who both supported Los Bastardos Finlandeses at the Bar Academy the day before The Backyard Babies. Obviously I play some live Los Bastardos Findlandeses, imagine five Mexican Bandits playing Motӧrhead style rock, for your enjoyment. I finish the show off with my two favourite Brijitte West and The Desperate Hopefuls tracks from their just released debut album.

Episode 136


This week's show, quite possibly, features the last ever Backyard Babies London show. Only time will tell.

Episode 135


Gemini Five, who I mistake for The New Race, begin this week's proceedings. Then it's fellow Swedes Casablanca with their debut single. Spoof Metal band of the week comes courtesy of Rock Sugar. NWOBHM throwbacks Bullet have a couple of tracks played off their last CD and the whole show is rounded off by some live Hardcore Superstar from their recent London Garage gig.

Episode 134


Michael Monroe's LA Press Conference starts this week's show off, but the first track features Michael's new guitar player in his Sonic Graffiti guise. Two Black Sabbath tracks are up next both demo's the first being their most famous track with Ozzy's original lyrics. The second is their first ever venture into the studio to record a Norman Haines track. The Rolling Stones, The Lime Spiders and The Damned are all in the interconnectedness section. The Goo Goo Dolls *spits* have a new single out which I play. As promised, on last week's show, I play some Adam West. Hot of the press is a new Semi-Precious Weapons' song but finishing off the whole shebang is a Beatles cover done by the Beastie Boys which was left off the 'Licensed to Ill' album but not my promo.

Episode 133


A Henry Rollins spoken word segment kicks this week's show off which is swiftly followed by D.C.'s other favourite son Jake Starr's first foray into the solo world. Then Dirty Passion, from Sweden, have a track played off their CDep. This week's live section comes from Enuff Z'Nuff now featuring, once again, the vocal talents of Donnie Vie. I round the show up with a Demolition 23 track as I name the rumoured names who are going to be playing along with Sami Yaffa in Michael Monroe's new band. (I nearly shat myself)

Episode 132


Two brand new tracks from the forthcoming Bloodlights CD start this week's show off followed by two new tracks by fellow Norwegians Wig Wam. As Los Bastardos Finlandeses are playing the Bar Academy next month I play a couple of tracks from their latest album. Moving over to Sweden, Gotenburg, I dug out some Speedfreaks for you to enjoy. The Electric Boys are currently in the studio recording their new album so I play a 3 track demo medley from it. The US is the next port of call with two tracks from American Dog's new album 'Mean'. I finish off the show with a live version of 'Rich Kids' recorded by The Rich Kids at their recent Islington re-union gig.

Episode 131


This week's show features UFO recorded at Hammersmith Odeon in November 1985. This line-up, promoting the 'Misdemeanour' LP consisted of Phil Mogg, Paul Gray, Paul Raymond, Jim Simpson and Atomic Tommy M. Click here for Paul Gray's insight to the proceedings. And I don't even mention that I went to School with Paul Raymond's Step-daughter. Not once!

Episode 130


Happy New Year to you all and I start the first show of the year with Jason Ringenberg backed by The Wildhearts. The Backyard Babies swiftly follow with a brand new track off 'Them XX'. A classic Damned track recorded live on a US Radio Station last year gets an airing along with a Quireboys track recorded at Donington in 1991. Australian kick ass band called Muscle Car have a couple of tracks played as a) They're good and b) They're ten years old. The Lolas make a welcome debut with a powerpop track off their debut album. The Flaming Lips doing Pink Floyd with Henry Rollins? Had me flummoxed, but as strange as it may sound it doesn't. Well it does, but it works. A few live tracks from back in the day by Hanoi Rocks finish off the show.